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by: Jen
Soooo, I know we have previously discussed the mutant plot line. People seemed on board for that. Assuming we all are, it's just a matter of how to carry forward.

We have the site-wide plot winding down hopefully by the end of the year/no later than March-ish. TfT will close down soon. Isis will attack a bit after that. Then, MI5 will start closing in, leaving the world in some definitely interesting places.

The question is how you would like to go about this. I know people have mentioned not really wanting a time jump, which is fine. Is it a question of not wanting any at all, to play some of it then jump a *short* amount, or jump a *short* amount then pick up?

I really don't mind coming up with month-long mini-event threads to get things moving (and perhaps involve a little competition I have in mind). I really strongly encourage your ideas for things like that if we want to just play it through and try to move things a little more quickly. I just really want to avoid stagnation.

Thoughts? Ideas?
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by: Orion
It's funny reading this now, two years and change later. We still have the Isis attack and we have the Pottermort plot, but we've begun real, solid work with Mi5 and have dipped our toes in the mutant plot. TFT has wrapped up and we're dealing with the after effects of it.

On top of that, we are racing ever forward in one of the most productive months ever seen with incredible user activity. It would be nice to reward some of our non-admin players with recognition for their milestones. We can discuss that later in a FB chat if you'd like.

The question is: where do we go from here? The plots that we've been driving towards are here now, so what do we aim towards next?
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by: Jen
That it is. Isis attack will be taking place soon. As in when I move time ahead here. Summer said she may be able to write some side threads to help out though probably won't be able to return to full capacity since she's busy admin-ing her own site and dealing with her own life, so if we need her help to wrap up those plot lines, we have a possible solution.

I'm super excited that MI5 is developing so much further presently. I think this can lead to some exciting things. They're about the final leg of the major site wide plot line I wrote up those years ago and will lead into the breaking of the statute given the right incentives. I think your adaptation of Kingpin can quite nicely help move that along.

We need to set up standards for our mutants, set up a mutant-focused ad and a muggle-focused ad, and hit the town with advertising. With this high activity level, hopefully we can get some new blood. If we don't, then, well, we know we can move things along as excited and amped as we all are. The important thing is to keep things moving however fast is reasonable given real life obligations all of us have and will have through the years.

The matter with the Statute is how we want to play it. We could allow it to be broken, lead into and play out some of the all-out war and time skip to after the nukes are unleashed, if we wanted to or even simply do a continuous story line without a time skip so long as we keep site events and plots moving. Or, we can lead in and somehow have crisis averted, using the whole Kingpin thing as the new villain in the wake of the Death Eaters, explore their struggle and individual decisions that lead to the ultimate demise or adaptation of the group.

I say we certainly should have some plotting sessions while I'm down at your place, have a few general plot lines and events that we can offer up, string together as makes sense, and see where it leads. Because ultimately, the plot lines are just a general site direction. Fluid roleplay and all the twists and turns it brings is always more fun than, "We're going to do this," and micromanaging all the details.

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by: Kay
Just my 2 cents here, and echoing a lot of what has been said...

The activity has been wonderful. I've said it a few times that certain angles we've been plotting has breathed new life into a lot of my characters and we're actually moving along with things which is fantastic. The Order is rebuilding, properly now and with the partnership with Casey and co, and Fi's deal with these garou, their numbers are going to be a lot bigger than before. Kingpin is linked to a bunch of my folks \ so I can-NOT wait to see how things are going to turn out. I almost feel like this is a new 'arc' they give to like Gotham or Agents of Shield--with the seasons facing or introducing a new 'big bad' , and I think that's what's really helped the boost in posting is nice lil boost.

For me personally, taking different routes for characters is what's livening it up. I told Ri for so long I've played some straight-edge characters but I think shuffling them all up, turning them bad, giving them huge flaws, injure them and see how they handle it...or heck, bring someone back from the dead--lol and it makes it interesting.

I still can't believe we've been writing together for so dang long. I always say it but it's pretty freakin' awesome.
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