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By Jen
The timeline is split up into separate replies to outline the different years the Beyond Potter RP series has spanned. Please note some are blank due to the need to move over some of the threads to a more secure location and are older and less likely to be searched through.

It is our hope this will help everyone keep track of chronology and provide an easy reference point if you need to go back and check something.


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By Jen
Cole Callaway's
Rupert Reynold's
Matt Cox's
Dr. Ahoudi's Notes
The Discovery of M-28
The Discovery of M-135

2nd February 2012 - Bearer of Bad News
Eric Pangbourn, Liam O'Donnell

11th March 2012 - To Orion
Gemma Winston, Orion Burgess

x JUNE, 2012 - Hope This Finds You Well
Kara Viridian, (Markus Von Wolfram)

15th April 2012 - Status Update

17th April 2012 - The Cat Has Claws
Orion Burgess

22nd April 2012 - Tawny Official
Gerdrund Moody, Dresden Faust, Dmitri Haag, Milo Witte

25th-26th May 2012 - C. Winslow
Jonathan Partridge, Kara Viridian

9th June 2012 - The Raven and the Sparrow
Coraline Larson, Teague MacTail

x JUNE, 2012 - Burn After Reading
Tristan Viridian, Fierro Darque, (Kara Viridian)

23rd April 2012 - Hounds Alert
Rainy Mitchell (NPC), Katarina Bauer, Niklaus Schmidt, Alexandra Taylor, Cole Callaway, Matthew Cox, Loretta Patterson, Anthony Pearson

5th June 2012 - Text Message Information
Tristan Viridian, Michael Welch (NPC)

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    • AUGUST




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By Jen

  • Trevor Williams and the other Death Eaters now hold control over every action and little goes on that is not reported back to him. Any possible rebellion that looks to rise is squashed almost as soon as it's concocted. The Imperium Guard sees to that. Hope is quickly vanishing.

    Yet despite it all Damien Noland hosts a safe house for all fugitives from Trevor's reign. His arms are open wide to any who truly hate what is going on and seek refuge and safety from the storm. The only problem is that it's hard to get word out, and things must be done in secret. Despite these hardships, the resistance grows daily, hoping to undermine Trevor and his regime.


      • × 16th, 06:45, Kings Cross Station - The Night That Lasted All Year
        Sezja Sokolova, Casey Winslow
        As Sezja enters the country, many things are on her mind. Meeting another member of the Order of the Phoenix is not one of them.



      • × 20th, 12:00, Warren Manor - Remedy
        Lucy Winslow
        Fed up with life in hiding, Lucy leaves her daughter with her parents in order to seek revenge against the man who cornered her in the December 2008 Battle of Hogwarts—Callid Warren.

      • × 9th, The Kennel (Bar) -- The Kennel
        Briar Clemens, Casey Winslow
        Given everything, they deserve one night out drinking, right?

        × 19th, Puxley Manor - Different Place, Same Slave
        Vaughn Arkwright, Sienna Faber
        A struggling slave, Sienna Faber, has not known kindness for quite some time.

        × 21st, Wizengamot - Ticking Away the Time
        Vincent Caldwell, Morgan Pace
        It’s hard work serving as Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot for a regime you hardly agree with.

      • × ?th, Azkaban - What Fools Are We...
        Liz McIvert, Allie Larson, Isaac Malcolm
        A run-in with a Death Eater in the corridors and a therapy session with the eternally happy resident shrink, Isaac Malcolm, proves a busy day for the prisoner of war.

        × 6th, 6:00, Trevor's Flat - Happy Family
        Evie Williams, Trevor Williams, Grace, Layla Williams
        “Trevor + Evie + 9 months = ?” A note written on the bathroom mirror complicates Trevor’s plans.

        × 6th, 6:00, Trevor's Flat - When the Cat's Away...
        Layla Williams, Grace
        With daddy and his wife out to celebrate, the mouse will play. It’s a shame she was left with the household slave.

        × 9th, 19:00, Former Malfoy Manor - Masquerade
        Trevor Williams, Evie Winslow (Williams), Casey Winslow (as Kevin Bristow), Grace, Jennifer Herado, Allie Larson, Elizabeth Aston, Isaac Malcolm, Juliette Scott-Blaire, Azelea Maddocks, Natalya Grant, Morgana Calloway, Lance Ulrich, Callid Warren, Sienna Faber, Zachary Quintos, Fierro Darque,
        Who is whom? Deception runs rampant with anonymity and alliances are formed which may change the tide for a certain regime.

        × 11th, 15:00, Tutaminis Grounds - End of Monotony
        Nadia Jamison, Niamh
        Boredom leads to a random encounter between two fugitives housed at the Tutaminis Manor Safe House.

        12th, The Three Broomsticks - Incomplete
        Evie Williams, Lance Ulrich, Casey Winslow (as Kevin Bristow)
        It’s been a year since they’ve seen each other, but Evie and Kevin find themselves reunited following an unsettling run-in between Evie and a recent Hogwarts graduate.

        12th, 10:00, The Snake Pit - Misery Business
        Trevor Williams, Morgana Calloway
        Morgana’s getting tired of waiting. Very tired. But a confession on Trevor’s part may have just provided her a way to make sure she gets what she wants sooner rather than later.

        × 13th, 13:00, The Daily Prophet - Not Snooping...Researching
        Lance Ulrich, Morgana Calloway
        A suspicious Lance demands a meeting with Press Secretary Morgana Calloway when Callid Warren’s records seem to be hidden from the public.

        14th, Puxley Manor - Dangerous Liaison
        Fierro Darque, Trevor Williams
        Following the masquerade, Fierro finds himself face-to-face with a suspicious Trevor.

        × 15th, 10:00, Puxley Manor - Happy Birthday to Me
        Trevor Williams, Natalya Grant, Morgana Calloway, Evie Williams
        Trevor’s birthday nearly spells disaster as his mistress, his girlfriend, and his fake wife all visit him at the office.

        × 16th, Cafe in London - Memories Best Forgotten
        Isaac Malcolm, Evie Williams
        Eager to see her memory returned to her sooner rather than later, Evie sets out to follow up on a conversation begun with Mr. Malcolm at the masquerade.

        × 17th, The Shrieking Shack - Is This All We Have
        Kelsey, Lance Ulrich
        Wandering the streets of Hogwarts, Lance finds himself face-to-face with a former classmate who dares to voice opposing views toward the regime.

        21, 22:00, Azkaban - Rounds
        Casey Winslow, Robin Harlow
        Casey is surprised to find Robin’s fate but unable to do anything to change it while undercover as Kevin Bristow.

        22nd, 01:30, Puxley Manor - Midnight Snack
        Trevor Williams, Alexandra Alaric, Sienna Faber, Chase Downing
        Every slave has her place, and whether Sienna likes it or not, Trevor will see that Alexandra learns hers.

        × 23rd, 16:30, Drei Alpenhäuser in Zurich - The Break-up
        Trevor Williams, Natalya Grant
        An affair finds itself at a surprisingly amicable end in the very restaurant where it began.

        23rd, Puxley Manor - Compromise
        Evie Winslow, Trevor Williams
        Evie’s not happy with slavery and wants it gone. It’s up to Trevor to convince her he’s doing what he can before she does anything to put herself, or his reputation, at risk.

        × 24th, 22:30, Puxley Manor - Free Time?
        Alexandra Alaric, Casey Winslow (as Kevin Bristow)
        Late at night, Casey finds himself at Puxley manor and face-to-face with a young slave.

        × 31st, 03:23, Trevor's Flat - Losing Grip
        Trevor Williams, Evie Williams
        A nightmare leads Trevor to drinking and Evie feels once again left out of the loop as he flies off rather than talks to her.

      • × 1st, Ministry of Magic - Re-Education
        Azelea Maddock, Trevor Williams
        There’s only one way to guarantee the regime’s longevity, and it involves tightening their grip on their youngest citizens.

        × 9th, 06:00, Trevor's Flat - Clothing Crisis
        Trevor Williams, Evie Williams
        Nervous about potentially running into his long lost daughter, Trevor finds himself lacking the necessary skills to piece together the most basic outfit.

        9th, Puxley Manor - Polyjuice Is Thicker Than Water
        Callid Warren, Sienna Faber, Natalya Grant
        It seems Sienna is willing to do whatever it takes to free herself from the grasp of slavery—even trade places with a relatively well-off bimbo of a cousin.

        × 9th, 13:00, London Suburb - The Imposter
        Callid Warren, Sienna Faber
        Callid situates the newly-freed Sienna in a penthouse suite, far from the prying eyes of the leader they both love to hate.

        25th, Hogsmeade - Supply Run
        Kyle Camden, Evie Williams
        These people simply couldn’t mean what they say about Casey, yet Kyle comes closest to breaking through to Evie in a run-in.

        25th, Tutaminis Manor - A Need for Meaning
        Kyle Camden, Damien Noland
        Kyle’s run-in with Evie has set him off-kilter. He’s tired of waiting, and he needs to find something to busy himself with when Damien proves unready to command the Order to do anything.

        26th, 22:00, The Abbey - Tangent
        Casey Winslow, Kara Viridian
        A surprise run-in with an old friend brings back memories.

        × 29th, 10:00, Hogwarts Express - Boarding the Train
        Lance Ulrich, Alexandra Alaric, Holly Davis, Juliette Scott-Blaire
        Not everyone seems to agree with slave treatment on the Hogwarts Express.

        29th, 22:30, Hogwarts - Reunion
        Kara Viridian, Jaleth Lenor
        Kara finds herself face-to-face with an ex. It seems old feelings die hard.

        × 30th, 19:00, Hogwarts Foyer - Just a Little Case of Boredom
        Lance Ulrich, Alexandra Alaric
        What was meant to be a peaceful reprieve between classes turns into a bit of a power struggle.

      • × 1st, 15:25, Azkaban - The Coffee Room
        Casey Winslow, Isaac Malcolm
        Casey has a what if scenario to spin for assumed clueless, happy-go-lucky Isaac Malcolm.

        × 4th, 09:32, Hogwarts Corridors - Even a Paradise Can Have Prison Walls
        Bethany, Lance Ulrich
        Lance invites a housemate to breakfast.

        × 9th, 20:00, Hogwarts Library - A Quiet Corner
        Sela Seraphim, Lance Ulrich
        Proofreading for transfiguration leads to an unlikely encounter.

        12th, late evening, Hogwarts Library - Long Night
        Trent Foster, Holly Davis, Lance Ulrich
        Whether they hate each other or not, prefect duties must be done.

        13th, 17:00, Viridian Manor - Home
        Kristabella Viridian
        Kristabella’s been missing home, so what better to do than have a visit?

        14th, 07:50, Quidditch Pitch - Conflict of Interest
        Lance Ulrich, Takahashi Subaru, Kaitlyn
        A conflicting practice schedule leads to an impromptu Quidditch game between the Ravenclaws and Slytherin.

        × 15th, 08:00, The Black Lake - Solitude
        Lance Ulrich, Adrienne Reynolds
        Why is it that girls always ignore him.

        × 15th, 22:00, Hogwarts Corridors - Totally Worth It
        Dmitri Cross, Milo Witte
        DC finds carrying out revenge for Sofia Steele too tempting to resist.

        16th, 08:00, Hufflepuff Table - Winds of Change
        Justin McDowell, Melissa McCarthy, Sofia Steel, Dmitri Cross, Markus von Wolfram
        Melissa receives a bit of unsettling news that is certain to change the direction of her life and not for the better.

        18th, Potions Store in Hogsmeade - Browsing
        Lance Ulrich, Nikaidô Sayoko
        It would seem a certain Rika Lefcourt has returned to town, and Lance is curious why.

        × 25th, 21:00, Viridian Manor - How to Make Friends & Betray People
        Fierro Darque, Casey Winslow, Callid Warren
        Following the masquerade, the trio meet up to discuss what they’re going to do regarding their mutual enemy.

      • × 4th, 12:00, Great Hall - Happiness in Slavery
        Ministry Official, Takahashi Subaru, Holly Davis
        Just what is this new subject of “Magical Politics” and why must the students take it?

        × 10th, 21:00, Tutaminis Manor - Accidents Happen
        Kyle Camden, Bridget Callighan
        When stuck in a transitory form in her quest to become an animagus, Bridget needs a little encouragement from her boyfriend.

        15th -- Can Anybody Find Me...
        Kara Viridian, Casey Winslow
        We all carry the baggage of our past with us. For Casey Winslow, this is certainly not untrue.

        × 16th, 08:00, Azkaban - In Which a Savior Finds Herself Compromised
        Trevor Williams, Chase Downing
        A SAVIOR worker has been brought into Azkaban for questioning, and Trevor’s determined to break her.

        17th, The Leaky Cauldron - Chance Encounter
        Evie Williams, Casey Winslow (as Kevin Bristow)
        It seems Evie’s one night stand has quit his Quidditch career in favor of a more stable career.

        × 18th, Hogwarts - New Start
        Isabelle Dumont, Lance Ulrich
        Lance shows the new French exchange student around Hogwarts.

        × 21st, 08:00, London - One Step Closer
        Casey Winslow, Julian Winslow, Elena Denton
        With a position in the Guard secured, Casey is determined to get Evie back sooner rather than later. He just needs to leave his son with a friend.

        21st, Countryside - Putting Plans in Motion
        Evie Williams, Lucy Winslow, Isabella Winslow
        Lucy isn’t prepared for a chance encounter with her former best friend, whom she finds has no recollection of her.

      • × 15th, 20:30, The Abby - Familiar Taste of Poison
        Kara Viridian, Elana Lenor, Jaleth Lenor
        Kara arranges a meeting with the two estranged siblings.

        30th, The Black Lake - A Dark and Stormy Night
        Lily Blake, Lance Ulrich
        Lance asks Lily to the Yule Ball under the guise of it just being a way for the duo to get people off their backs.

      • × 1st, evening, Tutaminis Grounds - Reminiscence
        Nadia Jamison, Elana Lenor
        On a cold winter evening, two safe house residents find brief reprieve in conversation.

        × 4th, 12:05, The Witch's Closet in Hogsmeade - Preparing for the Yule Ball
        Lily Blake, Aiden Turner
        While searching for her dress, Lily finds herself face-to-face with one of the most annoying boys in the entirey of Hogwarts.

        × 5th, 12:00, Great Hall - Decision for the Future
        Morgana Calloway, Lance Ulrich, Aiden Turner, Takahashi Subaru, Lily Blake, Headmaster Tennant, Jaleth Lenor
        Press Secretary Calloway has made an unexpected visit to Hogwarts, and everyone is eager to find out why.

        × 6th, Quidditch Pitch - Cultural Experiences
        Isabelle Dumont, Takahashi Subaru
        Isabelle Dumont has never tried a broom, and she certainly didn’t expect to find a potential friend while flying.

        × 13th, 13:00, Tutaminis Grounds - A Red-Headed Angel
        Elena Denton, Elana Lenor
        Conversation is one of the best ways to pass time when in hiding.

        × 17th, 00:00, Puxley Kitchens - In Need of Refreshment
        Trevor Williams, Oculina
        Trevor is startled to find himself face-to-face with a child slave.

        17th, Puxley Manor - One Fine Day
        Teague MacTáil, Trevor Williams
        Teague stops by the manor looking for work as his tracking caseload dwindles down.

        × 17th, 19:45, Great Hall - Get This Party Started
        Isis Blaine, Aether Blaine
        Dateless, Isis prepares for her final Yule Ball while talking to one of her brothers.

        × 17th, 20:00, Club - Smells Like Something I've Forgotten
        Trevor Williams, Sienna Faber
        A night out in disguise seems just what the healer ordered.

        × 19th, 22:00, Calloway Manor - Smoke and Mirrors
        Trevor Williams, Morgana Calloway, Sienna Faber
        Following Evie’s death, an emotional Trevor goes after his mistress, Morgana.

        × 19th, 22:30, Tutaminis Manor - A Plan for Action
        Kara Viridian, Damien Noland
        Following a failed mission, Kara has a proposition for Damien to rebuild trust in the Order.

        × 19th, 14:00, London - A Walk with My Companion
        Anna, Casey Winslow
        Anna is alarmed when she finds herself face-to-face with a believed-dead undesirable while on an outing to the muggle world.

        20th, 15:17, Tutaminis Manor - Wake Up
        Nadia Jamison, Kara Viridian, Elana Lenor, Liam O'Donnell, Jonathan Partridge, Benjamin Turner, Lucy Winslow
        Nadia returns to the safe house after a walk with Damien...alone and with bad news.

        × 20th, 16:13, Tutaminis Manor - The Messenger
        Kara Viridian, Nadia Jamison, Lana Lenor
        Trying to provide Nadia with a quiet place to recount any and all details of Damien’s abduction, Kara takes Nadia to a side room in the manor.

        × 20th, 19:30, London - Ill Tidings Forebode a Grim Reunion
        Kyle Camden, Casey Winslow
        After a long absence, Casey finds himself in a tight situation with Kyle.

        21st, 12:30, London? - Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
        Jonathan Partridge, Coraline Larson, Elana Denton
        Cora tries to stop an Order member when she spots him.

        × 22nd, 10:00, Diagon Alley - Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble
        Lance Ulrich, Zachary Arkwright
        The Ulrichs have his brother Vaughn as a slave, and Zach wants him back.

        × 22nd, 17:00 - Loose Ends
        Jaleth Lenor, Kara Viridian, Casey Winslow
        Preparing for a date with Casey, Kara finds herself face-to-face with her ex-fiance.

        × 22nd, 21:47, Tutaminis Manor - And We Will Be Victorious
        Kara Viridian, Benjamin Turner
        Kara and Ben formulate a plan to retrieve Damien from his captors.

        22nd, 22:00, The Abby - What Lies Beneath...
        Fierro Darque, Teague MacTáil, Liam O'Donnell
        A tracker, a Minister of Magic, and a barkeep walk into a bar. What could possibly happen?

        × 23rd, 08:00 - A Morning Meeting
        Sienna Faber
        Sienna prepares breakfast while waiting for Callid to arrive for her to tell him the news.

        × 23rd, Tutaminis Manor- Men!
        Lucy Winslow, Bridget Callighan
        Sometimes you just need a good rant about the men in your life!

        25th, 02:57 - Over My Head
        Landon Wendham-Pryce, Elektra Stanford
        Following the Christmas ball, estranged husband and wife find each other while cleaning the manor.

        × 25th - Knocks You Down
        Landon Wendham-Pryce, Elektra Stanford
        Landon tries to comfort Elektra in the slave quarters.

        × 25th, 05:00, Tutaminis Manor - Coffee, Toffee & Peppermint Tea
        Sezja Sokolova, Elana Lenor
        On Christmas morning, Lana goes to see Sezja.

        × 26th, 10:00, Azkaban - Curse with a Name on It
        Trevor Williams, Damien Noland
        Trevor pays the Order leader a visit at his Azkaban cell.

        × 26th, Hogsmeade - Robes and Things
        Isabelle Dumont, David Val'Lauren
        Isabelle runs into a future classmate while waiting to pick up her school robes.

        27th, 18:17, Durmstrang Institute - Revelations
        Katya Williams, Trevor Williams, Morgana Calloway
        Trevor finally comes face-to-face with his daughter, whom he hasn’t seen in 13 years.

        × 28th, Hogsmeade - Who Am I?
        David Val'Lauren, Malaé, Isabelle Dumont, Adrian Blaine, Delilah Val'Lauren, Persephone Blaine, Bacchus Blaine, Aether Blaine, Lance Ulrich
        A trip for sweets turns into a full-on outing with Hogwarts classmates for the Val’Laurens.

        × 29, 23:00, The Abbey - In Need of a Stiff One...Drink, That Is
        Anna, Liam O'Donnell
        Still flustered from her run-in with previously believed dead Casey Winslow, Anna finds herself in need of a strong drink.

        × 29th, 23:52, Tutaminis Manor - Irons of Slavery
        Alison Westwood, Landon Wendham-Pryce
        Two slaves find themselves face-to-face after communicating through notes for weeks.

        × 30th, 16:20, Azkaban - The Rabble Rouser
        Colin McNally, Trevor Williams
        Colin McNally is a tough prisoner to break. Trevor is determined to change that.

        × 30th, 22:00, Puxley Manor - Acceptance
        Allen Cauldwell, Landon Wendham-Pryce
        It’s nearly New Years Eve, and two slaves discuss the future.

        31st, Sienna's Penthouse - Blood Is Scarier Than Water
        Sienna Faber, Trevor Williams
        After receiving a letter from her half-sister, Sienna seeks encouragement from Trevor.

        × 31st, 20:00, Val'Lauren Estate - Masquerade
        David Val'Lauren, Aether Blaine, Adrian Blaine, Isabelle Dumont, Angela, Isis Blaine, Danielle, Lance Ulrich, Lily Blake, Leena, Diana Blaine, Eris Blaine, Katya Williams
        Nothing spells party for the Hogwarts students away on break than a New Years’ Eve party!
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By Jen

  • Hopelessness is quickly settling in and many of the UK's citizens are starting to move on and scrape together whatever life they can in the current climate. Even so there are some that aren't just willing to roll over. SAVIOR and the Order work to change things, though with the guard closing in and a sense of hopelessness descending after the capture and mock execution of Damian Noland, their leader, one has to wonder if the fight is slowing being taken out of the resistance. There are rumors floating around however, for those that dare to hope, of a secret underground sanctuary for those that face persecution from the regime and its followers.



      • × 2nd, 16:45, Puxley Manor - Learning to Be Silent
        Julia Porter, Landon Wendham-Pryce

        6th, 23:00, - Falling into Place
        Casey Winslow, Liam O'Donnell

        × 7th, 00:46, The Abby - For What Seems Like a Lifetime
        Liam O'Donnell, Kara Viridian, Casey Winslow

        7th, 17:00, St. Mungo's - Willing Participants
        Katya Williams, Teague MacTail, Sienna Faber

        10th, 23:00, The Hog's Head - Red Herring
        Trevor Williams, Teague MacTáil

        × 11th, 01:55, The Three Broomsticks - Closing Time
        Isis Blaine, Diana Blaine

        × 13th, 02:00 , Viridian Manor - Pretty People Never Lie
        Fierro Darque, Nadia Jamison

        13th, 04:55, Diagon Alley - How to Save a Life
        Trevor Williams, Casey Winslow (as Kevin Bristow), Nadia Jamison, Teague MacTáil, Isis Blaine, Laurea, Eris Blaine, Liam O'Donnell, Jonathan Partridge, Lance Ulrich, Chase Downing, Delia, Elana Lenor, Kara Viridian, Fierro Darque, Benjamin Turner

        × 13th, 05:08, Azkaban - Meanwhile, at Azkaban
        Benjamin Turner, Colin McNally, Miranda Sweeting, Damien Noland

        × 13th, 07:35, Puxley Manor - Back to the Drawing Board
        Trevor Williams, Teague MacTail, Sienna Faber, Coraline Larson, Chase Downing, Julia Porter, Quintos Prynne, Callid Warren

        13th, 13:45, - Back in Good Ol' London
        Killian Riordan, Lily Blake, Lance Ulrich

        × 13th, 16:57, Blake Manor - Bliss Interrupted
        Lance Ulrich, Lily Blake, Felix Meyers

        × 14th, 14:00, Blake Manor - Pestering the Partner
        Felix Meyers, Lily Blake

        14th, 15:00, Bookstore - A Slytherin Reunion
        Persis Rhodes, Takahashi Subaru

        × 17th, 21:30, Borgin and Burkes - Preparations
        Lance Ulrich, Diana Blaine

        × 20th, 00:00, Azkaban - Scream. Aim. Fire
        Kara Viridian, Justin Marsden

        21st, 23:38 - Sweet Freedom
        Mandy, Teague MacTail, Coraline Larson

        22nd, Diagon Alley - Stairway to Heaven
        Nikaido Rika, Annabelle Lefcourt, Lily Blake, Lance Ulrich, Sark

        __ - Stairway to Heaven (Interlude)
        Nikaidô Sayoko

        23rd, 08:00, Puxley Manor - So Much Paperwork...
        Sienna Faber, Teague MacTail

        × 23rd, 21:15, Tutaminis Manor - Break Out
        Mandy, Casey Winslow

        25th, 10:00, Tutaminis Manor - Funny Thing About Family
        Julian Winslow, Casey Winslow

        26th, 19:00, Tutaminis Manor - Lessons
        Urania Blackthorne, Mandy

        28th, 14:00, Diagon Alley - New World
        Orion Burgess, Takahashi Subaru, Gemma Winston

        28th, 15:00, The Leaky Cauldron - Get Druuunk
        Orion Burgess, Gemma Winston

        × 28th, Diagon Alley - Badgered and Pestered
        Dimitri Cross, Gemma Burgess

        × 29th, 20:30, London Pub - Drowning Our Troubles
        Jasper Faber, Urania Blackthorne, Dresden Faust, Nestra McKeiver

        30th, 17:00, -- No Cause for Panic
        Trevor Williams, Coraline Larson, Teague MacTail
      • 1st, 11:00, Hogwarts Corridors - Stop...Dresy Time!
        Milo Witte, Dresden Faust, Urania Blackthorne

        2nd, 21:00, The Abby - Settling the Debt
        Trevor Williams, Teague MacTáil

        3rd, 08:30, The Abby - Unwitting Bedfellows
        Trevor Williams, Teague MacTáil

        3rd, 09:00, Park in Diagon Alley - Oh for the Love of-- !
        Edith Duvall, Berenice Pangbourn

        3rd, 10:00, The Leaky Cauldron - Opportunities
        Julian Winslow, Trevor Williams

        3rd, 10:45, Renn's Flat - Memories
        Berenice Pangbourn, Dresden Faust

        × 3rd, 20:50, Hogwarts Corridors - Plots, Plans, and Chocolate Frogs
        Justin McDowell, Gemma Winston, Orion Burgess

        × 5th, 11:00, Hogwarts Library - Keep Quiet!
        Sacha Petrov, Raven Schwartz

        × 5th, 19:06 - Fear Renders Freedom False
        Sezja Sokolova, Cesare DeFiore, Miranda Sweeting

        7th, 01:30 - Poor Judgment
        Ryder O'Callaghan, Gemma Winston

        8th - The War Prayer
        Nikaido Sayoko

        × 8th, 17:00, - Beyond 'Needing to Talk'
        Andrew Burgess, Urania Blackthorne

        × 8th, 23:30, - Hold Me Down
        Patience Blackwell, Lyle O'Callaghan

        × 9th, 02:00, - Chewing on Thorns
        Jaleth Lenor, Dresden Faust; Open

        × 9th, 11:05, - Muggle World? Weird
        Brigita Litvak, Catrin Sinclair

        × 9th, 13:05, - Brave Gryffindor
        Andrew Burgess, Nestra McKeiver

        9th, 17:30, - Catching Up On the Essentials
        Urania Blackthorne, Berenice Pangbourn

        × 10th, 10:00, - Troubles Under the Cornflower Blue Sky
        Lucas, Gemma Burgess, DC

        × 10th, 10:23 - Rocket's Red Glare
        Corova Lockwood, Rini Nakano, Gemma Winston, Orion Burgess

        × 10th, 11:30 a.m. -- Return to Normalcy -- Trevor Williams, Julia Porter, Cesare DeFiore

        10th, 16:30, -- Check -- Trevor Williams, James Blackwold

        × 10th, 5:23 p.m. -- Never Say Never -- Trevor Williams, Sienna Faber

        10th, 18:00, -- Detention -- Gideon Conleth, Justin McDowell

        × 10th, 18:30, -- Plotting -- Justin McDowell, Pandora Ravensdale

        × 11th, 10:00 a.m. -- Ashes, Ashes -- Kara Viridian, Casey Winslow

        × 11th, 12:00, -- Hiding in Plain Sight Doesn't Work -- Brigita Litvak, Sezja Sokolova

        × 11th, 18:00, -- In the Right Place at the Wrong Time -- Catrin Sinclair, Casey Winslow

        12th, 13:00, -- Secrets -- Melissa McCarthy, Justin McDowell

        12th, 2:40 p.m. -- Shot Through the Heart -- Pandora Ravensdale, Justin McDowell

        12th, 3:29 p.m. -- It's My Life -- Justin McDowell, Gideon Conleth

        14th, 9:00 a.m. -- Lamentations -- Justin McDowell, Takahashi Subaru

        14th, 9:28 p.m. -- With a Chaser -- Violet Abernathy, Sebastian LaFayette

        15th, 6:05 p.m. -- Matters of the Heart...and Other Things -- Justin McDowell, Cassidy MacMillian, Crystal MacMillian, DC, Sofia Steel

        15th, 19:00, -- Cheshire Grin -- Gemma Winston, Orion Burgess

        16th, 10:30 a.m. -- Surprise! -- Casey Winslow, Julian Winslow, Delilah Chase

        17th, 11:00 a.m. -- In Search of Healing -- Rini Nakano, Milo Witte

        17th, 16:00, -- Why Study at a Time Like This? -- Pandora Ravensdale, Ryder O’Callaghan

        17th, 18:00, -- Weekend of "Lovin" #1 -- Urania Blackthorne, Milo Witte

        17th, 10:58 p.m. -- Setting Things in Motion -- Casey Winslow, Delilah Chase, Julian Winslow, Catrin Sinclair, Malcolm Steel, Andrew Burgess, Urania Blackthorne, Cesare DeFiore, Miranda Sweeting, Markus von Wolfram

        17th, 11:45 p.m. -- A Glimmer of Hope -- Markus von Wolfram, Casey Winslow

        18th, 8:47 a.m. -- Knowledge is Power and Power is Corrupt -- Orion Burgess, Gemma Burgess

        18 -- And the Rock Cried Out No Hiding Place Nikaidô Sayoko

        × 18th, 19:00, -- Grape Tea Toast -- Sofia Steel, Dimitri Cross

        18th, 9:40 p.m. -- A Stranger in the Room -- Farrah Rushdi, Addison Mitchell

        18th, 11:45 p.m. -- Drinking Buddies -- Teague MacTáil, Violet Abernathy

        × 19th, 10:55 a.m. -- Reclaiming the Past -- Lissianna Delacruz, Gerard Winston, Urania Blackthorne

        19th, 4:40 p.m. -- Falling Behind? -- Dresden Faust, Farrah Rushdi

        19th -- Gotta Stay Low Julia Porter, Casey Winslow

        19th -- Just the Messenger -- Kristofer Wilkinson, Trevor Williams

        × 19th, Evening -- Where do We Go From Here? -- Julia Porter, Poppy Livingston

        19th -- The Joys of Technology -- Casey Winslow, Jacob Sullivan

        × 20th, 18:00, -- Lohn-lee -- Katya Williams, Gemma Winston

        × 20th, near midnight -- Animal -- Morgana, Alexander McCarthy

        21st, 8:05 p.m. -- How Do You Ask? How Do You Plead? -- Ciel Dorrit, Violet Abernathy

        24th, 3:45 p.m. -- Tricks of the Trade -- Pandora Ravensdale, Lissianna Delacruz, Alexander McCarthy

        × 24th, 17:00, -- A Certain Doom Ryder O’Callaghan, Pandora Ravensdale

        × 24th, 18:30, -- Table for Four -- Trevor Williams, Teague MacTail, Coraline Larson, Sienna Faber

        24th, 7:45 p.m. -- Dinner and a Dance -- Lissianna Delacruz, Alexander McCarthy

        25th, 1:15 a.m. -- Hot and Bothered -- Catrin Sinclair, Jacob Sullivan

        × 25th, 113:30, -- Closed Eyes Still Look Forward -- Liam O'Donnell, Trevor Williams, Teague MacTail

        25th, 2:15 p.m. -- Playing with Fire -- Cedric McGarret, Catrin Sinclair

        25th, 5:55 p.m. -- A Happy Christmas Indeed -- Lance Ulrich, September Jameson, Yuki Adams

        × 26th, 10:45 a.m. -- A Catastrophe in the Making -- Estelle Vincent, Lyle O’Callaghan

        × 26th, 11:00 a.m. -- The Procuring of a Butler -- Ceil Dorrit, Barry Kirkwood

        × 27th, 6:42 a.m. -- According to Plan -- Cesare DeFiore, Miranda Sweeting

        × 28th, 4:32 p.m. -- Four Walls & a Locked Door -- Ezra Whaytt, Patrick Doyle

        × 28th, 19:00, -- The Final Countdown -- Hufflepuff Quidditch Team

        29th, 10:00 a.m. -- Found -- Brigita Litvak, Teague MacTáil, Carlyle Macaulay, Casey Winslow

        29th, 11:30 a.m. -- Deadmen Tell No Tales -- Teague MacTáil, Trevor Williams

        29th, 17:00, -- Cracking the Whip -- Slytherin Quidditch Team

        30th, 11:20 a.m. -- In Plain Sight -- Anne Fernsby, Markus von Wolfram

        30th, 17:00, -- Game Day -- Hufflepuff & Slytherin Quidditch Teams
      • • 1st, 2:15 p.m. -- A Messenger of Sorts -- Cesare DeFiore, Brigita Litvak

        1st, 14:30, -- Wished for Me -- Poppy Livingston

        1st, 8:24 p.m. -- Burning Bridges -- Patrick Doyle, Daphene Harding, Teague MacTáil

        × 2nd, 12:13 a.m. -- Losing It -- Sezja Sokolova, Cesare DeFiore

        2 -- A Clash -- Gideon Conleth, Lissianna Delacruz, Alexander McCarthy

        2nd, 1:54 p.m. -- Touching the Clouds -- Lissianna Delacruz, Gideon Conleth

        × 2nd, 19:30, -- How Time Flies... -- Pandora Ravensdale, Pierce, Ryder O'Callaghan

        3rd, 4:15 p.m. -- Must I Keep Going? -- Melissa McCarthy, Jacob Sullivan

        × 4th, 7:40 p.m. -- A Place of Solitude... Or Not -- Kitsune, Takahashi Subaru

        7th, 9:45 a.m. -- Drops of Jupiter -- Patrick Doyle, Poppy Livingston

        7th, 16:00, -- New Heights -- Ryder O'Callaghan, Addison Mitchell

        • 7th, 8:40 p.m. -- The Unpredictability of Curses -- Dresden Faust, Berenice Pangbourn, Milo Witte

        8th, 17:30, -- Revelations of a Dangerous Nature -- Kurt Ulrich, Lionel Blake

        8th, 7:35 p.m. -- Three Hundred and Sixty Five Nights of Missing You -- Jacob Sullivan, Violet Abernathy

        8th, 10:08 p.m. -- Five Minutes to Midnight -- Jacob Sullivan {One-shot}

        9th, 1:00 a.m. -- Solace from Ghosts -- Violet Abernathy, Ciel Dorrit, Barry Kirkwood

        9th, 1:48 p.m. -- In a Hopeless Place -- Lissianna Delacruz, Alexander McCarthy

        9th, 4:35 p.m. -- Bluebird -- Lissianna Delacruz {One-shot}

        × 9th, 113:30, -- Gone But Not Forgotten Fierro Darque, Trevor Williams, Teague MacTáil

        × 10th, 9:00 a.m. -- Stirrings of Disruption -- Gemma Winston, Orion Burgess, Andrew Burgess, Dimitri Cross

        12th, 10:45 p.m. -- Expanding Horizons -- Lissianna Delacruz, Andrew Burgess

        12th, 11:45 p.m. -- Hungry Like the Wolf -- Jason Brandt

        13th, 11:45 a.m. -- The Butterfly’s Doll -- Kristofer Wilkonson, Lissianna Delacruz, Selene Nightshade

        × 14th, 12:14 p.m. -- Strangers, Dancing -- Cedric McGarret, Soren Shepard

        × 15th, 17:00, -- A New Strategy -- Poppy Livingston, Teague MacTáil

        × 15th, 8:15 p.m. -- Shifting Colors -- Gemma Bugress, Ryder O’Callaghan

        15th, 8:27 p.m. -- Rugby Ain’t No Quidditch -- Jacob Sullivan, Teague MacTáil

        16th, 8:05 p.m. -- My Dearest Love -- Gemma Burgess {One-shot}

        17th, 4:50 p.m. -- Contracting Business -- Patrick Doyle, Eric Pangbourn

        17th, 20:00, -- Under Cover Jacob Sullivan, Pandora Ravensdale, Gemma Burgess

        × 17th, 10-22:30, -- Confrontation -- Poppy Livingston, Carlyle Macaulay

        18th, 4:23 a.m. -- Keep Moving, Keep Moving -- Alexander McCarthy {Oneshot}

        18th, 22:30, -- Tells Me No -- Alistair Lawless, Selene Nightshade

        18th, 12:01 a.m. -- Dealer of Death -- Kristofer Wilkinson, Trevor Williams

        19th, 113:00, -- Dance of Opposites -- Soren Shepard, Selene Nightshade

        21st, 12:43 a.m. -- Tell The Truth and Shame The Lies -- Jacob Sullivan, Gemma Burgess

        × 21st, 19:00, -- Intercepted -- Justin McDowell, Sofia Steel

        × 22nd, 3:19 p.m. -- Costume Shopping -- Isis Blaine, Dresden Faust

        × 22nd, 17:30, -- Child Lost Kayta Williams, Farrah Rushdi

        × 24th, 20:00, -- Choosing Sides -- Pandora Ravensdale, Justin McDowell, Logan

        × 25th, 8:37 a.m. -- Release the Hounds! -- Morgan Jones, Orion Burgess, Kate Cross, Gabriel Mathis

        25th, 22:00, -- Kicked to the Curb -- Lance Ulrich, Kurt Ulrich, Melissa McCarthy {Oneshot}

        26, 10:00 a.m. -- Let the Awkwardness Begin -- Lance Ulrich, Markus von Wolfram

        × 26th, 2:11 p.m. -- Callid -- 1st, Trevor’s Minion - 0 Callid Warren, Trevor Williams

        26th, 6:20 p.m. -- Safe Haven -- Melissa McCarthy, Jacob Sullivan

        × 26th, 21:00, -- How Did You Get Here? Logan, Seren Weavers

        × 27th, 14:00, -- Franco's Day Out -- Franco Shackleford, Gabriel Mathis

        × 27th, 2:22 p.m. -- Dazed and Confused -- Justin McDowell, Sofia Steel

        28th, 16:30, -- New Start, New Wand -- Franco Shackleford, Melissa McCarthy

        28th, 19:30, -- Stubborn Is as Stubborn Does Takahashi Subaru, Addison Mitchell

        × 28th, 21:00, -- Halloween Ball -- Hogwarts Students & Staff

        28th, 113:30, -- A Parting of Ways -- Milo Witte, Urania Blackthorne

        31st, 20:30, -- Intercepted -- Delilah Chase, Julian Winslow, Trevor Williams

        31st, 9:03 p.m. -- Conversations of a Curious Nature -- Trevor Williams, Julian Winslow, Delilah Chase

        × 31st, 22:30, -- Tricks or Treats -- Daphne Harding, Ciel Dorrit

        31st, 113:30, -- In Search of Closure -- Casey Winslow, Evie Winslow

        31st, 11:55 p.m. -- Picking up the Pieces -- Casey Winslow, Evie Winslow
      • • 2 -- Familiar Faces -- Casey Winslow, Seren Weavers

        • 2nd, 13:00, -- Free and So Untrue -- Alistair Lawless, Melissa McCarthy

        3rd, Evening -- Reunion -- Evie Winslow, Julian Winslow, Lucy Winslow

        × 3rd, 6:50 p.m. -- Birthday -- Lance Ulrich, Lily Blake

        3rd, 7:25 p.m. -- Just Good Business -- Patrick Doyle, Berenice Pangbourn

        3rd, 9:45 p.m. -- Falling to Pieces -- Dresden Faust, Gideon Conleth

        × 5th, 11:50 a.m. -- Precious Cargo -- Trevor Williams, Katya Williams, Julian Winslow

        5th, 11:59 p.m. -- For Whom the Bell Tolls -- Orion Burgess, Gemma Winston, Cedric McGarret, Jacob Sullivan

        6th, 11:20 a.m. -- The Man Trap -- Jacob Sullivan, Cedric McGarret, Orion Burgess, Gemma Winston

        • 6th, 12:00, -- Favorable Circumstances -- Lissianna Delacruz, Dresden Faust

        6th, 10:08 p.m. -- Finally Finished, and Yet Just Begun -- Orion Burgess, Gemma Burgess

        6th, 12:00, -- Last Train to Awesome Town -- Cedric McGarret, Gemma Burgess, Orion Burgess, Alistair Lawless, Selene Nightshade

        6th, 15:00, -- Outside In -- Kitty Kittiwick {Outside}

        × 6th, 22:00, -- A Little Too Much, A Little Too Soon -- Selene Nightshade, Jacob Sullivan

        6th -- Everything Is Fine Forever -- Jacob Sullivan, Catrin Sinclair, Cedric McGarret, Kitty Kittiwick

        7th, 9:00 a.m. -- A Welcome Return -- Andrew Burgess, Araelia Leighton

        7th, 7:00 a.m. -- Time Passing -- Gemma Burgess {Oneshot}

        7th, 11:35 p.m. -- Five Minutes ‘til Midnight (Remixed) -- Jacob Sullivan {Oneshot}

        8 -- A Better Offer -- Evie Winslow, Casey Winslow

        × 9th, 19:00, -- Breaking Nurmengard -- Catrin Sinclair, Jacob Sullivan

        10 -- Plotting -- Evie Winslow, Ianto Sayer, Casey Winslow

        × 10th, 11:01 a.m. -- What a Tangled Web We Weave -- Casey Winslow, Ianto Sayer

        11th, 9:30 a.m. -- The Slightest Hint of Danger -- Urania Blackthorne, Soren Shepard

        11th, 11:00 a.m. -- The Reckoning -- Casey Winslow, Evie Winslow, Lucy Winslow

        × 12th, 11:49 a.m. -- Gotta Know the Enemy -- Summer Leighton, Ryder O’Callaghan

        bull; 12th, 1:23 p.m. – Other Prospects – Kyle Camden, Lucy Winslow

        × 12th, Evening -- Shady Character -- Evie Winslow, Sebastian LaFayette

        14 -- Dangerous Thoughts Are Dangerous -- Evie Winslow, Ianto Sayer

        × 15th, 13:00, -- A Change of Command -- James Hebron, Takahashi Subaru, Farrah Rushdi, Ryder O’Callaghan

        • 15th, 6:45 p.m. -- Between the Lines -- Benjamin Reynolds, Ezra Whyatt

        × 18th, 9:21 a.m. -- Severing the Final Tie -- Adrian Blaine, Julian Winslow

        • 18 -- He Had It Coming -- Evie Winslow, Elliott Hamilton

        20th, Afternoon -- Pinch of Daring, Ounce of Strategy – Alistair Lawless {Oneshot}

        21st, 14:00, -- Extra Lessons -- Farrah Rushdi, Janus Apopliskalious, Hebron James

        • 23 -- Laying It All Out -- Evie Winslow, Julian Winslow, Delilah Chase

        • 23rd, 9:15 p.m. -- Picking up the Past -- Fierro Darque, Soren Shepard

        • 24th, 10:57 p.m. -- O Death -- Kara Viridian, Markus von Wolfram, Lance Ulrich

        • 25th, 6:30 a.m. -- A Tale of Two Friends -- Markus von Wolfram, Kara Viridian

        27th, 11:46 p.m. -- Outrunning Fate? -- Berenice Pangbourn, Dresden Faust

        28th, 10:10 a.m. -- The True Cost of a Favor -- Dresden Faust, Rufus Camoynes
      • × 1st, 14:00, -- A New Proposal -- Ciel Dorrit, Trevor Williams

        × 2nd, 14:00, -- Make the Great Escape -- Summer Leighton, Ryder O'Callaghan, Justin McDowell

        × 2nd, 4:15 p.m. -- Image of the Invisible -- Fierro Darque (Professor Snow), Dresden Faust, Berenice Pangbourn

        × 2nd, 5:05 p.m. -- Layover -- Ianto Sayer, Dmitri Cross

        4th, 12:25 p.m. -- Silver Tongue -- Araelia Leighton, Farrah Rushdi

        × 4th, 13:00, -- The New Girl -- Tasha Ashton, Justin McDowell, Open

        × 5th, 00:00, -- Midnight into a Broken Run -- Tasha Ashton, Yuki Adams

        × 5th, 9:55 p.m. -- Sanctuary -- Teague MacTáil, Coraline Larson

        × 6th, 7:05 a.m. -- To Search, To Learn -- Orion Burgess, Daphne Harding

        9th, 12:23 p.m. -- A Different Place, A Different Time -- Cedric McGarret, Lissianna Delacruz

        11th, 9:08 p.m. -- The Legend if the Butcher -- Charon Nachtweber {Oneshot}

        12th, 6:45 a.m.-17 -- Like Smoke in the Wind -- Katya Williams, Jacob Sullivan

        12th, 2:37 p.m. -- Red-Handed -- Artemis Deas, Orion Burgess

        × 12th, 9:04 p.m. -- Rumors and Whispers -- Teague MacTáil, Morgan Jones

        13th, 11:07 p.m. -- Angel in the Night -- Charon Nachtweber, Markus von Wolfram, Patrick Doyle

        × 14th, 14:00, -- If This Is What the Future Holds... -- Gemma Burgess, NPC children

        14th, 7:20 p.m. -- A Killer Among Killers -- Soren Shepard, Cedric McGarret, Charon Nachtweber
        14th, 11:04 p.m. -- Rage, Rage Against the Dying of the Light -- Cedric McGarret, Selene Nightshade

        bull; 15th, 18:00, – The Liars and Me – Elena Fairchild, Milo Witte

        • 16th, 20:00, -- Yule Ball -- Open to Professors and students 4th year on up

        × 17th, 10:45 a.m. -- Home for the Holidays -- Trevor Williams, Farrah Rushdi, Araelia Leighton; students, professors, and Imperium Guards welcome

        17th, 20:30, -- No Rest for the Wicked -- Trevor Williams {Oneshot}

        17th, 8:57 p.m. -- A Vulgar Display of Power -- Trevor Williams, Seren Weavers

        17th, 9:03 p.m. -- A Botched Rescue -- Casey Winslow, brief mention of Trevor Williams and Seren Weavers

        × 17th, 9:35 p.m. -- Needle Through a Bug Trevor Williams, Liam O'Donnell

        18th, 12:03 a.m. -- Prelude -- Destiny, Milo Witte, Rufus Camoynes, Markus von Wolfram

        × 18th, 8:02 p.m. -- Building Up Tension -- Lissianna Delacruz, Charon Nachtweber, Selene Nightshade, Cedric McGarret

        18th, 22:00, -- Crashing Down -- Casey Winslow, Jacob Sullivan

        18th, 22:30, -- What Trick I Ought to Try -- Julia Porter, Teague MacTail

        18th, 10:58 p.m. -- The Point of No Return -- Seren Weavers, Christof von Wolfram, Milo Witte

        19 -- Let Me Take That For You -- Lina Kalkuskov, Sebastian Lafayette

        19th, 19:30, -- A Business Proposition -- Trevor Williams, Nikaidô Sayoko

        19th, 9:34 p.m. -- Pick a Pocket or Two... -- Brigita Litvak, Ianto Sayer

        19th, 22:00, -- Pay the Piper -- Trevor Williams, Seren Weavers

        19th, 11:50 p.m. -- Goodbye -- Seren Weavers {One shot}

        bull; 20th, 4:50 p.m. – Murder by Numbers – Charon Nachtweber, Soren Shepard

        × 20th, 18:00, -- Up to No Good -- Justin McDowell, Summer Leighton, Ryder O'Callaghan

        × 20th, 6:57 p.m. -- Deep in Thought -- Delilah Chase, Layla Kalkuskov

        × 20th, 21:00, -- You've Gotta Be Kidding Me -- Lina Kalkuskov, Cedric McGarret

        20th, 11:57 p.m. -- Warning Sign -- Lissianna Delacruz {Oneshot}

        bull; 20th, 11:58 p.m. – Tit for Tat -- Nikaidô Sayoko, Trevor Williams

        • 21st, 6:02 p.m. -- Ay, with My Dagger -- Katya Williams, Selene Nightshade

        • 21st, 22:00, -- Cure This Disease -- Poppy Addams

        × 21st, 10:50 p.m. -- Right Fist Forward -- Lina Kalkuskov, Alistair Lawless

        • 23rd, 1:00 a.m. -- And Then There Were Seven -- Isis Blaine, Charon Nachtweber

        • 23rd, 2:04 a.m. -- Winter Wonderland -- Charon Nachtweber, Julian Winslow, Delilah Chase

        23rd, 6:02 a.m. -- Cut Short -- Destiny, Yuki Adams, Justin McDowell, Dresden Faust, Sofia Steele, Pandora Ravensdale

        23rd, 6:59 a.m. -- The Road to Nowhere -- Justin McDowell, Sofia Steele, Pandora Ravensdale, Rini Nakano, random healers at Mungo's, the Ravensdales, the McDowells

        23rd, 8:00 a.m. -- And So It Starts -- Orion Burgess, Morgan Jones, Andrew Burgess

        23rd, 18:30, -- Fire, Fire Everywhere -- Catrin Sinclair, Patrick Doyle, Lyle O'Callaghan, Anne Fernsby, Markus von Wolfram, Alan Kalkuskov, Nikaidô Sayoko

        23rd, 10:45 p.m. -- Sisters Are the Worst -- Lina Kalkuskov, Layla Kalkuskov

        24th, 7:45 a.m. -- Breaking the News -- Justin McDowell, Summer Leighton

        24th, 3:33 p.m. -- The Next Day -- Alan Kalkuskov, Urania Blackthorne

        × 24th, 5:55 p.m. -- The Scent of Death -- Lewis Gully, Teague MacTáil

        24th, 7:34 p.m. -- Loss for Words -- Lina Kalkuskov, Casey Winslow

        × 24th, 20:00, -- About That Drink -- Casey Winslow, Lina Kalkuskov

        • 24th, 9:58 p.m. -- Carol of the Bells -- Eric Pangbourn, Berenice Pangbourn, Dresden Faust

        25th, 2:05 a.m. -- Remember Me -- Ianto Sayer {Oneshot}

        25th, 8:00 a.m. -- White Christmas -- Christof von Wolfram II, Summer Leighton, Ryder O'Callaghan, Yuki Adams, Justin McDowell, Milo Witte, Sofia Steel, Addison Mitchell, Hebron James, Rufus Camoynes, Gideon Conleth, Dresden Faust, Markus von Wolfram, September Jameson

        × 25th, 11:44 a.m. -- Merry Something or Other -- Lina Kalkuskov, Gabriel Mathis

        × 25th, 2:01 p.m. -- I Just Met You... -- Rory McManus, Elena Fairchild

        25th, 15:30, -- Funeral for a Friend -- Jacob Sullivan, Cedric McGarret, Andrew Burgess, Gemma Burgess, Lance Ulrich, open to purebloods

        25th, 5:37 p.m. -- Express Delivery -- Ianto Sayer, Brigita Litvak

        25-26, 18:00, -- Showtime -- Gemma Burgess {Oneshot}

        26th, 20:00, -- As Civil As Possible -- Alistair Lawless, Gemma Burgess, Peter Schmidt, Jake Sullivan

        27th, 12:00, -- Let's Not do This Again Asilin MacKennitt {Oneshot}

        × 27th, 8:00 a.m. -- Initiation -- Cedric McGarret, Lina Kalkuskov

        27th, 11:10 a.m. -- Extinguishing the Flame -- Patrick Doyle {Oneshot}

        • 27th, 14:00, - Franco's Day Out
        Franco Shackleford, Gabriel Mathis

        27th, 18:43 - Being in the Know
        Melissa McCarthy, Jake Sullivan

        27th, 22:00, - Surrounded by Darkness
        Pandora Ravensdale

        × 28th, __ - Letters From the End of the World
        Rufus Camoynes, Janus Apopliskalious

        • 28th, 23:00, - Nearly Lost
        Alexander McCarthy, Jason Brandt

        • 29th, 9:00 a.m. - The Dust Has Only Just Begun to Fall
        Eydis Peregrin, Jake Sullivan

        × 29th, 16:00, - Lullay, Mine Liking
        Franco Shackleford, Sylvanna Shackleford

        × 31st, 02:07 - Dark Intentions
        Janus Apopliskalious, Addison Mitchell, Heberon James, Destiny

        • 31st, 23:30, - Ringing in the New Year
        Anne Fernsby, Sebastian Lafayette, Elena Fairchild

        31st, 23:50 - Made You Up to Hurt Myself
        Lance Ulrich {One-shot}
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By Jen
.part 1.

  • The recent abduction of Lord Williams' children, Katya and Layla, from Hogwarts has lead to whispers and rumors regarding his ability to continue to lead the United Wizarding Kingdom of the British Isles. Combined with a bombing of Diagon Alley, mysterious murders of wizarding kind who choose to live in the muggle world, and the recent murders at Hogwarts despite Imperium Guard presence over the holiday season, social disrest is becoming more and more evident.

    Letters to the Editor are becoming more and more frequent as people demand a new Minister of Magic. They claim it has been long enough since Minister Darque's treacherous actions for someone new to have been chosen and insist with the stresses upon Lord Williams, help is needed to maintain a strong government.

    Someone new has recently come to the government's attention. Elias Hunt, a seemingly quiet, peaceful man, has been writing vague letters to various muggle tabloids protesting the government and will be brought in. Questions surround who this man is and what he may mean to the wizarding world as a whole.

    As social disrest takes over this government, it's only a matter of time until something will be done.

      • × 1st, 00:00, The Abbey - When the Clock Strikes...
        Kara Viridian, Markus von Wolfram
        A kiss between two former aurors brings an uncomfortable element into play.

        × 1st, 06:23, Hogwarts - Concerned Crusaders
        Christof von Wolfram, Takahashi Subaru, Ryder O'Callaghan, Summer Leighton, Yuki Adams
        Dissatisfied with the progress of the Imperium Guard, a group of Hogwarts students plans to stop the murderer at large.

        × 2nd, 13:26, London - A Bad Time to Enter the Country
        Kaelan Arndell, Markus von Wolfram
        Kaelan finds himself flagged upon entry into the country without the proper paperwork.

        × 3rd, Hogwarts Kitchen - Shattered Dreams
        Everleigh Ryan, Seren Weavers
        Two young slaves meet and bond over a kitchen rush.

        3rd, 20:00, The Three Broomsticks - Not Falling Apart
        Eric Pangbourn, Dresden Faust, Myka Schade
        A stranger breaks up an inevitable fight between Eric Pangbourn and Dresden Faust.

        4th, 15:40, Seren & Julia's Hut - The Persistence of Loss
        Trevor Williams, Seren Weavers
        Desperate to please Trevor, Seren struggles to see something in the crystal ball.

        × 4th, 22:30, Hogwarts Corridors - Long Night
        Gideon Conleth, Dresden Faust
        Dresden is surprised to find an injured Gideon returning from an unknown outing.

        5th, 5:23, Brigita’s Flat - Somewhat Damaged
        Cesare DeFiore, Brigita Litvak

        × 5th, 11:00, Pangbourn Manor - Another Version of the Truth
        Eric Pangbourn, Everleigh Ryan
        Eric wants to prove he is fit to care for Elise, and the slave girl Everleigh might just be the only one who will help him.

        × 6th, 00:02, Midnight on the Marsh
        Cedric McGarret, Jason Brandt
        A new werewolf stumbles across Cedric, who wants to help him adjust.

        6th, 11:00, MI5 Paranormal HQ - Close Encounters of the Wizarding Kind
        Morgan Jones, Dresden Faust
        When Dresden comes face-to-face with the director of the Hounds, she unlocks to him the magical world of muggles.

        6th, 20:35, London - Vivat Rex
        Jacob Sullivan, Sark, Trevor Williams
        Someone’s been a little too vocal in the muggle papers, but little does the wizarding government know, their attention isn’t entirely unwanted.

        × 28th, 24:11, Corridors - Memento Mori
        Rika Lefcourt, Samael Nachtweber, Dresden Faust
        Lance is none too pleased to find himself having to escort two professors when they’re caught out after curfew.

        × 30th, 15:57, Room above The Abbey - Heart's A Mess
        Kara Viridian, Casey Winslow
        Casey and Kara reunite under the roof of The Abbey.

        × 31st, 18:25, Hogwarts - The Locker Room
        Markus von Wolfram, Anne Fernsby, Charon Nachtweber
        with cameos from... the portraits, Imperium Guards
        Familiar voices tinged with fear draw Markus and Anne into a maze of the killer’s own design.

      • × 1st, 11:45, Azkaban - Chain Gang
        Liam O'Donnell, Ezra Whyatt, Eric Pangbourn
        A bartender, a former auror, and an abusive Death Eater find themselves bonding over slop in the Azkaban mess hall.

        3rd, 14:55, Soren's Flat - Catching Up
        Coraline Larson, Soren Shepard
        After returning home, Cora seeks out Soren for a game of catch up.

        3rd, 17:00, Azkaban - Did My Time
        Eric Pangbourn, Liam O'Donnell
        Eric and Liam say their goodbyes as Eric is slotted for early release.

        3rd, 17:55, The Abbey - No One Knows
        Markus von Wolfram, Anne Fernsby, Kara Viridian, Casey Winslow
        Though a free woman, Kara decides to take on a disguise of a muggle woman, Katarina, and works the floor at her bar. She finds out that her old partner Markus is out on the town with a woman and suspects they’re having an affair.

        × 3rd, 20:00, Great Hall - Grading Papers
        Milo Witte, Dresden Faust, Rika Lefcourt
        Three professors, many essays, and much discussion regarding theories surrounding the true nature of the Hogwarts killer.

        3rd, 22:00, The Abbey - Oathkeeper
        Eric Pangbourn, Kara Viridian
        To make good on his word to his old block-mate, Eric visits The Abbey after his release from Azkaban just to check on Mrs. O’Donnell.

        × 5th, 10:00, The Three Broomsticks - Dance with the Devil
        Delilah Chase, Callid Warren (tagged)
        Trying to come up with a game plan for Hogwarts’ murders, Delilah goes to The Three Broomsticks to try to clear her head.

        5th, 22:30, Teague's Flat - Not All Rats...
        Trevor Williams, Teague MacTail
        Following a meeting with a batty old seer, Trevor seeks Teague out in his flat.

        × 6th, 19:00, City of Shadows - Restless
        Justin McDowell, Melissa McCarthy

        × 6th, 21:00, Pub - Finding Order in Chaos
        Benjamin Turner, Kara Viridian
        Ben seeks out Kara in hopes to find a purpose for their former organization.

        7th, 10:00, Azkaban - Beg Your Pardon
        Rupert Reynolds, Sark, Ezra Whyatt
        Having obtained his pardon from the Justicar, Rupert frees Ezra from Azkaban and puts him under his watch, in order to help him continue the search for his father.

        7th, 20:15, Whomping Willow - Refuge
        Samael Nachtweber, Charon Nachtweber

        7th, 20:55, Great Hall - Enough Is Enough
        Delilah Chase, Soren Shepard, Aishe Farrunner, Markus von Wolfram, Charon Nachtweber
        with cameos from... Milo Witte, Dresden Faust, random guards

        7th, 21:00, Foyer - The Cat
        Yuki Adams

        7th, 22:05, London - Where, wolf?
        Cedric McGarret, Lina Kalkuskov, Morgan Jones, Niklaus Schmidt, Soren Shepard

        8th, 08:05 JST, Hokkaido - Herrenvolk
        Miscellaneous news

        8th, 09:00, Diagon Alley - A Hasty Press Conference
        Jake Sullivan, Delilah Chase

        8th, 09:00, Teague's Flat - Falling to Pieces
        Delilah Chase, Teague MacTail

        8th, 12:01, Hospital & MI5: Paranormal HQ - Haze
        Lina Kalkuskov, Niklaus Schmidt, Morgan Jones

        9th, 16:30, Cellar - In Purgatory
        Jaleth Lenor, Diana Blaine
        Victims of abduction, Professor Lenor tries to keep hope alive for his companion and former student, Diana.

        9th, 22:10, Alley off Brewer St. London - ZZZAP
        Sam Sullivan, Alan Kalkuskov

        10th, 06:00, Hogsmeade - Changing Course
        Orion Burgess (as Loki the Cat), Dresden Faust

        10th, 06:45, Wild Card Territory, Scotland - The Wilds and the Wardens
        Aishe Farrunner, Corc, NPC Spirals

        10th, 08:00, Soren's Flat - Alpha's Advice
        Sam Sullivan, Soren Shepard, Aishe Farrunner

        × 14th, 18:00, Borgin and Burkes - The Legend of the Lamp
        Trevor Williams, Quintos Prynne

        21st, 15:20, The Abbey - Elastic Heart
        Kara Viridian, Markus von Wolfram
        The old partners hadn’t seen each other officially since New Years—nor have they had a chance to really discuss the happenings as of late, so the truth comes pouring out as they come to an understanding.

        21st, 20:00, The Abbey* - Bring Out Your Dead
        Stana Chastaine
        Also held in captivity, the presumed-dead Stana Chastaine (former student and barmaid for the Abbey) claws her way out of her dungeon and makes her way back to the bar, where she's found by the workers there, and surrenders to Kara.

        25th, 19:00, Pangbourn Manor - The Trigger
        Anne Fernsby, Eric Pangbourn

        28th, 17:00, Milo's Flat - Beneath the Magnifying Glass
        Anne Fernsby, Milo Witte, Dresden Faust

        × 28th, 20:00, Tutaminis Manor - Come, All Ye Faithful (retconned)
        Kara Viridian, Alan Kalkuskov, Jonathan Partridge
        As they try to piece together the Order, Jon convinces the healer Alan to meet with Kara.

        16th, 12:00, Ministry Cafeteria, Diagon Alley - Just Another Humdrum Day
        Anne Fernsby, Markus von Wolfram
        An impromptu run-in at the Ministry’s lunch hall leads to a rekindling of Anne and Markus’ relationship

      • 1st, 06:58, North of Texas-Mexico border - The Girl with the Jaguar Tattoo
        Calli, Tabora

        1st, Cora's Home - Home Again, Home Again
        Coraline Larson, Trevor Williams

        1st, 14:00, Graveyard - Flowers for Your Grave
        Tristan Viridian
        Tristan goes to the gravesite of his mother before packing to leave for America.

        × 2nd, 07:30, Scottish Moors - The Five on the Moors
        Jace Bryden, Soren Shepard, Zeva Reid, Rafe McPherson (NPC), Corc Shepard, Lachlan McTavish (NPC), The Lucky 7, Various Garou NPCs
        The Black Spiral Dancers have come under the Nation's scrutiny. Do the Spirals have what it takes to be welcome back into the nation? The Silver Fangs meet with the Tribe to discuss their alignment. An offer is made, along with many threats.

        3rd, 06:45, Knockturn Alley - Morning Air
        Darius Nott, Miko Adams, Delilah Chase

        3rd, 07:30, Cole's Apartment - Same Shit, Different Day
        Cole Callaway, Niklaus Schmidt
        Klaus swings by Cole’s apartment on the way to an early morning meeting at MI5.

        3rd, 10:00, MI5 Paranormal HQ - Brave New World
        Katarina Bauer, Cole Callaway, Niklaus Schmidt, Morgan Jones
        Continued from SSDD. The Hounds meet with Director Jones; Klaus is assigned a new partner, and it's Katarina's first day on the force.

        3rd, 10:00, Hogsmeade - The Spider and the Fly
        Eric Pangbourn, Berenice Pangbourn, Elise Pangbourn, Dresden Faust

        3rd, 17:30, MI5: Paranormal HQ - Compromise
        Niklaus Schmidt, Katarina Bauer
        Summary: Immediately following the events of A Caged Beast, Katarina is trying to head home after having an incident during the interrogation but is quickly caught and invited out by her new partner to discuss her ‘visions’ over drinks.

        × 3rd, 20:20, The Abbey - Working Hard or Hardly Working
        Ilya, Coraline Larson

        3rd, 11:14, MI5 Paranormal HQ - A Caged Beast
        Cedric McGarret, Niklaus Schmidt, Katarina Bauer
        After being appointed to Niklaus as his partner, Katarina sits in on an interrogation with the prisoner, Cedric McGarret.

        4th, 20:00, The Hog's Head - One Dark Night
        Beaumont Finnegan, Dresden Faust

        5th, 18:58, Outskirts - They See Me Rollin'...
        Hilda Prewett, Trevor Williams, Teague MacTail

        5th, 21:00, Hilda's Residence - The Warning
        Hilda Prewett, Trevor Williiams

        6th, 11:03, Diagon Alley, Milo's Flat - Of Sanity and Traces
        Milo Witte, Gemma Winston, Pandora Ravensdale, Sofia Steele, Dresden Faust

        6th, 19:00, City of Shadows - At the Crossroads of Tomorrow
        Teague MacTail, Katya Williams, Goblins

        6th, 19:45, City of Shadows - Yesterday Fades
        Jacob Sullivan, Teague MacTail

        7th, 18:00, Azkaban - Things I'll Never Say
        Justin McDowell, Melissa McCarthy, Darius Nott (as "Derrin")
        They haven’t seen each other since their arrest. Is their reunion to be one of further pain or relief? And just who is that nosy old man?

        8th, 18:00, The Ministry - Growing Pains
        Samael Nachtweber, Markus von Wolfram
        Markus certainly isn’t expecting the night to end the way it does when Lance Ulrich returns to work.

        9th, 06:30, The Ministry, St. Mungo's - All Falls Down
        Anne Fernsby
        A lot of blood, an abandoned wand, and a missing lover. Not at all how Anne wanted to start her morning.

        9th, 10:59, Near Teague's Flat - Courtesy Call
        Delilah Chase, Trevor Williams, Coraline Larson
        Days following Teague’s disappearance, Trevor approaches Delilah near Teague’s cabin with Cora to back him up.

        9th, 12:15, Syndicate - Inside the Fire
        Trevor Williams, Zhiana, Jacob Sullivan, Teague MacTail, Katya Williams, Layla Williams
        The family reunion’s a bit overdue, but is an “offer” from the kidnapper to overshadow such a joyous event?

        9th, 12:25, Milo's Flat - Calling in the Reserves
        Berenice Pangbourn, Milo Witte, Dresden Faust
        Dresden’s been moody, and Milo knows of only one person who may be able to drag some sense back into his friend.

        9th, 15:52, Safe House - Ready, Set.
        Delilah Chase, Julian Winslow

        9th, 16:00, Syndicate - Hard Time
        Teague MacTail, Selene Nightshade

        9th, 18:45, The Abbey - Just Don't Steal from Me
        Kara Viridian, Anne Fernsby
        When Captain Markus von Wolfram goes missing after a late shift with the guard, Anne reports to The Abbey to drink her sorrows away. Kara catches wind of her troubles and sits down to discuss what she can do to help find her old partner.

        9th, 19:00, Samael's Flat - O Captain, My Captain
        Samael Nachtweber, Markus von Wolfram
        Markus comes face to face with a horrific discovery as he endures the pain and suffering from someone familiar...

        9th, 19:45, Milo's Flat - Mano a Gato
        Orion Burgess, Dresden Faust

        10th, 00:30, Black Spiral Territory - A Conversation Between Species
        Selene Nachtweber, Chandra Moon-Seeker, Aishe Far Runner, Soren Shepard
        Nosferatu dare to set foot in Black Spiral Territory despite an age-old feud between their kind and the occupants of this realm.

        10th, 15:30, Soren’s Flat - How to Share a Flat
        Aislin MacKennitt, Soren Shepard, Sam Sullivan, Aishe Farrunner
        Aislin comes by Soren’s as requested with a mission update.

        11th, 23:26, Hyde Park - Hyde Park
        Nonnus, Cedric McGarret
        Whilst out on a walk in Hyde Park, Cedric stumbles across a magical creature to whom he wishes to offer refuge.

        12th, 08:00, Prime Minister's Office - Hello {From the Other Side}
        Delilah Chase, Morgan Jones
        Desperate to see progress on her mission, Delilah reaches out to the muggles for help eradicating a threat from the future.

        12th, 12:00, Syndicate - Whole New World
        Niklaus Schmidt, Teague MacTail, Jacob Sullivan, Cedric McGarrett
        After meeting Teague MacTail, Klaus wonders if things will really be so bad. After meeting Jacob Sullivan? Well, it definitely will be now, won’t it?

        12th, 19:20, The Leaky Cauldron - Thicker than Water
        Dresden Faust, Gideon Conleth
        Dresden struggles with his new mission as he finds himself face-to-face with the friend whose group he is to betray.

        12th, 23:30, City of Shadows - A Moment, a Word
        Selene Nachtweber, Wilson King

        13th, 15:30, London - At Least We Both Know
        Lina Kalkuskov, Cedric McGarret, Sam Sullivan

        × 13th, 22:08, Back Alleys of London - Fumbling in the Dark
        Cascite Ingem, Lydia Thomas

        × 15th, 11:34, Knockturn Alley - Soul Searching
        Wesely Harper, Aventus Starsong

        15th, 21:00, Hogwarts Grounds - A Check without a Mate
        Milo Witte, Orion Burgess (as Loki the Cat)

        15th, 23:08, Boston, MA - Shadows Searching in the Night
        Tabora, Casey Winslow

        16th, 00:47, IHOP, Salem, MA - Operation Voodoo Child
        Casey Winslow, Ianto Sayer
        Casey has some concerns regarding Evie’s ability to lead. He can only hope Ianto believes him.

        × 16th, 11:00, ??? - Don't Leave
        Lina Kalkuskov, Cedric McGarret

        17th, 08:45, Boston, MA - The Bare Necessities
        Casey Winslow, Tabora

        17th, XXX, Unknown – The Wanderer
        Fierro Darque, Jace Bryden, Lucky 7
        After Fierro sends Jaleth and Diana to safety, he ends up in a whole lot of trouble when he runs into Jace Bryden and his pack the Lucky 7. He tries to bargain for his life, and leads the way to an even bigger negotiation.

        17th, 12:16, Diagon Alley - It's a Wonderful Life!
        Isaac Malcolm, Hilda Prewett

        16th, 19:15, Middle of Nowhere - All That I'm Living for
        Jaleth Lenor, Diana Blaine
        Jaleth and Diana have been trapped underground for months. He tries to keep her spirits up even though their health is fading.

        17th, 17:37, Tutaminis Grounds - Give Me a Reason
        Casey Winslow, Kara Viridian, Jaleth Lenor, Stana Chastaine, Fierro Darque, Jace Bryden, Kyle Camden
        What starts out as a small meeting between Kara and Casey to discuss the state of the Order and possible allies from outside turns into a huge mess when people start pouring into the safe house.

        17th, 17:45, Small Wizarding Town - Safe Passage
        Fierro Darque, Diana Blaine, Jaleth Lenor
        Fierro is leaving the school, empty-handed in his search for evidence to exonerate his son-in-law, when he comes across the prison cell containing the missing persons Jaleth Lenor and Diana Blaine.

        17th, 18:45, Middle of Nowhere - The Wanderer
        Fierro Darque, Jace Bryden, The Lucky 7 Garou
        Fierro ensures the safe passing of Diana and Jaleth, diverting the path of hounds tracking them--only to make a deal with the Lucky 7.

        17th, 20:34, London pub - A Night for Merriment
        Lydia Thomas, Alan Kalkuskov

        18th, 01:00, Guest Quarters – Caged
        Zeva Reid, Jace Bryden
        Alpha and Beta of the Lucky 7 discuss their where everyone stands on Jace’s decision to make the deal with Kara.

        × 18th, 15:00, Honeyduke’s - In Need of a Fix
        Dmitri Haag, Dresden Faust, Milo Witte

        18th, XXX, Tutaminis Manor – Minister on Your Side
        Kara Viridian, Casey Winslow, Fierro Darque
        In the aftermath of Kara’s decision to agree with Fierro’s deal with Jace Bryden, Casey shows his distaste for the choices made on the spot instead of discussing them first.

        × 20th, 14:00, Park - Best Thing, Next to Heaven
        Gemma Winston, Hilda Prewett

        20th, 22:06, UK Alleyway - Shops and Crows
        Caz von Kronenburg, OPEN

        × 21st, XXX – Night Owl
        Seren Weavers, Tabora

        21st, XXX, Unknown – Bring Out Your Dead
        Stana Chastaine
        Having escaped from her cell, Stana reports to her last known location before being taken in by the Order.

        × 22nd, 15:12, The Three Broomsticks - The Last of the Eight
        Apollo Blaine, Lydia Thomas
        Cascite’s intel seems good as Lydia enters the wizarding world and Lydia finds herself in a conversation with one of the Blaine octuplets, who seems to have adopted a rather bleak outlook on life.

        22nd, 21:04, Kat's House - Speak of the Devil
        Matthew Cox, Katarina Bauer, Niklaus Schmidt
        Katarina finds an injured Matt outside her home. After helping him recover, he lets her in on his secret, thus revealing the other side of him: The Devil.

        22nd, XXX, Coffee Shop - Putting in My Hours
        Madeline Jamison, Casey Winslow

        23rd, 04:20, Black Spiral Territory - Glimmer of Hope
        Delilah Chase, Julian Winslow, Soren Shepard, Aishe Far Runner
        Cameo: Teague MacTail
        A letter written in Teague’s blood sparks action on part of the Death Eaters and their Garou allies.

        23rd, 11:00, London Alley - Complicated
        Lydia Thomas, Sam Sullivan
        When did getting food become an invitation for further complications? And just how is there a time traveller from an alternate future?

        × 23rd, 12:30, London - Smoke and Mirrors
        Rupert Reynolds, Ezra Whyatt
        Recently released inmate, Ezra, is under Rupert’s watch as the pair try to assemble the pieces to Rupert’s case to find his father.

        23rd, 17:00, Isis HQ - To the Test
        Casey Winslow, Seren Weavers, Lucy Winslow

        24th, XXX, Diagon Alley – Stay Alive
        Jonathan Partridge, Madeline Jamison
        Visiting the city, Jon runs into a young runaway named Maddie, and helps her to safety as she's being chased by a mysterious force.

        25th, 12:00, Isis HQ - Last Ditch Effort
        Julian Winslow, Casey Winslow, Lucy Winslow

        25th, 13:45, Tutaminis Manor - Wait for It
        Stana Chastaine
        Recovering from her imprisonment and resurfacing, Stana ponders where to go from here...

        × 25th, 15:00, The Abbey - Everything and Nothing
        Rupert Reynolds, Svetlana Smirnova, NPC
        Having a drink to clear his mind, Rupert opens up to meeting new people for once.

        25th, 18:25, Southwark - Purpose
        Julian Winslow, Casey Winslow

        29th, 08:13, Tutaminis Manor - While the Iron is Hot {Order Plot}
        Gabe Reed (NPC), Kara Viridian
        Kara is summoned to speak with her tactician prior to the attacks on the regime.

        30th, 18:00, Department of Magical Law Enforcement - Growing Pains
        Samael Nachtweber, Markus von Wolfram, Charon (memory)

        31st, 20:00, Knockturn Alley - Taking Over Me
        Samael Nachtweber, Chase Downing, Charon (memory, Tagged)


        DATE UNKNOWN - Weekly Citizen Advisor
        Daniel Firinne, Sam Sullivan
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By Jen
.part 2.

  • As Teague MacTail takes his seat as the Dark Lord, the uprising of the Order of the Phoenix rising from the ashes has shaken the magical realm. Security and countermeasures are put into place by either side, unearthing secret projects (Chimaera) and forging unusual alliances between the wizards and other magical entities. Kara Viridian and The Order continues to strengthen their bond with the garou, extending a hand to other allies beyond the Jace Bryden and the Lucky 7.

    Meanwhile, the rumors of a shift in power threatens to shake both realms. Wilson King, a criminal mastermind, builds his empire, with his own plan to showcase his power with the Syndicate and beyond, making his prime targets some predominant magical families.

    MI:5, having suffered a huge blow to morale and their facility, is still reeling after the loss of their veteran agent who has become the vigilante Devil. Positions are shifted, a new director is appointed, and the veil of secrecy is pulled away from the new Hounds offering new information about Mutants, magic and the mystery between them...

    Allegiance continues to be tested throughout the world. How long will certain areas be able to remain neutral in the war that is coming?

    • APRIL
      • × 1st, 08:30, Isis HQ - ASSuME
        Lucy Winslow, Seren Weavers

        2nd, 16:45, Tutaminis Manor - Helpless
        Diana Blaine, Jaleth Lenor
        Diana struggles with her past and comes to terms with her feelings for the Professor.

        2nd, 18:45, London - Impatience
        Ilya, Soren Shepard, Hilda Prewett
        A Garou, a Seer, and an exchange of information. Will Soren heed Hilda's warning?

        5th, 03:08, Gravesend, Kent - A Quiet Kind of Ragnarok
        Cedric McGarret, Soren Shepard
        After his first shift with no Wolf's Bane potion, Cedric calls on his shaky friendship with Soren to help answer the looming question of 'now what?'

        5th, 10:00, The Leaky Cauldron, Soren's Flat - A Bit of Luck
        Soren Shepard, Delilah Chase

        6th, 12:00, Azkaban - Once Upon a Mess Hall
        Justin McDowell, Liam O'Donnell
        Liam’s friends are gone, but he happens upon a young man who is about to get the Dementor’s Kiss in Azkaban.

        º 7th, 14:35, Diagon Alley - Kitty, Kitty
        Hilda Prewett, Rika Lefcourt (Tagged)

        7th, 20:00, O2 Arena, London - Fight Night
        Ilya Liulfr (npc)
        A moment inside the octagon and inside the head of a Get of Fenris

        8th, 06:45, London & Puxley - Changing Winds
        Tabora, Delilah CHase
        A Nagual has arrived in London looking for the source of her quest. Will she use the Magical government or be used in turn?

        8th, 16:00, Airport - The Avenger
        Tristan Viridian
        After being coaxed back home by his employer, King, Tristan heads home from America.

        10th, 11:00, Klaus' Flat - Honey, I'm Home
        Niklaus Schmidt, Matthew Cox
        He’s back and...not quite ready for the action he encounters at his flat.

        10th, 17:55, The Abbey - The Handler
        Tristan Viridian, James (NPC)
        Tristan meets with an informant to obtain and seek out information in the city.

        10th, 21:00, Azkaban - Rattle the Chains
        Liam O’Donnell
        Liam has been alone for some time and it is driving him insane…

        11th, 04:30, Klaus’ Flat - Matt and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day
        Matthew Cox, Niklaus Schmidt
        Changes are hard to bear, especially when you can't share the burden with your friend

        11th, 12:00, Klaus' Flat - Call Me, Maybe?
        Niklaus Schmidt, Katarina Bauer
        Klaus returns from his time away “on the other side” and calls Katarina to catch up. She offers to come help him with his report.

        13th, 23:49, Klaus' Flat - What Makes a Man
        Matthew Cox, Niklaus Schmidt, Tabora
        Matt tries to find the silver lining of his mutation by combining his training with his new abilities. After a night out on the town, the morning after reveals both Matt and Tabora to be something more than human, leaving Klaus with plenty of questions.

        14th, 10:02, Evie’s Warehouse - Over and Over
        Casey Winslow, Lucy Winslow, Seren Weavers
        On his way to meet with Kara and Ianto, Casey stops by to make sure Lucy and Seren are prepared to leave.

        × 14th, XXX, Subway in Salem, MA – Prelude
        Kara Viridian, Casey Winslow, Ianto Sayer (tagged)
        Casey invites Kara on a trip to America to discuss possible alignment with an unknown entity. She agrees to hear them out on what plans they can solidify to help the Order’s rise.

        15th, 11:50, City of Shadows - All the King’s Men
        Wilson King (NPC), Tristan Viridian
        King and Tristian have a standing weekly luncheon and shared interests in the Syndicate. It’s time they discuss them.

        15th, 12:00, Capitulum Building - To Our Own Devices
        Jonathan Partridge, Jaleth Lenor
        Kara's best friends and advisers are tasked to watch the Order safe house while she is off in America; they briefly discuss the welfare of the Order.

        15th, 18:37, Restaurant in London - Break the Ice
        Matthew Cox, Katarina Bauer, Niklaus Schmidt
        Katarina is appointed the new assistant to Matthew Cox.

        16th, 02:30, London - Fight Like the Devil
        Matthew Cox, Jace Bryden
        The garou pack, the Lucky 7, are seeking a Nosferatu... What Jace Bryden finds is anything but that...

        16th, 12:00, Puxley Manor - Not Falling Apart
        Delilah Chase, Morgana Calloway
        A drastic situation that faces the Death Eaters requires Morgana’s immediate return. What she finds is every bit the mess she left behind.

        × 16th, 08:30, Azkaban - We’re All Mad in Here
        Isaac Malcolm, Melissa McCarthy
        It’s time for Ike’s morning rounds, and on that list? Young Melissa McCarthy, who’s slated for the kiss.

        17th, 19:00, Glasshouse Stores - Cat and Fox
        Gemma Winston, Sofia Steele, Matthew Cox, Orion Burgess, Alexandra Taylor, Niklaus Schimdt, Katarina Bauer, Cole Callaway, Arlo Beckett
        While out to celebrate Matt’s birthday, the Hounds find themselves right in the middle of a marital spat.

        18th, 12:03, Hogwarts Library - Overshadowed
        When Tabby sneaks into the closed school, she finds Hogwarts’ library to be quite satisfactory.

        18th, 19:00, Diagon Alley - The Room Where It Happened
        Samael Nachtweber, Morgana Calloway
        Samael sees the opportunity to lure a known Death Eater into the plot with Chase Downing.

        18th, 21:30, London - A Guardian Devil
        Katarina Bauer, Matthew Cox (Devil)
        Katarina has a run-in with the “Devil in Black” after trying to access files to her the death and disappearance of her brother and father. As this sits heavily on her conscience, she calls Matt to tell him the truth, about the Devil visiting her home.

        18th, 21:48, City of Shadows - The Dividing Umbra
        Aventus, Franco Shackleford, Everett Cooper, Alasdair Bennett
        A curious trio investigates odd happenings in the Labyrinth.

        19th, 12:30, Dervish and Banges - The Taste That Brings So Many Memories
        Franco Shackleford
        A trip to Hogsmeade brings back fond memories of his wife.

        19th, 15:05, Tutaminis Manor - Lighting the Embers
        Jaleth Lenor, Madeline Jamison, Jace Bryden, Jonathan Partridge, Kara Viridian, Fierro Darque
        New recruits bring new life into the Order; Kara moves to rally her troops toward success, but her new ally may have other things to say about her leadership.

        20th, 20:00, London - Night of the Hunter
        Tabora, Matthew Cox
        Tabora takes advantage of an opportunity to exact revenge against the blind vigilante.

        20th, 09:15, MI5 Paranormal HQ - Can't Fight the Friction
        Katarina Bauer, Niklaus Schmidt, Matthew Cox, Cole Callaway
        Now that Matt and Kat are dating, it puts a slight strain on her partnership with Klaus. Meanwhile, all Cole wanted was a decent cup of coffee.

        20th, 23:40, London - Snowball's Chance in Hell
        Matthew Cox (Devil), Jonathan Partridge
        Jon stumbles upon a masked man in a dumpster in an alleyway on his first free walk and has to bring him to his safehouse to heal him.

        21st, 07:03, Puxley Manor - What the Cat Dragged in
        Tabora, Delilah Chase, Soren Shepard
        It’s the morning of the rescue, but there’s one last-minute meeting that must be completed.

        22nd, 10:15, Puxley Manor - Shed Skin
        Morgana Calloway, Darius Nott, Teague MacTail, Christophe Viridian, Dru Windsor, Trevor Williams, Delilah Chase, Alice Caruthers (NPC), Alia Boucher (NPC), Soren Shepard {mentioned}, Julian Winslow {mentioned}, OPEN
        Something’s amiss. The Death Eaters can sense it, but what will they find when they gather at Puxley?

        23rd, 06:55, MI5 Paranormal HQ - First Day
        Alexandra Taylor, Cole Callaway, Morgan Jones
        Lex, Another new face joins the Hounds, and Cole is her welcoming party on her first day.

        23rd, XXX, MI5 Paranormal HQ – Meet Me Inside
        Cole Callaway, Morgan Jones, Katarina Bauer, Matthew Cox, Orion Burgess, Niklaus Schmidt
        When it’s revealed that Director Jones asked Agent Callaway to report on his fellow agents and their relationship, Jones decides to pull everyone in her office individually to explain a new directive for the team.

        23rd, 18:10, Antiques Shop - A Matter of Urgency
        Arlo Beckett, Morgan Jones, Cole Callaway, Alexandra Taylor, Orion Burgess
        An after-hours call regarding a funny-looking critter seeking shiny objects sends the agents out on their first mission with a magical creature.

        24th, 07:55, MI5 Paranormal HQ - A Fly on the Wall
        Loretta Patterson, Morgan Jones, Orion Burgess
        Agency's department of Internal Affairs sends Agent Patterson to the Hounds.

        27th, 20:30, Alibi - Wicked Games
        Katarina Bauer, Tabora, Niklaus Schmidt, Matthew Cox
        After a long day, Katarina heads to Alibi (bar) in hopes of meeting up with Klaus to apologize. Her plans are diverted a tad off course when she meets Tabora.

        27th, 21:15, The Snake Pit - Cold Cash, Cold Hearts
        Drusilla Windsor, Teague MacTail
        Teague finds a minute to step away from his duties to meet with an old friend in Belfast.

        × 28th, 14:00, Puxley Manor - Of Ferrets and Men
        Callid Warren, Darius Nott
        Looking for something to do, Callid finds himself face to face with the Old Adder himself, Darius Nott..

        28th, 19:45, Tutaminis Manor - A Solemn Sanctuary
        Stana Chastaine, Jace Bryden
        Having a difficult time getting comfortable in her new surroundings, the rebellious Stana meets Jace.

        29th, 06:00, Capitulum Building - Boundless
        Stana Chastaine, Jace Bryden, Kara Viridian
        Kara and Jace face off, when she discovers that someone is assaulted by Stana. Jace tests Kara's patience and capability as a leader.

        30th, 08:00, MI5 Paranormal Conference Room - Drug Test Results
        Morgan Jones, Orion Burgess, Katarina Bauer, Alexandra Taylor, Seamus Wiggins (NPC), Horace Brakes (NPC)
        MI5 Paranormal agents are in for a surprise when it turns out they’ve been tested for the presence of the magic gene.

        × 30th, 14:00, Psychiatric Ward - His Name Is My Name Too
        Niklaus Schmidt, Patricia Clark, Robert Lawson (John Smith)

        30th, 22:58, UK - The Devil and Ms. Larson
        Matthew Cox, Coraline Larson
        The Dark Lady fulfills a contract by neutralizing the Devil.

      • 1st, 16:30, Tutaminis Manor - That Would Be Enough
        Diana Blaine, Jaleth Lenor
        Diana is still recovering from her injuries and discusses the future with Jaleth.

        × 1st, 20:34, Diagon Alley - The Five In White (Garou Plot)
        Various NPC Garou

        4th, 21:32, Warehouse - Draw the Line
        Samael Nachtweber, Markus von Wolfram
        Things are progressing rather nicely with the plot to bring back Samael’s master and the Dark Lord. Only one loose end is left to tie off.

        5th, 04:15, Cora’s Warehouse - Spike the Guns
        Matthew Cox (Oneshot)
        Matt takes a desperate step to avoid becoming a weapon

        6th, 08:34, Hogwarts - The Cat Came Back
        Orion Burgess, Milo Witte, Dresden Faust

        7th, 09:30, MI5 Paranormal HQ - Sever
        Katarina Bauer, Matthew Cox, Cole Callaway
        After a week off from work, Matt returns with bad news and encounters Katarina at the MI5 offices.

        7th, 11:00, Klaus’ Flat - Stranger in My Skin
        Cole Callaway, Matthew Cox
        Cole heads to Matt & Klaus’ flat to speak with him regarding MI: 5 and Katarina, and discovers his secret.

        8th, 07:55, Tutaminis Grounds - Thrown to the Wolves
        Kara Viridian, Jace Bryden, Stana Chastaine, Zeva Reid
        While practicing with her blades, Kara meets with Jace to discuss Stana's progress and inevitably spar on the training grounds.

        8th, 12:00, Restaurant - Chaos Is a Ladder
        Tristan Viridian, Wilson King (NPC)
        Tristan meets up with his employer for their weekly luncheon, to further discuss business.

        9th, 19:00, The Abbey - Right Here Waiting
        Katarina Bauer, Niklaus Schmidt
        After her less than amicable breakup with Matt, Kat tries to apologize to Klaus for her behavior, to mend the ties with her partner.

        10th, 18:15, Kara’s Office - Shoulder the Burden
        Fierro Darque, Kara Viridian
        Fierro speaks with his daughter to reinforce that she is not alone when he finds that she is stressed out prior to her meeting with Casey and Jace.

        10th, 22:30, Azkaban - Subject 16
        Liam O’Donnell
        Liam awakens, in Cell Block D, the desolate part of solitary he’s been living in for months. He’s groggy, and doesn’t quite feel like himself, and he hears voices talking about experimentation…

        11th, XXX, Tutaminis Manor - Here’s Where I Stand
        Kara Viridian, Jace Bryden, Casey Winslow
        Kara decides to invite Jace Bryden and Casey Winslow to her office at the Order safehouse to speak with both of them regarding the state of the Order, it’s allies and a briefing on what went down in America.

        × 11th, 22:00, The Abbey - Thinking out Loud
        Tristan Viridian, Morgana Calloway
        While scouting at the Abbey with new information to scour about his intended targets, Tristan runs into an old friend…Morgana Calloway.

        12th, 21:40, Cora’s Warehouse - Ghosts of Yesterday
        Matthew Cox, Coraline Larson
        On the anniversary of an operation gone bad, Matt and Cora finally share some sympathy.

        13th, 07:27, Cora’s Warehouse - Growing Things
        Matthew Cox, Coraline Larson
        The connection made the night before continues to sprout, leaving confusion and a tentative friendship in its wake.

        15th, 22:32, City of Shadows - Mixology
        Alasdair Bennett, Everett Cooper
        A fleeting acquaintance is renewed at just the right time and leads to friendship, fun, and maybe even some flirting.

        16th, 12:47, Soho - In Good Spirits
        Alasdair Bennett, Everett Cooper
        Continuing their night together, Alasdair and Everett enjoy a night of food, friendship, and discovery.

        16th, 07:00, Cora’s Warehouse - Alea Iacta Est
        Matthew Cox, Coraline Larson
        What began as sympathy and friendship has become full fledged romance. The die has been cast, there's no going back.

        16th, 10:00, Azkaban - They Don’t Care About Us
        Liam O’Donnell, Bridget Callighan
        Old classmates Liam & Bridget meet again after years apart, trying to survive in Azkaban, and mysterious experimentation in the basements of the prison.

        20th, 01:13, Soho - Hunter's Game
        Citlali Separa, Everett Cooper
        Separate hunts cross paths and new connections are made.

        21st, 22:48, Regent’s Park - Northern Downpour
        Corrigan Ardagh, Damien LeMarch
        Two fugitives seek shelter within each other.

        21st-22nd, 14:15, Azkaban & O’Donnell Residence - Nothing Is True {Oneshot}
        Liam O’Donnell
        Liam is released into the streets of London where he wanders in front of the Abbey pub to find his wife Kara. After returning home, he discovers that his wife has not waited for his return.

        24th, 21:20, O’Donnell Residence - A Warm Unwelcome
        Liam O’Donnell, Kara Viridian
        On a quick trip home to fetch items to return to the manor, Kara finds her husband Liam waiting for her; she is not prepared for the confrontation.

        24th, 23:40, Tutaminis Grounds - Breathe Into Me
        Kara Viridian, Jace Bryden, Zeva Reid, Diana Blaine, Jonathan Partridge
        The Lucky 7 are startled by the inbound apparition of the weakened Kara Viridian. Jace brings her to the infirmary where Jon and Diana help with the counter-curse. Shadow suspects her Alphas interests in Kara; Jace sends Shadow and Rafe to gather recon in the city.

        25th, 07:30, Kara’s Room - What’s Left Unspoken
        Kara Viridian, Jace Bryden, Fierro Darque, Zeva Reid, Jaleth Lenor, Lucky 7
        (Continued from Breathe Into Me) After resting in her recovery, Kara awakens to find Jace in her room. He explains the details of her attack. As they open up to each other, their bond continues to grow.

        26th, 15:00, Tutaminis Grounds - Break Through the Silence
        Stana Chastaine, Madeline Jamison
        Summary: Living between the Order & the Garou has proven to work well for Stana, but she is approached by one of the recruits for help with blade and combat training.

        27th, 17:00, Kara’s Office - My Silver Lining
        Kara Viridian, Jace Bryden, Zeva Reid
        After a couple of days in recovery from her attack, Kara is working on final preparations. Jace comes by to confirm the Lucky 7's role in the battle, when the sparks fly between him and Kara...

        28th, 13:06, Cora’s Flat - Into the Darkness
        Matthew Cox, Coraline Larson
        Matt & Cora cope with their inner demons.

        28th, 22:00, The Abbey Still Can’t Feel the Wound
        Corrigan Ardagh, Tristan Viridan, Maeve McLeod
        Maeve convinces Tristan to get some relaxation in at a local pub; they meet a strange being who isn’t human or garou.

        × 30th, 12:00, Diagon Alley - The Drums of War
        Justin McDowell, Melissa McCarthy, Liam O'Donnell, Bridget Callighan, Casey Winslow, Kara Viridian, Jace Bryden
        The Order's planned attack on government strongholds and places of import is complicated when resistance-affiliated prisoners from Azkaban are brought forth as an example for the masses.

        30th, 12:00, Diagon Alley - The Drums of War Cont
        Jace Bryden, Kara Viridian, Liam O’Donnell, Rafe McPherson (NPC), Zeva Reid
        Sub-thread of the original The Drums of War following the Lucky 7 and the Order.

      • 1st, 10:00, - No Man Can Serve Two Masters
        Trevor Williams
        Trevor Williams, former Lord of the regime, re-emerges from the shadows.

        1st, 18:00, Tutaminis Manor - I Used to Know You So Well
        Kara Viridian, Casey Winslow
        A long time coming, Kara and Casey meet to discuss the events of the battle at Diagon, her attack at home, and the status of their relationship...

        1st, 23:11, Damien's Apartment - I Write Sins
        Corrigan Ardagh, Damien LeMarch
        A perfect night intended to celebrate their growing connection ends in tragedy and heartbreak for Corrigan and Damien.

        × 2nd, 12:00, Tutaminis Manor Guest -
        Wide Awake
        Bridget Callighan, Diana Blaine, (Open)
        Bridget wakes up in the safehouse, trying to recover from the battle and cope with losing contact with her partner, Liam.

        2nd, 12:00, Tutaminis Manor - It All Comes Crashing Down
        Lucy Winslow
        A few days following the attacks on Diagon Alley and the Ministry, Lucy has an overdue breakdown

        2nd, 22:47, UK Alley - Hello There, Sparky
        Corrigan Ardagh, Matthew Cox
        Matt protects a girl and discovers he’s not as alone as MI:5 made him believe.

        3rd, 18:48, Cora's Warehouse (Library)- Bloom
        Matthew Cox, Coraline Larson
        Matt and Cora bond over a sweet birthday celebration.

        3rd, 23:15, The Abbey - An Offer You Can’t Refuse
        Liam O’Donnell, Tristan Viridian
        After the battle, Liam hides out at the Abbey, waiting for Bridget. A man in blue approaches him with a new drug to test with the promise to exact revenge on his ex-wife.

        4th, 14:30, Tutaminis Manor Grounds - Misery Loves Company
        Kara Viridian, Julian Winslow
        A chance meeting on the manor grounds brings together two unlikely souls...

        4th, 19:30, Carver's Cut Restaurant, UK - A Bite to Eat
        Matthew Cox, Coraline Larson, Everett Cooper
        An unlikely reunion over dinner leads to a rekindled friendship for two changed soldiers

        5th, 02:15, MI5 Paranormal HQ - Burning Questions
        Katarina Bauer, Orion Burgess, Morgan Jones, Cole Callaway
        Cole interrogates Matt the morning of the botched sting operation at MI:5 and discovers the secret identity of the Devil of Judgment.

        5th, 03:00, MI:5/Director Jones’ Office - Kick Me While I’m Down
        Katarina Bauer, Orion Burgess, Morgan Jones, Patricia Clark
        (Continued from Burning Questions) After her stunt on her ex, Matt Cox, during his interrogation with Agent Callaway, Katarina is faced with serious consequences. She meets with her boss, and is appointed a psychologist to analyze her deteriorating mind.

        5th, Pits of Azkaban, Chimaera Laboratory - Absolute Zero (Oneshot)
        Christophe Viridian
        Trapped in the bowels of Azkaban is the prisoner of Project Chimaera.

        5th, 04:15, MI5 Paranormal HQ - Goodbye, Devil
        Matthew Cox, Coraline Larson , Cole Callaway, Horace Brakes (NPC), Loretta Patterson (NPC)
        Agents Callaway and Brakes head into the brig to speak with Matt and Cora about obtaining a confession to help save Matt’s hide from extermination for treason.

        5th, 17:45, London/Viridian Penthouse - Brother’s Keeper
        Matthew Cox, Tristan Viridian, Maeve McLeod
        After sending the command to Agent Welsh to set the charges, Tristan leaves his companion Maeve, in search of the ghost of his brother Matt.

        5th, 18:00 - Spiritus Sancti
        Matthew Cox
        The Devil finds himself at confession, seeking guidance and absolution.

        5th-7th, 18:00, Cora's Warehouse - It's Always Darkest Before the Dawn (Oneshot)
        Coraline Larson
        Out of desperation and determination, Cora shatters the hold her past had on her in hopes of a future she feels she doesn't deserve

        6th, 11:35, Matt & Klaus' flat - Fallout
        Matthew Cox, Klaus Schmidt
        Trying to make a clean getaway, Matt is confronted by his roommate about his whereabouts and the events of Day Zero.

        6th, 21:45, Kara’s Room - Feral Hearts
        Kara Viridian, Jace Bryden
        Jace returns after his shift to visit Kara. After a four day absence, the duo discuss the matters of the shift, the battle at Diagon, her divorce, his past, among other things…

        6th, 22:56, Everett's Apartment - We Are The Dead
        Alasdair Bennett, Everett Cooper, Matthew Cox
        The Devil seeks more than absolution, hungering for perspective. Unfortunately, he interrupts a date night on his quest.

        7th, 14:32, Cora's Warehouse - Broken Hearts
        Matthew Cox, Coraline Larson
        Matt seeks out Cora after their escape from Day Zero.

        7th, 16:30, Capitalum Building - Side Effects
        Kara Viridian, Jaleth Lenor, Fierro Darque, Liam O’Donnell, Jace Bryden, Zeva Reid, Jonathan Partridge
        Liam arrives at Tutaminis to sign divorce papers served by Kara. Armed with a mysterious drug, he tags someone other than his intended target and creates a new danger for the safehouse. Fighting for her life and the safety of the others, Kara struggles to tame the beast.

        7th, 17:30, Tutaminis Manor - Hunted
        Bridget Callighan, Liam O’Donnell, Bree Byrne (NPC), Tao Zhang (NPC), Mia Romano (NPC), Rafe McPherson (NPC)
        (runs concurrent with Side Effects) Bridget finds herself lurking around the Order safe house to find Liam and bring him to safety. The escape plan doesn’t come without flaws as they both come face to face with Jace’s crew and are forced to run or fight their way out.

        7th, 19:00, Capitalum Building - You Should Have Got to Know Me
        Jace Bryden, Kara Viridian, Zeva Reid, Ioan Carver (NPC), Jonathan Partridge, Fierro Darque, Jaleth Lenor, Rafe McPherson (NPC), Diana Blaine
        (Continued from Side Effects, and runs until 10 am, June 10th and runs until June 12th). Jace wakes up to find himself locked away in an old cell under the Order compound, and bound by chains. As he struggles to piece together the events of the night he let loose, the members of the Order and Kara’s council start to feel threatened by the presence of the garou.

        8th, 12:08, MI:5 HQ - Dead Man's Hand
        Simon Dobrowski, Mikhail Russo
        The clean up crew of Day Zero have discovered a ghoulish surprise in the sub basements of Mi5.

        8th, 18:18, Cora’s Warehouse - Cracks, Shadows, and Questions
        Coraline Larson, Citlali Separa, Matthew Cox, Orion Burgess
        Cora and Matt have a run in with a strange Nagual that insists on helping with things that cannot be seen. Old friends and older enemies reconcile when Orion’s medical knowledge is called on. Citlali takes on three new wards with broken spirits.

        9th, 02:15, O'Donnell Residence - Keep Your Head Down (Oneshot)
        Liam O'Donnell
        Recovering from his run-in with the Lucky 7, Liam stitches old wounds and considers everything going on in his life at the moment.

        9th, early morning, Owl Post - The Raven and the Sparrow
        Coraline Larson, Teague MacTail
        After a year apart, Cora sends a message to her old flame Teague to set the record straight.

        9th, 17:15, Cora’s Warehouse - Long Stories, Even Longer Overdue
        Coraline Larson, Teague MacTail, Matthew Cox
        Teague agrees to meet with Cora in person, with her new beau not too far away...

        9th, 19:20, The Abbey - Zero Gravity
        Teague MacTail, Drusilla Windsor, Delilah Chase
        After a long day with unexpected news--Teague summons his old friend for a drink to drown his sorrows.

        9th, 17:54, Cora’s Warehouse - Blue Devil, Yellow Spark
        Corrigan Ardagh, Matthew Cox
        Matt and Corrigan talk together about current events, struggle with past hurts, and plan for the future

        9th, 23:37, The Voice, Soho - The Singing Game
        Citlali Separa, Everett Cooper, Damien LeMarch
        A reunion, a flame, a supernatural threesome.

        10th, 09:00, MI5 Paranormal HQ - An Unexpected Friend
        Arlo Beckett, Patricia Clark
        After fully recruited by MI:5, Agent Arlo Beckett meets with Patricia Clark for his treatment.

        10th, 10:45, Brompton Cemetery, London - Sympathy For the Devil
        Cole Callaway, Matthew Cox
        At Agent Bashar's funeral, Cole runs into the most wanted man in London.

        10th, 12:00, Tutaminis Grounds - What’s Our Worth?
        Rafe McPherson (NPC), Zeva Reid
        (After Side Effects, During You Should Have Got to Know Me) Zeva attempts to douse out the fire behind Rafe’s distaste for Jace’s decisions to stay with the Order, after the effects of the drug cause trouble with the witches and wizards due to his rage. He sets out a challenge.

        11th, 0854, London, St. George's Cathedral - Requiem
        Thomas Cox (NPC), Corrigan Ardagh, Cole Callaway, Niklaus Schmidt, Katarina Bauer
        Here lies the memory of Matthew Cox, Soldier, Agent and ... vigilante. The staged memorial service brings the agency close, and their enemies closer.

        11th, 1032, London, St. George's Cathedral - Spark of Enlightenment
        Corrigan Ardagh, Niklaus Schmidt, Katarina Bauer
        After delivering her message to Matt's family, Corrigan evades the pursuit from MI5.

        11th, 13:25, Puxley Manor, Teague's Office - In Case of Emergency, Break Glass
        Richard Reynolds (NPC), Teague MacTail, Dru Windsor, Christophe Viridian, Delilah Chase
        A new breed of weaponry emerges from the pits of Azkaban to aid the Dark Lord and the Regime.

        11th, 15:10, Paris, France - City of Lights
        Matthew Cox, Coraline Larson
        Rekindling their relationship after Day Zero, Cora and Matt head off for a romantic getaway in France.

        12th, 23:20, MI5 Headquarters, Callaway's Office - Another High, Another Low
        Cole Callaway, Arlo Beckett
        Director Callaway meets with a potential candidate for his new task force.

        12th, 23:55, London - Kicking the Hornet's Nest (Oneshot/Open)
        Matthew Cox
        The Devil pays a visit to the known mob bookie for information.

        12th-14th, 20:30, The Abbey - Fragments of You
        Tristan Viridian, Coraline Larson
        While doing recon at the Abbey, Tristan runs into an old friend and steals her away for holiday to catch up on lost time. A surprise holiday goes awry; Two old friends are separated by their interests.

        12th, 23:20, London, Warehouse District - Do You Hear What I Hear?
        Arlo Beckett, Patricia Clark (NPC), Katarina Bauer, Matthew Cox
        Dr. Clark takes her patient (and MI:5 recruit) Arlo Beckett out for a training exercise in town, where they run into someone lurking in the shadows.

        13th, 07:30, London, Murkoff Securities Ltd. - Infamous
        Keo Lucci (NPC), Asher Castello, Ray Gunnerson (NPC)
        When the Cyber Dogs Alpha hears that their bookie was attacked and information stolen, he brings out the big guns to take care of business.

        13th, 17:00, Kara’s Office - No Good Deeds
        Kara Viridian, Jonathan Partridge, Fierro Darque, Stana Chastaine, Jaleth Lenor, Diana Blaine
        Kara reconvenes with her people after taking a couple of days to recover from her attack. She learns their stance and the facts of the events that night.

        13th, 17:31, London - The Waiting Game {Oneshot}
        Liam O'Donnell
        Liam suffers the madness of being alone, and wonders where to go from here...

        13th, 21:00, London - Against the Dying Light
        Matthew Cox, Jace Bryden, Maeve McLeod, Kara Viridian, Rafe McPherson (NPC)
        Following the lead of an ally in the city, Jace sets out to further investigate the origin of the poison. He finds a familiar face, a familiar scent, and round 2 becomes a lot more than anyone bargained for.

        13th, 23:30, London, Jon’s Safehouse - Paved with Good Intentions
        Jonathan Partridge, Matthew Cox, Zeva Reid, Ioan Carver (NPC), Rafe McPherson (NPC)
        After the events of Against the Dying Light, Matt goes to Jon’s known safehouse in London. Matt quickly realizes Jon has pieced together Matt's involvement with MI:5 and Coraline Larson.

        14th, 00:20, Capitalum Building - Hell or High Water
        Kara Viridian, Jace Bryden, Diana Blaine, Jaleth Lenor, Stana Chastaine
        Jace and Kara arrive at the manor and rush to the infirmary; Diana is tasked with healing both alphas.

        14th, 00:35, Streets of London/Viridian Penthouse - Press One for New Messages
        Maeve McLeod, Tristan Viridian, Mr. Buckingham & Mr. Stonehenge (NPCs)
        Tristan returns in a rush after receiving frantic messages from Maeve. He summons his contacts to help her recover.

        14th, 03:45, London, Cora's Warehouse - Abandon All Hope
        Matthew Cox, Corrigan Ardagh, Coraline Larson (Tagged)
        Matt arrives at Cora's Warehouse, broken and beaten after his crash with Jon Partridge and run in with the Lucky 7.

        14th, 04:05, Tutaminis Manor, Capitalum - It's All Connected
        Kara Viridian, Jace Bryden, Jaleth Lenor, Zeva Reid, Diana Blaine, Bree Byrne, Rafe McPherson, Ioan Carver, Tao Zhang, Mia Romano
        Kara & Jace try to rest off their injuries, after hearing about the Devil's encounter with Jon in town. The Order and the Lucky 7 come together to put together the pieces they picked up during the fight with the Devil the night before.

        14th, 07:00, MI5 Paranormal, Offices - First Case
        Kameron Hayes, Orion Burgess, Cole Callaway, Patricia Clark (NPC)
        News of Matthew Cox's whereabouts reach the department the morning after his fight with the garou.

        15th, 07:30, Tutaminis Manor, The Den - Family
        Bree Byrne (NPC), Zeva Reid, Jaleth Lenor, Ioan Carver (NPC), Stana Chastaine, Jace Bryden, Mia Romano (NPC), Rafe McPherson (NPC), Tao Zhang (NPC), Kara Viridian
        A peaceful day to themselves, the garou pack finally experience a normal day in the life, at the Order compound.

        15th, 13:30, Tutaminis Manor, Infirmary - The Devil, You Do
        Kara Viridian, Diana Blaine, Jonathan Partridge (mentioned)
        Kara visits Jon in the infirmary after addressing issues that shook up the manor just days before.

        15th, 20:30, The Green Olive, London - What's Inside Our Heads
        Katarina Bauer, Arlo Beckett
        Having come out of an operation gone awry, a couple of MI:5 Hounds get to know each other better some drinks.

        15th, 13:30, Tutaminis Manor - Can't Stop The Killer {Oneshot}
        Fierro Darque, Alexandra Winter (NPC)
        Haunted by his past, Fierro awakens from a nightmare...

        16th, 08:56, MI5 HQ - Mission Report
        Cole Callaway, Arlo Beckett, Katarina Bauer
        A few days after their first operation, Kat and Arlo are requested to Director Callaway's office for clarification on their debrief.

        16th, 13:00, The Abbey - Like Father, Like Son
        Fierro Darque, Tristan Viridian
        When Fierro learns about his son's involvement with the drug, he arranges a meeting with him in town.

        16th, 17:30, The Abbey - Through the Motions
        Anne Fernsby, Kara Viridian, Jace Bryden
        After a fruitless search for the missing Guard Captain Von Wolfram, Anne returns to the Abbey in search of her unusual ally... Kara.

        17th, 0330, Viridian Penthouse - The Devil, You Don't
        Tristan Viridian, Maeve McLeod (mentioned)
        While Maeve is in recovery, Tristan reflects on the conversation he had with his father, and considers the consequences of his actions thus far.

        17th, 17:46, Aventus’ Local Residence - Real Talk
        Peregrine Jacobs, Everett Cooper, Aventus Starsong
        Aventus hosts a meeting with an old friend in the hopes of helping his nephew find the support he requested.

        18th, 2:45, Downtown London - Always Pay Our Debts
        Asher Castello, Jace Bryden, Zeva Reid, Keo Lucci (NPC)
        Jace and Shadow head into London to meet with the Cyber Dogs, to settle the score.

        22nd, 8:30, MI5 Med Bay - Dead Like Me
        Simon Dobrowski, Arlo Beckett, Open
        As new assets get check ups, they check each other out.

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