Have an owl you need to send out? Please write your letter and send your feathery friend on its way. Don’t forget a treat! Owls work hard, you know.
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by: Jonathan Partridge
May 25th 2012 - sent at 7 am
Casey -
I hope this notice finds you well. I sent a Patronus for you this morning and apologize for the hour it was sent -- but I wanted to deliver this via Owl too, as it is a matter of great urgency. Late last night, She was attacked. We have stabilized her and she's home safe at the manor, but it would serve you well to see her when she awakens. We have guards on watch to make sure she stays safe. Send word to me if need be, and travel safe, old friend.

J. Partridge
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by: Kara Viridian
May 26th 2012 - sent at 1 pm
C -
Sending this to wherever you might be in the world now to let you know that I am alright. Jon informed me that he sent word to you yesterday, but I wanted to send one myself. I was attacked, but I'm very much alive, thanks to him.

I know I'm due to see you in a few days...but we should
But I'd like to see you soon.

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