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by: Kara Viridian
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March 19th, 2012

Markus -

Where do I even begin?! Well...The other day, I made one of the toughest decisions I've ever had to make. I guess I'm a leader now. It's what I wanted, right? After all this time, I finally have the chance to make a difference...But there's so many people doubting me. They don't even have to say it aloud half the time but I can just see it in their eyes. I can see the disappointment and trouble this has caused. Someone's life was on the line. My father. I wish I had more time to consider the consequences. I wish I had time to talk to someone. To Casey, to you--hell, even Kyle was there that day. But I didn't. There was no time.

I really hope this reaches you, and I want you to be okay. Last time I saw you...

I don't know if you're going to see this anytime soon's been about ten days since I last heard of your whereabouts. I sent trackers to seek out your usual places, but they came up empty. I only did it after I met with Anne--oh, you might think I'm crazy--but she came into the bar and I helped her. She was a mess...a little hesitant to take my help but I told her I was a friend and when she said you'd gone missing, it worried me. She misses you deeply, Markus. Honestly, so do I.

I hope you've just flown off for some peace somewhere. After everything that's happened, you deserve it. You deserve happiness, my dear brother. Just let me know if you're doing well...

All the best.
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by: Kara Viridian
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May 9, 2012

It's been a while since my first letter. Not sure if you received that message at all, but here I write to you again. Have you gone away and forgotten about all of us? On one hand, I wouldn't blame you for trying to start over. I wish I had that chance--to just run away.

Shortly after I wrote last--the day after, actually--I traveled to America for a brief while. The weather's interesting there, and they get to see the sun a little more often than we do, which is strange, but holy Merlin, airplanes are something else. If I had it my way I'd have apparated, but with my luck (since I haven't attempted travel that air since we were in the service) I would have ended up retching my guts out for a few days or even worse...splinched. Things are lining up nice, I think. We have plans in place to set something up and it's going to do wonders for us... US, if you know what I mean.

There's someone new in my life, but not like that--Merlin, no. I just think that

He stumbled into my life in such an extraordinary way but I can't read him.I mean, I can It's confusing. It's all confusing, actually, but I can't talk to anyone about it. Father would think I'm crazy. Jaleth would probably think I'm crazy too, and Jon? He doesn't approve of it at all, and of course there's Casey and...

I'm a mess. I miss you, brother. I miss your serious-face, and that cold (but sincere) look when you'd tell me how stupid I'm being over men, how worked up I get over simple things. Not to discredit those people here who can help but it's not the same. They're not you.

Please be okay. Please write back.
With love.
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by: Kara Viridian
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May 15, 2012


You know, I keep writing here and I don't even know if you're getting these. So tell me why I keep doing it? It's relaxing, I guess, even though I'm talking into the air without a word back. It's a bit worrisome, yeah. Just send me something. An owl. A messenger. Hell, pick up one of those muggle contraptions--a cell phone--call the Abbey and all you need to do is say hello and that'll suffice. I just want to make sure you're okay, brother.

Now I have to ask: Have you ever had to deal with two forces that work together as well as oil and water? I was so stressed out this week, having to configure a meeting between Casey and my new ally, Jace--the one who helped me, by the way. I realized after writing you all this time, I never told you his name. He's...interesting. A damn spitfire, if you ask me. Took me two months to breakthrough with him, but we're okay now. I think. It's complicated, and something I gotta explain in person, if I ever get the chance, there's just too much to write that might cross some wires and seem more confusing than it really is.

Anyway, yeah. Father helped ease my nerves some prior to that meetup--or rather, clash--but I had to mediate a meeting to line up what we have going here, and man was it tense as hell. I don't know how politicians or organizational leaders do this every day, sit here and cut each other with words. I can be diplomatic, I guess, but you know me. I'd rather fight my way through something than sit and talk. Until recently, Jace didn't realize that was my intention all along, but I keep hearing all this bollocks about what leaders are 'supposed to do' how things are supposed to be 'proper and poised' and all that nonsense. I don't generally function that way. How am I supposed to run things, if I don't believe in my own actions, you know?

I'm rambling. As usual.
Please call or send word. Anything, brother.
I must know if you're alive, or if you need help--you know I will try my best to do so.

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by: Kara Viridian
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May 25, 2012

Something terrible happened. It's my fault... I think it's my f--[watermarks on the paper render the rest of the sentence illegible]

Liam is a monster. I should have listened to you, to everyone when I married him. I shouldn't have...[more tears on the paper]. He found out about Casey, that I moved on because I thought he was dead! I thought he was DEAD for Merlin's sake! But I know this was probably my fault I should have known that He was different, though. Liam, he wasn't himself, I could see it in his eyes. They keep telling me that doesn't change the fact that he turned his hand on me. He hit me. He cursed me.

I'm alive. Barely, but alive. Thanks to the man I told you about before. Jace. He found me in the fields after I got away. He saved my life.
Now I don't know what to do. I don't know why this is happening to me.
I'm sorry.

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