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19 December 2008

The midway point of the year had finally come, and of course at about that time it was marked with the Yule Ball. Kyle remembered the balls when he had been back in school, though they had saddened him a bit as he usually just kept to himself. Now, though, he was happily content and had volunteered to help set up the decorations. Being skilled in charms and transfiguration, he was more than willing to help as he could. He performed several complicated variations off of the freezing charm, Conglacio, to help adorn the school with a wintry look. Outside in the gardens, he froze over the benches with unmelting ice that was neither cold, slippery, nor wet. He topped the gardens off with a giant fountain of ice that showered cool, sparkling crystal water, and produced a low mist around the base. Back inside he trimmed the walls with an unmelting adorning of frost, and aided in the production of the the falling, yet disappearing, snow from above. Once finished with that task, he transfigured little scraps and tidbits of whatever he could find lying about into intricate silver and blue metallic snow flakes which he then cast a permanent levitation charm upon to have them float around above the great hall. Once the decorating was complete he headed up to his room to prepare for the evening.

He returned down shortly after the ball had begun, attired in dress robes of a deep sapphire blue. Many of the people attending were already there but some still filtered in behind him. All in all, he thought the dancing and the ceremonies were enjoyable enough, and others seemed to be having a good time. He did notice Casey tucked away back in a corner of the room, unhappy and to himself, but kept to his word that he wouldn't bother him. Yes, things went nicely along... that is until the attack...

Kyle had wandered over to the main entrance area of the great hall, which unfortunately was a bad place to be. The thick wooden doors had been shut in an attempt to discourage the younger students from trying to sneak in. From outside, loud crashing noises could be heard which caused those nearby to look at the door with odd or interested expressions. The sound of a spell whizzing through the air could be heard even through the doors and wall; its power explained why. It hit Kyle before he even quite realized what had happened. The spell he had heard apparently hit the double wooded doors, causing an explosion that blasted it and a good portion of the wall into the great hall.

He was sent flying, tossed a good several feet across the room and covered with bits of rubble. He lied there, his mind mixed with confusion and chaos; everything seemed to be spinning in his head and he almost wanted to just be taken by the unconsciousness that had begun to set in. It was a loud, piercing scream that jolted him back to reality. He pushed himself up out of the ruins and winced, trying to see through the thick layer of dust floating about. What he finally saw made his heart sink...masked hooded figures and they began attacking everyone, including the children.

Kyle was dumbfounded. This wasn't real... it couldn't be. Voldemort was gone; this wasn't supposed to happen. That was another time, another world. He had moved on, tried to start anew, tried to start a life finally free from the death and havoc wreaked by Voldemort. Yet here were his followers, in a clearly organized attack. It was beyond comprehension. At the same time a wave of guilt struck him; hadn't this been what he assured others wouldn't happen? Now that he looked back, he was sure that he probably was trying to assure himself just as much as others. He wanted to forget, he wanted to pick up and move on; he couldn't ever try to believe that the haunting atrocities he still sometimes had nightmares about would ever return. He had deceived himself, and now the chilling past had returned.

He needed to act, needed to do something. But what? There was so much panic, so much chaos. This isn't the way Kyle liked things, on the spur of the moment. He was a thinker, and thusly liked to have everything planned out and mapped inside of his head. He would contemplate possibilities and at least prepare for the possibility of the unexpected. But now he was unprepared and for a second felt a wave of helplessness come over him. All that thinking, all the contemplation; it was worthless to him now. The wasn't time for thinking, it was the time for action, and if anything that was what frightened him. His neutrality and pensiveness were now working against him.

He shook off those feelings as quickly as he could though. In such a time of need, Kyle would just do what he knew he had to, and at the moment that was protecting the students. He would a formulate a plan as he went and as best as he could, but he would stick to the basics for now and act upon instinct. Thankfully he always carried his wand with him - a habit he had picked up from being in the Order. By now the dust was beginning to settle and spells whizzed by in every direction. Kyle noticed a small group of students, clumped together in fear against a wall by a death eater bearing down on them. Kyle ran to their aid, casting the first spell that came to his mind against their attacker. "Conglacio!" he yelled, and a jet of blue-white light shot forth from his wand. He was instantly frozen solid in a giant block of ice, but Kyle wasn't given any rest. As he reached the students, three other death eaters noticed and bore down upon them. They cackled with delight as Kyle stood between them and the students. This was just a sick game to them, and torturing these kids was only too enjoyable for them.

Kyle began ushering the students to a nearby door, not taking his eyes off the three death eaters. They seemed to think it was funny, and each cast a different spell that did who knows what. "Protego!" Kyle countered calmly but firmly. He was highly skilled in charms, and this spell was a charm after all. All three of their spells bounced straight back at them, wiping the sneers right off their faces as they were forced to dodge. Kyle used the moment to get all the students through the door and shut it tightly behind them. Unfortunately the death eaters were done playing now, and as he turned back to face them the Avada Kedavra curse whizzed by his head, scarring the door with deep black cinders. They meant business now, but Kyle was going to give them the time they needed to escape and now guarded the door.

They all stood poised for attack. His shielding charm might be enough to deflect perhaps one killing spell at the most if he concentrated enough. But he was up against three opponents. Backed up against the door he glanced from one to the others as they spread out so he couldn't attack them all at once. If he attacked one now, the others would attack him while he was distracted. He just stood poised, ready to face what seemed more and more inevitable. Just then though, a blast from off to the right caught one of them. He didn't see who caused it, but it distracted them enough that he could take out a second. His mind must have been limited, but he once again performed the freezing spell, but this time cast it upon the ground below one of the Death Eaters. He instantly slipped and fell to the floor, face first, with a sickening crack. He was apparently still conscious but each time he tried to rise he would slip once more, and continue crashing into the floor. Kyle still remained weary of him in case he would provide a threat later on but quickly turned back to the sole remaining assailant, his own wand raised.
"Petrificus totalus!" Lazerus said, paralyzing the man on the ice as he approached and pushed the unconscious body of the one he had already blasted to the side. Lazerus didn't need his sight to know where these psychopaths were, they gave off enough evil to choke an elephant and the remaining death eater seemed to be the worst of the three Kyle had been facing.
"Kyle, i believe you should leave this one to me you have more important things to take care of for the time being." he said, moving up next to the man and pointing his wand at the death eater.
The Death Eater that had been tripping over the icy floor was now petrified, and the source of the blast that had taken out the other now revealed itself: Lazerus. He towered beside Kyle now, his presence almost seeming to put down any threat that stood. Honestly if it weren't for the eyes, one might not ever know that he was blind. His movements and stance were that of an experienced battler and his aid was well welcomed. What he didn't understand was why he was telling him that there were more important things? He was defending the students, nothing was more important than that. He gave him a desperate sort of questioning look. The his face sunk, his heart sunk, and he felt his stomach twist at the sudden realization of what this statement meant. Everything around him had just seemed to come to a standstill for those few moments, and then it came back and hit him full force.

He took off, running faster than he ever had in his life. He hadn't even thanked Lazerus for saving him from that situation, but he didn't care. Nothing mattered now except finding Bridget. Had Lazerus seen something, a vision? What had it been? The thought made him dizzy and even more nauseous than he already was. This was his own fault - he had let himself get emotionally attached and now it was coming back to haunt him. But no, he had denied it - denied everything that was staring him right in the face. He had looked right past logic for his own happiness, for emotions; something he'd always prided himself in not doing. As much as he hated himself at the moment, fear had overtaken the anger. He sped through the crowds, not noticing the people he past, whether they were friend or foe. He just kept running and searching, the thought of the scene that might unfold before him haunting his thoughts.
Lazerus felt the breeze of Kyle's flight, the man was charged with fear and love and Lazerus pitied any death eater that tried to hurt Bridget. Lazerus had felt such passion before in men and women alike, it brought out the best and worst in a person and was a force to be reckoned with.
He then turned his attention to the death eater before him, "It is just the two of us now, i cannot allow you to go any farther." Lazerus's face betrayed no emotion as he faced off with the other. There was a disturbing feeling around this one, whoever this was, they were undoubtedly ruthless and sadistic, but that was of little consequence now, all that mattered was that he defeated them, here and now.
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by: Sarah
Sienna watched as her two accomplices were taken out and rolled her eyes behind her mask. Those idiots were useless and Derrin was just as idiotic for wasting her talents putting her with them. She could've been so much more productive elsewhere.... but the young professor she found herself now facing looked both terrified and determined- two of her biggest turn-ons in a fight.

Unfortunately, another professor came out of nowhere and took the other's place as the younger one ran off. Sienna laughed in his face and said acidly, "Please, old man; you can't allow me to go further? And just exactly how do you intend to stop me when you're dead?! AVADA KEDAVRA!"
Lazerus sidestepped the killing curse, how typical of death eaters, go for the kill to start with. "Stupefy!" Lazerus yelled, firing the spell in retaliation, "It's going to take a lot more than that to kill me, i've killed plenty of you as well as put many of you in Azkaban personally, you're out of your league." he said, holding his stance and keeping his wand trained on the death eater.
"You might have stood a chance against my colleague, but you have me to deal with now, so you better shape up... Petrificus totalus!" he shot the second spell at her, knowing that she could probably avoid these, but he wanted to test her skills.
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by: Sarah
Sienna rolled her eyes again as she easily dodged the stupefying spell and cast a shield charm, sending the body-bind straight back at him. She didn't particularly care if the spell hit him or not- he was really starting to piss her off with the "wise old man" routine. Immediately after sending the body-bind back at him, Sienna cast her own body-bind, another killing curse, and crucio at him in quick sucession.
Lazerus moved his wand expertly, deflecting both body binds before suddenly shifting and casting a powerful shield charm to send both curses back at her.
"I'm not as old as you think, girl. I might know my stuff, but i hardly consider myself an 'old man'. You'll do well to remember that as well as the fact that i am outclassing you in dueling while holding a cane. That says something about your 'skills' doesn't it?" a smirk crept across his lips, he knew that with all the talk he must be pissing her off and that is exactly what he wanted. An angry death eater was relentless, but sloppy, and sloppiness went to his advantage.
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by: Sarah
Sienna laughed derisively, unable to help herself, and replied, deflecting the curses as easily as he had, "Outclassing me? We've both dodged everything that's been sent at us with no problems: how exactly does that make you outclass me? And as for "my skills", I'm not the one using a cane and wandering around blind now am I, Professor?"

She laughed evilly again and sent a stunning spell at him. Feinting to the left, she cast a body-bind then dropped and rolled to the right, landing on her feet and casting the cruciatus curse in one smooth move.
Lazerus threw himself into the stunning spell while casting a small shield charm to launch himself, back out of range of the other two spells. "If i am so blind, how do i know exactly where you are and where your spells are coming from hmm? There seem to be some things you don't know. I also never said i needed the cane, though it does seem better with it doesn't it?" Lazerus said, laughing, "Now that we know you can cast spells, how good are you at transfiguration hm?"
Lazerus shot a spell at a row of posts on the nearby railing, turning them into stone scorpions that all began to advance.
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by: Sarah
Sienna looked from the scorpions back to the man and laughed derisively. "You really picked the wrong girl to try that trick on, old man. I was the top of my class in Transfiguration." Smirking evilly, Sienna flourished her wand at the scorpions and laughed again. Two of the scorpions were transfigured into tigers, two into hawks, and one into an asp, and all five began to circle her opponent. Sienna continued to laugh maniacally as the tigers paced around him hungrily, the hawks divebombed him from all directions, and the asp slithered up his leg and bared its fangs.
"Reducto!" he yelled, blowing apart the menagerie of animals and firing a spell at her feet, turning the stone beneath it into clawed hands that reached for her and fire more spells at the suits of armor nearby which started to move toward her as well.
He smirked, "You're pretty good girl, i'll give you that, but it'll take a bit more than some forest creature to beat me." she was far better than he had first thought and it seemed he would need to fight a bit harder, he simply hoped other death eaters hadn't become as good as this.
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by: Sarah
Sienna was getting rather tired of this back and forth crap with the blind professor. Blasting the claws at her feet, she spun quickly to face the three suits of armor that were quickly trying to surround her, weapons raised threateningly. Dropping to the floor, Sienna rolled away and blasted two of the suits apart. Not seeing the third, she spun quickly and was met by the last suit of armor with its axe raised over her. She raised her wand and was about to cast, when the suit swung its axe down aiming to take her head off. Sienna dropped to the floor and rolled to the right, fast enough to save her head, but as she came up from her roll, its blade sank several inches into her left forearm. Crying out in pain and anger, she blasted the suit straight back into Lazerus. Not caring if the professor was hit, she crouched and tore a strip off the bottom of her robes, quickly tying it around her arm to staunch the blood flow. Glaring angrily at Lazerus, she hissed, "You will pay for that, old man..."
Lazerus deflected most of the armor, but was caught in the shoulder by a few pieces of the arms. Lazerus turned toward her and smirked, "Will i? You're hurt and we seem to be fairly evenly matched. Do you really want to drag this out, or shall i allow you leave relatively unharmed? I'd rather not injure you further."
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by: Sarah
Sienna ignored his gibes, still crouched on the floor and holding her arm. She was loosing blood fast and needed to get to a quiet place to tend to her injury. Before she could do or say anything else, three of her fellows (seemingly mediocre, less powerful members by the way they swaggered over) encircled her, protecting her from Lazerus' view. The leader of the three bent down next to her and leaned in to whisper in her ear, so as not to be heard, though over the din of battle it was unlikely anyway. "Let us finish him off, Miss Faber...I'll make him pay for that cut he gave you..." Hagens. She should've known he'd follow close behind her. He'd been after her for months for a "casual dinner between colleagues", although how he could've thought she'd have anything to do with him was beyond her. She hadn't taken advantage of his affection before now, but hey, better late than never right? Looking through the eyeslits in his mask, Sienna batted her eyes at him and said sweetly, trying not to vomit in the process, Oh Hagens, I knew you'd protect me. You're just so sweet... With that she jumped up and took off through the battle, blasting children, tables, and debris out of her way, leaving Hagens and his cronies to deal with Lazerus.
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