Now that you've read up on us and have asked us any questions you may have, why not meet our cast then add your own character to the mix? Do note that we will help you at any point during our application process, so please don't hold back any questions!
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by: Jen
Please read this link before creating any mutant character. Staff is always willing to answer questions if you would like contact during your application writing process. We are more than happy to bounce ideas around with you for you to feel more confident the idea you have is feasible for our take on mutants within the Harry Potter universe.

Code: Select all[center][font=impact][size=200]FIRST MIDDLE (if has one) LAST[/size][/font]
[size=90]age. muggle/squib. 1st/2nd generation.  job.[/size]
[hr][/hr]PICTURE HERE IF DESIRED. Otherwise, delete this and the next set of dividing line.
[justify][b]D.O.B.:[/b] (Month, day, and year.  Please refer to the "Current Time" side bar when determining birth year.  Keep in mind the current month as it will affect if your character will be aging in a month or has already aged for the year.)


[b]HAIR:[/b] (Color, basic style.  As much detail as you'd like.)
[b]EYES:[/b] (Color.  Does your character wear glasses?  Contacts?)


[b]MARKINGS:[/b] (Scars, tattoos, any deformities caused by the mutation, etc. can go here.)

[b]PLAY-BY:[/b] (If you would rather not have a play-by, erase this line.)


[b]POWER OVERVIEW:[/b] (How does this power operate?)
[b]SPELL BASIS:[/b] (If you're not sure what this is referring to, please read the thread linked above.)

[b]WEAKNESSES:[/b] (What are the shortcomings of this power, the weaknesses?  These are key to creating a well-balanced, non-OP mutant character.)


[b]DESIRE:[/b] (What is your character's deepest wish?)
[b]PHOBIA:[/b] (What is your character's greatest fear?)

[b]TRAITS:[/b] (At least 200 words describing your character's personality.  You can list personality traits or do this in paragraph form.  Regardless of the format, choose a few aspects that stand out to you about your character and elaborate.  This is by no means going to reflect every facet of the character but should give a decent overview.)

• Relation: Name, aged _.  Blood Status.  Job.
• Relation: Name, aged _.  Blood Status.  Job.

[b]HISTORY:[/b] (At least 200 words.  Do describe your character's childhood, adulthood, etc.  Consider what might have driven your character to volunteer for the "Super Soldier" program of MI5.  How has the mutation affected your character?)

[b]ANYTHING ELSE?[/b] (Anything that didn't fit above can go here.  i.e., pets, abilities, etc.  Do keep in mind our ability sign-up.)

[b]OOC ACCT:[/b] [url=]Link here[/url]


[b]RP Sample:[/b] (Remove if you've already made a character.)[/justify]
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