The hard part's over! You've become immersed, added your character, and now want to get started and see what all the fuss is about. Feel free to ask for plots and ideas or suggest your own at any time during your stay here! I hope you'll find us a friendly bunch!
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by: Kay

Well, since we are still trying to sort out what we're doing next, I wanted to open up this thread here for any interested members of the Order and its allies to start planning for the next attack, or the next steps for getting the Manor prepared. I know that most of my toons are the ones pushing the Order along but the more the merrier.

If there are any PCs or NPCs who would like to be included in or start some posts in current time, or would like to plan for forward dates once we move, let's chat!

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by: Orion
I’ve got some plot points to spur things forward once time starts moving again. The slow grind of progress is keeping us held back so far, but I have some ideas ;)
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by: Kay
I see. I have a few things I'm going to touch on with the Order/7 alliance, and a couple of things with Tristan, but I didn't know if anyone else wanted to jump in with some Order Vs. DE things since we kinda kicked that off in the Drums of War and will be expecting more movement between them at some point and I have non-Kara toons who can discuss things, Jaleth, Di, even Fi for now.

I'm all ears if you wanna set some stuff up pertaining to that or something else to get things going while we're here.
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by: Orion
I’m all for planning stuff and participating with Gabe. I have all sorts of tactical ideas as well as the overarching big plot, so this will be fun!
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