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by: Yuki Adams
February 7, 2012
9 p.m.

The cat watched them. The cat observed them. Humans were such silly creatures. Slow, soft, weak, clumsy, hairless, pink. They got scared in the dark, because they couldn't see well in it. Their hearing was bad, too, not to mention their sense of smell. They were block headed monkeys. They didn't watch the cats, it was the cats that watched them. Always. It was what cats did.

Just like this one.

It watched them. It observed them. It followed them around and nobody thought anything about it. After all, this place, this Hogwarts was full of cats. Many of the students had cats as companions. It seemed that cats were something humans liked and this cat often wondered why that was. Dogs had their uses, in all their forms, but dogs were silly creatures as well. Focused on their pack, easily distracted with silly things, like sticks.

When was the last time you saw a cat chase after a stick because a human tossed it?


Cats were individuals. Cats had personalities. Especially this one. Kneazles were interesting. They were not cats per se, but close enough for most humans to believe them to be cats. They were smarter than normal cats, but not as smart as this one.

This cat knew how to deal with humans, how to play them, how to manipulate them, how to make them think of it as just another normal cat. Humans. Ha!

The cat stopped and watched. The human it was following was a male, skinny, with a weird way of rambling endlessly about nothing. They called him Milo, which to the cat sounded like a dog's name. He was very odd, even for a human.

The cat had followed others as well. One they called the captain, a man who seemed to attract problems and smelled of stress. Another one, they called Dresden, who generally seemed to be confused about many things. Another one, named Lance, but he didn't smell like human anymore. He was different. Something had changed him and not for the better, but the cat didn't care. It wasn't interested in any of them.

The cat had followed the man they referred to as headmaster. Now he was the very definition of a basket case. Why the other humans allowed him near their offspring was confusing. The cat had seen his secrets, not all of them, but enough to know that he wasn't quite sound of mind. The cat had followed a young woman they called Rika. She was more interesting. She smelled not of human, but of something similar to cat. The cat had found another like that, a girl, one of the students. Two of them in the same place. What were the odds of that?

The cat had observed them all. It had been here for a bit, just a week or so, but it had been enough time to get its bearings and to know about them all.

Though, there was one even the cat avoided. The dark one it called him. Dangerous, old, cruel, but cunning and smart. A genius, no doubt. Funnily enough, he wasn't human either. He smelled of dead flesh and rotten corpses. The cat had seen him only once or twice and realized quickly that it was better to give him wide berth. That one meant only one thing: trouble.

And trouble was the one thing the cat didn't need.

The cat had also been picked up by humans, had been fed treats and some had decided to pet it on the head.


Everything non-human seemed to be a pet to them.

But even there the cat didn't care too much about it. This was all part of the way things were. Cats were cats and humans were humans.


The cat was not really a cat.


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