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By Kay
The following is a collection of documents on House Viridian from an ongoing investigation...
(The paper has been damaged but the rest of it that is legible, has several areas marked out with black marker that are irreversible, even by magical means.)
Article iv
[W I N T E R, A L E X A N D R A]

[Most of Alexandra's history has been blacked out] -- and she remained in London, UK. She befriended Nicholas' brother, Chris-- Minister Darque's transgression against his wife, Alexandra is all true.

The allegation of one Mister Nicholas Viridian v. Alexandra Winter in a custody case over their daughter Kara Melinde Viridian came to a halt when Nicholas Viridian reported the untimely death of his wife to the Ministry. (See the full transcript in the Case Files under Divorce case B06-09.84). After Alexandra's death, Nicholas went underground, leaving Kara to live with family until she was able to live on her own in London. We later learned that this is when the persona of Fierro Darque was born, as he pursued a career with the Dark Lord and the regime.

Further documentation goes on to explain the heritage of Kara Viridian as --

After review of the case notes, we are led to believe that Mister Nicholas Viridian, known to the Wizarding World under his pseudonym Minister Fierro N. Darque, did in fact kill Ms. Winter. The coroner's report retrieved from the Ministry listed her injuries as follows: lacerations to the face and back, slash on her chest from the right clavicle to the left breast, broken femur, and several burns due to the house fire that was used to cover up her death. Magical residue was found on her hands that prove the use of a counter curse. The prominent wound, the slash on her chest, was caused by the use of one 'Sectumsempra' curse, and was the potential cause of death, leading her to bleed out.

What was ruled as an accident is now considered an unsolved homicide with Former Minister Fierro Darque at the top list of suspects of this cold case.

Most recently, Minister Darque has reportedly abandoned his post at the Ministry and ... ... as this investigation unfolds.

- Kerrigan Truffault, P.I.

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