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by: Cedric McGarret
March 3, 2012
Time: Unknown

Cedric paced his plexiglass cage as the date and time kept running through his head. How he remembered the date was a miracle. More honestly, a fluke. One of the cell guards had a newspaper and was reading it. Muggle newspapers were static and bland, but at least they had the date in the proper place. The Garou came to the wall and pivoted, beginning his eighteen step pace back to the other end of the room.

As far as cells went, it was roomy. He'd been in worse. The whole thing was a mix of materials, layered in such a was as to provide the most strength for the materials provided. The plastic like glass wall was, so far, resistant to his rages. It formed a panel eighteen paces long. It closed the rectangle formed by three concrete walls, two twelve paces deep and the third the same as the glass panel. The thirty foot high ceilings discouraged any attempts or thoughts of escape from the ventilation. A bed was provided in the corner, but it was nearly as hard as the sloped concrete floor. A drain in the center of the room provided a run-off solution for the free standing shower head and sink faucet. The toilet was standard issue prison fare and offered no privacy.

Outside the cell sat a guard who was allowed to do whatever he or she pleased. Most often they read. Sometimes they'd watch television and the strains of sound would filter into Cedric's sensitive hearing. Nothing he heard had made much sense given the lack of context or visual aid. For the wolf himself, his only entertainment was the daily questioning. He was bored and infuriated. His skin itched with the near constant rage he felt. He was starving still but too proud to ask for food again. How long would he be here? Would this cage last under the next full moon? He hoped not. He hit the far wall. Eighteen paces. He turned around and headed back from whence he came.
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by: Niklaus Schmidt
Klaus had no other option but to crack this case today. Jones wanted a report, and she was in a good mood. He was intent on keeping it that way. After all, he wasn't the one having to write the report at this junction, and he was also intent on keeping that that way. Klaus had excused himself from their merry little mini gathering shortly after Jones had left them and headed directly down here where it was...well, not so merry. Grumpy wolf had a lot in common with his grumpy girlfriend--only his was rage-fueled in addition to the usual hormonally-fueled nonsense with the nearness of the next full moon. Klaus sighed. This would be fun. He was determined that if he could not crack the wolf today, he would at least walk away having thoroughly enjoyed himself and his little interrogation.

As Klaus reached the end of the concrete staircase that led down to the holding area, he shifted the little doggy tray in his hands. Ok, maybe it wasn't a doggy tray. It was a plate with meat cooked to perfection only rare meat could hold. Even this was probably too well done for the wolf-man, but beggars couldn't be choosers. At least he was getting pretty much nothing but meat this time. And some water. Always with the water. You'd think the government could afford something more flavorful every now and again. Wolf-man was a prisoner, but he wasn't a bad prisoner. He was just the sort you kept as a pet to gain insight into the inner workings of the supernatural...then let loose on the hunter so the hunter could take him out before the wolf-man took someone else out. The hunter being him, Niklaus Schmidt, the one and only.

Klaus snorted at the thought, a smirk gracing his features. If only. It would be a dream come true to take on the challenge the beast would be. He might need some DMSO darts as back-up when the fun got to be too intense and he needed a rest when the wolf didn't, but hey. That was part of being human. Didn't have that little super strength benefit of being a big, bad wolf. Had to have a few little perks to help out the wee little mortal.

Looking up, Klaus gave a nod in greeting to the guard, whom he didn't really recognize. He'd probably seen him many a time, but he'd taken no interest. "You can go home now," he took a moment to read the uniform, "Pond." Klaus set the food into the little slide-out drawer they used to transfer items between each other. Paper plate with meat and water bottle happily in place, he slid the drawer to Ginger Snap's boyfriend and walked around to the usual area they spoke.

"Hope it's not too done for you. Told cook to lay off the heat."
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by: Cedric McGarret
This. This was the exact same racist crap that led to him becoming a quasi-terrorist against his ministry. They treated werewolves with the same farcical pseudo-patronizing misunderstanding that these uneducated and offensive muggles did. 'Oh you turn into a wolf so you must only eat meat!' Hell no! Cedric glared at the delicious smelling cut of steak and turned the icy expression on Klaus. It wasn't enough, even if he was going towolf it as soon as the Suit left. It took a lot of energy to transform into a monster. Hell, even regular werewolves were often gaunt from not getting enough to eat. A Garou, on the other hand, had strength and endurance for days. That energy didn't appear from nowhere. It had to be consumed. While that did often come from a protein rich diet, Cedric often found himself eating like an endurance athlete. High calorie, often high carb meals were consumed frequently and voraciously. This pittance was going to kill himif he didn't say something.

"What, no potatoes? Or silverware either...It's like you think I'm some sort of animal." He sarcastically drawled the first jab at the Suit in his thick Irish accent. He was able to mask it after years of living in England, but he felt the irony was too thick given his potato comment.

For now, Cedric ignored the food despite the cramping in his stomach. Instead, he went to his cot and sat. The questions would begin soon and he'd not answer, same as always. Eventually, the man would give up, leave, infer something from Cedric's stance, or whatever it was that drove the man away. Then food, then pacing, then sleep. Again. How many more nights? How many more days? The moon was coming soon, he could feel that. Would they kill him if he was too much of a danger? Probably. If only he could see Lina again before they did, tell her how he felt...That would be cruel, though. 'I love you, but they're going to kill me. Have a nice life.' He couldn't do that to her. Maybe if they got out....that would be a good time to tell her, right?

Cedric's attention snapped back to focus on Klaus. He had said something. What was it? Didn't matter, he wasn't going to answer the stupid questions.
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by: Niklaus Schmidt
"Not going to pretend I don't," Klaus replied to the captured wolf-man. If there was anything Klaus refused to do, it was to be anything or anyone but himself in this situation. He was a hunter, plain and simple. The only reason this one was alive was curiosity and the mission. Had he been a regular werewolf or had the other wolves like him appeared at the same time he had, it would have ended differently. Living was priority on the one side, and in the other, the mission wasn't enough to make him really want to bring a wolf back alive. It had taken some self-restraint not to demand Jones let him kill him the next moon when the wolf-man had proven mute. Getting nowhere was frustrating Klaus fast and was certainly not any incentive for him to give the man-beast any perks such as potatoes. If wolf-man wanted something, he had to give him information. Otherwise, there was nothing more Klaus would do than bring him a nice, big cut of meat.

"You're giving me about as much feedback as a dog would give me. Less, really." Klaus sighed and grabbed the cold, metal chair. He brought it closer to the cage but not too close. The creature might not be able to attack him through a solid, sturdy pane of whatever-the-hell-it-was, but it never hurt to be a little careful. Klaus set the chair down with the back to the glass then sat facing the wolf-man, his arms resting over the back of the seat. "So, you know we can do this forever, but you gotta be getting bored in there. Gotta be wanting to go hang out with your wolfy friends, so why don't you share some information, huh? You can start with what you are exactly. Like I've said many a time, I know you're not a normal werewolf." There it was, straight to business.
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by: Cedric McGarret
A dog?! Cedric's eyes snapped to Klaus, gold with fury. He breathed deeply and quickly through his nose to try and remain calm and ignore the bastard. The next two digs were almost as bad. The insinuation that he had no human friends...that was too close to his own personal fears to elicit anything other than rage. Then came the question he couldn't answer. It wasn't that he didn't want to (he didn't), it was that he could not under threat of death disclose much of anything to anyone. Yes, he had broken that with the leaders of the Syndicate, but they were trustworthy. It wasn't as if the Nosferatu didn't know anyway. The stress of his rage along with the nearness of the moon was enough to send him over the edge when he thought about how to avoid THAT question. Despite his well entrenched desire to remain passive and not talk to the muggle, Cedric found himself with his nose nearly pressed against the glass as he hoarsely shouted.

"You can't put it together about why I wasn't running with the other pack of my kind?!" His fist hit the glass emphatically. He was an outcast. A reject. Abandoned and left to die. Alone. Instead of sorrow, this only built his rage up and fed the killing fire in his chest. His breathing was the angry pant of a fighter gone too many rounds without rest. Cedric felt the pull of the glass against his fingertips, arched as if they were claws trying to rip through the barrier.

"I've spent my whole damned life abandoned and isolated, so don't think this is anything new to me you feb*! I may as well die alone since I've lived that way...fitting, right?" He was growling at this point, enraged beyond truthfulness. He had been alone, yes. That ended with Jake in Hogwarts and in Gringotts after. The Syndicate, too, was home to him like he'd never enjoyed previously. And then Lina. Still braced claw-and-face to the glass, Cedric growled out a question of his own.

"Where's the girl I was brought in with?"

She was there for him when nobody else even knew where to look for him. She was fire and wind and fury and life. She was everything worth living for. For her, maybe he'd talk. To see her once more, maybe he'd break promises. For her, he'd not kill. Or he would kill, if she wanted...He could finally admit to himself that he loved her. Her absence made him volatile and dangerous. It was all that he could do to ask. He couldn't search her out or protect her from here. The question was the only offer of peace he'd give the cocky bastard across the room from him. Klaus would either tell him or have to kill him. There would be no other acceptable option to the wolf.

(ooc: 'feb' is a slur for the English, standing for "filthy (or the expletive that begins with F) English bastard")
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by: Niklaus Schmidt
Klaus rose a brow in amusement at the wolf's sudden outburst. At least he knew the barrier would hold up despite repeated attacks. The outburst meant little to him when it was clear enough to Klaus that there must be some sort of pack war thing going on. Besides that, he'd been smaller than the others, though still larger than a werewolf. Easy enough to wager that could be a reason in and of itself. Not a pure breed of whatever they were. These wolves (at least the majority) had seemed somewhat organized, so it also wasn't farfetched to believe initially he could have been out on some sort of special mission during this whole weird wolf outing. He wasn't quite sure why the wolf had this outburst anyway. Nothing he'd said had even implied anything regarding what he thought or didn't think about why he wasn't running with the other pack.

"You got your period?" Klaus teased, cheekily. "And the girl's safe. We have her housed in some comfortable quarters. She's recovering from the break she had last month. Doc says maybe a couple weeks longer and she'll be good for a walking boot. At least, if she behaves herself. You have yourself a little firecracker."

Klaus pulled out his phone and entered his password at that point and then neared the glass, turning so he could show the wolf the pictures he had. The first he showed him was of the room Lina had. It was standard issue but had a nicer bed than most, plenty of pillows so she could elevate her leg. The second was of the girl, looking oh so pleased--not so much. "There's a yard outside that she's able to go visit. She gets only the best food, help for anything she might need but a phone call away. She's good, mate. We got this."
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by: Cedric McGarret
The fire in Cedric's chest grew into an inferno of rage. It was one thing for this cocky smart ass to insult and interrogate him. He was a Garou, he was a senior agent of the Syndicate. He could take it and not utter a word. Lina was his, though. She was his girl, his recruit, his mate-

The redoubling rage stole then man away from the mind of the enraged prisoner. His irises were already pure gold, but the bright yellow spread until the man's eyes were pure wolf. His mind retreated behind the beast. Rage consumed him until only the slavering wolf was left. Cedric was gone and his perceptions, for the first time since his first transformation, were entirely wolf with no restraint.

Kill, destroy tear...KILL!

He roared with a guttural vibrato the rage that blossomed within him. He would kill the human that was on the other side of this barrier!

Behind the wolf, a small panel opened in the wall and revealed the barrel of a remotely controlled dart gun. It fired, plunging a dart filled with milky fluid into Cedric's back. He correspondingly collapsed.

Cedric awoke groggy and foggy. For the moment, he forgot where he was or why he was here


He tried to push himself up but found his mind too heavy and incoherent to command his limbs.
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by: Niklaus Schmidt
Well, then, at least there were those built-in darts. Wise design and very convenient for whenever they'd have to move the beast for the moon. Was much better than having heavily armored people go in and try to shoot the rage-induced creature in a small space even if it was before transformation. With a sigh, Klaus pushed himself up. He had a few minutes, he figured, and a camera person to thank for showing him the nifty trick. It was probably a good thing he hadn't known about them until now. Now, too bad the darts weren't laced with a bit of phenol--uh, truth serum. He might actually get somewhere when the wolf woke up if someone had had that oh-so-brilliant-if-he-must-say-so-himself idea.

When Cedric awoke, Klaus was sitting in the chair he had placed early munching on a bag of chips. He glanced up at the sound of the wolf's voice and smirked. "We ready to talk now?" he asked. "Lina's safe. Healing quite nicely. Pictures, remember? Buuuut afraid if you wanna see her, you're going to have to talk to me." He inclined his head and rose a brow. The dart was obviously still having an effect on this bloke, so Klaus hardly expected to have the most intelligible response or even be able to begin conversing for another few minutes, but he wanted to know what to expect and would really much rather avoid the awkward silence broken by crunching chips thing.
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by: Katarina Bauer
Katarina heard a roar, a very loud, deep-set growl. The ferocity snapped her out of her daze, the fear it instilled within her was unsettling.

She stepped forward, into the light some, closer to the cage than she figured was comfortable, but she had to see this beast for herself. He was...interesting. Intriguing. Never in a million years did she think she would see something as amazing as this. His eyes, those piercing eyes. They were unforgettable. She tilted her head slightly to look at Klaus. He didn't appear to be bothered by this at all. What exactly happened with this division?

Unfortunately, she didn't remember much about the trip over. She hardly remembered what she had for breakfast. What she did remember, however, was that Jones wanted a full report on what was happening in this interrogation. Katarina rubbed her temples softly, looking down at her mobile device. She touched the screen with her stylus, and when the back light came on, she noticed that there was a few notes written in her very own scrawl from what just went down. Where her mind was at the moment, she wasn't really sure, but it sure as hell wasn't here.

Clearing her throat some, she felt a vibration from her phone and received a reminder that she was supposed to be in contact with Agent Callaway.

"Are we ready to make contact?" She whispered to Klaus, softly.
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by: Niklaus Schmidt
The sound of someone approaching quickly drew Klaus' attention away from the groggy wolf. "Hello, Kit Kat," Klaus said as he looked over at her with a smirk. He kept his eyes on her as she neared him but when her phone buzzed then she whispered to him about "making contact," he looked at her in a way that communicated his thought. What was she thinking? "He can hear you," he said out of the corner of his mouth then stood. He was not going to have this conversation directly in front of the wolf, whether he was groggy or not. The full moon was five days away. "With me," he said, glancing at wolf man as he grabbed Kat's arm just firmly enough to guide her but not hurt her.

"I need you in there." Klaus pointed to a door. "Watching, observing. You're writing a report, not running an interrogation." Perhaps it was a little harsh, but if she had entered at another moment, she could have completely turned the interrogation to shit. You didn't walk in. You didn't interrupt. You went into the viewing room and watched through the one-way if you wanted to know what was going on. Jones had not instructed her to interview. There was a reason for that.

Klaus didn't wait to hear anything from Kat. What she had to say at the moment didn't matter. What did was that he get the upper hand while the wolf was still somewhat down and out. "Now, where were we?"

((OOC: He'd let go if she wiggled her arm to get free but wouldn't stop walking until he got to the top of the three stair entry thing.))
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by: Cedric McGarret
"...make contact...I need you...where were we?"

A muddle of voices ran around Cedric's mind and brought forth echoes of a different conversation, one not best suited for repeating in front of hostile ears. The drug in his veins, however, also muddled the circumstances. Where was he? Who was asking him what? He didn't want to answer either way. This wasn't safe, it wasn't right. He needed to....what was he needing to do?

Cedric slurred an answer while trying to push himself up off the floor.

"No, Jake...I dont wanna...don't wanna put the pack in that danger...Garou'll be hunting, they'll take it as a threa-NGH!"

His arms gave way, sending the drugged and dizzy wizard back to the ground. He rolled onto his back and stared up at the distant ceiling. Beads of sweat broke out on his forehead as he tried to catch his breath.
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by: Niklaus Schmidt
((Kay, Kat can have followed Klaus if you like. Just keeping this moving since it's been a few weeks.))

Klaus' brows furrowed in evident confusion as the wolfman began to talk to a man named Jake. Damn, those drugs were strong. He'd have to thank whoever designed the oh-so-lovely cocktail. Klaus had two options here: ask the wolfman "what?" and see if he would finally talk or pretend to be this Jake man, tailor his responses based on what was said, and hope to God that it didn't backfire when the wolf came to enough to realize he'd not been talking to Jake. What did he have to lose, though? The wolf already held the vast majority's opinion of him: that he was a complete and utter ass. And hey, even if this only solidified that view in the wolf's mind, maybe he would just continue to talk since he'd already outed who knew how much.

Klaus puckered his lips slightly and looked to the left in thought, amused with his clever self then returned his expression to a less smart alecy one and his attention to the wolf.

Hopefully he was right in thinking the wolf's mind had returned to a time slightly before the night he was captured. "If we wait, we won't get another chance like this one. The...--" He couldn't remember the term they used for non-magical people, so he continued-- "y'll be prepared if we don't strike now." He had no idea what else to say, so he stopped there, feeling very much like his movie knowledge might have to be utilized to pull this off. He was hunter Niklaus Schmidt, part of a large web of vampire werewolf hunters in some alternate Underworld universe, trying to find out the deep, dark secret of the lycan agenda...or something like that anyway.
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by: Katarina Bauer
Kat had done it.

She'd pissed of the one guy she wanted to impress. Well, perhaps not impress, per se, but she didn't want to be on his bad side. Klaus had already shown her that he had a mouth on him and wasn't afraid to use it, therefore, she was hit with his comments. Each word stung her like a lashing slapped on a thief getting punished in an oldworld marketplace. Katarina struggled a bit, but she fought to maintain a straight face as he talked. She couldn't show him that she was nervous or scared; Jones trusted her with a position like this, whatever this really was. The Paranormal division was still something she was new to, and from the top of her head to the bottom of her tippie-toes, Katarina was green. Very very green.

Listening like a ornery child, Kat listened to Klaus and nodded wherever it was necessary. She was definitely listening, and wasn't simply nodding for show. Klaus meant it, and she would have to obey his orders. He was senior agent, after all. He was right, she wasn't in any sort of position to do any talking in the room. Kat was an ornament of sorts; a note-taking, quietly standing, quietly listening room ornament.

Once Klaus' back was turned, she rolled her eyes and gave him a salute before following him back into the room. The animalistic nature of the man being interrogated was tamed by the drugs used to sedate him, though it didnt stop him from talking. Finding this the right time to do her 'job', Katarina pulled up her tablet and began to scan for the name Jake in the database, linked to the boy in questioning, in hopes to find a hit. She raised her eyebrows, still in shock at how fast and efficient the Division's technology was.

((Sorry for the delay, and hope this post doesn't suck lol))
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by: Cedric McGarret
[First part for Kat]

The brief period of data request and result provided nothing from external sources...there were, however, two mentions of a 'Jake' and related 'Jacob' in an internal memo filed for reference. Both files pertained to the interviews of the wizard Orion Burgess who was under a probationary period with Research and Development under Jones' direct supervision. Further perusing of the memos reveal that Orion claimed to have been sent to interface with MI:5 on orders of a one Jacob Sullivan, supposedly leader of an underground rebel force looking to restore order to the wizarding world.

[Second part for Klaus]

Damn those lights are glaring hot on my eyes...wait. We don't have lights like these in the hub...where...?

Cedric's feverish eyes narrowed as he tried to grab the thread of thought that had just snaked across his brain. He wasn't where he thought, but he was having a conversation that he'd had before...kind of. This wasn't Jake...Jake didn't wheedle, he didn't cajole or explain...Jake demanded. He'd been talking to the human. He'd talked, but how much? It was his own turn to fake the conversation and see what was known.

What Cedric failed to realize through his thought process was how cleanly the knock-out drugs had cut his self control. The worry, thought, and realization had all been clear in his expression as he came to the conclusion he was being played. Whether Klaus noticed would be up to how observant the human could be...

"Prepared with what? You know as well as I that wolves are a legend to them, wizards a fairy tale...the handful of hunters who DO know about werewolves are retarded and unprepared for me anyway..."

Well that wasn't true, was it? Cedric bit off his rambling words, knowing he'd overplayed the last bit. Oh well. He HAD been unprepared; but then if Lina hadn't fallen, would he have gotten caught? It wasn't her fault, he wouldn't blame her, where was she? Anxiety and rage tried to bubble to the surface again but the emotions were choked by the still burning buzz of narcotic in his system. What the hell drug was this?
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by: Niklaus Schmidt
Klaus rose a brow at the quip against hunters. Was the...was he...? Well then, if he only had little to no time left to play this game, he'd keep at it until it was obvious he was being played or the werewolf came to and caught himself. "They're aware now. They know to prepare. Don't forget even legends tell them to use silver," he said. Was true enough for werewolves. Seemed true enough for whatever this one was, though quite a bit less fatal. Any normal werewolf would have been near death or dead with the load of silver the beast had taken, and adrenaline wasn't a good enough excuse to explain it. "They have the weapons. Just need to prepare the ammo."

Klaus sat back with a quiet sigh, one that another human might not have detected. There were so many things he needed to find out. They'd tracked the reported sightings and deduced they formed a rough arrow once they took out pictures of normal-sized werewolves who'd actually attacked humans and their associated locations. They had no idea what was being pointed at. They could explore and possibly find something, but they had an opportunity to go in prepared--if this idiot would ever talk. And why would they decide all of a sudden to alert them to this place anyway? The other question was obvious and perhaps more of a professional curiosity given his history and knowledge, but he wanted to know why he was somewhat different from the others he'd been near and, furthermore, why the others were different from the normal werewolves.

To be honest, Klaus wished he could just jot down the questions and give the wolf some potion brewed by the preppy know-it-all to force him to fill it out truthfully and completely. He hated these little sessions for all the nothing they'd brought him. The beast was hiding something, however, and the challenge of trying to figure it out was the only thing that kept him from telling Jones to find someone else to do this part. He was determined. One way or another....


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