The information within contains all rules and details important to the world of Last Resort. We have kept the must-read documents as short as possible and have included a “Getting Started” guide to help discern what you need to do.
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By Jen
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      • [*]Accounts:
        • Please register with your OOC account and then your character account.
        • Accounts will auto-link if you use the same information, eliminating need to log in and out.

        • Dimensions are no wider than 500 pixels and no taller than 200 pixels. Any larger will be shrunk to a thumbnail.
        • Please keep signatures character-related. By no means does this mean a play-by if you choose not to utilize a play-by.
        • No gifs as signatures or avatars. Some of us still run on bandwidths or PCs with issues.
        • Signatures should not contain offensive images, which includes nudity.
        • If you need to turn off signatures or avatars, check out the options here.

        • One post per character every two weeks is considered active.
        • While we have no character cap, all current characters must be active to create a new character.
        • Any accounts inactive for 60 days will be deactivated. Due to this feature, we will not delete accounts.
          • Post in the plotting board to request threads or PM a staff member to reactivate.
        • Please leave an away message if you're expecting to be gone for more than five days.

        • All starting posts should contain a date and time stamp. See the sidebar for current dates.
        • Posts should be written in the third person with past tense.
        • Please be certain to use proper punctuation, including quotation marks.
        • Please check for readability, including spelling and grammar. We don't expect perfection but rather consideration

      • Staff
        • Jen - General site questions, reporting issues/problems
        • AC - General site questions, coding goddess
        • Kay - General site questions

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