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by: Delilah Chase
Friday, 9 March, 2012
3:52 p.m.

Delilah Chase was at the safe house for a singular purpose, and that purpose killed her. Nevertheless, talking with Julian was the only way she would get things to move forward in their mission. With any luck, the bloke would have had the common sense to keep trying to build confidence with his father and mother and would have some information by now. But this was Julian Winslow. He wasn't exactly known for much aside from brooding, being Trevor's adopted baby boy (for all intents and purposes), and being an expert at runes. While some might disagree, to Delilah this was hardly a proper resume for boosting her confidence in him. Deeds, action, however? That could change her mind. There had to be a reason he had been sent back with her. Then again, Trevor Williams had lost it in their future. Perhaps he had just seen it as a way to get the bloke away from their hell hole and give him a fighting chance.

Delilah sighed, too annoyed with the morning thus far to waste much further time on such thoughts. She needed to find Julian, though she had hardly sent an owl. What if he didn't even stay here anymore? What if he had moved on or was off with his mother?

Those in the safe house regarded Delilah with a certain degree of standoffishness, and she could hardly blame them. While those in the Order had heard their tale, not everyone in the safe house had, and she had had a presence in the press lately. She would be suspicious herself given the circumstances, yet much to her relief, no one attempted anything worse than refusing to answer her question with more than a shrug when she asked where Julian was.

Eventually, Delilah found herself on the grounds sitting on the fountain ledge. If she sat here long enough, maybe Julian would come about. And at the very least, she would have a moment to herself to breathe and try to de-stress. Julian probably didn't deserve her ire.
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by: Julian Winslow
Julian had made a point to stay as far away from the safe house and its inhabitants as he could these days unless he was sleeping. Even though Casey had vouched for the pair from the future and they had explained their story to those who needed to know it, there was still a great deal of standoffishness and perhaps even a bit of suspicion. And even though people remained civil, it was slowly driving Julian up the wall.

Casey had done a damn fine job of ignoring them and as far as Julian was concerned, only cemented idea that Trevor had been right about the man the whole time. Evie was no different and as far as the Death Eater was concerned, was simply a means to an end. Jules knew she was key to one of the resistance organizations. That mini interrogation with that overzealous jerk Ianto was enough to confirm that. And the worse part about the whole thing was that he was certain Casey and his "sister" were a part of it and for whatever reason he was left in the dark.

Then there was the Trevor thing. Despite everything they'd tried to do to prevent it the man had disappeared and for some asinine reason left the mysterious Hunt as Minister and a tracker as Lord. Delilah had been with Teague and trying to keep things together as far as he knew but again, they hadn't talked in what felt like ages. He knew Teague was on the trail of something big, and he'd recruited Jules to do some digging, but the man was playing things close to the chest... Jules was pretty sure his eye twitched just then and he felt his anger flair as he jammed his hands in his pockets and moved through the maze without much thought, eventually exiting onto the grounds leading up to the safe house. Everyone had kept him out of the loop. Everyone! Supposed family, supposed friends, people who were supposed to be fucking allies!

Jules continued to walk along a well worm path that crossed the grounds as he tried to form some sort of plan. One thing was certain for sure. Julian knew he was done waiting. Done with the games. He was done playing fetch and more than done with being treated like he didn't exist. If anything it proved that looking out for number one was the only way anything was going to get done. So first thing he planned on doing was penning a letter to Casey in hopes the could meet. Then he'd force the man to make a decision one way or another and with luck, he'd finally figure out what the hell Casey was up too. Once that was done maybe he'd message Del--

His thoughts were promptly derailed at the sight of the very person he had been thinking about, sitting on the ledge of the fountain he'd first met Evie at. Jules slowed his pace as he neared and offered a small nod in greeting. "Bored of the political life already or did you just miss me?"
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by: Delilah Chase
Delilah sat up a little taller at Julian's approach but slouched a little as she rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. "Don't get me started," she replied. She paused a beat then continued. "After all, I think your progress would be a lot less boring to hear about for the both of us, wouldn't you agree?"

Delilah arced a brow at Julian as she patted a spot beside her. He may as well get situated. With any luck, they would be here a while. Julian had surely not spent this entire time wanking off. He'd surely spent time getting to know the locals and cozy in up to the remaining Order. Transparently motivation-less though they were, Delilah couldn't imagine these in divas continuing to sit idly by. Perhaps certain individuals had sought other avenues to let out their sense of heroism.

Wishful thinking? Maybe . But she needed some small hope to carry on. All she and Julian could do was work quickly together to bring down resistance groups. She could organize the Guard while Julian pulled the wool over eyes. He was a Winslow, after all. Surely that name carried weight in this time. First? This dreadful corner of the world.
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by: Julian Winslow
As much as Julian wanted to rile her up he couldn't disagree that politics was the last thing he wanted to talk about, so instead, Jules rolled his eyes at Delilah's childish motion to sit. If this was going to be an in-depth conversation it had the potential to take a while. But where to start. The Death Eater hadn't been sitting idle and it had been quite a long time (at least it felt like a long time) since they'd both touched base. Obviously she'd want to know about the Order and whatever the hell group Evie and Casey were apart of... maybe that would be a good place to start. But first they needed a little insurance that no unexpected ears were listening in.

He reached into his jacket pocket and fished out a piece of chalk and with practice ease sketched out a few runes between the pair on the bench seat. Once done he pocketed the chalk before placing two fingers on the newly sketched runes and muttered a few words. A ripple of energy spread out from the center of the rune and anyone withing a 12ft radius would have felt it. Jules offered Del a grin before offering a barely acceptable explanation of, "Just in case."

"I've made enough progress to know that we're going to have to make a move sooner rather than later if we want to keep things the way they currently are. I haven't been approached but I've been listening and Kara Viridian is in the process of rebuilding the Order though the process has been slow since shes under minisrty surveillance after being released from Azkaban. Makes no sense since she's a known Order leader... screams inside job to me. So I did some digging to see if I could figure out any key players and a few names have popped up like Fierro, John, Markus... Fierro could only be Darque but I'm not sure about the other two. "

"I'm almost 99% sure that Evie is running her own resistance group and it's based out of the USA. Was supposed to meet dear old dad there for a meeting only to find myself under a mini interrogation from some two-bit hack that claimed to be Evie's right hand man. I can only assume it was to vett me though I wasn't exactly cooperative at the time since my ever so lovely sister was there as well. From what I could gather both Casey and her are part of that group..."

He stopped there to give Delilah a chance to absorb some of the info before adding, "There's also a third player... do you know MacTail is tracking a group that calls itself the Syndicate?"

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by: Delilah Chase
Delilah watched with mild interest as Julian set his rune in place. The feeling of magic releasing and forming was much more powerful than wand casting, but Delilah still would much prefer that Julian learn to master his wand work. Perhaps if Teague weren't in the underground and potentially (well, most likely) captured and Williams wasn't Merlin-knew-where going insane or whatever it was that led to his future self she could spend time here with Julian helping him prepare for the likely war they would likely find themselves in. In her eyes, Julian was lucky to have lived so long, but the world now was hardly like the one they were from. There were more people, less likely forewarning to prepare a rune to hide or to set ahead of time to attack or ward someone off. You didn't stake out and defend your own turf here. Here, you owned and you prepared, but you quickly grew too comfortable.

Delilah was quite happy she was not in a position to grow too comfortable, but she also was dismayed that she was so busy. It prevented her from focusing on their first mission and instead forced her to take on a second so that maybe Julian would realize he needed to be the one working their initial mission.

Delilah shrugged as Julian offered his explanation and picked at a piece of moss during the brief pause that followed before Julian began to fill her in on what he had found during their time apart. She was pleased he hadn't been simply sitting on his arse all this time, but his news was disturbing. Kara was out through inside help. She agreed Fierro could only be Darque, but he had been gone since before they had arrived, had he not? Where he was no one seemed to know, and that only added to frustrations and things to guard against. For all they knew, he was this Hunt fellow and preparing to pull what it was her understanding Harold Masters had at the beginning of the takeover. John could be anyone for all she knew, but Markus? Markus was a rare enough name it could only be one person. And hadn't he been on premises for that final Order meeting? Delilah's eyes narrowed, but she was quickly pulled from that train of thought by the mention of "Evie."

Delilah sighed heavily as Julian asked her about Teague and ran a hand through her raven hair.

"Yes," she said. "Thanks to a bloody letter. I suspected he was up to something, but he barely gave me the information I needed until it was too late. Has he told you anything? Because all I know is I hold the keys to the kingdom and should be expecting Williams yesterday."
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by: Julian Winslow
"No, he didn't. He just gave me the descriptions of a few people he wanted to keep tabs on and had me translate a few runes for him but that was it. I tried to pry into what the tracker was doing but all I could get out of him was that he was tracking something big."

Julian let out a soft sigh. "Obviously Teague trusted you to do whatever it was that needed doing if he left you all the power. What did he even tell you? As much as I hate to say it but can't rely on Trevor to just show up and if that's all the tracker had in mind we're screwed. The resistance groups are moving and if we wait to long it'll be damn late to save anything."

Maybe he was being cynical. Maybe the desire to get cracking down on the various groups was due to his desire to get in with Casey and take his new group down from the inside. Maybe it was just a desire in general to finally sever all ties with his so called family. Maybe he just wanted to see the regime finally win so he could get back to his own screwed up timeline. Whatever it was, Julian knew he wasn't going to sit around and play the waiting game any longer.
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by: Delilah Chase
Of course. Of course Teague wouldn't even tell Julian more than he had to, and of course Julian wouldn't press as hard as was necessary and he was the only one Teague had seen before leaving. All she had was a lousy letter and knowledge that inside Teague's flat laid some useful information that would allegedly explain everything she could possibly want to know about anything he had been doing and anything he had found out about this damned Syndicate. And of course Julian would point out the obvious. He had always been that sort of a downer as long as she'd known him, and well, it had suited her realist nature but now it did nothing but annoy her.

"Don't you think I realize that? I need an army, but I don't have one. I could march into Teague's flat, read all he has written down, memorize it, and call a meeting, but I won't have an army. I'll have a group of self-serving nincompoops who only care about who will be the next lord and other such nonsense." Delilah huffed, too frustrated to care that it was an obvious display of emotion. She was livid right now, and that was all she knew. "So, unless you have some helpful comment or figure out how I can rope a bunch of idiots into doing my bidding short of tormenting an already injured Garou again, I'd appreciate you keeping your obvious comments to yourself."

The stress of having to go from taking almost everything on herself to having to take absolutely everything including the government and Hunt on her shoulders was getting to her, and if she didn't blow off a little steam now, it would come out at the worst possible moment. She might be reserved with her emotions, but it certainly didn't mean she didn't have them or know how to handle them in a semi-healthy way. Though she hated it had to be Julian she was blowing off steam in front of. She'd much rather it be Teague or even Trevor because Trevor was surely well on his way to becoming future Trevor and they had bloody well failed and she could take him on like that.

"And I don't even know how the bloody hell I can even trust Trevor should he choose to come out of the woodwork. I have no idea of his mental state or if he can even handle dealing with going down there to save Teague--much less, his own children."
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by: Julian Winslow
Merlin she was snippy wasn't she? Wasn't like she'd gone out of her way to keep him in the loop and now that things were starting to fall apart tensions were high.

"Like I said we aren't going to be able to count on Trevor. Soon as he went awol we should have left him. With his girls gone he's like a shadow of himself. And with no way to snap him out of this state we need to come up with a plan B. Jules let out a soft sigh as he leaned forward to rest his arms on his knees. "Probably never should have dealt with him in the first place. Would have been easier to just do our own thing and infiltrate as necessary."

The tracker was a whole other issue. Julian had know him to be smarter than what he had been showing these past few weeks. As hard as he'd tried to get information on what the older man was doing he met a wall of silence. Same with Casey.

"We need to figure out how to get an army or at the very least thin out our enemies. That Garou is on good terms with you isn't he? There has to be a way we can spin that to our advantage. Especially if there is more of them. We could also force the rest of the Death Eaters to fall in line but we'd need someone they'd fear or respect enough to follow. Maybe we could...wait, isn't that guy the called the Adder still around in this time? If he is do you think we could swing him to our side and use him to get everyone to fall in line? That would give us some much needed breathing room."
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by: Delilah Chase
"He is, but he has a lot to tend to at this moment. I can speak with him, certainly, but what that will accomplish remains to be seen. As for the Adder, I've called him out of retirement, and we are working to plan out a restructuring." Delilah smirked. "As it is, however, he has to be watched until he is a certain thing. I doubt he'd want control himself, yet if I've learned anything from being in this time, it's to expect the unexpected." Delilah shook her head. Trevor had abdicated and left a perfect stranger and a tracker in charge, and Julian had grown a brain. The tracker had proven a useful allie, yet he had abandoned her to juggle the perfect stranger who seemed to want control of their government and said government. A killer had run loose on Hogwarts, and Trevor's guard had proven quite incompetent. She'd discovered a new creature called a Nosferatu when all she'd believed existed were vampires. When did the surprises end?

"I have plenty in motion, but being the person having to come up with every idea and manage everything is taking a lot out of me. I'm going to need you to do some legwork." Apparently, the surprises were still coming. With any luck, Julian would prove useful and she could have some of the weight lifted from her shoulders.
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by: Julian Winslow
Jules nodded. At least she was willing to try . As unfortunate as it was, the Adder and the Garou were currently their best bet for some kind of an army a this point in time, and unless something better was going to miraculously fall out of the sky it was the only option they had. "Well we can't exactly get any worse for Lords now can we?" The last was said in jest and he hoped his companion would realize that. At least part of what he'd said was true. Absently Julian ran a hand through his hair and thought about how he could best help Delilah out.

"Look, I can do whatever legwork you need doing, I just need to know what it is you need done. Not sure what we can do about the Order without tipping our hand but I can probably force Casey's hand and hopefully get him to let me into Isis, or at the very least get some info on what they are planning. That should hopefully help us out on that front..."

He shifted slightly so he could get a good look at Del. She seemed tired, wore out and he was determined to help her. Up until now he'd been useless, caught up in memories of a past life that was better buried deep. Well things were going to change. Things were spiraling out of control and if they were going to stop their future from happening something had to change and it had to change now.
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by: Delilah Chase
Delilah sighed and nodded. "It would," she replied, giving Julian a tired sort of smile. "If you can manage it, that would help a lot. We have enough groups on our own soil that we're tracking. We don't need the one overseas to come stab us in the back after all the work we've put in." She shook her head. At least Julian was listening. At least he was coming up with ideas. It was a nice change of pace and yet it wasn't enough. She still wanted to crawl into a hole somewhere and sleep for a few hundred years and wake up when this was over. She could handle it. She had to. After all, she had survived their time. She wasn't about to let having to run a country and carry out a mission frazzle her to the point she couldn't function. Momentary weakness. That was all this was.

"How long do you think that would take?"
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by: Julian Winslow
He let the silence stretch out for a moment or two as he contemplated an answer to her question. ”I can send a owl later tonight and hope that Casey will reply within a day, two at most providing he actually chooses to talk to me rather than avoid. If he chooses to avoid and I have to be a bit more direct I can go to Boston and ruffle enough feathers that he won’t be able to avoid the issue. I quite literally have a trick or two up my sleeve that will help me track him down. Even if nothing comes of it and he still won’t involve me, ” Jules paused a beat and pulled a button out of his Jean pocket and flipped it lazily in the air be fore flashing a grin at Delilah, ”There are other reliable ways to listen in on our quarry.”

It was a simple trick with runes as far as the younger man was concerned and he was pretty sure Del would remember that he’d employed the same trick with a button and some lint when they had first arrived to listen in on a meeting they had never been meant to hear. Not to mention collaborate answers and cheat their way through a mini interrogation. The difference this time around would be that he’d have time to prepare a proper more long distance version.

”At any rate for the next few days I can do whatever you need to get done to relieve some pressure before I make any more aggressive moves. I can keep tabs on the Order easily enough and look into those names I dropped earlier. But before I focus on that we need to come up with a way to contain this Hunt fellow. With MacTail gone your about the only thing currently standing in his way of this guy and I’m not liking those odds… Maybe I can do some rune work for you to at least catch him off guard if he does come for you. ”

Jules wasn’t sure if she’d go for it. He knew Del didn’t care for his method of magic. In fact not many people did. They wrote it off as just something that had no practical use outside of study, but Jules knew better. Runes had power in them if once knew how to harness the latent magical energy within them. What they lacked in spontaneous castibility they more than made up for in destructive power. And really in Jule’s honest opinion they made a witch or wizard a better fighter since when most lost their wands they were as useless as a fish on dry land.
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by: Delilah Chase
Delilah nodded. "Maybe. There's something off about him. He's already gone rogue once, and he seems resistant to firm reminders of his place in this regime. With Teague gone... Well, I can't quite hold the threat of having him removed over his head, can I?" Delilah shook her head. She could, but if he had any wits about him (and she had reason to believe he did), he would find a way to out her. He'd already tried to put her under fire as it was in his little rogue speech following the incident at the school. Teague was no longer here to use against him. She could have Hunt killed, but she and Teague had already determined that would be unwise. If he truly was part of anything untoward, who knew what his death would trigger for the regime?

"The only way I can get him out of the picture now is if I catch him at something. Because Merlin only knows when Teague or Tre--" Delilah looked at Julian. They'd discussed Trevor's unreliability earlier, but she'd hardly given much implication she had spoken to him only this morning. "Well, who knows when either of them will come back top side, if ever. I have a feeling this group Teague's investigating may have far too much power now."
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by: Julian Winslow
Julian looked at Delilah as if she'd grown a second head and he wanted to slap her upside the head to knock some sense back into her. Since when did she -- since when did any of them ever truly need anyone to hold a threat over a particular target? Was the pressure finally getting to his companion? And they way she was talking... Julian hadn't missed the almost mention of Trevor. Clearly she was keeping him in the dark about something. He made a mental note to look into it later but right now they had bigger issues to deal with.

"You can't possibly be serious? Since when has Delilah Chase ever needed to rely on anyone to hold a threat? Your the god damn press secretary. Let some things slip that will question Hunt's character. Bait him into dancing to our tune like we've done for years in our time. You said he's gone rogue before? How? What did he do and how can we spin that to our advantage? He's not Lord yet so he doesn't have near the amount of power he could have and, if that's the issue we can't we polyjuice someone as MacTail for the time being? The tracker only needs to be 'seen'," Julian threw up some exaggerated air quotes before continuing, "by the public. He wouldn't have to speak or anything. That would help discredit any rumors going around that he's gone missing."

Julian paused after that clearly deep in thought. He was a Ravenclaw damn it! This should be a cake walk to figure out if he could only figure out the piece of the puzzle they were missing. He snapped his fingers a moment later and turned to Del. "You said he was bent on reveling us to the muggles right? What if you beat him to the punch? Meet them and give them our story?" It was a long shot, but honestly they had nothing to lose at this point.
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by: Delilah Chase
Since we re-entered a world with societal rules and structures, Delilah thought with an eye roll. If this were the future, Hunt would have been dead for good measure. About the only way she could get rid of Hunt presently was to assassinate him, and that could backfire in so many ways. She'd have to find out the power structure and who it would fall to in the event of Hunt's death, potentially place that person under the Imperius if he didn't seem easily manageable, and then rule that way.

Delilah had enough of a headache as it was.

Of course, Julian was offering another angle, one Delilah hadn't entirely considered since she was over thinking things. It was a nasty habit she had when she was stressed. She took a moment to take a long breath in and then breathe out slowly. Then, she rolled her shoulders back. "I can do that," she replied in regards to the last idea. "It'd be good to see and I can use the werewolf incident as an excuse for breaking the silence. It's been a short while, but I can always explain we've had a murderer to wrangle, if I need to explain the gap. But as for the polyjuice...you got anyone reputable that you can get some from? Because that's going to take a month to brew, and by then, it'll be pretty obvious he's missing." They could return to the Hunt issue in a moment, she figured. This was a big enough bite to chew and figure out before going on to the other issue.


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