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by: Orion
Following the events of Day Zero, a journal is found in the research laboratories in a secure locker. Most of the pages have been charred by the blast, but several notes are legible

-8 is still missing. I hope she is found soon; the incident with her and -135 proved the necessity of providing an APPROPRIATE bonding partner for these mutants. It shows that the conditioning for them to bond is working though. M-135 is showing definite progr-

-calling him the Devil. The field trials for -135 are showing his promise for paramilitary applications. With his conditioning complete, it's time to transition him from Jekyll to Hyde completely and remove him from his civilian life.-

-issing for three days now. He didn't check in. This is the second mutant we've lost now; I can't confirm either of them dead, nor do I hope they are. If we can find M-28 and M-135 alive and well, then we can use that as a justification for their viability as long term agents. Likely, they've bonded with someone and are with their new handler(s). Is the wizarding government trying to steal our weaponry? Could this be another sabotage from Doctor Rey-

-35 had made his reappearance with a witch, no less. His behaviors indicate he's bonded to her as his handler. No worry. We can make him forget and recondition him. The bond is strong; that's a good sign. Once he's back into the program, we should have no more problems with handling him. All we need to do is get him into the facil-

-M-28 is still missing. Where has my good girl gone? I know she isn't dead. She's too smart and stubborn for that. She's probably hiding somewhere. All alone...M-3 is despondent without 'her precious child.' So am I, M-3, so am I...-

-ones to be arrested, as am I. I shall have to abandon my work here and take M-3, M-2, and M-5 with me to the other facility. My work will continue, with or without the governme-
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