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by: Isaac Malcolm
Monday, April 16th 2012
8:30 AM

The shrieking whistles of Isaac Malcolm echoed throughout the many cells as he passed through the prison. It was another beautiful morning, and better yet, a Monday! That meant another whole week of work was before him! It took a special someone to do what he did, that was certain. Working with the poor enemies of the regime, making notes of their mental states and whether they were candidates for corrective treatment was a fulfilling job for him. It made him feel delightful that he could serve his duty to his government in such a way.

It was time for his morning rounds, examining each prisoner's mentality if possible, and making recommendations for further treatment. He did so from the safety of the other side of the bars of course, as many of the prisoners were not mentally stable. Ike was determined to help these poor folks and had plenty of magical remedies at the ready to test and experiment with. He would help them all if he could.

Here he was then, ready to start off the block of cells. Despite being bright and cheery outside, the dim and dingy conditions of the prison made even the most beautiful of days seem dismal. Ike didn't seem to notice though, as he walked up to the first cell. "Good morning!" he called out, flipping through a chart to see who he was dealing with first.
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by: Melissa McCarthy
Cold seemed normal now. Could walls and floor and bars and... Inside. It wasn't quite numb, Melissa craved to feel numb, but a heavy cold guilt sat on her chest and pressed until she was left gasping and sobbing and some guard got tired of listening and charmed her into unconsciousness. It hadn't had to happen in a while. Not since the last time she'd seen Justin when Melissa had... Well, she'd shattered. Her self-inflicted wounds on her forehead were all but healed over, only those which couldn't be seen still bled.
And how could they not?
This was Melissa's fault, it was all her fault. Justin was facing death or life imprisonment and he'd done it for her. He'd given up everything for her.
Melissa knew she was the most repulsive creature in this place.

The beauty of the bright morning was lost on the seventeen year old. She remained curled in the corner of her cell, ruined muggle sweatshirt (now caked in months worth of sweat and dirt and grim) clutched around her thin frame. The weight she had gained back in the Syndicate was all but gone, the fat reserves burned up leaving bones and skin wrapped up in dirt-stiff clothes.

"Good morning!"

Melissa flinched. The voice was loud and cheery, which made her wonder who on earth could be so happy in a place like this. She glanced up around her arms, eyes peeking out from behind her knees, towards the man. She blinked, waiting to see what he wanted.
Attention in this place never led to a positive outcome.
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