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by: Orion
Monday April 30, 8:00am

Will the following personnel please report to conference room 5:

Katarina Bauer
Alexandra Taylor
Seamus Wiggens
Horace Brakes

Thank you, good day.
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by: Katarina Bauer
Flipping through the morning emails, Katarina lazily leaned on her elbow and slouched. If Cole or that new lady, Loretta were here--hell, even Matt--they'd probably nag her about her posture being absolute shit but she'd facetiously slink down into that posture again just to spite them. Reading through the electronic text on the flat screens was such a drag, and on the archaic email systems the department kept for 'security and productivity purposes' made the ability to zone out on something a bit more entertaining incredibly difficult, and most of the personal cellular use was barred in the area for the same reason. So, Kat trudged on, walking through the molasses it seemed, slowly clicking away, deleting and marking most of her emails as read.

Except one.

Report to conference room... Wait--her name was on this? Kat's stomach twisted and she eyed the time. Did they mean now? This was the department-wide drug test results notice, and she was being summoned? What the f... She narrowed her eyes. Katarina even refreshed the tab to see if what she'd been reading was accurate. She looked around, a little flushed, a little embarrassed, but managed to scoot her chair out with little to no ruckus, and wandered over to the conference room.

She was the first one here. The dread intensified.
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by: Alexandra Taylor
This morning was not going to plan. A scheduled test had not gone according to plan and Lex had found herself at her computer station recording the results and theorizing what had gone wrong when her email popped up in the right hand lower corner to let her know she had a new message. She finished the sentence she was typing and one more then clicked the pop-up with a sigh. She clicked the next pop-up that meant someone had seen to clicking the little "alert me when recipient opens" button before sending then read. The content had her scanning it twice then once more before she relaxed back in her seat. Well, if slouching counted as relaxed. Lex wasn't so sure it did. What possibly could have shown up? She'd told them about the glass of wine she'd had the night before the test just in case, not that it would have done much to her levels. She knew she didn't do drugs. She didn't have prescriptions. She didn't drink in excess. What on earth was this about? Because it wasn't about drugs. It simply couldn't be.

Lex drummed her fingertips on the edge of her desk a few times before sighing heavily as she pushed herself suddenly up from her chair. The email hadn't specified when, though it would be odd for the meeting to be now. What if one of them had been on a break or not near their station because of a job? So, the email was altogether odd in each and every way possible, and she had no idea what to expect. All she knew was she was going to show up since she had received it. She'd rather not miss it and appear suspicious. Still, she felt altogether baffled. What could this possibly be about?

Lex stood outside the door to conference room 5 for a few moments before taking a deep breath and opening the door, surprised to see only the female agent on Cole's team here. What was her name? Kat, wasn't it? Not certain enough to go with it, she simply settled with a, "Hello," as she sat herself down at the table. Altogether odd, indeed.
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by: Orion Burgess
Orion walked into the room and surveyed the two women there. The two men who had popped up positive were coming; he'd seen them in the hallway. Jones, likewise, was on her way. How many of them knew? That would be his job to find out, he recognized. If they fessed up, then there was that. The question then would be if they worked for the wizarding government or not. He sighed and took his place at the front of the room. Wiggens and Brakes finally arrived with Jones entering shortly afterwards.

"What's all this, then?"

Brakes spoke what everyone was likely thinking. Jones took her place at the front of the room and answered.

"The drug test this quarter also tested for the magical gene. You four came up positive with no prior indication in your records. It leads me to having some questions, so I thought I'd pull you together and ask them."
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by: Katarina Bauer
Magical gene? What the Dev...il... NO! How could this even be possible?

Katarina was a pillar. A statue. Frozen, is what she was, completely mortified by the words that cut the air somewhere beyond the greeting Lex had given her a moment ago. Moving only to blink, barely breathing, Kat's bright blue eyes pulled together in confusion as she looked at the Director with an expression of sheer awe. Words were a complete mess in her head, falling to the back of her mind leaving only surprise at the forefront, as she remained stunned for a few minutes.

She'd lived a normal life--to her recollection, if that meant anything here--but Katarina's parents, that would mean they were magical too, right? From her readings, her studies on the magical world she'd been given, Kat learned that people could be born of straight-up human parentage with a magical gene but...would this explain why some of her father's files, Tony's records had heavy redaction in them? Did the agency know this all along?

Holy. Shit.

"I...um...I b-beg your pardon?" She asked softly, blinking a couple of times before resting her eyes on the director. Good thing it was appropriate wording and timing with the natural break after Jones' announcement, because it was all that she could muster up for the moment.
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by: Alexandra Taylor
Lex's eyes widened slightly at the words out of the blonde's mouth and she sat a little straighter at the same time, entirely uncertain how she should react. Should she just admit she was a witch? Should she play dumb? There weren't many their ages who had no idea. Letters from Hogwarts and other wizarding schools would have been seen, strange instances occurring with little to no logical explanation. Just shy of memory modification, there would be no reasonable explanation for them to be entirely clueless, and Orion would realize that, being as he was. Still, surprisingly, Kat seemed rather shocked or dazed by the news. Lex's eyes settled on Kat a moment as she studied her stoically, trying not to give away her thoughts. Just as quickly, they were to the conference table and her hands.

Lex should have known keeping her secret would be impossible within an organization such as this as soon as she'd been told what was going on within it, but she'd wanted a normal life. She'd not wanted to have to deal with questions or her magical part, had wanted to wall it off entirely. She never even carried her wand these days. It seemed pointless when it could flag her to the attention of the wizarding world if used in too close proximity to a muggle and even more pointless when she didn't plan to use it. There was something therapeutic to driving that apparating didn't provide. Too fast, too sudden. Too loud.

What were her options here? Lex wanted to steal a glance at Orion, but she was afraid such a thing would give away much too much to the analytically minded young man before she had made a decision regarding which way she wanted to go. Perhaps she'd watch the reactions of the men to Jones' revelation, to her questions. It was entirely within her character to react quietly and process inwardly rather than outwardly, so stoicism wasn't out of the question as something normal for Lex. She'd wait. She'd wait and see what else happened and what was asked. It seemed wisest.
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by: Orion Burgess
Wiggins blanched at the news. Brakes, on the other hand, went red. Orion watched then both, detached. The women seemed to be in a state of shock or withdrawal. Interesting.

Being the only outed wizard in the department, it was his unspoken job to keep an eye in these four in case one of them was a government agent sent to spy on the muggle governments. If Orion had to put galleons to grindylows, either Wiggins or Taylor were plants.

Kat's denial was intriguing. Jones was talking to them all about how there would be no repercussions if they outed themselves and how nobody in the department would need to know about it if they wanted to remain hidden. Yes the email sent looked like it was department wide but it wasn't, that was a glitch from Orion's computer.

Silly thing, that computer. The more he did magic around it, the weirder it acted. No matter right now. Jones opened the floor up for the four to explain themselves.

Wiggins said nothing at first, then nodded stiffly, remaining silent. Brakes went off on a tirade about being a refugee and if muggleborns get persecuted in both worlds, how was a man to live with his family...Jones calmed him, thankfully. Orion didn't want to step in on that since the Burgesses were well known purebloods. Finally, it was down to Bauer and Taylor.
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by: Katarina Bauer
"Oh..." was all she could muster. Katarina was still stunned, like she'd heard something and it made the entire world just shut down around her. Luckily Jones didn't looked bothered by this, otherwise she might have completely lost it. It didn't need to be kept a secret but since it was something completely new and a world entirely foreign to her, Katarina decided it best not to flaunt her magical heritage until she had a good handle on it, and even then she wouldn't want to wave her wand around, as it were.

She blinked a couple of times and brought her gaze up to Orion, before giving him an uneasy nod. "Oh...kay."

Then she narrowed her eyes. She had a family member in the department. What of him? "Not to completely throw another wrench in the cogs here, but what about Wayne? Did you...did you test him too?" Just Wayne, of course. Asking about Will would be unnecessary and irrelevant. He didn't work here, after all. At least, not yet. He'd been aiming to apply to become one of the lawyers for the Agency once he finished school, but with this in mind, Kat didn't know what to think.

By the looks of it, Agent Taylor seemed to be coping with the news a lot better than she was...Did she already know?
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by: Alexandra Taylor
Growing up, Lex had always hated the feeling of being in trouble. It was like your stomach knotted and then the next thing you knew you felt like you were drowning and wondering how on earth no one else was noticing except you must be damn good at faking after years of growing up hating the feeling. Lex partially wished the chair would swallow her whole mainly for fear of the unknown. Sure, they had Orion working for them and he was a wizard, but he was also pureblood and the Burgesses were well known potioneers so perhaps he had some leeway with the government and went into the muggle job with them knowing he was a wizard. How would she fare? She was only muggle-born, and just because she hadn't chosen to live in the wizarding world once she had graduated didn't mean her magic wasn't detectable if used by a muggle, so what help would her abilities be? And why couldn't she just escape this part of her life? Why did they have to bring it up?

Bloody hell.

And then there was the poor girl who had apparently never received a Hogwarts letter or something and perhaps never had anything odd happen to her due to emotional mismanagement growing up to even give her a clue? Well, hey, things happened. And who knew, maybe she and her family had found a way to explain it away and make peace with it. And Wiggins who had practically had the same emotional breakdown she was having but verbally. Jones had been understanding, but somehow that didn't make Lex feel more at ease. She felt like her world as she wanted it was crumbling down by no will of her own and it left her with a powerless feeling she hadn't felt in quite some time. She hated it, and she hated the way her stomach felt.

"So," Lex finally managed after what had felt like forever. She cleared her throat, willing her voice to be more steady, more normal. "So, what's next?" It was an admittance but controlled. She wasn't going to go on a rant. She wasn't going to outwardly display the turmoil she was feeling within like Wiggins. But she was going to see where they went from here. That was what mattered, after all, wasn't it?
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by: Katarina Bauer
That was a good question, that Lex posed. What was going to happen to them from here? Were they going to be shipped off to work somewhere else? No, that was a silly thought. MI:5 Paranormal was made for this sort of thing, right? Hell, if anything, this would help her fit in a bit better with the personnel like Orion and whoever else they might have had on board. Matt, maybe? No, this was different. His was a mutation, hers was inherited. And what would he think about her being a witch? What would Klaus say about it? He'd had experience with those from 'the other side' as Cole called it, but would this put her in a different light with the others?

Moreover, was anyone going to explain how the hell she has magical blood when her parents... Her parents! Did her father know about this? Why did he hide it from them?Tony and Will...were they magical too? God, this sounded like a terrible fantasy novel or something, and she was far from being a 'chosen one'. She barely had her bearings as an agent in this division, now the pressure would be on to hone her powers.

Katarina's eyes widened slightly, only noticeable if someone was watching her reactions carefully. As she fought with her inner monologue, she couldn't help but think up the what-ifs and what-nows and all of the puzzling questions of what this meant for her future, because this was incredibly surprising news.

She was a witch, and didn't even know it. Whether it was the confusion or the excitement or the fear inside her stomach making her stomach churn, she was anxious as hell to hear the consequences of this.
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by: Orion Burgess
Orion didn't like having the authority like this, but it was technically his project to run, so here they were. Here they were...Merlin, have mercy. He was going to have responsibility for training those who needed it and monitoring those who didn't. He'd be administering the veritaserum tests to determine the integrity of the agents and their ties, or lack thereof, to the Ministry of Magic. Oh, how he hoped he wouldn't find any...that would just complicate things to no end, wouldn't they?

Both Lex and Kat brought up interesting and important questions, so Orion did his best to answer them.

"We haven't tested the technical department yet; when we do, we will have a sit-down with those agents the same as wee're having right now. And as far as next steps...well, the hope is that for those of you who still have your wands, you'll be forming a specialized squad of agents for active threat responses, still working with the department. for those of you who do not, I'll be working with some contacts of mine to furnish you with both the tools and training needed. Cooperation is, therefor, highly encouraged and will be well rewarded."

Not that he'd be able to say what that reward was...talks were still underway of what a magical agent would even do in the department. There were no obviously visible threats on the horizon yet, but the fog of confusion and uncertainty still hazed the way forward. Orion agreed with Jones: Better to be over prepared than caught unaware.
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by: Katarina Bauer
Wayne hadn't been tested. Seriously, how was this going to shake out? Surprise, Will! We're made of magic? And the Hounds? Was this something that was expected? The reason why she was recruited to work for this department? Perhaps. Perhaps not though, considering they just now tested their blood to find out their magical DNA.

When Orion mentioned a wand, she raised her eyebrows. Shit. A wand? This was getting out of hand, wasn't it? Maybe not out of hand, per se, but a little too real and she wasn't prepared for it. How could she have prepared herself to deal with something like this? Well, she couldn't. She nodded slightly at his mention of working with him, gaining the impression she'd have to research and study more about her inherent craft. "Right." Katarina said softly.

Though words like cooperation and rewarded made her curious. What would they say if she didn't accept this? It would be stupid to say that, of course, but what if...

Katarina needed to take a breather, maybe take a lap around the building, or head down to the gym and spar or workout to clear her head. This was so much to take in at once and she wasn't sure she could take it in this room for much longer. Nevertheless, she stayed put. There was no use making a huge scene right now; She wanted as little attention drawn to her as possible.
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by: Alexandra Taylor
The fact of the matter was that Lex had few reasons not to cooperate so long as her relative safety could be guaranteed, but the fact also remained she enjoyed quiet life behind the scenes in ballistics. Would the entirety of Paranormal come to know the four of them were of magical origins? Would they be given no choice but to belong to this special organization? What could be expected other than some nameless reward? Would said reward even be worth it? She had chosen to remain quiet on the magic front since finding out what had happened and deciding to live her life quietly as a muggle. If this opened her up to recognition and targeting from the government because she had to perform spells in an area where muggles could be, that would be quite going against her whole chosen path in life.

Lex inhaled quietly then sighed a little more heavily than she intended. "And I suppose we have little say in whether we participate or simply continue in our current positions?" she asked, her voice far from thrilled in nature, yet she attempted to adopt a tone that at least gave across the point she wasn't shut down to talking about this. She wasn't entirely certain she was even remotely successful in achieving such a tone, but at least she'd tried, right? It wasn't every day you were told you potentially would be returning to a life you had resigned yourself to leaving behind you. She glanced at Kat. Poor girl obviously had had no clue about herself beforehand, had she? Yet shouldn't she have had some indication at some point in her life? Strange things happening with no logical explanation with emotional outbursts? Something? Anything? Lex turned her attention to her nails and the hangnail that had been bugging her all day so far.
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by: Orion Burgess
Little say? Orion frowned at that. No, no, that wasn't how he wanted to run his little team at all. He valued and cherished his freedom, so the concerns of others would be highly valued when it came to their freedom.

"Quite honestly, there are many good reasons to not pick up your wands ever again. It will be dangerous, I won't deny that, but we may well be the only wizards and witches left to resist the travesty that has become the government of our world. Since I've found you here, in Mi5 paranormal, I have to believe that there's something within you that seeks to protect and make right everything that's gone wrong. For the safety of our team, I will be doing background checks and interviews to make sure we are not undone by infiltration, but if for your own safety you don't wish to take up magic to defend our country, there will always be work to be done as muggles."

It was quite the speech and he intended to back it up with action to train and care for his small team. He would have to find and remove any Trace so they could operate in the field, train any deficiencies, and build a protocol for how and when magic should be used. He had quite the task, didn't he?
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by: Katarina Bauer
Well... She wasn't fired.

She wasn't locked up in some cell to be poked and prodded for her blood--she wasn't going to be cast out like some freakshow. Still, Katarina felt like a freak. At least she had someone, a familiar-ish face to lean on, aside from Orion when it came to this. Lex. The two of them might not have been best mates or anything, but there was no time like the present to get to know one another. Kat quirked a brow as she looked over at Lex when she asked about current positions. Did she want to leave the team, or just see shift in personnel? This wasn't too bad of an idea, because Katarina was getting sick of sitting behind a damn desk. Even though it hadn't been long since Jones made her fully stationary, Kat hadn't seen much action in the field, even though that's what she was trained for back in her old unit.

"Interviews? Do you think there are some magical spies among us or something?" She shrugged with a soft chuckle, even though it wasn't something that could be ruled out. If the witches and wizards looked like everyone else, it was quite possible they could be in the office without anyone knowing. Other than not knowing about her own family ties to that side, Katarina had nothing to hide. She'd be upfront and honest.

Other than that, she had no immediate interest in leaving the department.
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