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By Gemma Winston
[OOC: This isn't meant to be directly replied to, Gemma just wanted to send another letter... it can be referenced, etc., but it's not really a thread, more of a oneshot.]

March 11th, 2012

Sent in the same manner as the last letter, the ink is even more blotted than the last one. There are a few crossed-out words here and there. Included inside is a copy of a rather blurry photo, unmoving in the Muggle style: an ultrasound image of two tiny babies snuggled comfortably together.


I shouldn't have sent that other letter. I debated it for far too long, which should have been a warning to me that it was too harsh, too angry, and entirely not suitable to send. I'm sorry to have given a false impression of my mood as of late: I was, indeed, very angry, and with good reason, but that has calmed somewhat, as my temper usually does. I wrote that letter a couple of months ago, when I was angry... it should have stayed in that time, and never come into this one.

The truth is, some of that letter is indeed accurate. I cannot say for certain, at this point, what it is that I want, save that I want to know the truth. I want to know why you felt it was necessary to fake your death, and without warning me. Do I really mean so little to you? Was that truly the only choice you had? I find those actions very difficult to reconcile with your previous professions that you loved me, which has led to my current belief that you, in fact, do not, and never have, not in the same way that I cared for you.

Regardless of how we feel for each other, however, it was unnecessary and cruel of me to state that you could never see our children. You hurt me, yes, but not them. Enclosed is a photograph of them. Sofi took me to a Muggle Healer doctor, where they used a very interesting technology called an "ultrasound" to take pictures of the twins, to make sure they were healthy. All is apparently well, though I am getting rather alarmingly large. They are, apparently, a boy and a girl... I was thinking of naming the boy after Andrew. I'm overwhelmingly sorry to hear of his death, he is was a kind, lovely man, one of the kindest I've ever known.

This part became almost illegible: it was obvious Gemma had wept heavily onto the parchment.

Speaking of untimely deaths, Sylvanna, Franco's wife, was killed. This is part of the reason I was so angry, because they were trying to help me locate you... they were noticed by several pro-Regimes, who came after Sylvanna for being obviously Veela. Franco tried to pass her off as his slave, but when they tried to take her from him, he fought back. They used a spell -- I don't know which -- to cut her open in retribution. Franco took them down, but she died before he could get her back to the City. Do you see now, Ri, why I have been so angry? She did not deserve this. They did not deserve this. This has become more than just about you and I: we have brought down people with us. Her blood is on our hands and hearts, and I am heartsick with it.

I doubt you will want to see me. I am sorry that you have to, if you have any interest in seeing the twins, for I don't wish to cause such inconvenience. You do not even need to reply to this, I will be sure that you receive regular updates as to our children's health and wellbeing. I swear to you that I will look after them as best I can.

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