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by: Jen
Hi, everyone!

I'm going to be working to have the timeline completely up-to-date by the end of this weekend. However, we have had nearly 1000 posts between last month and this month so far, and considerably more when we end up adding in the entire past six months. This influx of activity is absolutely wonderful and I love seeing it so much. The enthusiasm is great and catching.

However, it's also meant a good sized uptick in number of threads started since threads are starting and ending like crazy. Would you all please do me a huuuuuuge favor and reply here any time you start a thread or finish a thread? Then, I can once a week go and add in the new stuff and reduce my board searching for any posts forgotten to a once monthly thing and it would make me able to keep up a bit better. I think the timeline helps keep things straight in everyone's mind, so I'd really like to keep it up. Figure this will also help me see when a playable time change is needed.

I don't need any that were started before now, but if any were started, say, yesterday onward, I'd love you guys forever if you could please let me know.

<3 Jen

Link to Timeline Here

New Thread:

Code: Select all[b]Title:[/b]

Finished Thread:

Code: Select all[b]Title:[/b]
[b]Chars:[/b] (If any new since thread was submitted.)

Date Change:

Code: Select all[b]Title:[/b]
[b]New Date:[/b]
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by: Jen
Timeline update completed. Please use the link in the sidebar to access the timeline & take a look at the threads with the ⚡. If any of those are actually completed, please use the form for completed threads so I can add in the information and lock the thread then move to the pensieve for you.

If you have posted a new thread since Monday, July 10th, please report the thread here using the thread for new posts so I can add those in.

Thank you!
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