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by: Orion
April 2,
6:45 pm

Ilya resisted the urge to pace. He was a hunter and hunters waited patiently. Even if their prey didn't return to their lair for eight hours, they waited. And he shouldn't think of Soren as prey...yet. All the Spiral needed to do was tell him where the wayward half-blooded brother of his was. Cedric had spoken of making his way back into the pack after the full moon run in March. April came around and Ilya waited expectantly where they had promised to meet up and talk about joining the pack and what would be expected of him. No brother. On top of that, there was that nasty Cora woman who knew more about Garou than any human, wizard or not, should have. It was one thing if the wolf claimed the human as a mate-as much as the Fenrir disdained the sullying of Garou blood he could understand that-but rumors were that Soren was courting the Silent Strider bitch that the Nation had used to send him his task. So that begged the question...how did Cora know so much about him and his kind?

It tied interestingly into how Soren had access to the rat warren humans called Hogwarts. Someone let him in to kill the monster inside. Who did that and why? How much did the humans know about Garou? It was a dangerous game to play, letting them know about their predators. Prey that is aware of their predators finds a way to fight back eventually and that wasn't what the Nation needed. A purge on the level of the Inquisition could be disastrous...many packs still mourned the land and ancestors lost during that time.

The heavily muscled and stocky man sighed, crossing his arms against the persistent breeze that was trying to become wind. He looked up towards the apartment building he was posted to watch. A scent tickled his nose. It wasn't the Strider. She'd been going in an out more frequently according to the scent trails. It was the Spiral. Ilya moved deliberately, calling attention to himself as an invitation to talking.
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by: Soren Shepard
The run in the brisk evening air had done the Spiral good. The events of earlier in the morning had been stressful. Delilah and Julian's appearance at the Loch had been unexpected as had the news they'd delivered. There were still some chinks to work out but they now at least had a solid plan, though with the fullmoon nearing it would make moving forward with things a bit more complicated. On the bright side though, it gave Lain and Aishe a chance to track down Sam, and it allowed Soren a bit of time to attempt to track down a certain half-blood that he hadn't seen in far to long. Cedric it seemed had been busy and had his nose in more places than it had a right to be in... more concerning was the connection between him, the Nos, and Sullivan. But before any hunting could get done the Spiral needed to make a pit stop back at the apartment and pick up a few things.

A flicker of unexpected movement caught his eye as he neared the front entrance of the building and honestly it was hard for the Spiral to be surprised anymore. Soren made a mental note to try and find a new place once things settled down. He'd had far, far to many unwanted and unexpected visitors to truly feel comfortable there anymore, even with Aishe. Or maybe the pair could just permanently move back to the Loch...

As Soren moved closer to the man who'd caught his attention it didn't take long for the beta to realize that this wasn't just a mere human or passerby. The man's posture and bearing screamed fighter and that set the Spiral on high alert. He scented the air as discreetly as he could and had to suppress a growl. The scent was unmistakably Fenrir, though not a Fenrir he'd ever met... which begged the question as to why a Get would be here of all places. Soren continued to walk before stopping just out of striking range should the ever unpredictable Fenris wolf decide he didn't want to talk but to fight. "Funny place for one of Fenrir's to be hanging out? Don't you have Fianna skulls to crack or something?" While the tone of the delivery was almost friendly, Soren's posture let the Get know that it was anything but.
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by: Orion
Ilya gave a half shrug to Soren's query. The Fianna were being dealt with by other members of the tribe. The Hand of Tyr hadn't been given war orders yet; from what the hunter understood, they were being kept in reserve to keep an eye on the Shadow Lords to make sure they didn't encroach on the northern territories. Likewise, the pack was close to a city with known Silver Fang activity, so it was important to keep a bulwhark up against the alpha tribe's movements.

"We all obey our elders, so when Sköll sends me to speak with you, I go."

A bare trace of Norwegian accent touched the Get's statement. He dropped his great grand father's name casually. The old wolf was no longer alpha, but he was respected among the Hand of Tyr for his wisdom and cunning.

"I was told to tell you one thing and to ask another. First, the Get of Fenris wants you to keep the knuckle dusters. Sköll himself used them when our tribes were at war. They're not an apology, but we recognize and respect your strength."

Ilya wasn't gritting his teeth when he clipped out the tribe's attempt at reconciliation, but it was hard to give honor to a wolf younger and less in control than himself. A Spiral, of all wolves...what was the Nation thinking? Ilya didn't know.

"The other matter of our tribe that I was sent to ask...how is the welfare of Cedric? He ran with us under the full moon, but he has yet to approach us with a petition to join the pack."

Mild concern for his brother tinged his voice. Cedric was a Get of Fenris. He'd survived outside of the Nation where other Garou had curled up and died. Not Get, of course, but other tribes. The fact that he survived as a testament to the strength of his blood. On top of that, he convinced a Spiral to not kill him. Maybe the Spiral had convinced him to join them instead...Ilya wasn't sure how he felt about that possibility.
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by: Soren Shepard
Soren slipped his hands casually into his jacket pockets, eyes widening in slight surprise at the mention of a well known Get. It was no secret that Get and Spirals held no love for one another but, the Wild Cards held a particular brand of animosity toward The Hand of Tyr. So why the hell would Skoll of all people send what looked to be a battle ready hunter to simply chat? There had to be something else... but so far it was jut meaningless words and possible insults.

"How the hell is that decrepit old bastard still breathing? No, you know what, don't bother explaining. Just tell him thanks for the dusters and I'll be sure to cave his skull in with them if he ever shows his face in my territory." His words were clipped and the Spiral moved to shoulder his way past the larger Get. He didn't have time for this.

Soren had been content to carry on with what he'd been doing before the Get had made his appearance but the mention of Cedric had the Spiral turning back toward his fellow Garou with a snarl and a red tinted gaze. "And how the bloody hell am I supposed to know where he is or isn't? And better yet why would he want to run with a pack of wannabe fighters that kicked him out? If you ask me he's better off where he is."

Never mind the particular Garou in question was exactly the Garou Soren was soon to be hunting for. As far as the Spiral was concerned the half-blood had a lot to answer for and if the answers weren't satisfactory Ced would learn the hard way not to mess with Spiral family.
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by: Hilda Prewett
The best thing about being a Seer was that you were always on time to wherever you go. She turned the corner along her new neighborhood route just as Small-and-Beefy grabbed Thin-and-Long by the throat and slammed him into the brick front of the apartment building. The crone drew even with them just as Small-andBeefy was speaking.

"You degenerate son of a-

"Don't say 'dog'...it's rude. Also he will be more likely to answer your questions if he's alive."

She leaned heavily against her cart, gently petting the white cat in the seat of it.

"For a people so proud of their nation, you Garou sure do like to try to kill each other a lot, but I guess I can't speak too much to that as a human. So, play nice, big guy. And you, scrappy, cool it and help your cousin out. He's just doing his job."

She looked up and cast a glare on both of them, clearly not willing to allow any arguments. She ignored Ilya's growls and raised an eyebrow at him in warning. The Crone had no fear of the wolf.
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by: Soren Shepard
Soren didn't even have a chance to react when he found hands around his throat and felt himself get slammed hard enough into the brick wall that it left him seeing stars. It figured the hot head would fight since that was all Get were truly good for. Not that Soren would ever admit he pretty much goaded his fellow Garou into it. The spiral sucked in a breath and griped the man's arm with clawed hands as he tried to wriggle out of the Get's grip.

He almost got himself into a good enough position that he could get his feet up and launch a kick at his attackers chest, but the action was cut short when an unexpected voice chimed in. Red eyes flitted between Ilyas and the old woman...a human woman? How the hell did she know so much about Garou? And not just Garou in general... by the way she was talking she knew they were of different tribes...

"Arghh! Let me go you overgrown brute!" Soren launched a kick at Ilyas hoping to make the Fenrir wolf let him go. Between the slight panic of potentially getting his throat crushed, a ringing headache and the rancid smell wafting off the woman, the Spiral was certain he was going to be sick..
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by: Hilda Prewett
Beefy pulled his free hand back to punch Scrawny in the face, so Hilda drew her wand and pushed into Beefy's ear.

"No. You need to get ahold of your temper, just because he insulted your family doesn't mean you have to break his face in half."

Now that both of the beast-men were focused on her, she began mediating.

"Don't play the child, either of you. You have a lot to gain by working together and I can help answer the question you're both wanting to ask. I can find your stray pup...but only if you play nice!"

She kept her wand out until there was compliance. Beefy dropped Scrawny and back off, crossing his arms and sneering.
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by: Soren Shepard
It was hard not to be impressed by the old woman's candor. There were not many humans that would have the guts to point a wand in the direction of an enraged Get. Clearly there was more to her then met the eye. When Ilya loosened his grip and eventually let go, Soren took a deep ragged breath and reached up to rub his throat. Bloody hell that was going to leave a mark. Absently the Spiral then shifted his hand to the back of his head and winced when he felt something wet. He knew he'd hit the wall hard so when he pulled his hand away and it was coated with blood the Spiral wasn't to worried. His natural healing would take care of it.

Once he'd taken stock of his wound, Soren moved himself into a position away from the Get, yet still with a clear line of attack if it was needed. The woman might be unafraid but that was because she surly didn't understand what she was dealing with. "Who the hell are you?" The question was directed at the crone. "And how do you know about Ced?" He cast a red tinted glare at Ilya, unsure of how things would play out. His rage wanted him to rip the Get apart but his head was trying to turn the situation to his favor.
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by: Orion
Ilya duh a finger into his ear to try and ease the pain from having the hag's wand shoved into it. She was brave, he gave her that. Stupid, but brave.

She'd alluded to Cedric. How did she know about him? Before he could open his mouth, Soren was barking the same essential question at her. The woman spouted off about being a Seer who had dreamed of this and blah blah blah had to keep their packs from killing each other. Ilya didn't really care. She was human and this wasn't her business.

"So, Hilda you said you were called...what are you expecting us to do in exchange for your trickery?"

Humans always had a price. They were unreliable in that way. A Garou helped a Garou because that's what was expected. This old witch...well she'd be dead if she asked too much.

"Just booze, my normal price."

Ilya sneered at the weakness of addiction. Get of Fenris needed no stimulants or concoctions. If her price was to be paid, it would be the Spiral who paid it.
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by: Soren Shepard
Soren snorted in disgust. Seers. Nothing more than shamans and mystics with their blah blah nonsense. Always with the favors and cost. Bloody humans were the bane of his existence sometimes. Why could it never be cut and dry with them? Just out with the information and call it a day. He looked over at the Get and got the distinct impression he felt the same way. Well at least they agreed on something...

"Better idea, you give us," he nodded in Ilya's direction, "something worthwhile and I'll find you whatever it is you humans like so damn much. What do you know about Ced?" His toned indicated that he wasn't going to budge on his counter offer. Hell if she wanted to play games he'd let the Get deal with her. He knew how to hunt and he was certain given enough time he'd find Cedric on his own... or grudgingly with the Get's help. Not that he'd ever admit he needed or would want a Fenrir wolf to help him. Especially is said Get was a Hand of Tyr.
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by: Hilda Prewett
Hilda considered the two wolves shrewdly for a moment. Her face soured into a glower of thinking before breaking into a grin as she barked a laugh. How many people did what she told them because she was a grumpy old bezoar of a witch? These two were stubborn enough to defy her just because they could. Good! She liked that. Without another word, she drew her tarot deck from her sleeve and began shuffling. After five shuffles, she muttered just barely loud enough for the two men to hear, then flipped five cards.

"Once for love, once for hate, once for choice and once for Fate. Luck's final shuffle, then the turn."

A six of Swords, a four of Cups, Strength, the Devil, and the reversed Magician...Hilda looked over the cards and scowled.

"That's not what I asked, you blasted bits of paper...It basically said that he's not satisfied with where he is in life, he's going to take a risk, make a choice between the two direction you lot will pull him, and that he'd be a healer and a diplomat later in life...but that's not what you wanted to know, so let's try...where is it...this!"

Hilda neglected to mention that she knew which of the two in front of her that he'd side with. Well, sort of. It all depended on who was the more rage filled and sadistic of the two, which was odd given that the cards predicted him to be a healer. Ah well. She held up the egg sized piece of polished smoke quartz that she'd dug for. Before she delved into it, she cleaned up her cards and stored them back into her sleeve. Then, without any ceremony, she made a pass over the sphere and scowled at it.

A lion swam up from its depths, sand, sand, and scrubby trees, a red headed woman admiring an old ring on her left hand, and a black wolf...why was he there? And when would he be home? She made another pass and saw the man again on the shore of the Thames during a nearly full moon, blood on his hand, screaming at the sky. Well wasn't that lovely?

"He's in Africa, but he'll be back later this week...probably the 5th or so, and you'll want to catch him quick because it looks like he murders someone down at the river docks. "

Beefy snorted and said something along the lines of 'yeah, right' but Hilda didn't reply. What she saw was what she saw. Given that it involved murder, she trusted it. Instead she looked over at the whippy looking one-eye, gauging his reaction.
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by: Soren Shepard
Soren watched the Crones movements with a morbid curiosity. He'd never seen a shaman or a seer do whatever it was they did to get the spirits to talk to them. The Wild Cards certainly didn't have anyone like that and honestly as far as Soren knew, no one outside of the Stargazers or Uktena, and to some extent the Wendigo had true Shamans. It was hard not to snort in amusement at Hilda's first attempt. If he didn't know any better the jumble words she just spewed out was very similar to what a totem vision would give a Garou: a whole load of information that meant absolutely nothing at first. Even still it was information Soren mostly already figured out. The Spiral glanced over at Ilya, trying to gauge the Get's reaction to what Hilda was saying.

The second part of the seers work was much more important. Being in Africa would why he hadn't heard form Ced in almost a month and it wasn't anything to be overly concerned about normally. But why had the Get run there? Then there was that bit about the 5th. The Spiral wasn't stupid. It didn't take a genius to know that was when the full-moon was... but there could be many reasons for Ced murdering someone. If he hadn't managed to get out of the city his wolf could have killed someone unlucky enough to have stumbled by... again not unheard of. Accidents when the shift was happening was a common occurrence and death was a common thing around Spirals.... Maybe it was similar with Get. So what made this piece of advice so damn important... was his totem trying to tell him something?

He looked over to Hilda and then to Ilya and directed his question to the brute. "What was Ced like after he ran with you?"
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by: Orion
Seers weren't known for reliability among the Hand of Tyr. The Stargazers and Uktena weren't too much of a threat to be taken seriously, so the Get of Fenris mostly disregarded them and their gifts. Still, this human Seer was a wealth of information for Ilya. He listened stoically and stored her words for a later report to his pack. Cedric had run to Africa, had he? Was it the challenge of the wildlife or the distance from the Spirals and Get? Either way, he'd be home soon and-

Soren distracted Ilya from his planning with an off the wall question. It was so out of left field that he answered immediately instead of hesitating

"Himself, for once. He ran without having any of those damned human tranquilizers in his system. Why?"

Ilya had attributed the weaning off the drugs to the pack's advice when Cedric first visited them. He'd been a little out of control, but in the middle of a pack, he'd fallen in line quickly enough.
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by: Soren Shepard
"Tranquilizers?" It took Soren a while to figure out what Ilyas was talking about and even though he had a good idea he still had to ask his fellow Garou for clarification. When it was confirmed that what the Get actually meant was that poison that suppressed Cedric's wolf, Soren couldn't keep the disgusted look off of his face. Why the hell a Garou, even a half-blood, would want to lock away a part of himself the Spiral would never know and it still annoyed him to no end that no-one had told Ced that being a wolf wasn't a bad thing. And Ilya wasn't exactly helping. Ced being "himself" didn't exactly explain anything. Soren had never run with him so he had no idea what Ced was like... though he had a feeling it wasn't like a normal Get.

"What is normal? Was he edgier than usual? Did he fall into whatever you lot have as a pecking order? Wha'd you do that night or afterwards? Did you tell Ced how to deal with his wolf once it was awake?" Honestly Soren didn't think any of Fenrir's brood would have the brain capacity to think that a half-blood who had never ran with his true self would be able to handle it alone after. The Spiral thought back to when they would take newly shifted wolves out on their first run. The shift was the easy part, it was when they changed back to human that the issues, if any, would appear. Feral instincts would still be in high gear, tempers short, and most importantly rage needed to be checked. "You can't tell me you were stupid enough to just let him go."
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by: Orion
Ilya looked at the Spiral like he had sprouted a third eye. The questions he was asking made it seem like Cedric had never run with a pack before. That couldn't be true...could it? It didn't make sense.

"He came to the pack and fought for a place among us. He acquitted himself well, if that's what you're asking. As far as what we did that night...I think we stalked some transients and a vampire or two. Afterwards he was exhausted. I took him back to his woman and went to speak with him the next day but he was gone. I thought he'd have gone to you."

A defensive tone crept into the Get's voice. He didn't like to explain himself to his superiors, much less to an upstart Spiral. His own kin was missing and he was being questioned like a pup on his first hunt. A dry bag-of-bones wheezing chuckle caught his attention and made him snarl. The old hag thought this was funny, eh? How funny was this? He pulled back his hand to slap her and let the gesture fly.
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