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By Jen
Forget everything you think you know beyond Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Your favorite canon has died, whether by natural causes, a casualty of war, or the raids in mid-December 2008 through early 2009.

Imagine instead a world that is ruled by Death Eaters. All their prejudices and truth-bending reflect on a complacent society who has accepted the slavery and torment of muggle-borns and blood traitors. Resistance groups have formed, but without the strength of numbers, their efforts have been largely ineffective since the founding of the new government in early 2009.

Your wand is now registered. If found, it can be traced directly back to you. Your blood status paperwork is your only ticket in and out of the wizarding world of the United Kingdom and Ireland and your only way to buy and sell. Without it, you're at risk for imprisonment.

The Death Eater regime was stable under Lord Trevor Williams and Minister Fierro Darque for months until Minister Darque deflected and, years later in early January of 2012, Lord Williams abdicated following the kidnapping of his girls from Hogwarts very premises, leaving the floundering Imperium Guard to solve the new murder case on Hogwarts premises. After a month of solid terror at Hogwarts, Lord Teague MacTail and Press Secretary Delilah Chase act on a lead, sending in a werewolf much to everyone's surprise. The next morning, the voice of opposition was heard as Minister Elias Hunt shifted blame for the action on Secretary Chase alone.

Outside the wizarding world, the muggles of the United Kingdom are drawing closer to finding the whereabouts of the wizards. At the cessation of contact with the Prime Minister in January 2009, he formed a new division within MI5, the Paranormal Division. At its helm sits Director of the Hounds, Morgan Jones. The Syndicate made contact and began persuading the muggles toward rolling out the war machine only for Secretary Chase to make contact in March of 2012 to persuade against it following the shocking revelation to the general public that Werewolves were indeed real. She warned of the gravity of the future should they continue down this path, and one program was suspended but not all.

The investigation continues. How much longer until the Statute of Secrecy fails? And how will it all play out once it does?

That choice is up to you.

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