The hard part's over! You've become immersed, added your character, and now want to get started and see what all the fuss is about. Feel free to ask for plots and ideas or suggest your own at any time during your stay here! I hope you'll find us a friendly bunch!
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By Jordan
Greetings all! I have returned once more from the void. I got to hang out with Sarah today, and she has me missing all your faces. I still enjoy writing of course, and wouldn't mind trying to get back into the thick of things with you guys. I think my biggest barrier has always been reintegration, so if we could do some plotting, hopefully that would help.

So... moving forward, I'm trying to decide which would be the best way to go about this. I have an absolute plethora of characters I've made for the site over the years. The question is: who do I bring back or do I just create a new character altogether? I don't presently have any muse for a new character, but as we all know that can change in an instant.

Characters likely to return:
Callid is almost a given being my second oldest character and the most fun to play. Sarah and I had been discussing a few ways he can screw with the status quo of the Death Eaters, but feel free to throw in suggestions as well.

Cascite is my fugitive and purveyor of magical technology and I wouldn't mind revisiting him. Not sure where he'd fit into the thick of things though, being muggle born and what not.

Characters I could bring back easily enough:
Order Members - It looks like Kay has been keeping up Order activity, and I still of course have Kyle, Damien, and Ben that could be brought into that plotline. Could be fun.

Fugitives: Kael is my australian muggle born who entered the country unknowingly. Could be shoehorned into just about anywhere. Quintos is my seer who is hiding from the Death Eaters. He deserted them when he foresaw the whole curfuffle at Hogwarts and has been in hiding since.

Citizens: Isaac Malcolm is a magical psychiatrist who had an experimental charm for curing depression rebound on himself and is now an overly-happy ninny. Very easy to be utilized in his current state as he is quite gullible, naive, and easily manipulated. Apollo Blaine is also around. Would be interesting to see his reaction to what's happened with his remaining siblings.

I have the ghost of a former fugitive who lost everything and is seeking a way to move to the afterlife. Wouldn't mind getting some revenge on the Death Eaters either.

Death Eaters: Chase is always there. Did the Pottermort idea fizzle out? Because he's still there to do it

Mutant: I did make a mutant the last time I joined. He could heal others at the expense of his own physical health.

Other Characters

Digging real deep for characters of my past, there is always Zach and Vaughn Arkwright. Twins, the former an ambassador to America and the latter taken into slavery. They have very different personalities and could be utilized in stuff. Aaand that's all I can really remember. Any other characters never got off the ground and I just don't remember.

Welp, that's all I've got. If any of these characters pique your interest, please let me know what you're thinking. I can expand upon the characters as needed since it's hard to give an accurate summary of who they are in a single post. Just looking for ideas for reintegration. Hopefully something in all this rambling gave you some ideas. Hope to post with you soon!
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By Jen
So, shoot me a message Saturday if you don't see me reply here. I'm busy tomorrow and my mind is processing some things right now, but I wanted to let you know I saw this. Super stoked! If I get a chance on my break at work tomorrow, I'll try to post something then, but it depends how hectic things are before I go on break. If they're hectic, I have to focus on centering so pumping goes well. I work til 3 then have to nurse and interact with Niklaus before we head to a farewell party for a friend then said friend and her hubby and two kids are staying at my friend's across the street and we're getting together for Settlers of Catan and Cards Against Humanity. First evening with adult interactions for a good chunk in three months, lol. Anyway, my goal recently has become to catch up with people, so hopefully we can chat Saturday, too. <3
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By Kay
Welcome back! (tackle)
I would love to help out with reintegration, I'm so here to get things rolling for ya! I have several characters who are open in most factions so if you would like to chat and get something going, let's do it! Order, DE, you name it. So excited to see ya!

Also, I was just thinking about Callid the other day! crazy.

Have a great evening!

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By Sarah

Funny enough, I had been looking through old characters of mine the other day to try and spark some muse or get new ideas for plot, etc and was considering bringing back my Blaine sibling, Eris. So there's some shenanigans to be had there if you decide to bring back Apollo plus we can absolutely get both of them involved with Diana too, Kay! I think there's some fun possibilities on that front I'd be excited to discuss any time with you guys.

Other than that, I have a vampire who's loosely affiliated with the Syndicate group, Cora, and Maeve my rogue Garou. I'm open to any and all ideas with any of them if you have any!
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Heya Jordan, welcome back.

I saw your toon and would like to make a suggestion for Zach. Currently SAVIOR has been decimated by the Death Eaters and everyone has been killed/arrested/dispersed. I think you will find more RP opportunities if you chance Zach's affiliation to the Order. See Kay's write up for where they currently stand.
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By Kay
Ahh now that I'm at my comp for the moment I can answer each char prompt properly. lol

- Definitely open to another face in the Order, so that would be interesting to see how Zach could fit there if you want. :) As Amanda stated, I did do some write ups for MI5 and ORDER to show where each of them currently stand, so feel free to have a look.

- The Order / Tutaminis does house fugitives and some civilian refugees so if Cascite fits there, we could explore. So far she only has one advisor dealing with magical tech and stuff and that was Gabe, an NPC. Kael is more than welcome, Jon is a fellow Aussie wizard but he is otherwise incapacitated for a little bit longer. Quintos being in hiding could possibly be a good fit for the Order too. Kara has her hands full balancing business, her alliance with the wolves and some upcoming family drama (spoiler alert) -- but the prime priority has and will be the Death Eaters when they make their move against them. The attack on Diagon is in the Pensieve, but for the most part the writeup has their current dealings including the Syndicate's plot against the Wizarding World. Also, I believe Kyle was a part of Jace and the Lucky 7's introduction to the Order, which included Fierro's return. But it would be fun to have his reactions to what has happened. As far as Damien, I'd love to have him back since it was great having that leadership energy between him and Kara and would be fun to explore how he would see how things are shaking out now and whether or not he wants his leadership spot back could be interesting too. AND BEN! I miss Ben for sure!

-For Isaac, I also have a psychiatrist who has been working in London, Rupert Reynolds. He's been kinda stagnant for a while since one of my old storylines with him kinda faded off back in the day, and have just been using him for NPC purposes with his father who is a Wizarding Scientist. That being said, he could be a colleague of Isaac's if you want, and we can do something together for them if you're interested.

- For Apollo-- Diana definitely misses her brother. I had her in captivity (a kidnapping angle I'm not sure if we'll explore in the future) but she was with Jaleth Lenor, the former professor. As a healer for the Order and now Jaleth's soon-to-be betrothed (spoiler alert), it might be cool to see how Apollo reacts to that since she was originally seeking out to be a Death Eater the last they spoke.

- Chase would be cool to have back too, the DE's would love to have more folks in their ranks again ;) We're gearing up in a plot against the Order--but as far as Pottermort, I'm not sure how this is going to work out at the moment. I do think it's still on the table, though.

- I believe your mutant was Pearson? Callaway is now the director of MI5 -- and there's a current event thread for it -- and it would also be great to have a team healer for the Hounds.


There are definitely some options here as far as I can see, and this isn't your limitation of course! Plot away, and if you have any questions and need some more specific summaries, let me know. Again, great to have you back!
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By Jordan
Ok, back from my weekeend. Anywho, let's see...

As far as Zach and SAVIOR goes, I've been working on some plots for him with Cole which is why I remade him. So he's actually good for now. I had thought something had happened with SAVIOR but couldn't find specifics immediately. I think I'll say he managed to fly under the radar when it was dismantled since he was used mostly for his position within the ministry. He is, however, going to be working to obtain some foreign allies.

So that's what? One out of thirteen possible options for me to bring back? Lol. I've managed to limit myself down to bringing back 7, and even that is a bit of a stretch I would imagine. So #1 is Zach. Now then let's move on with the obvious...

#2 is Callid. He'll be doing my Death Eater stuff. I have some possible ideas for him with Sarah, but speaking of Death Eaters, what's going on with them? I know Teague is in charge.

#3 is Apollo. I think I'll have him do stuff with Eris (whom I believe Sarah is remaking). Where that will lead to is a mystery, but we shall see. It would definitely be interesting to find out what happened with Diana.

#4 is Wes. My main reason for picking Wes is that I could foresee some sort of conclusion for this character. Cole said one of her characters would be inclined to help him along with his afterlife. If anyone else has need for a ghost, feel free to say so.

#5 is Ben. This was my tough pick for an Order member. Kyle is my first character and holds a special place in my heart but he will stay behind the scenes. I feel Ben has a bit more potential for action.

#6 is Cascite. I really like the idea behind this character but don't know where he would fall. He is a fugitive, but flies (mostly) below the radar when he can and is pretty self-sufficient. I don't think he would seek out the Order/Tutaminis on his own. The biggest thing for him would be getting the supplies he needs in order to create his magical tech. He was breaking quite a few laws even before the Death Eater regime, so he's always kept a low profile when he can which does make things a tad tricky with him. I'm not sure, I'll have to come back to him, but I know I want to explore him further.

#7 is a bit iffy for me, but to spread out my involvement, I think I may remake my mutant. As it turns out, I made two mutants at over the course of rejoining the site. The first one I kind of disliked (Pearson), so I scrapped him and made the one that I actually remembered and mentioned: Jason Wyndael. I will be looking into bringing him into all the MI5 shenanigans.

This leaves Kyle, Damien, Ike, Quintos, Chase, and Kaelan on the backburner for now, but if needed for specific plots they can easily be remade. I'm hoping I can tie together and finish some of the stories for the above 7 characters first so I might then re-explore these guys.

I have accounts for almost all the characters I'm bringing back, but they need to be reactivated. The ones needing reactivation are as follows: Callid Warren, Apollo Blaine, Cascite Ingem, Wesley Harper, Jason Wyndael. I'll repost/redo their character sheets to make sure everything is up to date on them once activated. Any further plot ideas/open threads/etc. for these 7 would greatly be appreciated.
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By Cole
Yeah from the brief ideas we chatted about I would definitely be up for Perri being recruited into rebuilding SAVIOR especially after she sees what is going on in the UK and her having a bit more freedom with her contacts in the US. Not to mention with Zach as the ambassador there's definitely going to be interest why there's an American witch in the UK even for non-magical reasons so them meeting is reasonable enough.

Also with Ben, we can definitely clarify what the full resolution is. Citlali would be the one that deals with spirits and just wants to help but I will definitely need more details to figure out what all is up with that.

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