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by: Kara Viridian
Mar 17th, 17:37
The Abby

The door. The door is right there.

Kara stared at the Cherrywood doorway from the Abby’s attic, the portal that remained shut since her last release from Azkaban. It had ornate designs painted along the edges and a golden doorknob. There was a keyhole there, and she had the key. They placed this method of transport long ago, the doorway that was a direct link to the manor. She didn’t know if it was still connected; her step-father was the last one to make it through before she was locked up and had a tracker placed in her arm. It was placed there by her old partner, a day that haunted her since it all went down. Her thumb reached over and traced the scars, her lips trembling as she could still taste the metallic liquid on her lips, the salt from her tears and hear the cries of pain.

Months ago, Kara tried to cross over to the other side. They found her shortly after she landed, somewhere outside of Tutaminis, and she was quickly transported back to the muggle world, back to her home. Kara had limited contact with Markus, as he was very busy. Jonathan went to and from since he’d been back but it wasn’t until recently. Merlin, not even Azkaban would accept her visitation to see her own husband. Casey was her only means of knowing what was happening on the other side.

Over and over she tried to remove the trace, but no matter where she cut or how deep she cut it, it was nearly impossible without removing her own hand. Kara had three scar across her wrist. Over, across, diagonal. She was lucky she’d learned a thing or two from Lucy at the infirmary to stop the bleeding on such a sensitive area before things got worse. The scene in her guest w.c. looked like something out of a horror movie. Kara was careful and lay out some tarp on the floor, but there were still spots around the sink and mirror. Hours of scrubbing washed away the mess but did not remove the bitter memory of what unfolded that day. So many tears were shed, ones of pain, others of complete defeat and eventual listlessness.
Tutaminis. 6 p.m. – C

Casey was always brief, but something about this message seemed off. Lately she loved the flowers, the cards, the visits at work. Oh, how she loved his notes, anticipated his endearment, enjoyed his surprises but this note did not exude such. It seemed urgent and gave her that unnerving feeling even after she read it over and over again.

Her hesitation frustrated her. Hand on the door, hand off. She hit the wood with her fist, hearing a shimmer on the other side. She took a step back and stared at it for a moment longer. What would happen if she tried again? Would they try to kill her? Kara took a deep breath and pulled the key from her pocket, spinning it in her fingertips, feeling the cool polished silver. She exhaled softly and looked up again at the door, before inserting the key into its slot.

He asked me to go. I have to be there...

“Here goes.” She whispered. With the key in its place, she turned it left, then right and pulled down. After a few moments of complete silence, the door creaked open and a bright white light could be seen on the other side. Holding tight to her satchel, Kara tucked herself into her cloak and she walked through, bracing herself for anyone waiting for her on the other side.


Tutaminis Manor, 17:50

“Oof!” She landed with a thud. She was a little better prepared this time so she landed on her feet, her hands out in front of her to save her face from hitting the ground.

Kara was careful to stand, since the travel was always so fast and jostling, and never easy on the head or stomach. She breathed out quickly. The grass outside of the mansion was cool and wet. She thanked Merlin that she’d landed inside the mazes and wouldn’t have to traverse through that trap since she was already running short on time. Once she was fully standing, she brushed off her cloak and top, pulling her hair to one side since it had been tussled in transit. Kara took a couple of steps forward and then turned, swiveling her head to seek out any hint of Casey’s presence.

She hoped she didn’t miss him.
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by: Casey Winslow
Casey was early, though not by much. But early was early. He'd had an argument with Evie following up on the conversation they'd had the day before, and he'd spent a little time with Seren and a few minutes with Lucy, who was having a difficult time waiting any longer. She'd nearly given up hope on any chance at Sam being alive. The lure had stopped being posted in the paper, and she was sure he was dead. Casey wasn't so willing to give up on his cousin yet, so it was difficult to see Sam's own wife starting to give up on him. Especially since dealing with the whereabouts of his family had been the last thing on his mind these past few years. It was all he could do to survive and stay focused on uprooting the regime. Family would be rescued, if needed, when possible. Sam was an obvious necessity. He had to be rescued sooner rather than later. He'd just tried not to think about it while helping with what he could to move Isis along and help Evie.

With such a stressful, busy morning and early afternoon, five minutes early was all Casey could manage. It was 12:30 p.m. when he left and began the long process of apparating in as safe a manner as he could overseas. Making small trips, resting, etc., did take some time. It was 12:55 p.m. by the time he reached the mazes into Tutaminis and began to head into the maze. By the time he was out of the maze, it was about 12:58 p.m. Kara would be here by now, if she was going to be here. And he hoped she would. He hadn't been able to do much aside from owls and arranging for "Thorsten" to send flowers or little gifts to the bartender at the Abby via owl purchases having been stuck helping Evie overseas, but at least it was better than nothing. It was better than the past attempt at a relationship, and he hoped Kara realized he was trying.

Casey removed his sunglasses as soon as he entered the maze as sunset had nearly completed here then brushed a wayward strand of hair behind his ear. Despite not being in the UK, he had felt a need to keep up Thorsten's appearance in case Evie had needed to send him back here to help Ianto finish up. Well, he was helping Ianto but not Evie now, ultimately. At least, that was how Evie would see it. She had not taken kindly to his little discussion with her yesterday, and it was clear they were going to have to take matters into their own hands to get things moved along and not cause Evie to take an extreme measure that would more likely than not fail.

It wasn't far into the grounds before he spotted Kara. He walked up to her, greeting her with a, "Hey," and a smile as he slid an arm around her and pulled her close for a quick kiss. It was a meeting of more serious a nature, but he hadn't seen her in too long for his liking.
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by: Kara Viridian
The late evening was treacherous and the crackling of branches and the whistling of the wind were more unsettling than they were relaxing, she found. She had her dagger with her, and readied her hand on its handle, ready to strike. It wasn't her style to resort to such violence, as she'd much rather have the freedom to wield her wand, but she wasn't in possession of that, Markus was. He was supposed to watch over her and return that to her when he was able to, but his job was unforgiving and his absence from her life was further punctuated and underlined by the fact that he'd been keeping secrets from her and possibly avoiding her. She earmarked that question for now, hoping to remember to ask Casey if he'd seen him, and perhaps request her wand back now as she'd been going many months on very good behavior. Prisoner, fugitive, or whatever the case might be, she wasn't any of those things anymore. She was a citizen and had her right to her given wand.

Kara figured it was probably time to open for the dinner-time rush at the Abby by now, and she wondered how Henrietta would handle such a busy time on a very busy Irish holiday, and a drinking holiday no less, without the owner or their waitress Kat--Kara's muggle disguise. She wondered how much longer she would have to keep up this guise, considering the wanted posters had all but faded into nothing, and the Guard were a lot less uptight when they came around for their nightly rounds. Kara was so used to living a double life, she and she didn't mind the freedom of hiding as Kat, the blond girl no one recognized from the other side.

She was herself tonight, her actual self, expecting--or rather hoping Casey would do the same. His look as Thorsten wasn't too far off from his actual appearance, not as much of a stretch as it was from Kara to Kat, but she still loved him the way he was when she first saw him. His real piercing eyes, his striking features, and his particular scent unique to him.

Then his voice interrupted the stillness. It filled her with relief, a sense of comfort that she could hardly describe. Carefully she brought a hand up to his cheek and returned the kiss, lingering for a little longer than the usual quick-peck one would give at their greeting because she hadn't seen him in far too long. Her arms curled around his neck and she held him close, taking in his presence. "Hey." She responded, softly.
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by: Casey Winslow
Casey smiled, leaning his forehead against Kara's for a few moments as his eyes closed. This was nice, nice enough to distract him from his original intent. It remained, though there was no reason not to enjoy the feeling of her closeness. For now. He wanted to catch up, to ask how she was, yet it seemed out of place to do so in this moment, this precious, innocent moment that felt like sheer bliss compared to the days and moments before it. It was the most peaceful he had felt in days.

Casey opened his eyes after a few moments and lifted an arm from around Kara as he stepped back and placed a hand on her face, his thumb giving her cheek a few gentle strokes. "How've you been?" he asked, happy to take in the face of the woman he had come to love this time rather than the blonde of the time before. This was the Kara he knew, the Kara he had let into the castle that rainy night four years ago--only, older, wiser. More beautiful, if that was possible. Funny how things changed with circumstances and time.
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by: Kara Viridian
It had been a while since she felt his touch; the tender caress of his hand on her cheek was needed, and appreciated. Kara leaned into it, feeling the corner of her lips tug upwards into a grin as she lingered. It was difficult not to let herself slip too far into its comforts, lest she forget that she'd been summoned here on what sounded more like urgent business than pleasure. "Better now that you're here." As silly as it sounded escaping her lips, she meant every word. "I received your notice. Well, obviously," she chuckled. "Is something the matter?"

He'd been gone for a little while, but over the years she'd gotten to know Casey Winslow, she learned never to ask too many questions. Business matters were kept very close to him, and rarely spoken about, mostly because she did not want to pry. Her own affairs and involvement with the Order of the Phoenix was enough for her at the moment, at least until she could get a handle on things here with the dwindling numbers and whatnot—but Casey was always planning, always moving with other causes to further benefit the wizarding world from its current tyranny.

Kara couldn't discredit herself for the work she, and the others: Ben, Jonathan, Liam, Elana, her stepfather, even—had put into the restoration of the Order, but in the world run by numerous factions and squadrons of high-powered elites wanting to overthrow or betray one another, the Order seemed to be the weakest. It definitely disappointed her, considering this was part of her father's legacy, her blood father, that was. He left this faction under her care and she was not prepared for what was going to happen in the years to follow.

It had been so long, she recalled, it had been so long since she'd embarked on that journey for the knowledge about her father's name, his true identity and power, and the inheritance he bestowed upon her. Casey was there in the beginning, just as he is now, but they were both completely different people presently. She had no desire to exchange that for any other fate. Things seemed to be in the right place for now.
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by: Casey Winslow
So then, it was time to talk business. Casey could do that, but he didn't want to do so standing up or in public. He was well-known enough around the safe house for having been Order and, at times, from being in Skeeter's columns in the Prophet with Evie when the Ministry had been attempting to cover up Voldemort's second rise to power. Kara was known by enough, too, which meant serious talk between the two of them in an easily visible spot on the grounds was likely not a good idea when he wanted as few people as possible to know what he was talking to her about. Not that they would hear her, but she would be questioned as would anyone else associated with either of them by some of the more inquisitive souls around here. So, they needed to move.

"Well, nothing's the matter, per se," he replied, taking Kara's hand and beginning to walk toward a more secluded area. "Though I do have something to talk to you about, but I need your full confidence." Casey knew he could trust Kara, but oftentimes, it was a good idea to let people you trusted know something was told in confidence. The small things, one often simply assumed the other would understand the nature of the conversation, but when it came to bigger things? Well, that was when it was necessary regardless of the level of trust one might have for the other.

Casey waited for some form of confirmation and took a moment to peek around behind the trellis before sitting on the bench. It was secluded enough to be a favorite play spot of the safe house's children and a favorite snogging spot for the teenagers depending upon the time of day and who was out. At least, it had been when he'd more actively been around. "You've probably pieced together I've found a resistance group to work with," he said. "One that more readily meets my viewpoints than those who remained in the Order those months ago. What you probably haven't pieced together is where it's seated and who's in charge and rightly so. None of that matters, and it's safer that way for all involved. The group is set up that way, to maximize the level of secrecy and security from the regime. But recently, I have been given a reason to doubt our leader's ability to carry out with her plans and have reached out to another of our members. We plan to carry through with our overarcing goal and unseat the regime amongst other things, but the fact of the matter is that we won't have the benefit of all of our groups because we don't know the whereabouts or identities of every member within our organization. My fellow member and I aren't in complete agreement about bringing others in, but the fact of the matter is that we need numbers to carry things out. But as much as we need numbers, we need numbers we can trust. Which is where you come in. I know you've been working to revive the Order. We've had our disagreements on that matter, but I need to know who you've managed to get back."
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by: Kara Viridian
The words full confidence struck her with some discomfort, but she nodded. She was willing to hear what Casey needed, since he had a manner of urgency surrounding many important matters that she'd seen once before. This could only mean he was going to speak to her about inbound danger. Normally, things would be run through other personnel, prominent figurehead like Damien, but those days were long gone. Kara may not have been next in line to take the helm of the Order's leadership but she was the only one around who wanted to. This was why she had come back to this place at all, to find and follow her father's legacy. It was a gamut of entrapment, betrayal and hellish torture to get where she was today, but she knew this is where she needed to be.

Kara followed Casey around to a more private location. No one was outside at this hour, most of them having finished supper were turning in for the night or getting ready to do so by taking part in quieter activities like reading or chess. Their numbers may not have been impressive but they had a modest community left of refugees and members to keep the Order running low on government radar.
After taking a brief look around, Kara nodded at him to let him know they were alone and remained silent as he began in on his speech. She listened carefully.

Who is in charge... She lingered on that for a second. Would that really matter? If Casey found someone to follow, would it really make a difference who was leading? It was a good thing he was making moves on his end, things she was very limited to as she'd had that sub-dermal tracer on her for months before finally making the bold move of removing it. As he kept speaking, she made note of that particular mention for later discussion. Even if that detail was minute, something that wouldn't necessarily change the course of her appreciation for his work—Kara wanted to know who he was referring to, since he thought it would be something worth mentioning.

He wants names...

Once he finally drew his long-winded speech to a stopping point for now, Kara was left with an expression that appeared as if she'd had the rug pulled out from under her. She'd been so quiet all this time, so still and focused, and remained this way as she thought carefully on his request. This was a very dangerous line to walk. Kara and Casey learned to keep their "work" lives separate from their personal matters, as this was one of the vital errors they'd made in the past. She knew he had his opinion of her organization, and she had her own views of his almost renegade work ethic. Kara's lips parted just barely enough to breath in before releasing an obviously unsteady exhale.

"Casey..." Kara finally spoke, but that's all she could say for now. She didn't even know where to begin.
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by: Casey Winslow
Casey had a fleeting worry Kara would come out of her seeming speechlessness with demands or reprimands of her own. After all, almost everyone agreed there was strength in numbers, and strength in experience. By leaving the Order for another group, it at once robbed them of a body and experience while adding what he took to someone else. Yet, means and methods of getting things done had been a topic of discord amongst the Order before it had fallen apart, the Phoenix burning to ashes, burning at a low ember compared to its former majesty. Kara had been working hard, however, to help it rise from the ashes.

"I know it's a lot to ask, but in times like these, it's hard to know who's still around and who isn't when you've been out of the loop," Casey asked. "But I need you trust me that you and I still have the same end game in mind regardless of our methods. And I need you and yours to be prepared to help set up shop once we get the regime out. Because my group's not from this country, and they won't care once they give us a chance to make our voices heard. If we decide to give into fear again, that's our choice, but we need good people to set up shop until we know how many they have Imperiused, how many within the government are sympathizers, and so much more."
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by: Kara Viridian
Casey’s inquiry was far different than the long stretch of time she spent in the deep and dark dungeons of Azkaban. Even though they asked in a different manner, Kara couldn’t bring herself to speak up for the moment. Here, she stood before the man she fell in love with, so long ago, discussing politics, perhaps a coup that had been a long time coming. Before, she was treated like something lower than scum of the earth just so Williams and his ruthless gang could get some answers. Her scars were filled with a heat beneath her skin as she felt flush from the recollection of her time spent locked away.

When it came to the Order of the Phoenix and its members, there were less names now than she had to offer before. Nevertheless, there was a heavy weight on this seemingly harmless question. If she chose to give in, she would be risking the exposure and the lives of the remaining members of her group. Some of them were spread out, missing, imprisoned or they’d gone rogue. Others were just refugees, former slaves or runaways from the tyrannical reign of William’s empire. They were volunteers, some of whom were too young to offer their hand at the battlefront, but they were runners, suppliers or liaisons to those fragile links in the government.

The root of her contemplation sat the major point she’d been dwelling on for so long: The Order wasn’t going anywhere. With a leader under government watch, and limited reach, she needed all the help she could get. Kara tried to tell herself that the benefits of gaining the assistance from the outside would bolster her position as the leader of the Order. Strength in numbers is where he was making a strong point, and numbers is where they’d been lacking as of late, among other things.

After a pregnant pause, Kara nodded. “Before I give you their names, or send out any owls to notify these people, these cells, of our new alliance, I need one thing,” She chuckled, “Ideally, I’d ask for more, but right now I’ll take what I can get here—I’m sorry my love, but I am going to need more than just the request. Who are these people you are working with? How is it that you can cross the sea and find forces to support us when we can hardly stand on our own two feet in our own lands? I’m not against this idea, not now. We need any help, more than ever, you know that. I just want to know who I’m signing my people off to, if they’re going to be considered our allies.”
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by: Casey Winslow
Casey nodded. Her concerns were the same his own had been when he had first heard of Evie's group and how it operated. "The Death Eaters have affected lives across the globe," Casey replied. It was as simple as that, but he knew Kara wanted more. With other lives at risk and the very real possibility he could be under the Imperius Curse, he would expect her to be cautious. "Some people were born and raised here but ventured to other countries when the takeover occurred or once they realized slavery was now acceptable or even when wand regulation became a thing. Others fled because something awful happened to them. Then, there's those Americans and their causes and their love for freedom. And apparently some of those in countries not allied with the regime also like causes or pet projects. Or perhaps our leader's that inspiring. Who knows? All I know is our leader is in contact with an Order member from before either of our times who is now in Nebraska, and one of her right-hand men is from over here but lost someone due to the Death Eaters and wants to see an end put to all this sooner rather than later."

Hopefully that was good enough an answer for Kara because he didn't know what else he could provide to explain it to her. Casey was still often surprised by it himself. Except perhaps... "I met a girl over in America. Young girl, spunky. And you know how much stock I put in prophesy and divination." He was sure she knew that was none whatsoever. "But she told me of a prophesy she and her people had of our kind and some horrible end. She wants to help. So, there's that avenue, too." For reasons, that was.
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by: Kara Viridian
The Death Eaters, of course. She knew them quite well, and a little too well as she'd gotten too close for any semblance of comfort. Kara shook her head at the mention of worldwide terror; she could only imagine how awful things must be if it had become so widespread. Jon seemed to find sanctuary down in Australia, and it was a good thing he hadn't been interrupted all the while he'd been mourning with his family about the loss of his mother.

"You met a girl?" So the words came out faster than she anticipated, giving off more of a jealous tone than she wanted. Kara was more surprised to hear of the supposed prophecy than the fact that his contact with a woman so she kicked herself for sounding like an overprotective wife. Except she wasn't his wife, either. Merlin, this situation was rather complicated. "Sorry, let me start over. I mean--some girl spouts off on some apocalyptic prophecy and that's all I get? This doesn't seem like equivalent exchange, Casey..." Something was telling her not to question this, and to trust his better judgment, but since he had managed to do what he does best--and evade the question--Kara wasn't too savvy on offering names. Not yet. "There aren't even that many of us left, and you know that. Why do we need to check in with a roll-call to some faceless entity based off of your hunch?"
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by: Casey Winslow
Casey looked a little surprised at Kara's brief output. He'd thought "young" and "spunky" as adjectives would be enough to make it clear he wasn't meaning met a girl in that capacity. He wasn't one to step out on a relationship. Surely she realized that. He'd been married thirteen years, and the marriage's failure had nothing to do with himself or Evie and everything to do with Trevor Williams. He'd played on a Quidditch team with plenty of opportunity, but nothing had ever happened despite the Death Eater's wonderful job of framing him to try to split him and Evie up to kill them. But surely Kara realized he didn't mean a girl in that way. If she didn't, then what relationship did they have? No trust was not a good place to be.

Casey felt relieved when Kara caught herself and apologized then started over. Thank goodness. They'd had enough stupid fights over the last few years since Trevor had finally ruined everything and they'd begun their on-again, off-again relationship that finally had reached a more often on-again point despite their resistance work and other issues keeping them apart more often than he was sure either of them wanted. Yet they still found a way to make it work, still sought out time for each other, wrote when they could. It was probably for the best because Casey was pretty sure he didn't want to jump in head over heels and preferred taking it a little slower so they could get to know each other. Fast and furious had worked for him and Evie, but they'd had life-altering events playing in to make urgency an issue.

"She didn't even give me details," Casey replied. "Besides, I only mentioned that as another reason some Americans are involved. Though she's Mayan, but that's beside the point. The point is I'm working with an overseas resistance group which this girl has no part in at this point. The point is that we have people, but given the fact we are having to bypass and work around our leader, we need more. I don't want everyone's names. I just want to know who's still around and able from the old days. People I can bring with me to meet with Ianto when he brings his people. The rest can remain anonymous, and you'll have enough details to work them into the plan so that things don't go awry over here when we all pull it off and end this regime."
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by: Kara Viridian
After a moment, Kara huffed. "Young. Spunky." She muttered under her breath. Casey was a man of mystery, and no matter how close she got to him (and she'd grown very close to him as of late), Kara knew he could still keep some of the details of his business under a shroud of obscurity. Normally, she would let it pass, as they dealt on an individual basis rather than as a 'couple' since they differed so much in their views and how they chose to spend their time. "Fair enough."

Kara took a deep breath again and closed her eyes. This was an opportunity unlike any other, to forge an alliance with a force that would hopefully strengthen the numbers of the Order. She was done playing around; The Order needed this assistance, not as a crutch but as a guide to get this running again. Jon would scold the hell out of her if he came to find out how she hesitated for even a second. She needed this to play out right, orchestrated properly, to the tune of her own composition. "There aren't very many of us." She said softly, embarrassed almost. "Time I should have been spending recruiting, left up to Jon because I haven't been able to travel until recently."

Hopefully that wouldn't scare him off. "Aside from myself, there's Jonathan, a doctor maybe--a healer we spoke with. I haven't sent an owl to Benjamin, or Lucy, and a handful of others who have been training here when we've been able to convene. Fox. Varytas. Dimitri. Bronwyn. They're loyal and have proven themselves to be strong candidates for us. Maybe a few others, I have a parchment in the office. It's a roster of the--" Just as Kara started to turn toward the office, she could hear footsteps dragging across the gravel path. She stalked towards it in an instant, as it was accompanied by the faint cries of an older man.
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by: Jaleth Lenor
This was the house...
This had to be the house...
Minister...or rather former Minister Darque gave him the right directions. Jaleth hardly recognized this place and given that it moved from place to place every so often, it was no surprise. He'd only been here once, briefly, and after he married Amana--he would have nothing to do with this place. One: Because of Kara. and Two: because his wife, in leagues with the demons, the Death Eaters themselves, would surely have his head for even knowing about this place. Jaleth dragged his feet over the gravel walkway, and through the tunnel of dried, shrubbery, he could see the fountain straight ahead. His legs were buckling, and the thin soles of his shoes he was lucky to have salvaged before he left their prison cell were wearing out quickly--as he could feel the sharp rocks along the bottoms of his feet.

Right, then left...right...left...
Come on, you're almost there, he told himself.

Jaleth had been walking for what seemed like an eternity. Had he been alone, he would have been here moments ago, but he wasn't. He was with someone, or rather, labored with carrying someone. She weighed little to nothing but with the fleeting strength in his muscles and the terrible ache in his bones made carrying her more of a burden than he wanted it too. Jaleth took a deep breath as he drew closer and closer down the seemingly endless , rocky path towards the house. It was growing clearer now, in the eyes that were burning with tears. He was struck with awe at its splendor; the thrill of having arrived at this oasis of sorts was a dream, one he didn't even know he had until he was told about this place. His steps grew heavier and heavier, and a couple of soft sobs were omitted before he dropped to his knees just a few feet away from the empty fountain.

"Please...help... He said again. It was different to not hear the cries echoing back at him, a mockery at his futile attempts of trying to get help to them in their well/prison. His cry was to the open air, and to anyone who may have been here watching him cross the threshold. He could feel the broken bits of shale digging into his knees now, threatening to pierce through the tattered fabric, soiled and ripped over time.
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by: Casey Winslow
Casey was relieved when Kara gave in. Some of the names he recognized, but there were decidedly a few he didn't. Markus' name was noticeably missing from that list, yet before he could ask, Kara was standing, and he could hear stumbling in the rocks nearby followed by landing. Casey was up behind Kara, wand drawn somewhere in the movement without his full awareness he had done so. He moved quickly toward the sound, seeing a man who seemed familiar yet not all at once holding a young blonde who fit the same description. Casey's eyes looked to Kara, uncertain what to do at this point in time. She was the one in charge in these parts, and while he might want to take control of the situation, he was not about to risk any further compliance or help by overstepping boundaries.

Realizing his wand was out, Casey worked to put it away. These two appeared much too downtrodden to be of risk to them, and thus far, it hadn't been the Death Eater's calling card to present prisoners before swooping in. It would be ingenious, truthfully, yet Casey had his doubts. They preferred swooping in entirely unannounced and without preamble. Why would they change now?
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