The Beyond Potter is an alternate and expanded universe version of the Harry Potter world. As such, we’ve added some creatures and expounded upon certain details as needed. The information within is read-as-you-wish. Anything threads here that may help you create a character of a certain type are linked from the character sheets!
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By Jen
Summary: We are elated to have an active cast of muggles on our site and as such have included any information you may need to know when creating a muggle character.

The muggle world is very much the world we live in. There's nothing particularly special you need to know to create a basic muggle character just living life in the real world. You would probably find it interesting werewolves were seen throughout the city of London en masse on February 7, 2012. It's known of worldwide, and you may have an opinion on that or have been affected by this revelation in some way. Or perhaps you already knew? We aren't opposed to the idea of hunters or muggles who have been turned by a creature.

MI5: Paranormal Division was founded by the Prime Minister when the wizarding world became radio silent in mid-2009 without warning. Out of concern what such a disappearance could mean to his own people, he sought out a select few who were top in their divisions yet open-minded enough to form the Paranormal Division.

Secrecy is of the utmost importance to this division of MI5 as with any other, but Paranormal goes further. Even other divisions are not informed of its existence. Such acknowledgement of creatures such as witches, wizards, and werewolves by the government could understandably send people into a panic.

MI5 has obtained a wizard and a Garou in recent years and has sought to use their knowledge to not only locate the wizarding world but also to learn what is out there and how they might best fight back. The course of things has been slightly altered due to the contact from a wizarding government representative in March, but certainly not everything.

Current Head: Morgan Jones

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