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By Corrigan Ardagh
2012 June 5
The following files were discovered after the initial fact finding about the Mutation Project.
While investigation is still underway, the files have been made available to all active of Mi5: Paranormal after this memo date.
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By Corrigan Ardagh
Item #: M-28
Object Class: Grey
Special Containment Procedures: M-28 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell, composed of plastics or other non-conductive materials. M-28 is to be provided with one (1) memory foam bed, two (2) feather pillows, one (1) quilt, one (1) toilet, one (1) sink (ceramic), one (1) rib shower (plastic), and one (1) novel to be rotated on request.

All artifacts belonging to M-28 are to be kept in storage locker 28-1.

Subject is to be monitored and recorded at all times by two or more individuals and/or video recorders. In the event of a containment breach, personnel who come into contact with M-28 are advised to avoid physical contact and attempt to deescalate the situation before attempting re-containment. If hostility is presented, force is approved.

Description: M-28 is a 21 year old Caucasian female who calls herself Corrigan Ava Ardagh. There are no records of such a person in any available databases (See note 19-A3). Malnutrition and underdevelopment noted in subject. Nutrition program and weight program to be completed prior to study continuation.

M-28 has severe violent tendencies and has displayed a remarkable ability to use any item as a weapon. However, she has severe anxiety and prefers to attempt to flee after causing their aggressor injury. The demonstrated feral behavior is often triggered when cornered or tied down, most likely the repercussions of living homeless in [REDACTED] as a child. Further testing for reactive attachment disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder (ASD). M-28 has demonstrated a high level of hyper-awareness and empathetic behaviors; she has asked Dr. Huiro why she does not leave her partner. When pushed to explain the question, M-28 pointed out that Huiro often has strange bruising and responds poorly to working with aggressive women.

Post-anxiety attacks, M-28 is generally unresponsive to external stimuli, remaining non-responsive to all attempts at communication as well as most attempts at physical contact. Attempts at teaching M-28 to communicate via touch or sign language during these episodes have yielded little success.

Addendum A: After blood tests were run it was found that M-28 has the genetic trait XXX though it is recessive. They present no magical traits or abilities beyond the presence of the XXX trait. Further testing will need to be conducted to attempt convert to dominant trait.

Addendum B: Genetic experiments unsuccessful. Further attempts may be more viable at cellular level. Genetic collection and cultivation approved. (See note 54-C4).

Note 19-A3: Corrigan Ardagh is an unknown name in all available databases. There are no birth or death records and searching both missing persons and missing children has yielded no results. Further details are unavailable due to an ongoing investigation.

M-28 was discovered by assistant David Curvero following the their attempt to pickpocket him while traveling through [REDACTED] between Willow Street and Third Avenue. Assistant Curvero had enough foresight to offer the female a job within Mi5 under the following details: [REDACTED]. Mi5 personnel were alerted to the situation 18 hours later, necessitating a temporary quarantine of the subject and mass-administration of Class-B Amnestics to individuals ( , ) due to their objections of the subject’s age.

Following this event, it was noted that M-28 was willing to help but avoided answering all questions of their history prior to age 11. They only repeat that they lived on the streets before getting agitated and throwing a violent fit, often attacking the person questioning them. Dr. Ahoudi took a pen to the forearm during one of these fits before M-28 could be sedated. Further details are classified pending an ongoing investigation.

Note 54-C4: Cultivation of numerous eggs successful. Frozen storage approved. In vitro fertilization experiments approved for other subjects. Genetic combinations follow: [REDACTED]. Post-surgery complications noted.
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By Corrigan Ardagh
The following information has been recovered from the scientific journal of Assistant Curvero posthumously.

2010 March 15

Subject has been delivered to the facility. They still are quite small and underfed. Initial scans show severe muscle and tissue degeneration indicating years of malnutrition. Bloodwork and fertility tests yielded poor results as well. Strict diet and stamina-based exercise moving forward until peak physicality goal met.

2010 March 17

Subject displays extreme behaviors ranging from anxious to feral. They lashed out at a nurse today and bit them until they bled for touching their neck. Subject was fully restrained following, including a face covering. Subject proceeded to thrash and shriek until they pushed themself into hyperventilating then breaking into a panic attack with full bouts of sobbing and begging. Restraints were not removed for safety.

2010 June 22

Physicality goal met today. Psychological exam results provided as the following:

  • Fluctuations between hypersomnia and insomnia
  • Triggered and untriggered panic attacks
  • Shows signs of hyper attachment and affection towards certain individuals (Huiro, Ahoudi, Curvero)
  • Refuses physical contact except from above listed individuals
  • Selective mutism
  • Reactive aggression
  • Episodes of dissociation often with periods of hyper-violence or memory loss
  • Refuses basic care often (IV use required)

  • Abandoned child syndrome
  • Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)
  • Reactive attachment disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD-ASD)

DEEMED UNNECESSARY - Dr. Ahoudi requires no mental treatment for subject unless it begins to affect trials.

2010 July 1

Prior to medication introduction, behavioral therapy was put in place. Subject was introduced to [REDACTED] (M-3) for memory modification. Subject appeared uncertain of Olivia initially but when provided with appearance modification became attached to the other subject. Subject often acts as a child and takes direction from elder subject, reverting to child-like mentality to fulfill psychological needs. It has made control over new subject much easier and they are less likely to lash out.

2010 July 14

Olivia lashed out at subject today. Clawed their face good when M-28 refused to sing so Olivia could dance. Subject retaliated to the violence and had to be forcibly separated after they bit Olivia and tore a chunk from their shoulder. Subject proceeded to have a panic attack and fall into a dissociative catatonia shortly after.

2010 July 18

Subject is still unresponsive. Use of IV has been approved.

2010 July 21

Medication treatment begins today. Treatment includes [REDACTED] combined with [REDACTED]. First bout of medication was initially rejected by the body. Second bout was given with anti-nausea so results may be skewed but the subject didn't vomit either.

Addendum: Subject fell into a seizure. Dosage re-evaluated. M-28 suffered concussion.

2010 September 25

Subject has adjusted to medication, body showing immunity and resistance. Dosage upped. Seizures occurred again, medication adjustment denied.

2010 September 28

No mutations present. Bloodwork reordered. Subject shrieked at Olivia today. Further attempts to alter memory seemed to take effect then fade within an hour. Developed resistant to other abilities has proved to be an interesting and unexplained complication with M-28.

2010 October 2

Bloodwork processed. Small changes in chemistry present. Resistance to other mutations appear to be from the recessive gene XXX. Presence of gene XXX proves magical presence within bloodline however subject reacts violently when asked questions about life prior to age 11. Resistance against mutations is proving to be biggest issue. Meetings regarding other treatment options to be scheduled.

2010 October 8

Initial lab experiments show outside factors help to mutate medication at an exponentially higher pace than simple incubation. Methods will be applied to subject in the future.

2010 October 15

Use of ECT approved per Dr. Ahoudi. Anesthesia and muscle relaxant not approved per the reactions with [REDACTED] element of medication.

2010 December 15

Subject has stopped lashing out, stopped speaking completely. Dr. Huiro has attempted to teach them to communicate in other methods with no success. The mutism and compliant behavior seems to stem from the new medication methods and extra doses.

2011 January 8

ECT has taken. Subject caused machine to oversurge. Electrocuted Assistant Grys. He was not able to be resuscitated. Subject showed no remorse or reaction to the development.

2011 March 22

Further experiment with subject’s electricity have proven successful. No detriments detected. Project deemed a success. Martial training for subject to begin within week.

2011 March 30

M-28 fell from the swing bars the full six meters. They landed on their feet and everyone heard their legs break. Upon approach subject had broken both tibiae, the left leg a compound fracture. Subject did not even acknowledge the pain. At first it was believed to be shock or catatonia but M-28 was otherwise completely responsive. To test a theory Dr. Huiro distracted subject while Dr. Ahoudi stepped on the compound fracture. Subject remained without pain or acknowledge it.

2011 April 5

Further aggressive experiments to test the limits of subject’s sensation approved.

2011 April 7

Food test begun.

2011 April 21

Subject finally collapsed from lack of food. Weight loss extensive and IV required. M-28 never acknowledged the feeling of hunger or the pain of starvation.

2011 April 28

Sleep test begun.

2011 May 2

Sleep experiment cut short. Subject sedated after hallucinating caused them to electrocute another assistant. He will survived by arm was maimed. Again, subject showed no signs of pain or need for sleep.

2011 May 6

Water experiment not approved. Further aggressive studies of subject’s new physiology approved.

2011 May 9
Surgery approved. Anesthesia not used to provide most accurate results. Subject awake the entire time. Heart had to be restarted which proved hard but showed M-28’s immunity to electrical discharges. Chest compressions successful.

Addendum: M-28 was disoriented after regaining consciousness. Reacted violently and acted the nurse. Stitching on chest was ripped open, almost another cardiac episode when sternum shifted. Subject had to be completely restrained.

2011 June 8

[REDACTED] - All personal journals will no longer be allowed and have been confiscated. See note A7-56. Surveillance of subject only going forward.

Prior notes submitted to Dr. Ahoudi. Changes approved.
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By Corrigan Ardagh
The following disks were also discovered in attachment to the file of Item #: M-28. There are four recordings with different dates following the YMD format.

Recording 1 - 10.06.13


*scratching and papers shuffling*

Adult male voice, deep and sounding neither young nor old: “Alright. That’s all set up? Good. How are you feeling M-28?”

Female voice, young and belligerent: “My name isn’-”

Male: “No names on the recording please. I just need to ask you some questions.”

M-28: “Fine. What do you want.”

Male: “Now no need for that. I simply wanted to see how you feel currently about your work.”

M-28: “What work? You keep me in a box and force liquids down throat.”

Male: “You did agree to this M-28.”

M-28: “Don’t call me that!”

Male: “It is easier to address you that way.”

M-28: “Well don’t.”

Male: “Anyway. I need you to answer whether or not you feel like the medication has any side effects or if it has been causing any physical changes that you’ve noticed.”

M-28: “Fuck off. I want the other one. I don’t like you.”

Male: “Now that's no way to thank me for getting you this job.”

M-28: “I don’t like you. Fuck off.”

Male: “I am trying to work with you M-28.”

M-28: “I said, don’t call me that!”

Male: “As long as you are here that is what we have to ca-”

*CRASH and papers scatter*

*Male shout*

*Incoherent female shrieking and babbling*

*distant* “Get her off him! Sedative! Shit. Shit! She got an artery!”

*indistinct movement and shuffling of feet*


Recording 2 - 10.11.7


Female voice, middle-aged and cold: “How are you feeling today M-28?”

M-28: “I-I… Okay. Forget.”

Female: “Your treatments were yesterday?”

Female: “Please respond out loud.”

M-28: “Har...d… Were...Wer… Words… Word hard. St-st-st-static.”

Female: “Can you-”

M-28: “St-st-st-st-static. Staaaaaa… ick. Ick. Ick. Static.”

Female: “Yes M-28. Can you feel anything else?”

M-28: “F-f-f-f-f-f….” *thumping*

Female: “Stop hitting yourself. Just talk.”

*unintelligible screeching*

Female: “Enough. I need correct information.”

M-28: “Caaaaaaaaaaaan! Tuh! Tuh! TUH! Sta-ta-tat-tat-ta-!” *frustrated keening*

*crack and a yelp*

Female: “Enough.”

M-28: “H-h-h-hi…. Why. why. Why. why why.”

Female: “M-28 tell me how you feel?”

M-28: “N-n-no. No. NO. NO! NO! NO!” *incoherent screaming and crashing*

Female: “Goddammit.”


Recording 3 - 11.5.10


Male, older with a gruff voice: “M-28 please tell me about your experience from yesterday.”

M-28: *monotone* “It didn’t hurt at all. I was awake. I could see…”

Male: “So none of that caused you any pain?”

M-28: “No.”

Male: “And the stitching you still cannot feel it? Even though you picked some open earlier?”

M-28: “No.”

Male: “Hmm. Could you feel it when your life was in danger?”

M-28: “I feel my blood move and my heart beat.”

Male: “So you could feel the changes?”

Male: “Answer me M-28. Truthfully.”

M-28: “Yes.”

Male: “So why did you not inform the surgeons?”

M-28: “I chose not to.”

Male: “You chose to? And why is that?”

M-28: “Because I got to choose.”

Male: “M-28 that is not something you get to choose. Now moving on, are there any other things you feel?”

Male: “M-28?”

Male: “M-28.”


Male: “Great. Take it back to the cell until it comes out of this episode.” *inaudible mumbling*


Recording 4 - 12.5.12

The computer whirled the disk but rather than the typical audio waves popping on the screen a grainy CC video popped up.

Clearly a camera set-up in the upper corner of a sterile white room with fluorescent lights, the main focus was a wooden table with plain wooden chairs. Perched in the chair facing the camera was a wild looking female. She wasn’t sitting on the chair but was genuinely perched; crouched on the chair her bare toes curled over the edge and the rest of her body curled into itself. The figure was still thin, edging on sickly, with blonde hair unkempt in knots and standing on edge like someone was holding a balloon to her head. Her arms were coiled together, tucked between her bent knees and rapidly moving chest. Blue eyes stared wide and vacant at some imagined threat laying on the table. Even with the graininess of the video the figure was eerily still except for their panting chest. The click of a door opening, then closing, caused the woman’s eyes to dart towards the entrance offscreen but no other movement happened nor did her breathing slow.

“M-28, how are you today?” the man asked as he took the other seat. He was in his late-20s, well-kempt in his lab coat. The deep resonance matching the voice from the first recording. He spread charts and files on the table, readying a notebook with a click of his expensive-looking pen before actually looking at the woman across from him. He seemed indifferent and unsurprised by the other’s clear panic and haggard state. An annoyed sigh slipped from the man’s lips when the figure ignored him, opting to simply stare with sudden awareness. He scratched his pen across the page with a frown, “M-28. I require your input on your latest treatment,” he said firmly, “You also need to eat again or I will be putting you back on the IV.” Still the woman remained unmoved by his words, simply staring for several long seconds.


The word was an irritated snap as the man pushed to his feet. He ran a hand through his stringy black hair before tucking the pen behind his ear. Moving towards the woman, the sudden stillness of the figure became more pronounced. No longer panting with panic, her chest had stopped completely not even stirring with normal breath. With the simple action, the petite woman had shifted from a vulnerable mess to a coiled viper. The doctor didn’t seem to notice the change in the woman’s demeanor. Instead he continued with his storming towards her, grabbing her thin arm to wrench her to her feet. “Siscana, bring me-” he had been shouting when the woman reached up and grabbed his pen from his ear. He froze at the quick movement from the mutant in his grip. “M-28, give that back,” he said, voice suddenly soft though his grip hadn’t loosened. The pen danced in front of her face as she spun it around her fingers taking in the olden quill design. Suddenly her face split in a smile laced with psychosis, “Metal,” she whispered, her voice rough from lack of use.

“M-28 you ne-” he had started to say again when those blue eyes snapped to him with the same quickness that the pen embedded into his sinus cavity. A wet crunch and splattered of blood from the force dyed the top of her head in a bloody crown. That same smile had never wavered from her face, not even as sparks started to dance across her skin wildly having nothing to attract them except the small implement still gripped in her fist. The sound of a current surging sent the video into grey static for a moment before cutting in and out in both audio and visual. Agonized screams from the man. A brief glimpse of his body seized up as volts coursed through him. Finally the video leveled out as the current dulled. The woman finally let go calmly, watching the body dropped like a useless water sack. She leaned down as alarms started to go off, grabbing the man’s ID badge and headed off screen. The door could be heard opening before there was the loud crackling of a live wire. The video cut suddenly, going black like the power had been abruptly disconnected.

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