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by: Rupert Reynolds
12 May 2012

Freedom. I've granted my old school mate Ezra his freedom from Azkaban, and he's been out for about two months now. It's been interesting, having company in my flat, but our sole purpose, our operation, has been rather stagnant as of late.

Getting him out of that pit wasn't easy, by any means. I had to pull some strings with Von Grimm--much to the dismay of that old sod Sark, but now he and I are at an impasse. Deadlocked. All of the notes and things I've procured over the months have led me into a dead end, a thick concrete wall, a barricade between me and the truth. Some fingers are pointing to Daniel, Ezra's brother, but why the hell would I want to go back into the depths of the prison I'd just helped him escape? I loathe that place...I despise the filth there--their treatment of the prisoners. Before it used to house actual criminals but now there were folks in there, simply locked away because they didn't have the right paperwork?

I haven't been called in to do a psych evaluation of anyone since they cancelled my last appointment with Liam O'Donnell. I wonder if that man is still alive. He didn't look well, the last I saw him.

I'll check in soon, once I have more information...

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by: Rupert Reynolds
6 June 2012

There was a terrible incident in London, just down the street from the office. I usually take that street to head home, too, but I heard it happened sometime in the night, or rather the early hours of the morning, so I would have missed it anyhow. However, the traffic is so terrible around that way that I have to detour just to get the Claudia's or even home. It was a government building, an agency headquarters, that suffered an explosion. I'm beginning to wonder if this has any ties to the attack on Diagon that happened just last week. An attack on both governments in the same week?

Claudia and mum told me that they were nowhere near the area that day, and I'm glad. The shop suffered some damage, and even with insurance premiums I'll probably have to front some to get it repaired and inventory replaced for her, but that's no a problem. As long as the family is safe.

I should probably head over to check on them this afternoon. Perhaps I'll take this opportunity to dig around at mum's house, just to see if there's any other files dad left behind. Anything at all would be helpful, better than this dead end I keep running into...

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