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by: Seren Weavers
Healing was more powerful than harming... Yes, Seren could agree with that. She had seen enough hurt to last a life time, a lineage of life times. Between her masters, with the exception of Faber, that had been seen too, that pain and fear had become the default in Seren's world. Now she had to relearn her life, people's intentions. She had to remind herself that the people around her now would have a tendency towards kindness rather than anger.
She was getting there, slowly.
"This place had been kind to me. It's only fair that I help where I can."

"What are you hunting?" Seren asked, still laid comfortably on her back. Perhaps Tabora would put her back to work, but right now she enjoyed the break, her muscles relaxing after their work out.
"I haven't been to England since..." The words 'my master tried to kill me' didn't sound quite right, so after a moment in indecision she settled for, "Since Casey brought me here."
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by: Tabora
Tabby smiled encouragingly, then tilted her head when Seren asked what her prey was. That was a good question, wasn't it?

"There's a monster that's gonna be coming in England. The muggles are gonna unleash it and I'm gonna find it and kill it before it destroys the world. I don't know exactly what it is yet, but it's bad...eats magic, snuffs out the sun, plunges the world into the dark depths where even the spirits can't rescue us."

A grin split the Nagual's face and she tilted her head the other direction and tried to explain.

"Our Seer Killed the Owl Messenger saw the dark things split the earth and destroy the world. She called together our leaders and showed them what she saw. They decided to send a hunter to go deal with the problem. They sent me. If I fail, the Maya people are gonna rise up and destroy England...probably. I don't know for real what they'll do. Probably send a group of hunters. Nagual don't hunt together very often...has to be beau-coup bad for us to band together outside of the Empire."

Tabby shrugged as if that explained everything. For her, it did. Seren probably wouldn't understand, but she wasn't going on the hunt.
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by: Seren Weavers
Well that sounded... Seren frowned. She forced herself to sit up into a cross legged position. It hurt, it felt rather like a sit up to her, a sneaky sit up which worked its way into her every day life. She pressed the soles of her feet together and let her knees fall apart in a gentle stretch as she watched the woman (or woman like cat) in front of her.
"Snuffs out the sun?" What could do that? What thing could do that who muggles had the access too?

For someone who was talking about such a scary subject, Tabora seemed deceptively happy. Seren's brows slid together in a frown as she tried to feet the Tabora's face. She was definitely happy, happy about some massive terrifying monster about to ravage her own country.

The last revelation though, that took Seren by surprise.
"It's so dangerous that its better to destroy the whole country rather then keep trying to kill it?"
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by: Tabora
Tabby nodded solemnly.

"Better that England is gone than the whole world, right?"

That was the Nagual view. And really, if anyone was to look at it logically, they'd agree with the sentiment. Of course, it was easier to accept the complete and utter destruction of somewhere else, not your own home.

"That's why my job is so important. I can't fail. And I won't."

Tabby gave Seren a cocky grin. She was a proud hunter and she'd not failed yet.
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by: Seren Weavers
Seren nodded, not really sure of what else to do. Tabora seemed sure she was right, enfatic in her belief, so Seren wasn't sure what to do except believe her. It was hard not to nod along when someone with such a strong opinion let her position known. Especially not when the listener was someone like Seren, who found expressing viewpoints difficult.
Tabora just seemed so sure. Sure that whatever danger was looming was so severe it would be safer to wipe out and entire nation. Millions of people. It seemed hard to imagine. Impossible for that trade off to be worth it.
"Well... Well if it came to that then... Maybe?"

Seren stifled a yawn behind her hand, blinking hard in an attempt to keep the sleep at bay.
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by: Tabora
There were decisions that most people could make, then there were the ones that most people didn't even want to consider as possibilities. This solidly fell into the latter half of that continuum. Tabby wasn't afraid of that decision, though. Everyone and everything came to an end. either it was quiet and peaceful or it was screaming and bloody. If they were lucky, they had a choice. Tabby would rather have a chance to fight, and this was her opportunity to fight for the future. This likely wasn't the best conversation for a youngster, though.

"I promise to do my best so that the worst case scenario doesn't become the only answer, okay? I'm a good hunter, and Ill take care of the threat before it gets too bad. Now...you look tired...you probably should go back to bed, yeah?"

The Nagual said it with a smile and a suggestion. Seren was old enough to make her own decisions to be exhausted or not...hell, Tabby wasn't ready for bed yet and likely wouldn't be until the sun peeked up over the roof tops.
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