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by: Jen
.part 3.

    The passage of time and silence on the battlefront unsettles some; Dark Lord Teague MacTail are moving towards retaliation for the The Order of the Phoenix's attacks on Diagon Alley and the Ministry. The Order of the Phoenix is in recovery after losing their primary healer to a coma; The Lucky 7 is in talks with a rival garou pack located within London, who seem to unknowingly have ties to the Syndicate and the faceless man known as Wilson King. MI5 continues their investigation to locate the Devil, who has all but disappeared after his memorial service, orchestrated by the government to cover up the attack on the Hounds' base. Mutant activity around the city begins to raise questions.

    It's only a matter of time before these forces collide.




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by: Jen
.part 4.

    Summary to come when we finish Part 3.



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