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By Kay
MI:5 Paranormal Division, also known as "THE HOUNDS" and its current personnel/events are as follows:
Current Members:
  • Cole Callaway
    Arlo Beckett
    Katarina Bauer
    Alexandra Taylor
    Matthew Cox (AWOL)
  • Niklaus Schmidt ***
Current NPCs:
  • Geoffrey Maldonado
    Wayne Bauer
    Loretta Patterson
    Mikhail Russo
    Patricia Clark *
    Orion Burgess *
    Horace Brakes *
Current Events:
In May/Early June 2012, MI5 suffered a huge blow to their security and morale. Agent Matthew Cox, former soldier of RAF and agent to the Hounds, caused a stir within their ranks after being outed as "The Devil". When arrested for an op-gone-wrong alongside his accomplice Coraline Larson, Cox was interrogated by Bauer and Callaway in an attempt to understand why he would work against his own organization. Agent Bashar was one of the fatalities from the night Cox and Larson busted up a sting, placing the blame on the vigilante for attacking the agent during the operation.

Matt's inevitable escape from HQ was seen as a terrorist attack; a well-timed explosion gave him an opening to run. The bomb caused several injuries but no fatalities; Callaway as well as Agents Maldonado and Wayne Bauer of the "Tech Pit" were both hospitalized after the incident. Since his escape, MI5 fabricated a memorial service for the 'fallen soldier' as a cover-up to the world that a karmic justice had befallen their alleged terrorist. The agency may be unaware of the actual bomb being placed there by a double-agent of the Syndicate; Michael Welsh was planted in MI:5 paranormal by none other than Wilson King to sabotage the agency and throw them off of the criminal trail that is linked to the Wizarding World.

Cole Callaway, having recently taken on the helm of MI5: Paranormal, is picking up the pieces that former Director Morgan Jones left in her wake. Now ordered by Assistant Director Powell of MI5 to create a special task force, he has appointed Agent Katarina Bauer and Agent Arlo Beckett (formerly of MI6) to be his senior field agents. Unbeknownst to several mutants that came from Dr. Ahoudi and the Mutant project, Callaway is still trying to figure out their location to wrangle them back in for observation. Beckett, a recent hire, is a former agent of MI:6 and underwent the Mutant Project. Bauer, recently placed on leave for her bout with severe schizophrenia, is now trying to find her footing as she was recently outed as having magical blood.

Prior to her leave, Morgan Jones was under investigation by Internal Affairs, and Loretta Patterson has quietly been observing from her quiet post in the unit, reporting all details to her superior, Director Louis Holmes.

Tristan Viridian, who had been caught on surveillance aiding the rogue agent, is currently being investigated and sought out by Callaway's task force. Viridian, who is working for King is also linked to the "Fairy Dust" drug that was recently brought in for analysis. In his notes, Agent Burgess had brought in a sample of the Fairy Dust sent to him by a contact named Gabriel Reed from the Wizarding World, which has shown results of dark magical properties laced within the drug.

The ARC: "The Devil has a Name"

If anyone has any ideas or characters that would like to participate, post away any questions or suggestions, and we can get something started.
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By Cole
I know that the thread isn't done but Klaus was looking to introduce Citlali to Jones before her arrest. With Citlali's goals of trying to help correct the spiritual schism she's been given a vision of, I think she'd be more than willing to help Mi5 probably as an ally more than an agent.

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