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by: Cole Callaway
File 01:
Autopsy Report - Veronika Langdon
Cause of Death - Heart Failure
Age: 29

Next of Kin:
Father - Viktor Langdon
Mother - Aria Langdon
Brother - Felix Langdon
Sister - Xenia Langdon


Patient was delivered to Lancaster General on 3, December 2011.
Patient presented with symptoms of a .......
....cardiac arrest....
....all vital signs normal... not resuscitate.

Her fiance, Special Agent Cole Callaway was present when....
...states that there may be some other work involved with her death.
There were no drugs in her system when a tox-screen was performed...
...stopped heart.

...Time of Death 03:00

Doctor Lincoln Larabee
Attending Nurse Philippa Atherton
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