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Summary: This article contains information on existing resistance groups. There are four currently playable in total: The Order of the Phoenix, The Syndicate, S.A.V.I.O.R., and Isis (after the goddess).


Easily the oldest in terms of resistance groups, the Order of the Phoenix has roots as far back as the first rise of Voldemort. While faces have changed and lapses have occurred, the goal remains the same: to eradicate the Death Eaters and keep society safe.

Currently, Kara Viridian is working to revive the Phoenix and help it rise from the ashes once more following a disconnect months ago when members were unwilling to take the courses of action others viewed necessary as they were viewed as extreme. Slowly but surely, Kara is working to form alliances which will help strengthen the Order, including a Garou mercenary group, the Lucky Seven, and a splintered group from the failing Isis by request of Casey Winslow, formerly an Order member himself.

The Order's headquarters are a safe house for all those who wished to escape the regime early on and is known as the Tutaminis Manor. There are several defenses in place to keep the Manor safe. First, one must know the current location of the manor as it is capable of being magically moved at any given moment. Second, one must go through a hedge maze which resets behind you as you go through and then a door maze.

Once correctly through both mazes, you will find yourself on the manor's lush grounds, which contain a small quidditch pitch, a crystal pond, and various trees and shrubbery. The courtyard has greenhouses to the side and a garden, hedges, and a fountain pretty the place up. The buildings include the Corporum Building and the Capitalum Building. The Corporum Building serves as the main building and houses the refugees and Order members alike. There are sleeping quarters, living and dining quarters, and various other rooms and offices. The Capitalum Building is located opposite the courtyard from the Corporum Building and is considerably smaller. When Hogwarts was closed following the Battle of Hogwarts in 2008, Damien Noland had originally utilized the grounds as a school, so there are unused classrooms and offices within. The main purpose fo the Capitalum Building now is for Order meetings.


The Syndicate has been around for decades as an underground black market dealer, dealing with wizards and muggles alike. In recent years under rule of Jacob Sullivan, it has become a safe-haven to those displaced by the change in government top side, but he is not an innocent in the grand scheme of things. He has set up segregated districts in the underground safe haven and only seeks to correct few things within the current government.

The Syndicate was informing the muggle intelligence group, MI5 Paranormal, of what has been going on until recently, feeding information to direct their way of approaching the problem of the "vanished" wizarding community.

The Syndicate underground, known as the City of Shadows, is under heavy protections from a maze of sewers, traps, blind labyrinths, darkness, and dangerous beings. It is near impossible for intruders to enter and survive without a Syndicate-appointed escort. Should an intruder make it through the secret pathway found in the sewers in the alley way behind the Duck and Dagger, he will find himself faced with hostile goblin guards and perhaps other unsavory characters. Those who are part of the Syndicate are able to use Shadow Powder, similar to Floo Powder, to enter.

The massive stone city lays beneath the sewer system and is laid out like a wheel. Each of the four pie shaped districts points to the hub, where things are indeed centered. Carved above each gate is the phrase, "Abundans Cautela Non Nocet," (abundant caution does no harm), which is the motto of the city. The lighting of the cavern is provided by large, blue, bio-luminescent mushrooms.


These Self-Affirmed Victors in Open Rebellion began shortly after the institution of slavery. Their singular focus is to help slaves escape and find freedom in the muggle world or other wizarding societies around the world. S.A.V.I.O.R. has various safe houses within its network to safely house slaves until they can gain them a new identity and help them begin anew. At times, members have been known to take slaves into their own homes in dire situations, but this is rare due to the risks involved with being found with an escaped slave in your position.

The government is highly aware of this group and actively seeks them out. Currently, they have found an in and hope to bring this group down.

Founded by Evie Winslow in 2011 after determining she was being lied to by her "husband," Trevor Williams, the group consists of various smaller groups within each non-allied wizarding community she crossed paths with following her escape. Each group has its own leader that remains in contact with Evie for the inevitable attack on the regime when Evie exacts her ultimate revenge on Trevor Williams for destroying her life. Only Evie knows each group leader and location.

However, some of Evie's closest allies at the home location in Salem, Massachusetts are beginning to feel uneasy following the discovery she was looking into the use of voodoo and seeking related objects. Casey Winslow revealed to Ianto Sayer that Evie had once lost her magic while under heavy stress and both are working to move things forward without her if needs be.
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