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By Eric Pangbourn
2 February 2012


How strange it is to think it's been a week since I saw the inside of that hell hole. It's been strange and interesting all at once. I won't bore you with the details of my days. Merely the highlights. Your wife, Kara, is quite lovely. You didn't tell me how exquisite she was. She was my server, and I tried the fish and chips. The food was quite delicious and exceeded expectations, frankly. After all, nice though your establishment is, it's not exactly fancy.

I saw my wife the next day. I visited my favorite little restaurant in Hogsmeade and she walked by with my daughter with a few bags in hand, the bags she always took with her to go to the grocery. I didn't say anything to her to alert her to my presence. She seemed a little on edge but happy. My daughter had an ice cream cone and seemed completely oblivious to much around her other than her mother, whom she skipped after. I was glad my daughter seemed quite happy, although I do miss her. I am hoping to change the mind of the court in upcoming months.

However, I am afraid I have some bad news to break to you. There's no nice way to put it, my friend. Your wife is seeing another man. I didn't catch his name nor recognize him, but there was a hug and a variety of kiss not shared between family members. I left her a note with her tip before I left to let her know you send your regards. I didn't stay to see her reaction. I hope this doesn't bring you down but rather gives you a reason to keep fighting and to fight hard with the assistance of my lawyer. Hopefully he came to see you as scheduled the day after I left. Fight, my friend, and fight hard.

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By Liam O'Donnell
"O'Donnell...looks like someone actually likes you out there!" The old Guard wheezed as they walked up to the cell door. ”Maybe a love letter?” He mocked the prisoner, smelling the paper for any traces of perfume or lipstick on the parchment, but there was none.

Liam pulled himself to his feet and ran towards the door, trying to reach and grab whatever it was the Guard was going to slip through the crack in the door. He was glad they hadn’t chained him up this time. He didn’t care for the weight of them, as his muscles though weak were able to handle it, they just irritated his wrists and ankles and the sound was irritating too.

”If you don’t want me to bash your face in, you better back up, boy.” He growled.

Liam complied, staggering back at the threat. He heard the screech of the small slit in the door open, the opening where his food was dispensed, or whatever the hell else they wanted to throw at him. One time, it was a breath of fire that roared through the door, and he’d been standing way too close. Assholes, the lot of them.

Then he saw it. An envelope.

Liam stayed back until the screeching happened again which meant that the small door slid shut, and the Guard vanished, his wheezing laughter and heavy footstep echoing in the hallway. Almost on all fours, he bounded toward the envelope until he skid along the concrete slab on his knees. He took the envelope into hand and tore it open. He was hoping it’d been a letter from his wife, since he hadn’t heard from her in some time—but to his surprise, it wasn’t…it was from Eric. He chuckled to himself. Miss me that much, Eric?

He carefully unfolded the letter, and started to read in the dim light. He mused at things like his comments about his lovely wife and the Abbey, and even smiled a bit when Eric mentioned his wife and daughter. But then, Liam felt his stomach twist, particularly toward the end. He softly gasped. He couldn't believe it. She was seeing... She was dating someone? Liam screamed at the top of his lungs and walked over to his mattress, which was nothing more than a piece of flimsy foam and a pillow--if you could even call it that at this point since he preferred just laying down on the concrete--and Liam flipped over the contents here. He banged his fists against the wall, screaming over and again until he saw spots. Who could that man have been? Was he sure that was Kara? his Kara? Once he calmed down and he could see clearly, he hobbled over to the corner near the door, where he kept a bit of the writing utensils they gave him for his 'good behavior'. He didn't ever think to attack an armed Guard with a sharpened pencil since they were armed to the teeth and would most definitely take him down, so they let him keep it. He flipped the letter over and used the blank side to compose his own message because now he was feeling everything, and so intensely, he wanted to know the truth.


5 February, 2012

What do you mean? Who was she with... (Nevermind you already said.

Thanks for taking the time after your release to keep your promise. You know that I haven't heard from Kara in a long time. Are you sure it was her, and the Abbey? I gave you the right address, I hope. It's just been so long now I might have said something else-- I dunno. I hate to ask this of you again, but would you be able to find out more?

At any rate, I am glad to hear that you got to see your daughter. In regards to your wife? Don't do anything to get your ass thrown back in here.


Short, and to the point. Liam considered himself smart, though it didn't quite show in his writing, especially in contrast to the eloquence of his friend. It would be a bloody miracle if Eric could read the damn scrawl, since his hand was shaking so bad out of anger and out of practice from writing anything, he was sure Eric was going to give him some bullshit about how it looked like an school-aged child wrote it as opposed to a thirty-something man. He didn't care about that...as long as the message went through, he'd patiently (but at the same time, impatiently) wait until Eric wrote back. He hoped he would write back. It'd be a hard few days of waiting for clarification on this, but he'd been doing so much waiting already, a few more days wasn't going to hurt him. He had nothing but time.

The younger guard, a girl, was on watch the next morning...he'd ask her to send it out then.
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By Eric Pangbourn
There was a desperation in the letter, one that only meant Eric's poor fool of a friend still had feelings for his wife despite the fact his wife had quite clearly moved on. It was almost sad and pathetic and Eric gave a wry smile of pity as he set the letter down and pulled out parchment of his own. He poised his quill to write, yet set it back in its holder a moment later. What did he even say to Liam that wouldn't sound to the man like he was mocking him or pitying him? There was a fine line between sympathy and pity and Eric hadn't the slightest how to avoid crossing it. He'd had little experience with such emotions, at least not since Berenice had cheated as she had and forced him to detach from emotion. Alright, he'd already lived that way before, but he'd tried for her. He'd actually tried for her. He'd been a fool once, too, hadn't he? He frowned at the thought and picked the quill up once more.
6 February, 2012

I feel for you, Liam. Truly, I do. I've been through it before myself with my wife. Early on, I caught her with a love interest she'd once had during her days at Hogwarts. They had been sending letters back and forth, and that was the beginning of the end for us. So young and so newly married. We should have been in pure wedded bliss, yet she ruined it. Perhaps there's an explanation your wife could provide, but what could she possibly give but excuses? It's been so short a time. How could she move past unless she's incapable of the deepest intricacies of that feeling we all call love? Women are easy prey to flattery and attention. They crave it, and they accept it regardless the cost. I'm sure it was Kara, Liam, as sorry as I am to write that.

Stay strong. When you're released, you'll be able to seek your answers.

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