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By Kay
As of the current (and a wee bit of the last) timeframe, a quick summary of the personnel and status of the Order of the Phoenix is as follows:
Current Members:
  • Kara Viridian
    Jaleth Lenor
    Diana Blaine
    Jonathan Partridge (incapacitated)
  • Jace Bryden
    Zeva Reid
    Rafe McPherson
    Ioan Carver
    Bree Byrne
    Tao Zhang
    Mia Romano
    Stana Chastaine
    Fierro Darque
    Julian Winslow ***
    Casey Winslow ***
    Lucy Winslow
Current NPCs:
  • Brenna Fox
    Jessika Brightwick
    Gabriel Reed*

Current Events:
As of the current timeline, the Order is regrouping after a successful attack on Diagon Alley and the Ministry. Kara, as the acting leader of the Order, has solidified her alliance with Jace Bryden and the garou pack. The pack has also taken on Stana Chastaine as their lackey, and they all reside in the compound, in a small guesthouse behind the Capitalum building. Kara has also been in talks with her tactician, Gabriel Reed, on how to proceed in getting their next move planned and fortifying Tutaminis for any potential retaliation from the Death Eaters. Travel outside, for anyone other than Kara or the Lucky 7, is very limited, as they must make sure their tracks are not followed back to the base.

Fierro Darque, former Minister of Magic, abandoned his post as the Lord's right hand prior to the changing of Power to Teague MacTail, in an attempt to mend the ties with his daughter Kara. He is still known as an enemy of the state and was returned to Kara and the Order by Jace and the Lucky 7. His current agenda is unknown, though he has been working as Kara's advisor, even if he still doesn't feel welcome.

Due to her relationship with Jace Bryden, Kara's partnership with Casey Winslow is up in the air, as he originally returned from America with the remaining members of Isis to plot their uprising against the Death Eaters. Even though his son, Julian from the future, is currently at the safehouse, it is rare to see them together at any given time.

After an attempt on her and Jace's lives, the organization are currently on the look out for Liam O'Donnell and his accomplice, Bridget Callighan. Liam went to file for divorce from Kara due to physical abuse that nearly left killed her. His orders came from someone out to kill Kara--and Liam was supplied with a mysterious substance that was stabbed into Jace instead. This caused the Alpha Wolf to rampage through the compound, in an incident that shook the Order's morale. Not to mention, Liam and Bridget have been identified as werewolves--even though they'd both been locked away in Azkaban for some time, with little-to-no history of having the Were gene prior to their incarceration.

Jace's rivalry with the man known as "The Devil" has also caused a string of terrible events including severe injuries to each other and members of their team. After using the legillimens on the Devil, Kara finds that she is related to someone named "Tristan", who is an operative of the Syndicate, and also linked to the drug.

Jon Partridge, acting as one of the main healers of the Order has also been incapacitated after a run-in with "The Devil", suffering massive trauma to his body and is now in a coma. This occurred while he was extracting information from Matt Cox (The Devil) using the veritaserum, to get a confession about his involvement with Coraline Larson. In her days as the notorious hit-witch, the Dark Lady, Cora mercilessly killed Elana Lenor--Jon's fiancee, and Former Professor Jaleth Lenor's younger sister. Jon's apprentice, Diana Blaine (of the Blaine Octuplets) has stepped in to work as the primary care provider in the safehouse, with Lucy Winslow around to advise. After her days in captivity and eventual escape from their underground prison, Diana and Jaleth grew close and are now a couple who reside at Tutaminis.

Most recently, Jace Bryden and his crew have reached out to Asher Castello and Keo Lucci, known for their work with Murkoff Security firm in London as well as their power in the city underground, and the Italian Mob, to find out more information on The Devil, Tristan and the Syndicate. Lucci and his adopted son Castello have pulled the name Wilson King from their late informant, Ray Gunnerson, and are now seeking out the vigilante Devil for damages to their firm.

The ARC: "It's All Connected."

If anyone has any ideas or characters that would like to participate with the Order, let me know here. I've had a post opened for inclusion in the past, but I figured a summary of events would help here. Post away any questions or suggestions, I would love to hear them.

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