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by: Delilah Chase
Monday, 16 April 2012
12:00 p.m.
Puxley Manor

Asking for and accepting help was becoming easier with each passing day. While Delilah would prefer to hold full control over each and every movement and action, she was beginning to realize things were working much more quickly to their proper ends with others' help. First, it had been allowing Julian to help and Soren and Aishe. Then, the foreigner, Tabora. What few verbal reports she'd received certainly sounded as though she had made a good amount of progress. In fact, she seemed somehow more invested in things than before for reasons Delilah couldn't even begin to explain.

Delilah had settled things days ago with Soren, Cedric, and Corc regarding what would be going on to see to the rescue of Teague, yet she found the promise the Garou would hardly allow their government to topple over simply not enough. She had sent the owl to Morgana Calloway, ambassador to Italy, the day she had met Tabora after having spent the three days prior wrestling with the idea of doing so. While Trevor's notebooks had early on expressed trust of the highest caliber toward Calloway, they had deviated to periods of mistrust and seemed to have a fairly volatile establishment. Still, nothing she had seen pointed explicitly to reason to doubt the former press secretary's ability to do her job or remain loyal to the regime. The only thing she had seen, which involved events surrounding a failed murder of then-target Evelyn Winslow, could have been a matter of perspective. Delilah certainly wouldn't assign the amount of blame to Calloway that Trevor had.

The message had been simple:

8 April 2012

Ambassador Calloway,

Things are not as they were when you left. You may have heard rumors of Lord Williams' abdication. Such is, regretfully, true. Given this, your government has settled on rocky terms. We require your presence in England to ensure affairs are settled and Ms. Chase has been given correct information regarding her new position. As you know, the press secretary is essential to our continued success. You have seven days to settle your affairs return, and I expect you in my office no later than twelve noon on 16th March. Food will be provided.


Lord Teague MacTáil

Certainly, Delilah had forged Teague's writing and signature, but it was necessary to maintain the charade. Calloway would learn the truth soon enough. The question remained: Just how much was wise to tell her?

Even now, Delilah resolved to tell her only what was necessary. The slaves had brought up the sandwiches and the salad and a nicely paired wine and goblets a few minutes ago. Now all that remained was Ms. Calloway's arrival. Delilah positioned herself at her desk in the adjoined office, knowing full well the front desk might insist on accompanying her up.
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by: Morgana Calloway
Seven days ago Morgana had been debating a new start at life. She was living in a new house, in a new city, in a new country as she had been for quite some time now. She had even been debating moving out into society outside of her official capacities. Why not build a full life for herself. The Kingdom of Williams held no charm for her anymore and she lacked any kind of allegiance outside of her official capacities of ambassador. She had either done her job so well, or there had been orders to leave her alone. Outside of the official correspondences that she received very promptly every Tuesday and Thursday to update her on the events of the government as they relate to her duties. She had never received one iota of reprimand. Not a single slap on the wrist in her years her. So image her surprise when she received a recall of all things. A recall to the service of the place she had abandoned.

She had read it at least a dozen times traipsing about her familial home in Florence and pacing the floor. So Trevor was finally gone and they still could not leave her alone. She debated turning the letter into ash. She debating burning it, ignoring it, absolving herself of her old home completely and throwing herself into her new life. Practical as ever a few fundamental truths entered her mind. The first and singular truth was that while she had a decent command of Italian now she was not ready to go out into everyday society for business outside of government where the majority of people spoke English. If she was to get along here she needed her government position to stay in league with her friends and conduct her life in the way in which she was accustom. Speaking of which was fundamental truth number two: she needed the money. Her position as the ambassador of the ministry of magic afforded her a great deal of freedom and a great deal of funding. She was given the latitude to establish both a personal home and an embassy and furnish it, entertain in it, and whatever else she deemed necessary. Without the governments favor she would loose all of that. So, with a heavy heart, she packed up her favorite objects from her family home and, within the seven days required, was ready to report back to government as requested. It was war. Plain and simple. She would have to go in on her best behavior and do what was necessary to get her place back. If this Ms. Chase was anything close to intelligence training her would take a month at best- though whoever her replacement was should have trained her.

So it was, on the sixteenth of March at exactly eleven fifty-nine in the morning Morgana walked into to the office. It was like walking into a dream. Other than a few minor decorating changes the whole place was remarkably the same. The slaves peering out from the corners, the staff quietly scribbling away, the rows of neatly ordered desks and the waiting room to the side filled with petitioners. Even the interns scrambling about and the delicate paper airplanes flying through the air brought memories flooding back. She was sure that once she had been escorted up to the Lord's office she would see Trevor sitting there as if this whole thing was one silly prank- a sick joke of one kind or another. Her black heels clacked commandingly on the floors as she walked up to the receiving desk with an unimpressed look in her green grey eyes as she stared down the receptionist. Taking off her tan kid gloves she sighed in resignation, "Morgana Calloway for Lord MacTåil. I have an appointment at noon. No need to check. I have the letter here." She placed the letter on the counter and tapped her finely manicured nails on the counter while she read. The secretary began to get up and Morgana rolled her eyes and waved her off. "When you build a palace you know the way around it."

Morgana walked herself to the elevator commanded MacTail's floor and the poor shocked creature actually let her up! With a little shake of her head Morgana pursed her lips and waited for her stop. Security was lax. The majesty of the place and faltered and it seemed the facade was crumbling around them. No wonder they called her back. It seemed always to be her that fixed the cracks, patched the holes, cleaned up the messes. It seemed even when she thought she escaped her work was never done.

Stepping out of the elevator Morana walked straight to the desk guarding the door to the main chambers and raised an eyebrow to see a young woman standing there waiting for her. Well-dressed, polished, but clearly nervous it seemed to her that the young lady was waiting for something or someone at the front desk. If this was her charge it wasn't a bad place to start. She had the looks and the demeanor and just needed to learn the control- that was the difficult part. If it weren't for her upbringing, her years of training, even her lack of feeling some said, that she would have found it far more difficult.

Assuming a small pleasant smile Morgana held out her hand and she approached and nodded her head at the woman. "You must be Ms. Chase. I hear we will be working with each other very shortly."
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by: Delilah Chase
The charade of uncertainty dropped as Delilah stood to take Calloway's hand in a handshake. No one had come with her, and the charade was not necessary any longer. The woman met the description in Trevor's notebooks and matched the picture on her paperwork. While appearances could be faked, it was highly unlikely anyone would have found an abassador's position useful, at least in Italy. Besides, if she had need to, she could order a pack of Garou on whoever was beneath the potion, and no one would be there to hear the whistle blower.

"And you must be Ms. Calloway," she replied. "Right this way, please." She opened the door to Teague's office and stepped aside for the woman to walk in before her. "I'm afraid Lord MacTáil has other endeavors to which he must attend today." The truth of her statement didn't matter as it was said merely for the benefit of anyone who might have curiously followed Calloway but remained outside the door to her office. Once the door was closed behind her and they were securely in the office, which was warded against unwanted ears, Delilah walked a few steps ahead and paused beside the desk.

"I'm afraid our lord is why I have called for your assistance," Delilah said as she slid Calloway's sandwich in front of the chair meant for her and vice versa. "Some wine?" she offered. "Otherwise, I have some water in the decanter. I strongly suggest the wine." At least it would take the edge off even if it wouldn't make any of it less serious.
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by: Morgana Calloway
Well, this was a surprise wasn't it. The girl was a good little actress. The minute the young lady saw that she was alone the whole act of uncertainty dropped like a thin veil. Well, if this was truly a training opportunity it wouldn't take long at all. A week, maybe three at most and this Ms. Chase would have the press eating out of her hand and cowering before her at will. It would be a simple matter, not easy, but simple enough at the very least. She had no idea as of now what the girl needed her for. Ms. Chase had control of herself it seemed. She had decent breeding and demeanor so maybe it really was just a trick- this had to be some kind of ruse because this woman was clearly capable enough to deal with everything on her own.

Quirking her eyebrow as she walked behind this Ms. Chase Morgana kept her eyes peeled for danger, for alerts and saw remarkably little. Even when it was a slow day with everything under great control there were a great many people hurrying in and out of the receiving rooms and parlors of his floor when Trevor had been in charge. This Lord MacTail was either remarkably organized, hated people, reorganized the entire government, or didn't exist- no matter what his Press Secretary said. For the staff to be reduced to Ms. Chase and one or two other people she saw scurrying about it seemed strange at best and suspicious at first. Still, it was none of her business, not anymore.

Walking into the office and hearing the doors shut behind her Morgana peered around the office. It was very much unchanged from when she had left it. There were no pictures anymore which was a difference. It was much plainer, much more business like but still the same room, the same designs and colors. When she looked over to the desk she shook her head a little. There was no Trevor. Well, at least that was out of the picture. The abdication was true then. Maybe he finally realized how power was ruining everything around him- corroding his family, his promises, his chance at a normal life that he professed to desire so often and so long ago. Maybe he just realized the cards were falling before everyone else and had scattered like a rat from the sinking ship. In any case this was no longer his office, the papers on it were no longer signed and sealed by her, and she had, no matter what this woman had to say, no business here.

So her "Lord" needed help. Her "Lord" is why she had been called here, not by him but by the woman before her. Morgana tilted her head in slight interest. Forging the self styled Lord's signature, calling back a diplomat...There was little that would imbue a Press Secretary with that power. Even in her heights Morgana never would have done that without discussing it with Trevor first or at least his second. For that to be happening it must be a grand thing going on here. A great and terrible thing at the very least. Especially at the suggestion of wine. Morgana shook her head and took a deep breath. "In All my experience Ms. Chase, no matter how much you think you need it, wine never really helps as much as we think it does. Besides, I prefer my wine on happier occasions than an errant Lord."

Morgana peered down on the desk and noticed marks that a woman had been there; a little powder here, a slight smudge of color on a piece of paper and she raised her eyebrows. Ms. Chase practically alone on the floor, no one to greet her despite the urgency of the message, Ms. Chase sending for her...It was highly irregular. It led to one very clear conclusion. "So tell me Ms. Chase. How long have you been in charge of the operation and why did you really send me that letter? Despite the new Lord's apparent absence or neglect you seem to have things well in command."
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by: Delilah Chase
Delilah half-smiled at Calloway's response regarding the wine. Well, if that was what she desired, Delilah would do in kind. She poured them both water and brought it over, setting the glasses in their proper places before sitting down in Teague's chair. Truth be told, she was hardly hungry. Three square meals a day was an odd thing to get used to when you were used to foraging for food and surviving on the bare minimum. She had filled out some since her return here, yet still, she had her limits on what she could eat. Ms. Calloway was certainly used to a normal meal schedule.

Delilah sipped the water as she listened to Calloway's questions. It seemed she was quite capable of making deductions. While often careful with hiding signs she was behind the operation, there were surely few things that she allowed to slip. After all, people assumed she brought the papers to Lord MacTáil, possibly even explained and pointed out important parts. A smudge of make-up here or a hair there hardly was anything of note but enough given her statements for the woman to make an accurate deduction.

"Almost six weeks," Delilah replied, "though in truth, I was helping in far greater capacity than any press secretary ought from the moment Trevor left. I'm certain you're familiar with Teague's position within our ranks. He tracked for You-know-who and continued to do so for Trevor until the day Trevor pulled a vanishing act and dumped the weight of the world on his shoulders." Delilah shook her head. "I did find you in his notebooks, though, when I searched his house after he left. Seems he trusted you more than most, so you seemed the best person to fill in on everything. The lot that's shown up at meetings have been far from impressive. Dreadfully dull and entirely unremarkable, aside from the G--wolf."

Hopefully Calloway took her consonant change as a matter of misspeaking and didn't push. The Garou may be allied with the Death Eaters, but they hardly wished to be known for what they were. One of the conditions of their help was that no one was told of their existence. She'd seen to it in the cover-up of the recent ending to the Hogwarts murders by covering up Soren's true nature and that of the Nosferatu who had been the murderer. A vampire, the papers had claimed. The photographs had been from angles careful to hide the true size of the bite marks made on the dead creature.
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by: Morgana Calloway
Well then it seemed that once again she was right. Not one but two missing little Lords that had once again left the women in charge while they got themselves into mischief- it seemed that more than the furniture hadn't changed since she had been gone. Once again a capable woman really running the show while the person supposed to be in charge wandered off into some supposedly greater plan or personal catastrophe that would cause more problems for them all then it was really worth. Maybe it was just that sense of empathy. Maybe it was her time in Ms. Chases' shoes but Morgana nodded slowly and remained calm and seated despite the fact that she was being called in to deal with a problem that she largely believed was no longer her own.

Six weeks, after all, was quite some time. Six weeks would, even under the most capable of people, would cause a jam and a build up. Of course Ms. Chase was seeking help- even Morgana would have had to do something along those lines at this point. Especially when first Trevor and then Teague left that was too much. Not just too much work mind you but too much coincidence. Highly out of character too. Teague, while she was not familiar with him, always struck her as responsible if nothing else, and Trevor loved power more than anything besides maybe his daughters so his abdication was suspicious at best and part of something greater and more threatening at worst.

And now here she was. Notebooks apparently to blame for this whole mess. Morgana smiled blithely to herself and Ms. Chase explained that they had mentioned her. Just how much they had mentioned her she had no idea but she wasn't about to mention her rather clandestine and rocky affairs if Ms. Chase wasn't. Trusted wasn't exactly word she would use for how Trevor had felt for her- annoyed maybe, irritated, passionate even some days but certainly not trusted. Trust was the very thing that had killed what chance they ever had so it seemed a bit ironic now that his notebooks for goodness' sake and trust was the thing forcing her back here when it was the very thing that made her leave in the first place.

Despite all that the situation seemed, while chaotic, less than dire. A poor staff and a Lord that wasn't doing his job was less than the end of the world in her opinion. She was practically retired and she was brought out because the quality and caliber of the staff was 'far from impressive.' She was being here to whip everyone into shape. Ms. Chase seemed perfectly capable that wasn't truly the reason. Though some mistep with a G thing maybe showed that cracks were showing; that there was something grander afoot. Morgana looked Ms. Chase straight in the eye and shook her head sighing, "That all seems quite tragic, but it still doesn't explain why I am here Ms. Chase. If Trevor Williams is no longer in charge of his own volition, his trust or lack of trust in me is purely academic. Surely I can serve the cause better in my capacity as ambassador as I have been doing for the past two years unless there is something you aren't sharing with me."
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by: Delilah Chase
Calloway proved every bit as on top of things as Trevor's notebooks had led her to believe. That was good and a great reassurance given the turn things had taken. It made her every bit the asset Trevor seemed to typically believe her to be. Shame the woman seemed to be bent on returning to her capacity as ambassador. That was not an attitude which bode well with Delilah, though with everything she had already revealed, it was best to continue and hope to convince the woman she would be in a better position here than several thousand miles away in some boot-shaped country. If she couldn't, measures would need be taken to protect the security of the regime.

"You would be correct, though I'm certain you can appreciate my need to test the waters before revealing my entire hand. I've told you more than what anyone but four other people know as it is, and you seem to have been in our ranks long enough to realize the repercussions surrounding having too much knowledge and deflecting." Delilah stated this as though mere fact rather than a threat as it truthfully was within the Death Eater circle. If you stepped out of line, there were consequences. If you were privy to knowledge meant to be contained, the consequences were greater. "Rest assured, Ms. Calloway, that I wouldn't have called you here unless it was entirely necessary.

"You see, when Trevor left us to find his children, he named the first Minister to grace the rank since Fierro Darque's abandonment of the post over a year ago. Almost immediately, it became obvious Elias Hunt was a force to be watched and controlled until necessity deemed it necessary to kill him. We made it clear the second he stepped out and dared place public judgment on Teague and me following our actions to end the murders at Hogwarts that such an action was not to be repeated if he valued his life. I've had Winslow masquerade as Teague for a few public sightings to keep control of Hunt and avoid suspicion that Teague was missing. Only, Teague managed to get a notice out to us recently concerning Hunt's true identity. Seems he is truly a certain Jacob Sullivan who runs a secret organization called the Syndicate. It was once a black market, but it seems it has evolved in recent years to be much more concerning."

There was more to the story, yet here was as good a place as any to pause and take a drink of water and a bite of her sandwich. Some details had been left off that were irrelevant given Teague's notice, and she had the current plan of action to cover and why she was needed here, but perhaps Calloway had questions. It certainly wouldn't surprise Delilah, given the woman's attention to detail and obvious ability to connect dots.
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by: Morgana Calloway
Of course the threats would come now. It was the typical tactic- honey and then vinegar if necessary. She knew it well enough based on her own experiences as press secretary much less her experience as a death eater. Of course it was for the best of security; she knew she was stuck now they she knew all this but still the very thought of being stuck here again, asked to save the day made her a little sick inside. "Ms. Chase, you can spare me the threats. I've been a death eater for over a decade, I served the Dark Lord himself, I ran this department. What's the old saying, 'Those who hiss get the Dementor's kiss?' I think I understand the arrangement."

And the security was certainly as important as Ms. Chase led her to believe. Trevor leaving, appointing someone who couldn't lead or be controlled, the actions at Hogwarts, Teague going underground for his own safety and now an infiltrator running the whole thing. This was a group she had done some research on but had never really had to deal with much in the press. They were just a black market operation, small bottom feeders mostly, from her time. Clearly she had underestimated them or they had escalated rather quickly. In either case it seemed that there was far more to this than she originally had bargained for.

If they managed to get someone so far up in the ranks it meant that it either had been a long term process or they were working with another more resourceful more powerful group, or there was a security breach, or a combination of all these factors. There was only so long a dummy figure would work. Morgana was sure this Ms. Chase had Winslow working well within his capacity but between the press and the fact that MacTail was a target of a bigger picture it would only be a matter of time- especially if she could spot his absence so quickly. The greater question was how far deep did this go and were all of these things connected? Hogwarts, MacTail, Williams. the Syndicate- how much was planned and how much was coincidence.

"So how much of this is the Syndicate and how much of it is poor timing and bad luck? Clearly Williams has gone missing or else family or not he would have made contact at this mess. Is MacTail in contact regularly or just the one instance? Oh, and the murders- Syndicate set up or unrelated? It sounds like too much at once to really not be planned. In my experience there is usually a greater picture with so many small events and if so is this Sullivan the ring leader or just a player?"
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by: Delilah Chase
"Only this once so far. He was researching the Syndicate because he was intent on helping Trevor, went underground to find the girls. Trevor was forced to contact me, then, a few days later, and he and Coraline Larson have been missing since that time as well. The note was written in his blood, and we have a contact which was able to confirm the three are alive as are Trevor's girls. We have no reason to believe that this Syndicate is related in any way to the Hogwarts murders. A rogue vampire was all it was."

As much as she was going for honesty with the woman before her, she knew Garou and Nosferatu were secretive. Giving away their existence would be the one way to upset Corc enough he might reneg on their agreement for the Garou to help ensure things were kept running smoothly. Delilah didn't need that nor did Calloway. She would need as much of their help as possible to maintain control, especially if something went wrong and Sullivan was able to get the upper hand over Cedric and "Hunt" was still able to make an appearance and completely topple everything.

"Sullivan is the leader of the Syndicate. There are many theories regarding what he has been after since his days putting secret messages in muggle papers to why he sought office, but regardless, we know he's dangerous and needs to be taken out. We're performing a recon mission in a few days, and I need to be cleared to go. So far as everyone else is concerned, I'm on schedueled holiday for a couple days. I've asked you in to ensure operations continue smoothly for Teague. Winslow will continue to make appearances as you see fit, but I do not recommend any public speeches or direct interactions be scheduled unless wholly necessary. The kid barely knows how to be himself, much less someone like Teague."
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by: Morgana Calloway
So isolated contact it was. Isolated contact, four, no five people missing. Trevor, this Coraline whoever she was, Trevor's girls, Teague. This was worse than she though. Much worse. If Trevor was captured, or Teague it could bring down the whole house of cards with a slight wind. Those two alone had enough secrets and enough information to do real damage. A note written in blood telling them about the Syndicate was not a good sign either. And with that many people there had to be a good hiding spot as well as some decent man power.

The motive was just as troubling. He sought office, was trying to break the statue of secrecy-something even the previous government had not allowed. The man was clearly deranged and did need to be stopped. He was seeking, for one reason or another to bring down the whole administration. All they had to go on though was a little recon. A little rescue mission and they were going to be her in charge while they were gone. It was insanity to put her in charge of a government she had been gone from for nearly two years. Of course she knew how to do it but her? It would make more sense to plan another way, to gather more intel. As cruel as it sounded Trevor and Teague would never snap, they were safer dead. Well, if they had the girls Trevor might snap and spill everything so that wasn't actually the case but still.

How much intelligence do we have exactly and how much of liability is Ms. Larson? Trevor, if they have the girls he will be an asset they can crack but Teague I have faith in. It might serve us better to gather more information. If we can figure out what this Sullivan wants we will have a better idea of what this is all about and we can protect ourselves better. Motive is at least half the battle and right now we are missing it. Does he want to break the statute? Does he want power? Both? In any case without that information you could be walking right into a trap he's setting and you seem to be the only thing holding this government together right now. If someone needs to go let me. I've fought, I know both Teague and Trevor and they know me. I'm lost they gain nothing because i've been gone so long. Either hold off or send me.
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by: Delilah Chase
Delilah inhaled slowly then exhaled in the same fashion. She understood why Calloway was pushing for her to hold off or send her instead, yet she had seemed reluctant enough to even be here earlier. Was it something to do with the position itself or something deeper? Whatever the case, it was more than enough for Delilah to be hesitant to send Calloway in her stead. The nice thing was she didn't have to fall back on it. "No offense, Ms. Calloway," Delilah replied, "but where I come from, fighting is a way of life. You may have fought little scuffles with the Order or children in a castle, but I've faced opponents who wouldn't hesitate to kill."

It was true. Calloway may have formed a coup with Trevor and it may have succeeded, but the fact of the matter was Derrin White had likely been the only opponent in Calloway's life who had tried to kill her. If Trevor hadn't come when he had, would she still be here? Delilah wouldn't claim to be an expert on Morgana Calloway. Trevor clearly hadn't written everything possible on her, and even if he had, he didn't know her entire history or life. Trevor had hinted at the very fact he hadn't disclosed everything. He'd referenced an "emotional evening" filled with "sob stories of our pasts."

Trevor hadn't specified what that had meant or what they had faced. Frankly, it would make no difference. Delilah had no problem admitting to herself she was a control freak. Without someone she fully trusted down below, there would be no way in hell she would stay behind. "Your expertise is needed here, and I know you have no problem with holding power. You and Trevor sought it together, if I'm to understand his journals correctly. I have a strong ally ensuring Sullivan is no problem for you topside if he chooses to try to start something when it's discovered we're down below or should things go south. They are posing as guards, and they will be at your beck and call. Trust me when I say Sullivan stands no chance to pull anything off as Hunt while we're below."
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by: Morgana Calloway
Maybe Morgana was getting under Ms. Chases skin or maybe she was just loosing her calm demeanor under stress. As the other woman slowly inhaled and exhaled Morgana watched her carefully. She was thinking hard about something. Hard about how to say something probably that wouldn't offend the older woman. Like what popped out of the young woman's mouth next.

The girl thought she couldn't fight and kill. Whatever Trevor had put in that little notebook of his must have not been too impressive if that is what this young lady thought of her. She was one of Voldemort's most capable assassins. She was raised by one of his darkest servants, forged in the murder of her own fiancé. She killed for years waiting for the Dark Lord to return just to vent her frustrations and her blood and yet she was defined for the world by her mistakes. First her mistake with that whore Evie, and then her mistake with Derrin. No one knew of her victories. She doubted Trevor even put her in the book unless it was to criticize her. Of course he would leave the impression that she was only capable of cleaning up messes, probably implying she made those messes to begin with. She was probably a the perfect picture of a desperate love sick secretary in his little historical account. How much did this girl know? How much had Trevor told?

Fighting the need to glare at this woman's delicate insinuation that Morgana couldn't handle a fight, or her own self. This welp didn't know that Morgana had been fighting Order members since this one had been learning to walk. She should just deny the request based on the girl's insolent behavior, but then again, as everyone in this room knew Morgana didn't really have a choice in any of this. It was one of those do or die situations- you do it because you know to much and you would die if you didn't. So she had to do it, expertise or not.

For one reason or another this girl had decided Morgana was going to handle this and so she was. Her expertise, meant truthfully or not, had been called for and now she was forced to give it. What expertise anyone, especially Trevor, thought she had or not was an entirely different question and one Morgana frankly didn't care about at the current moment given her last experiences with that particular person. "Fine. So I stay here and watch Sullivan. I manage the media and your plant- Jullian was it? I hold the whole administration together running the normal affairs of government alongside these totally capable agents of yours. Do you need anything else from me- or just the running of the country for a few days?
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by: Delilah Chase
"Yes," Delilah confirmed, "Julian Winslow, though you may find him my age rather than the age you're expecting." They had come to the part of the conversation that she figured would give the woman across from her the most trouble. "Though, no, I need little more from you than your complete and utter confidence in this task and forty-eight hours at most of running the country." Delilah took a sip of her water and set the glass back down on the desk.

"It may be more, Ms. Calloway. You must understand that. Should we fail in retrieving Teague and Trevor, you and Winslow may need find yourself a way to manage to the country for far longer. And in that, this task I ask of you is nothing menial in nature." She paused. "You see, if it were simply rescuing Teague and Trevor and the possibility of our deaths, I wouldn't have cared enough to study Trevor's journals and call you back. Winslow and I have returned here from a future where everything's about to go to hell. Williams is insane there, we gather from the loss of his girls. He lost control of the government to a resistance group called Isis, led by a not-so-dead Evie Winslow. That resistance group exists today and is in preparation to destroy us. Winslow is trying to get on his parents' good side so we know what to expect, but progress is slow. Winslow hardly has a.... Well, he's hardly diplomatic.

"Meanwhile, this Syndicate I'm retrieving Teague and Trevor from is setting about sic-ing the muggles on us. I've done what I can there. A little Tabby cat of mine is on their scent and working hard and fast to bring down the monsters to come from that organization, and I've played nice with their higher ups. We're being assaulted from all sides, and honestly, Ms. Calloway, even should we make it back, we may very well need your help in furthering the work we've started."

Perhaps it was a bit much, but the fact of the matter was they were surrounded and she'd done what she could to try to keep forces at bay. She needed Calloway to realize the dire straits they were facing and the importance of her position.
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by: Morgana Calloway
Well, well, well. The truth would finally out would it. It really was quite fascinating how thing had gotten so dire in a mere two years. Less than two years actually. In all that time they had managed to destroy it all. Part of Morgana wondered if this would have happened if she hadn't left. If she had been there and stuck it out with Trevor maybe she would have protected the girls. Maybe she would have protected him and kept him from going insane of all things. She could believe he would go insane. She could believe that she was going insane based on what was going on here.

Time travel? Julian Winslow and time travel or all things! And Evie Winslow alive? She should have killed that woman years ago. She should have killed Evie instead of Derrin. She should have just left Trevor to his work and found someone else to torture, someone else to mess with. She could not deal with this plague on humanity any longer. And for her to be alive leading a resistance group. To be alive and put everything at risk again for the....she didn't even know what time it was. How many times the Winslow's had tried to destroy everything and now there was one working for them.

Downing her water as she thought Morgana carefully put the glass back on the table and looked this future traveler person straight in the eye. "Time travel i'm not s sure about but muggles on our scent and that hell fiend Evie Winslow is enough of a dire situation that you have ben on board. I am not going to lie to you . I was looking forward to a long government sponsored retirement but that won't happen unless there is a government to sponsor me. Besides, I would love nothing more than to kill Evie Winslow. Just promise me she ends up dead at the end of this mess and I completely at your disposal.

Pausing for a minute Morgana contemplated this whole thing. "How many of you are there. Time travelers I mean. Also, do you know me? You probably can't answer that but I am so curious. And Julian....He is just a boy now yes? How did he come to us? Our side I mean...." So many questions. She shook her head to clear herself. The rest of this conversation was going to be all about priorities. She was not the priority her future, no matter how bleak it would be if she did this, not that she had a choice. Once again the power was the priority. Once again the movement was the priority and she was nothing but its servant. It's safety would be her safety.
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by: Delilah Chase
"...that hell fiend Evie Winslow..."

Delilah quirked a brow. Evie Winslow was probably the least of her worries. The woman seemed unhinged, and honestly, had she managed to attack before Trevor's girls were taken, she might have banked on Trevor killing her himself. Now? Well, she had no idea how things would go once they were in the Syndicate--much less, when they were back top side. She had no idea what sort of spirits Trevor would be in or if he could even handle an attack from a bee, much less a person. It depended how much their very presence had already skewed the timeline or how their presence would continue to skew the timeline. Still, promising one person dead in the grand scheme of things? It was nothing. She'd gathered the Winslows were the bane of many Death Eaters' existence, so it gave her little surprise that Calloway wanted revenge.

During Calloway's brief pause, Delilah interjected, "Cross my heart," with a smile that showed she was feeling somewhat amused though mostly pleased. The Winslows were no laughing matter, she was sure, especially with Winslow's own tales, but she wasn't used to such voraciousness in this time. It was actually rather refreshing compared to..well, nothing. In her few meetings she had led since coming back in time, she had seen little will or desire from any other than the Garou who graced their circle. The others seemed to fall in line and not question or even say much at all. Warren had seemed interesting, to say the least, as had Downing, yet in the end, what had they offered? Very little, in her opinion. Neither had approached her.

As Calloway finished with her questions, Delilah took a moment to think before answering. "There's Winslow and me from our side. Isis sent back Lydia, who claims to be Winslow's kid sister, and well, I can believe it with the Winslows' track record. They seem to rather enjoy the Lazarus effect." She snorted lightly. "As far as Winslow... Well, his dad dropped him off at the safe house when he was looking for his mum, and days later, he ran off, met Trevor in The Leaky Cauldron, Trevor twisted what had happened in his favor, and the rest is history. Trevor showed him the attention he'd always craved, taught him runes, which, might I say, is rather ridiculous, but I'm sure you know as well as I do how Trevor's mind is singularly on maintaining the upper hand regardless the consequences. But you could say they became like father and son before Trevor more or less vanished as all hell broke loose."

Delilah shook her head. "For all I know there's more of us, but I should hope not. Our presence makes the time continuum shaky enough if what we were told by the woman caring for Trevor is true. And I can say I remember a Calloway in my early days as a Death Eater, yet eventually, everyone, whether Death Eater or Order or something in between, had to become every man for himself."
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