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By Liam O'Donnell
May 10th, 2012
Azkaban, Cell Block D

Subject 16, showing signs of wear. Taking to the experiments, unlike 15. Skin intact. Human bones healing faster than normal. From the last shift…The voice faded off, as if wandering away into the distance.

His head was throbbing, and the world around him was warped, stutters in his sight making him see the shadows dance, like there were ghosts in the corner of the room. The new moon set a darkness in the cell, and the small candle offering its light from outside of his cell door cast dark figures along the wall, his companions for now in the emptiness of his private cell.

His cell.

Liam was laying, face first on the concrete slab of his cell floor. He’d been sleeping some time, as showcased by the outline of saliva and sweat beneath his face. He coughed, and lurched as he retched, blood spattering on his hand as he reached to catch it, but most of it blew past him and splattered on the floor. He panted, struggling and gasping for air as he felt a surge of pain right in his sternum, blossoming out to his lungs and stomach, up through his neck and shoulders. Where had he been? It was night and last he’d remembered it was nightfall on the seventh just before the light of the full moon.
His skin itched, but no matter how hard he scratched, it would not satisfy the burning, tingling sensation over his arms and neck. Liam clawed and scratched and screamed until the roar echoed through the empty cell block, reverberating off of the stone walls and back until it was ringing in his sensitive ears.

“AHHHH!” He screamed, cupping his hands over his ears and crumpling to the floor. His temperature was elevated, as he could feel the heat radiating off of his chest to his face. Liam was curled into a ball, hugging his knees to his chest when he could finally bear the sounds. He panted as he felt the boil of his blood start to become unbearable under his skin. He clawed at his neck and shoulders.

What the fuck is happening to me….!!

"AHhhh! Somebody!" He screamed, but it would not be heard by anyone at this hour. “HELP ME!” Even if a guard walked by, who’s to say they would care to stop? Liam cried in agony for hours until the burning stopped…

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