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by: Trevor Williams
Damn! If he didn't know any better, Trevor would think Morgana was jealous. But, as it was, he knew it was safe to presume that she was irrate because of their exchange over the past several minutes. There was always the possibility that it was a combination of jealousy and anger, but with Morgana? Naw. There was no possible way that she could ever like him or be interested in him. He was simply her means to instating a better leadership than the one that Derrin would provide to the Death Eaters. Nothing more, nothing less. That was all he was to her. It was better that way, anyway. He had Amie. He didn't need someone else to get interested and complicate matters.

"Good! I'll do that!" he yelled back at her through the closed door. He didn't appreciate that she had called Amie a whore. Really, the woman wasn't. By self admission, she'd only ever slept with her husband that she'd killed and Trevor himself and that at least a year after said husband was killed. If that made her a whore, then wow, Morgana had extremely strict standards when it came to such things. Not to mention, she must think he had a double standard where he hated loose women but was fine with Amie. Uh, no. Amie simply wasn't loose and that's part of why he liked her. But whatever, it wasn't worth defending her to Morgana because defensiveness only made it seem as though he was hiding something. Amie's reputation didn't need protecting. Morgana could say whatever she wanted.

He really didn't get things with himself and Amie. After all, she knew everything about him including his past. They'd been fairly close, and she'd had his kid, but for whatever reason, she'd felt the need to disappear and not even tell him she was pregnant. He had to find out that she'd had his kid several years down the road from some incompetent Death Eater. Now, he'd somehow managed to forgive her, recruit her to help him and Morgana, and now they were together again, just their daughter didn't really know about him and he wasn't really sure how much their daughter knew about Amie. He at least had the opportunity to meet her and to have a relationship with her, if he claimed he was her father while being the school's janitor, but how could he do that and put himself in jeopardy as well as Layla? What did it matter now, anyway? She was growing up happily with her Aunt Jamie and cousin Nikki. All that mattered.
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