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by: Destiny
He wasn't convincing her of anything no matter how hard he tried. They had talked lightly about this before and usually all their conversations about his doom and gloom as of late ended up right where they were now: he feigned happiness, he caused her to forget the subject, she knew nothing more, and he promised to try to be more open. So far it had just gotten them to more conversations so why should this be any different. She had to let him do what he wanted though. She didn't want to upset him and risk loosing him because she worried to much and pried into his personal buisness, so once again she let it go and moved along with his change of subject.

She forced a cheeky smile, took his help getting up and then shrugged and walked over to the window non commitedly. "No, i've found several. Adrian Woods from my third year class asked me and Preston Hall from my fifth year class. I believe a few others have hinted, but no one really has caught to much of my interest yet..."
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