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by: Orion Burgess
April 17th

Dearest Gemma,

I am out at a belated birthday celebration with one of my muggle coworkers and he has insisted that I write you a letter rather than continue to bite my tongue.

Did you honestly think so poorly of me that it made sense for me to abandon you? Knowing that I took an Unbreakable vow at our wedding to care for you? Certainly, you know that everyone in the Syndicate works? I was tasked with (and am just now allowed to disclose this information) acting as a liaison to the muggle government. I have quite enjoyed the work and will be continuing it indefinitely.

I must confess: I am torn. It is my fondest wish to be together as a family again. Sylvia (for what other tribute can we give to Sylvanna that would honor her?) and Andrew will be provided the best care that I can give them. Do not doubt that. Does that, though, mean that you and I are suited to be living together? Our tempers, should we be honest, do not good bedfellows make. While I am no longer the callous and cold boy that I was, I find being on the receiving end of undeserved wrath both tiresome and frustrating. I adore the good times, but frankly, you have been a more congenial wife from a distance.

Everything I've done was for your benefit. Should you wish to receive your wedding band back and resume your place at my side as my wife, I shall welcome you back gladly and we may begin our lives over, free from Sullivan's nonsense. You may call me on the attached cellular phone contact number.

If, however, you would prefer to maintain your distance despite the fact that I by no free will of my own did you any harm, then please cash the ten thousand muggle pound check that I have saved for our children's care. I wish you the best of luck and the deepest and most sincere apologies. I shall, if the money is withdrawn from my account, continue to send you monthly support checks for the children's welfare and for your own well being.

Forgive the delay in my response, I am but recently recovered from a nervous breakdown following the events of my brother's death. While I am no longer lost and have recovered, I find myself treasuring moments of solitude and quietude more than previous. I mourn in my own way still, and yet I shall recover.

I hope this letter finds you in good health and good spirits, and I fondly hope that we may further discuss this face to face.

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