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by: Cole Callaway
June 11th, 2012
2 p.m.

What day was it, anyway? What time was it?

Callaway just come into the office a couple hours ago after stopping by Matt's staged service. He'd been here for hours the day before and was already in for a long day today. He thought back to his conversation with Matt just the day before and his stomach churned. He had been a ball of tension since Matt left his car, and after seeing Matt's family, it made his stomach tighten even worse. So bad, he'd forgone the morning coffee run and kept it strictly at peppermint tea, the kind Veronika used to fix for him when his stomach was a bloody mess. Matt's mother's cries echoed in his head, the sorrow on their faces would haunt them forever. He couldn't stand to think of it. He couldn't stand the agony of the entire situation...

Cole had his head in his hands, his fingers tangled in his hair as he stared at the mounds of paperwork stacked on his desk. How strange. His desk. He wasn't used to four walls around his desk, with an area for a set of chairs, a couple filing cabinets, bookshelves... He wasn't used to having a window with a view of the city, or places to put his things, even though he didn't have very much in his cubicle to begin with. The Brass had already moved his belongings into former Director Jones' office, which came with a lot of commendations and proud back-pats from folks from the pit, a handful of emoji-filled excited text messages from Geoffrey who was still in the hospital, and a list of the operatives on his team.

His team.

His team consisted of Klaus Schmidt, Matt Cox, Kat Bauer and Lex Taylor--but that was a roster of the past. He had new faces to meet, new people to interview, on top of conference calls, briefings and a migraine's worth of paperwork to sift through. Where would he even start? How did Jones ever do this without a proper assistant? No wait, she had one, right? The mousy little secretary who would buzz in her calls and take her messages, who kept real quiet. He would have to learn her name right quick, but right now he needed to dig himself out of this hole of paperwork, and perhaps make a list of tasks in priority order. He had to get organized.

Cole let out a heavy sigh as he sat back. It was so surreal to see her name placard gone, not only from the edge of her elaborate desk but scraped off of the door too. He didn't want this to happen this way. Honestly, he didn't know whether or not he wanted this gig, yet, here he was, sitting in her chair--now his sitting behind the desk, staring at the open door that led into his former bullpen.

He should be happier he'd been promoted, right?

How did it come to this?
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by: Arlo Beckett
When Arlo had complained to Clark about being stuck in that stuff room he'd come to know as a cell, the older man hadn't expected to see the light of day for at least another week. So what a surprise it was when the Doc's had cancelled their scheduled development session with him Arlo knew this probably wasn't going to be a normal day. A fact that was proven when he was brought back to his room to find a nice 3 piece suit set out neatly on the bed. One of his, judging by the cut.

A quickly barked order to get himself cleaned up was the only explanation Arlo was given. Since he had nothing better to do, the older man complied and quickly got himself dressed. Pants, shirt, watch, shoes. He slipped the jacket on to complete the look and walked out of his room, only to be met with 4 heavily armed agents.

"What's this all about then?" Arlo looked around the gathered group and grinned as various personal buzzed around, just as caught off guard as he was judging by what the voices were telling him.

"The director wants to see you Beckett. So if you'll please follow me."

The tall, scrawny man that had responded reminded Arlo of one of those yes men. All bark and no real bite. Still, he had no reason not to comply, and if this was going to get him out of this proverbial hell hole and away from the tests and constant monitoring (well that would probably never go away) Arlo was on board with it. He took a moment to focus his mind on keeping his powers under control, though if anyone was to take a good look at him if would appear as if the area around the man was darker than anywhere else, almost as if the shadows moved with him. When he was ready, Arlo offered the man a nod.

It didn't take long to arrive wherever it was that the director was currently. Thankfully the armed escort was traded in for 2 agents with concealed weaponry, so there wouldn't be to much of a show when he arrived at MI:5 Hounds division. That's whom Clark had said he was employed by currently. When the trio finally stepped off the elevator the busy hum of an office greeted his ears. The layout was similar to what he remembered of MI6: glassed in offices along the outer ring for higher ranking members, cubicles in the middle for active agents.

An arm on his elbow indicated that Arlo should keep moving and he did so without fuss. Eventually they stopped in front of a walled in office, where another agent, decidedly not Director Jones was seated. Arlo gave his two handlers a pointed look as if he was asking if this was a joke. When it was determined that it wasn't the older man knocked politely on the glass wall before letting himself in.

"Director....? I was told we apparently have a meeting?"
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by: Cole Callaway
There wasn't much activity to note in the bullpen outside of the office, but when he heard footsteps shuffling towards the door, Cole looked up. He ran his hand over his face and when his hazel eyes peeked up from where he sat, he saw an older man standing there, silver-haired, well-dressed, the man he recognized from somewhere but he couldn't quite place it. Callaway felt his face flush at the word Director, and he just huffed. It was going to take some time to get used to the title, especially if this was just provisional anyway. He stood from his chair, extending his hand over the stretch of wood to offer it to the man by way of officially thanking him for coming in. "Please just Cole, or even Callaway is fine. Uh...Please, have a seat." Cole gestured at one of the chairs in front of his desk, facing him. "A lot of this has been a sort of...short notice thing, so I'm sorry for any inconvenience."

All formalities were starting to grow on him, but he still felt so stiff trying to keep up that partial facade; He was one part genuine, two parts loathing the fact that he had to keep calm and pretend that everything was going to be okay. For the sake of morale, he knew he had to uphold all of that--but for the sake of his sanity, he had to relax at some point. The only question was, when? When could that even happen, with everything going on? "Sorry, don't I know you from somewhere? Seen you at a bar or some place downtown, yeah?"

His mind had been running at a mile a minute, as of late, and it was ruining his focus, and ability to remember detail. He hated losing grip on that; Cole was usually very good at remembering faces, names and the places he'd associate them with, but right now, he was drawing a blank. He hadn't slept longer than a couple of hours in the last couple of weeks, so that might have been it too. "Don't mean to be rude, I apologize." Already with two apologies in the last two minutes? Well, this was off to a terribly unprofessional start. He sighed. Dammit.
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by: Arlo Beckett
Arlo nodded and could wholeheartedly understand the man's reluctance to titles, especially if they were new. When the new Director formally introduced himself, the older man cocked to the side in recognition of the name. Callaway. Cole. Now why was that so familiar sounding? Arlo reached out and took the man's offered hand in a firm grip and shook.

"Arlo Becket, Beckett, or Becks if you must."

He unbuttoned his jacket before taking the offered seat, settling into it with a relaxed and comfortable posture. If this had been MI6 and he had been talking with Phipps, Arlo probably would have kicked his feet up on the desk, but since it wasn't, and this was essentailly a new yet old job for the man, there was no point on getting on his new bosses (presumably handler) bad side. There would be plenty of time for that down the line after he'd established a footing. It wasn't until Calloway asked if they'd met before that Arlo finally realized to whom he was actually speaking with. A grin made its way onto his face and he let out a soft chuckle.

"Agent Calloway. I do believe you and a few other agents helped me with a small pest problem a couple months ago. Interesting creature. Black, furry, had a penchant for eating valuables."

Arlo waved of the apology. Obviously things here had also been a bit of a chaotic mess since the bombing. Personal shifts, interrogations, planning.... combine that with his own fast tracking through the program. Well at least things wouldn't be boring.

"No need to apologize. Things have been rather...busy as of late. if anything I should be thanking you. It's nice to finally get a reprieve from being a human pin cushion."
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by: Cole Callaway
"Beckett." He echoed with a nod, shuffling through his files until he found the one on the stack of personnel briefings with his name on it. As the older man took a seat and got comfortable, as one could in the Director's office, Callaway stopped flipping when he chuckled and proceeded to answer the question of whether or not they had met before. It finally clicked.

The mans voice was recognized at once, especially when he addressed him as Agent. (That was a breath of fresh air, considering the treatment to the title change in the last couple of days). Cole sat back, letting his elbows rest on the arms of the chair, and he smiled. "Ah! That's right. I knew you looked familiar. The Nifler case at your shop." It wasn't so much a case as it was a retrieval mission, one he was glad to have had Burgess on the team for that extraction, otherwise he would have had absolutely no clue of what to do with it. Silly creature. Intriguing and mischievous, that one. "Can't believe it's been that long already. Good to see you, though. Didn't think we'd cross paths like this." He mused. Back then, a few months ago, things were a lot simpler. At least, for him.

When he mentioned the status of affairs, Cole nodded, sighing a bit. "Right. Busy." He looked down at the mans file, but paused briefly when he said the words pin cushion. It was earmarked for now. "It says here you were with Six? What uhh... what did you do there?" His tired eyes didn't scroll the pages fast enough. Maybe Arlo would be kind enough to help him along with that.

Damn, he wished he had some coffee right about now.
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by: Arlo Beckett
"Can honestly say I never expected to be here, but likewise good to see you as well."

Arlo kept his eyes on Cole as he sifted through a stack of file folders, presumably looking for his. He gave the younger man a moment to take a quick glance though a wry smile crept onto his face when Calloway asked what exactly it was that he'd done with six.

"You have my file there I presume? It should have all the information you need."

It was clear to Arlo that Cole was not familiar with the briefing of agents in the way a director or handler should be. Honestly the mutant figured that the new director would have already done his homework, especially considering the current circumstances. It also had the agent wondering what exactly Cole was privy to. Clearance issues aside he Cole would have to go up the chain for certain things, but for now perhaps he could have a bit of fun at the other man's expense. Arlo remained quiet just long enough to see Cole sweat before he let out a soft, easy laugh as he brought his left leg up so he could rest his ankle on his right knee.

"Relax kid. When I was with six my main focus was asset acquisition and recovery, with a secondary in espionage and counter terrorism. Most of my work was centered in the Middle East and Asia, though every once in a blue moon my team would be sent to America. Before Six I was with the MEP and worked Homicide before being transferred to counter-terrorism."
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by: Cole Callaway
When Arlo pointed out that he'd had his file in hand, Callaway stopped reading and his eyes were instantly on the older agent. An accidental glare, if anything, one born of exhaustion and exasperation of the endless meetings, conference calls and memorial services as of late. When Cole realized he might have looked a little more irritated than he really was, he brought his eyes back down to the page. His cheeks, if they had any color left in them, might have looked a little flushed as he bit his tongue as not to unleash a comment he might regret, at the man with whom he'd just been reacquainted. Instead, his shoulders raised and fell as he breathed out a soft sigh, and he continued to scan the pages, only to find the same information the man finally offered aloud.

Relax, he said. Relax? Callaway was already far from relaxed as it was--now he was shoved in the stuffy little box Jones once called an office, interviewing strangers, buried in paperwork, and expected to relax? Not to mention, the man was only a couple years his senior, so getting referred to as 'kid' after being one of the older agents on the force for so long, was quite amusing. Callaway smirked behind the pages, though he was quickly impressed with what he was reading about Arlo. Asset recovery. A field operative, seasoned with counter terrorism... experienced in homicide. Jesus. Where was this guy when they needed him before? Why hadn't they let him into five until now?

"Seems like a pretty impressive skillset for an antique shop owner. Did clerk work become a drag?" If the older man wanted to play snark vs. snark, he was game. If anything, it would liven up his spirits some, pull him out of the dim and grim version of himself that seemed to have taken hold and had no signs of letting up until now. It was all in good fun, to help build a rapport, and Arlo wanted to keep it rolling, he wasn't going to stop. That is, until he had to pull the brakes due to his Director responsibilities, and that nonsense. Rubbish. "Actually..."

When he reached a divider in the folder containing Arlo Beckett's records, Cole stopped. It was black, with the word CLASSIFIED. Level 9 Clearance written beneath that. He narrowed his eyes. Level 9? He'd seen something in the files with that before, pertaining to some project by a Dr. Ahoudi and... Cole looked up again, his brows raised, as if he was waiting for someone to hop out and say he'd been pranked or perhaps someone could indulge him with what the hell was going on. He might have been told by the Brass on their visit just yesterday but he didn't think it was serious...no, he didn't think things would fall into place this quickly. He cleared his throat as he sat up, setting the file on the desk. "Must be why they scheduled you here today--I had a feeling I wasn't just bringing agents in here to chit chat, innit..." Cole's thin lips pursed as he folded his hands in his lap, and examined the older man once more.

So he was going to be part of this Task Force they wanted him to set up.
He was one of them.
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by: Arlo Beckett
The glare followed by a gamut of expressions that eventually settled on something bordering irritation, brought a tight lipped smile to the older agent. Seemed like his uncanny knack for annoying superiors was still as sharp as ever. The smirk Calloway gave when he'd referred to him as 'kid' was as good a reward for his slight insubordination. It also let the mutant know that Cole hadn't let the promotion go to his head and had a sense of humor buried under all the official bull.

Arlo's grin widened into something more genuine at the returned volley, a healthy dose of snark included. Perhaps working for MI5 would be less of a drag than he'd been lead to believe. "Well, certain antiquities tend to fight back more than others as you might know, but as much as I dearly loved clerking with a shattered hip and all, it seems forced retirement didn't suite me." The agent let out a soft laugh at that. It was funny how within a few short weeks his life had ended up in a whirlwind of insanity and change.

The shift in conversational tone was enough to have Arlo flip into business mode. Something was going on here and it was almost enough to frustrate the mutant. "Actually?" He let the question drag out into silence, unsure of where Calloway was going with things and Arlo's confusion only grew when it was mentioned "they" had scheduled the meeting. It was followed by a shift in demeanor from the Director which put Arlo on edge.

"They? I was told it was you that arranged this uh, interview shall we call it? Forgive an old man his faulty memory but care to enlighten me as to why I'm here... as you can see," Arlo pointed back over his shoulder to where his 2 men in black temporary handlers were stationed before continuing, "My current handlers have less personality than a doorstop and seem to have forgotten to tell me what I'm actually doing here."

Arlo settled back into his chair in an attempt to get a bit more comfortable. The agent couldn't help but think this was going to be a long conversation. Damn did he ever want a cig.
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by: Cole Callaway
"Right..." He said, though it was slightly mournful, a bit of pity in his eyes as he mentioned his shattered hip. Callaway was following along in his notes about the injuries sustained, directly linking up what he'd just said to his retirement from the agency. MI6, that is. "Well, it just doesn't work for some folks, that much is true." He mused, noting many folks that he knew on the force would try to leave, only to return for more work, either at a desk or in the field. It was hard getting away from a certain way of life when it became part of that person for so long.

Cole let out a snicker he couldn't hold back and he nodded in agreement. It was a little unnerving, having those two suits just posted up like some sort of gargoyles guarding a castle, or some sort of secret service guarding a world leader. It was protocol to keep them around, but it put so much pressure on those guarded and Arlo was one-hundred percent correct; those who were chosen for those sort of roles were generally about as interesting as a stone wall...and that wasn't giving the stone wall enough credit. "Correct." Cole nodded, "As you can see there's been a shift in personnel, and they've got me in here to... run the show, I guess for lack of better term. I've been in talks with my higher-ups and they feel it best to start fresh...bring in some new agents for my task force."

It was the cleanest, simplest way to put it, without getting into the information that required higher security clearance than a new agent would have, though Cole was worried his prelude there stating 'I am the Director' seemed like a little much. Unfortunately, he couldn't take back the words that were said, only try to come up with the answers to any questions that would come from that, if Arlo had any. The black file that contained the information Cole needed to go over was set down for now, and he waited a beat in case Arlo had anything to add before that.
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by: Arlo Beckett
The mutant grinned and nodded to indicate he was following along. Retirement sucked and the older man was certain that had his wife not forced him to pick up the antiquities trade she would have hexed him into a million pieces. Arlo was decidedly not meant to sit around and do nothing all day, something which was probably a deciding factor in taking up Phipps' offer to speak with Jones and get in on this super soldier program. But what was this about a new task force?

Arlo furrowed his brow slightly and absently drummed his fingers on his thigh as he chewed on what Cole had just told him. Obviously this personal shift had been much bigger than expected if the trickle down effect had the new director rebuilding his team from scratch. The obvious question was to simply ask about this "new" task force and get on with it but was that really all there was to it? Like what about the rest of the program. While Clark nor and of the other lab coats had flat out told him the program had been discontinued, it wasn't too terribly hard to pick up on that once he'd figured out how to use his shadows to eavesdrop. The rogue mutant had hurt them but there was also rumors of the a Dr. Ahoudi or something disappearing as well... Was this what the task force would be dealing with? Or was it more mundane?

Eventually Arlo decided the most straight forward route was the best way to navigate this unknown mine field. "All right, task force. What is it we are expected to do? And what happened to the old on if I might ask? Has everyone from the unit been scrubbed?"

He had many more questions he could ask but Beck's held back in favor of not overwhelming the new director. Small chunks were easier to digest anyway and much hard to brush off without making it obvious something was up or a clearance issue was broached.
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by: Cole Callaway
Cole scratched his neck and then sat back. How could he explain what he only sort of understood? Well, not entirely misunderstood--Powell explained things clearly, without being wrapped up by his favorite band of red tape so it couldn't be that hard, could it? Cole looked at the older man in his eyes, showing off his trademark stern glance. "Not much has changed, really. All I know is this new task force will be assigned to do what the Hounds were established for originally. Track down and investigate inhuman or supernatural forces, keep humankind safe. Ignorant. But safe."

Cole didn't want to add that last part but he felt it was necessary for Beckett to know where he stood on the matter. Paranormal division was eye-opening to him, scary at times but the phrase ignorance is bliss meant that the world could never know what they did to keep the lights on. "The old team... well, I have yet to speak with some of the agents. Bauer. Schmidt. Taylor...Agent-- Mr. Cox is no longer with us, as I'm sure you are aware. The old team has been shifted, in a way, that has now changed it from what they call a "muggle" team, to a one that will extend our reach, so to speak. We will be enlisting folks with certain specialties to enhance the Hounds themselves, to maintain the order in the city."

The new director paused...and then chuckled. "Christ, I probably sound ridiculous. You know, it sounded proper in my head though. But that's it in a nutshell." Breaking down that stern facade hopefully showed Beckett that while Cole was appointed to be the director, he was still much like one of them. An agent thrown into the storm. Just like them, however, still human.

"The reason why we've brought you in, Agent Beckett, we would like to add you to our team. The information in this file, provided by your handlers have informed me that you are now...capable of certain talents. Abilities. Lined up with the record you hold from MI6, they have informed me you will be a tremendous asset to the team. Now. With that being said, I could just read through this fun stack of paper and protocol, or... you could kindly inform me of said talent. What is it that you can do, if you don't mind me asking?"

He eyed the black file on his desk and knew he would end up reading through it all to understand the procedure and it's effects on him up until today. But he wanted more from the man; Cole wanted to see it for himself or have the mans own personal account, so he knew what he was getting into.
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by: Arlo Beckett
Arlo nodded as Cole began to explain and had to bit back a snort of amusement that the public needed to be kept ignorant yet safe. Some things never changed it seemed no matter what side of the pond you were working for. The mutant was no stranger to having to keep the public in the dark. He'd run enough missions for 6 that would do more than turn a few heads if word of what he'd been tasked to do got out. It wasn't that far of a stretch to know how the general populace would react to knowing magic was real and super soldiers were running amok. Heck, his initial reaction to finding out his wife and daughter were witches was proof positive on that. And he was just one person!

As Cole rattled off names of the old team, Arlo began to mentally file them away for later research. If he was to be as effective as possible on this new team he'd need to learn why the old one had been disbanded. A small smile tugged at the corner of his mouth when Arlo recognized one of the names. Cox. Seemed to be on MI5 radar that was for sure.

"Not as aware as you might think in regard to Cox. I've been in a bloody lab for the best part of... what is the date today? It was an honest question. He knew he'd been a lab rat for the better part of the past week but the older man was being serious about not actually knowing what the date was. He waited for Cole to fill him in before continuing. "Right so a week. I was told he was responsible for the bombing but not much beyond that."

Arlo went quiet after that and continued to listen to what Callaway was telling him. He understood the term muggle though he didn't let on and he waved away the notion that what he was being told was ridiculous. It wasn't anymore crazy than being told he was going to have his genes mutated, or that his wife and daughter could do magic.

And then there was the formal offer. Arlo felt his grin widen and he relaxed further into his chair. A soft laugh broke out at the mention of newly acquired talents and abilities. Oh if only Cole knew what he was asking. It was smart though. Instead of going to the file the agency had on him Cole was going for the source. It was still hard to wrap his head around what he'd become and what he could do. His strengths and weaknesses only seemed to grow as the days passed. He let his eyes settle on the director as he tried to figure out the best way to explain what he was now capable of without sounding like he just fell off the crazy train.

"My new found talents involve the absorbing of light and manipulation of shadows. As you can tell I've got a decent handle on the light absorbing aspect... if you'd asked me to come a day or two ago we'd more than likely be sitting in the dark right now. The shadow manipulation, from what we can tell so far without a live field test is a bit more tricky to control. The shadows are like their own living breathing entity and... well, I can hear them, direct them to do things and travel through them. Traveling is easy, it's like walking through a door, but getting them to cooperate for other things? Not so easy."

It would be a lot to process Arlo figured so he paused there in case Cole had any questions or need something specific. The agent was sure the follow up questions would also inquire about side effects or anything that could hinder the team. It was all in the file of course but just like talents and abilities sometimes it was best to hear it out loud so everyone was on the same page. But for now he'd wait and if Cole didn't broach the subject he would.
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by: Cole Callaway
Not aware? Right. Cole had been so damn exhausted that he figured that everyone would know about the catastrophe in the office from top to bottom by now...but if he was in a lab? That was quite a roadblock there, so he couldn't blame the agent for being out of the loop. "Eleventh." Callaway replied, when Arlo asked for the date. Even he couldn't believe how much time had passed since Matt left the unit until today. Things seemed to avalanche after his secret was spilled, and everyone was suffering their own sort of consequence, and the memorial service he'd just attended was proof of that.

Beckett confessed that he didn't know too much about Matt, and Callaway nodded and shrugged. "That's about all you need to know about Mr. Cox for now, as further details will be disclosed later."

Once those details get sorted out... He thought.

Things were so tangled in itself that truthfully, Cole couldn't explain Matthew Cox to Arlo without getting confused himself. It was such a sticky situation and they all knew it, so he figured it best to wait until Beckett was fully on board and ready to face the field work the Devil would be laying out for them.

Callaway's face must have been a mixture of confused, impressed and baffled all at once--though neutral enough as not to offend his potential new agent. It was indeed easier hearing it from the man's mouth than reading it for himself, however it was still a hefty load to comprehend. This whole mutant program was beyond Callaway's extent and beliefs, regardless of the fact that he knew Matt Cox had been one of them. Hearing this other man's capabilities being something completely different than his former teammates was... intriguing and odd at the same time. He cleared his throat and shifted in his seat, sitting up as straight as his spine would let him as not to aggravate the pain in his leg. "I see."

But did he? He wondered if he dare ask the man for a demonstration...but that query was already pushing limits and boundaries. "Light absorption..." He repeated, "Shadow manipulation--do you mean you can walk through them? Teleport or something? Forgive me if I sound ignorant to this, it is rather...new."
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by: Arlo Beckett
Arlo nodded. If Cole didn't want to fill him in on Cox that was fine. He'd find out eventually through his own means or others though he had some faith that Cole would fill him in once he was officially added to the team. The interview so far gave the agent the feeling that both men had been dropped into the fire so to speak, without all the information. Callaway's face right now only proved that.

An amused smirk tugged ta the corners of his mouth. It was a hard thing to wrap your head around and Arlo hadn't been kidding when he said he still didn't fully understand what the quacks did to him even though they'd attempted a brief explanation just before they put him under. When Cole eventually reiterated what he'd just explained Arlo nodded.

"Yes, walk through them. You can call it teleporting if it makes it easier to understand though that's not exactly what it is. It's more like," Arlo paused a moment as he searched for words to describe what actually happened. While it looked instantaneous from an outsiders view, it wasn't that simple. "It's more like walking through a doors. You open a door and it leads to a hallway with an exit door. Some hallways are so short it's like you step through and boom, you're where you wanted to be. Others it's a lot longer, with the chance of taking a wrong exit door and ending up not where you planned to be." It's... it' shard to explain without showing, but I think my keepers would have a conniption fit if I tried to bring anyone along with me... and to be honest not sure if it's even possible."

Arlo deliberately left out the part where the shadows spoke to him and showed him which doorways led to which place. it was probably bad enough to have anyone know he was a mutant, never mind a mutant with a bunch of voices constantly talking in his head. The agent waved off the apology from the Director. As far as Arlo was concerned they were both in the same boat. "Well if it puts your mind at ease 'I'm pretty ignorant to most of this stuff too, so learning on the go is all we can do."
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by: Cole Callaway
Doorways, then. Alright. The director echoed the man's explanation in his thoughts. Even though he couldn't fully fathom the experience, he sure as hell tried. The mutant program was a hefty stack of files he was left to wade through and if he was going to start enlisting them for his team, if not a couple here and there for outside ops and the rest in-house to monitor, he had to try. There sure as hell was going to be a learning curve here.

Cole blinked a couple of times and then nodded as he thought once more that the mutants would be brought forth and even put to work. It wouldn't take back what sounds like some horrific experimentation, but it might give them a chance outside of the facilities even if they were just in the office, with work to keep them busy. Maybe, just maybe, it could even give them some normalcy after what had been done to them. He shuddered at the fact that he was even having any of those thoughts. What had become of this place? This certainly wasn't the job he'd signed up for, but it wasn't like him to just walk away. He had to roll with the punches, as unforgiving as they were.

He acknowledged Arlo's point that he couldn't properly demonstrate with those suits at the door, and conceded to that. Director or not, Cole was still treading lightly with his new title, as not to get his ass booted out of that seat as of his ... second day?

"Alright then..." Cole exhaled deeply and tapped a couple of times on the edge of his desk before looking back up at Arlo. "Right now we have you working closely with...Dr. Clark, yes?"
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