Have an owl you need to send out? Please write your letter and send your feathery friend on its way. Don’t forget a treat! Owls work hard, you know.
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By Trevor Williams
1 June 2012
Sent 10:30 a.m. EEST/8:30 a.m. GMT
  • Teague,
Trevor sighed as he stared at the parchment. No, for this he had to be cautious. After all, consideration for all Teague and Delilah had likely done in his wake was all that kept him from simply returning at this point. He needed to communicate to Teague that he was not a threat through the verbage he used, and writing Teague as a friend would be too laid back for that purpose. He doubted Teague had become power hungry in his wake. He hadn't sensed it during what little time he had managed to see Teague while captured in the Syndicate, but he also knew Teague walked a cautious line. Having been captured as he had, Teague himself had to prove himself, and if Trevor swooped in, that wouldn't happen.
  • Lord MacTail,

    It is with a sense of urgency that I write. I received news of the Order's attack on Diagon Alley yesterday. From the sound of it and the photos included in the paper here, it seems the damage is extensive, that casualties were accrued, and there is a sense of alarm and disrest amongst your citizenry. The last thing I desire is a return to that position of power which I once held and passed onto you and Ms. Chase, but I feel I cannot long sit and do nothing. I was once of use to our former leader in ensuring certain threats simply ceased to be. With the Order's persistence and refusal to die, it is clearly time that we find a way to drown the ashes such that the flame might never reignite for the Phoenix to rise, and I would love nothing more than to be the one to see to its ultimate demise. Their likes have been a thorn in our side for entirely too long, and if we are to continue to prosper, they must not exist much longer. I have no desire to do anything which might undermine you, however. (You and Ms. Chase have done well in my absence and will continue to do so with or without my presence, after all.) Should my skill set be of use, you need only say the word.

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By Teague MacTail
Sent 7:50 p.m. GMT

Teague had been pacing the small area in front of the fire place for the better part of the past 20 minutes. The letter he'd received earlier this morning had been highly unexpected and had left the tracker feeling as conflicted as ever. Trevor wanted back in.

The tracker paused in his pacing and leaned up against the mantel, finishing off the last bit of the drink he'd poured once he finally chased everyone out of his office. Del and Dru had been in earlier and he'd shown them both the letter. Each had offered their own unique take on what he should do, the real question was did he want to have the man back in the fold. There was no love lost between the tracker and his former friend... some betrayals cut to deep, and the fact that he'd had Cora along for the ride. Teague let out a soft sigh. There was no doubt that Trevor had a unique skill set that would prove invaluable with the plan to snuff out the Order was presented to the Death Eaters, but could the man be trusted? Trusted to not turn on him again? Trusted to stay on task now that his girls were no longer in the picture?.

The sound of shattering glass brought Teague's wandering thoughts back into focus. He'd thrown his glass into the flames with a rare show of anger and turned his attention back to the blank sheet of parchment sitting on the small end table. Quickly he moved to it and scrawled out a reply. It was a calculated risk, but if Trevor was up to anything Teague would be ready, and his former friend would be in for a world of hurt.

June 15th, 10:00 a.m., conference room, main floor. Bring yer A game.

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