A maze of sewers, traps, blind labyrinths, darkness, and dangerous beings protects a secret path from the sewer entry in the alleyway behind the Duck and Dagger to the entrance of the A massive stone city lays beneath the sewer system. Designed to look like a wheel, each of the four pie shaped districts points to the hub, where things are indeed centered. Carved above each gate is the phrase, "Abundans Cautela Non Nocet," (abundant caution does no harm) which is the motto of the city. The lighting of the cavern is provided by large, blue, bioluminescent mushrooms.
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by: Niklaus Schmidt
The first part of the conversation, Klaus could follow, the part he could tell was Cedric trying to be a dick to Teague. Then, they started talking about something else with terms he didn't recognize. Maybe a sport? Klaus could hardly care. Sometimes he got excited about a football game if he imbibed, but even then? He'd never understood the zeal that led to the sort of fan that was a hooligan. People got serious about their sports. He found it easier to keep track of games to avoid pubs those nights. Klaus focused on his beverage rather than their banter. He had half a mind to simply leave the place and do some more wandering, but the Teague bloke was who had made it sort of fun earlier, not so much the wandering itself. He'd stay put for now and people watch for now. Along with a motion for more alcohol. Because, by golly, he was not going to sit and be bored.
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by: Cedric McGarret
Cedric smirked and shook his head while he refilled everyone's drinks.

"Better Seeker? Nah, more like the more risk-taking Seeker. But I think our muggle friend here is a bit foggy with the sports. Tell you what, Teague...if I got you a newspaper, what would you do for it, hm? You want news and I want to give you hell, so let's figure out a way we can piss each other both off and get what we both want...or how about you, Klaus? Wanna share some news with us about what your government's doing?"

Ced leaned against the bar with a half smile. Neither of these two knew him well enough to see the danger in what he offered; the trouble these two were bound to get in made the wolf edgy and unwilling to let them go out of his territory, but Jake said, so Jake gets. It was the way of a dictatorship and the Syndicate wasn't anything if it wasn't that.
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by: Teague MacTail
The tracker offered Cedric a shrug but the tight lipped grin that followed the wolfs quip about what he'd be wiling to do for a paper was as dangerous as it could get. This whole bit was quickly turning into a pissing match and Teague was certain he didn't really want to play this little game but it seemed like his mouth had other plans.

"Mmm dunno, probably promise to not burn the place down for a few days?" It was a smart mouth retort at best and it was hard not to fall back into the familiar when he was feeling trapped. Then again maybe it was what Cedric was looking for. He'd been well on his way to unhinging Jake and starting a full on riot earlier and that was probably not something anyone would want the general populace to see, let alone know about.

Teague absently swirled the liquid around in his glass when Cedric was oh so kind enough to top both him and Klaus up. At Ced's question about the muggle government the tracker shifted his gaze to his new found friend. Klaus had touched on it a bit earlier but it wasn't with any great detail. Not like Teague had returned the favor when asked about the wizarding government but with Ced around Teague figured there was the potential for the wolf to spill the beans. The tracker let out a soft sigh. No point in worrying about that now until he was back topside. If they needed more bodies to keep things contained then so be it.
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