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by: Peregrine Jacobs
Peregrine Lilith Jacobs
28. Mixed Blood. Neutrality and Balance. Neuroscientist and Diplomat. Wampus.


D.O.B.: February 29, 1984

GENDER & PRONOUNS: Female, she/her
ORIENTATION: Asexual, panromantic

WAND: White river monster spine, English Oak, 12 ½ inches - soft carved brown with an ornately carved handle of vines layered on each other with a moonstone inlay at the bottom

HAIR: Auburn, soft and straight to her shoulders
EYES: Bright hazel eyes that lean closer to blue than green

HEIGHT: 5’4”
WEIGHT: 113 lbs.

MARKINGS: Large, deep burn scar from her natural waist down to her knee on her right side, it wraps from close to her navel to her back by two inches. Surgical scars over lay the burn scar near her hip joint. Runic tattoos on the back of her neck and another over her heart.

PLAY-BY: Joey King

MIRROR OF ERISED: To do as much good as possible before she disappears.
BOGGART: Forgetting her family and friends and completely losing her mind.

  • Intelligent and Innovation - Having dedicated her life to studies and helping other people means Peregrine has attempted to combine her No-Maj studies with her talents as a witch. Using a combination of science and magic to treat her clients, she is always looking into the newest data and running her own research to find the most effective way to help people.
  • Kind but Firm - With a strong understanding in the concept of nature vs. nurture, Peregrine truly believes that every person has a goodness in them that can be found through giving kindness. While she believes in kindness above all other behaviors, it does not mean she will allow people to mistreat her or those she cares about.
  • Do No Harm and Cast No Judgements - While she’s not a pacifist, Peregrine is more defensive than aggressive and will always attempt to find a diplomatic resolution over a violent one. This especially holds true with people that the rest of society would otherwise disregard or shun, preferring to advocate for the people who others have already given up on.
  • Protect and Provide - Once Peregrine has taken on someone, whether it be as a friend or client, she will bend over backwards to make sure they remain safe and have all their needs met. She consistently sets herself up as the accidental mother of her friends group and worry-wart over each of the people she loves. This crosses over into the clients she takes on, caring deeply about her work and the people she works with.

  • Mother: Victoria Jacobs, 65. Fourth-veela, three fourths-mixed magical blood. Lawyer and Diplomat. Homeschooled.
  • Father: Unknown.
  • Grandmother: Lilith Jacobs, aged 72 (when disappeared). Missing - presumed dead. Half-veela, half-mixed magical blood. Healer and Diplomat.
  • Grandfather: Unknown
  • Great-Grandmother: Sophia Jacobs (nee Bellerose), aged 79. Deceased. Veela.
  • Great-Grandfather: Darius Jacobs, aged 76 (when disappeared). Missing -presumed dead. Mixed magical blood. Soldier.

Childhood (84 - 95): Most of Peregrine’s childhood was spent in Texas, growing up on the farm of her grandmother’s best friend’s family, the Gibsons. With her demanding job as a lawyer and diplomat, Peregrine’s biological mother Victoria was more often out of the country for work and could not take Peregrine along. Instead Nan and Grampa and their daughter Leslie and her husband took her, and ailing Nana Jacobs, in. Peregrine spent her first few years as the doted upon and well loved daughter of the family, raised to be good, responsible, and loving. At four years old, Leslie gifted Peregrine with her two best friends; a kneazle that the four year old name Rwow after the noise it made and, a day later, Leslie had a son of her own that she named Owen. Peregrine swiftly loved the smaller child and as they grew they became inseparable best friends. At a very young age, two terrible things happened to Peregrine and she lost some of the people she was closest to. In 1990, Leslie and her husband, magizoologists, were doing a field study in Canada when they disappeared under mysterious circumstances and were declared dead by MACUSA. Not even a year later, Peregrine was woken to her mother’s screams in the house about a book. When she went to investigate, she found her mother had torn apart her grandmother’s room and was holding an old leather-bound book. Despite the room being in complete chaos, her grandmother was nowhere to be found. It was not odd for her Nana to wander especially with her episodes of confusion and delusion. For as long as Peregrine could remember, the elderly woman would forget things and wandered away especially into Nan’s room to find her best friend for comfort. Upon asking where Nana was, all her mother would tell Peregrine was: “She’s gone. She’s not coming back.” before she apparated away with the book. Sure enough, Nana Jacobs was nowhere to be found and none of the adults seemed very surprised by the turn of events either which Peregrine thought was weird. But like many children, she was quickly distracted from the mystery with days filled with learning survival skills and camping with Grampa and house skills and gardening with Nan all the while with Owen at her side.

School Years (95 - 02):When Peregrine finally became old enough to begin school instead of starting at Ilvermorny as she had been looking forward to, her mother walked back into her life. Sweeping her daughter up from her home, Victoria moved Peregrine back to Boston into her home insisting on homeschooling her daughter rather than letting her go to Ilvermorny. One of the first things Victoria decided to teach Peregrine had nothing to do with her magical education but rather finally unveiling the mystery behind her grandmother’s disappearance all those years ago. Producing the leather book from that chaotic morning, Victoria explained what Peregrine would come to understand as their family curse. The book was unassuming but once opened the pages were in unintelligible scripts that changed at random chapters. It was explained that every head of the Jacobs family had experienced the same thing with the book; it sang to them and the person could answer the song by attempting to translate the book or ignore it. Both choices had consequences though. The more the book was translated the more the person would forget of themselves but if they ignored the book, the siren song would slowly but surely drive them insane. Eventually, the head of house would simply disappear and the next in line would begin hearing the song. The only reasonable assumption anyone had been able to make was that translating the whole book would make it stop as no other magical methods had worked in the past. But, most often, the head only got about halfway through translating before forgetting who they were completely. It was not long after that that they would disappear. Strangely, despite the warnings and story of the book being handed down through the generations, Victoria could not explain where the book had come from or how it had fallen on the family. Simply it had been with the Jacobs since they had come to Salem during Puritan times.

To preserve their family’s legacy and to prevent the book from being passed to another unsuspecting family, Victoria explained that Peregrine would have to finish her studies as quickly possible then would be expected after school to have a child as quickly as possible in order to ensure the Jacobs bloodline would continue and the curse would be continued to be passed. Taking her mother’s warnings to heart and seeing her mother’s memory begin to deteriorate in front of her, Peregrine took to her studies and excelled in meeting her mother’s standards. But after a few years of being isolated in Boston away from the life and freedom she had known in Texas and only being allowed to see Owen on holidays and during the summer, Peregrine came to resent her new life. She rebelled against her mother, shirking her studies to slip off and into the city, exploring the No-Maj cultures around her. Peregrine became fascinated with No-Maj cultures, particularly the music subculture of punk. It became common for Peregrine to do her magical studies at home as fast as she could even if it was not to the full extent of her ability so she could leave while her mother went to work to go to the No-Maj library and read before filling her evenings with shows and music.

This behavior came to a head the summer before Owen was to begin Ilvermorny, Victoria threatened to not allow Peregrine to visit Texas due to her behavior with her studies and obsession with the No-Majs. A huge fight followed that ended with Peregrine attempting to apparate at fourteen. She didn’t get further than the next room in the house and was so badly spliced she nearly lost an arm and her eye. After Victoria healed her, Peregrine made it clear that she would continue to run away to Texas even at the danger to herself if her mother didn’t allow her to move back to Texas or go to Ilvermorny to be with her friend. Backed into a wall by her daughter’s own stubbornness, Victoria agreed with the caveat that Peregrine would spend summers half in Boston with her to supplement Peregrine’s studies where Victoria thought she was lacking. For the next four years, Peregrine joined Owen at Ilvermorny and was swiftly sorted into Wampus, the house of warriors and she couldn’t have been prouder. Her studies began to excel again, Peregrine proving herself to be a productive and brilliant student particularly in rune studies. Over the summers she would spend the first half in Boston very similar to her early school years, finishing whatever work her mother had determined she needed to be better at then enthralling herself within the No-Maj library and going to late night shows. The second half would be spent at Nan’s house, gardening, camping, and generally causing mayhem with Owen.

Young Adult (02 - 10): By the time Peregrine graduated from Ilvermorny, her fascination with No-Maj culture and particularly their sciences had not subsided in the slightest. Rather than follow the conventional methods of finding a job within the magical community, Peregrine had transcripts forged so she could pursue an education at a No-Maj university. Spending the summer before university by starting to take additional classes at the local community college in Boston to fill in any knowledge she may need to know, she prepared and studied intending to go into a field that would not only help others but with the secondary motive of attempting to use science to slow down the effects of the book that had stolen a good portion of her mother’s memory already. Peregrine studied and worked hard, even through the summers, in order to achieve her degree as swiftly as she was able to only allowing herself the small fun moments of studying abroad for a few semesters. Once she graduated university, Peregrine moved on to get her dual masters in psychology and neuroscience. It was during her clinicals that Peregrine ran into her first issue in the form of a man named Kevin. Kevin was one of her patients being treated for free by the clinic for pyromania. However, upon further sessions it was discovered that Kevin had far more issues than simple obsession with fire but rather acute delusions and paranoia. He quickly latched onto Peregrine as an obsession and when she refused to continue his treatment, setting him up with a different doctor instead, he lashed out. One night, about two weeks after Peregrine found him a new doctor, he broke into her apartment dousing it and her in a chemical before lighting the apartment, himself, and Peregrine on fire in her sleep. If it had not been for Peregrine being able to get to her wand in time to apparate out of the apartment and into the hall, she would have gone up with her apartment. But the damage was still done. Badly and deeply burned, Peregrine required heavy surgery that she began receiving to save her life before any of her family could provide magical help. The No-Maj treatment left her hip as a lasting injury from the muscular damage she had gained. Still, undeterred by the minor setback in her opinion, Peregrine continued and finished her degree.

Present (10 - Now): After graduation, Peregrine managed to get a job within a neurological research facility where she began the research of how the book was affecting the brain. With her mother still around but nearly all her memory gone save for the past five or so years, she was able to get MRIs and CAT scans of the damage. She began to experiment with runes, using her talent with them to attempt to change and adjust them to see if they could be used as a way to stave off the memory loss in her mother. She had some success but the runes always seemed to be burned away by whatever magic was driving the book. Beyond continuing her work to save her mother (and eventually her own) mind, Peregrine also offers her services as a pro bono diplomat like her mother and grandmother before her as well as does counseling work within the community for free.

ANYTHING ELSE? Has a Kneazle named Rwow that Owen’s mom gave her for her fourth birthday. From her time abroad and her minor in linguistics, Peregrine speaks a handful of different languages. Due to the fire and deep tissue damage to her hip, Peregrine has to use a cane some days when her hip locks up with the weather.

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