Now that you've read up on us and have asked us any questions you may have, why not meet our cast then add your own character to the mix? Do note that we will help you at any point during our application process, so please don't hold back any questions!
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By Jen
Staff is denoted with an asterisk (*).
List consists of handlers & their main characters.
  • AC *
    member since June 2008
    UTC-06:00 CST
    • Arlo Beckett
    • Jace Bryden
    • Dresden Faust
    • Teague MacTail
    • Soren Shepard
    • Takahashi Subaru DECEASED
    • Julian Winslow
    • Markus von Wolfram
    ADAM - Hiatus
    member since November 2015
    UTC-05:00 EST
    • Nonnus
    AK - Vacation
    member since September 2007
    UTC+01:00 CET
    • Yuki Adams
    • Rufus Camoynes
    • Rika Lefcourt
    • James Molay
    member since July 2017
    UTC-05:00 EST
    • Corrigan Ardagh
    • Alasdair Bennett
    • Peregrine Jacobs
    • Citlali Separa
    member since January 2017
    UTC-08:00 PST
    • Daniel Firinne
    JEN *
    member since October 2005
    UTC-08:00 PST
    • Delilah Chase
    • Anne Fernsby
    • Justin McDowell
    • Samael Nachtweber (formerly Lance Ulrich)
    • Eric Pangbourn DECEASED
    • Niklaus Schmidt
    • Alexandra Taylor
    • Lydia Thomas
    • Trevor Williams
    • Casey Winslow
    • Lucy Winslow
    • Milo Witte
    member since January 2007
    UTC-05:00 EST
    • Apollo Blaine
    • Chase Downing
    • Wesely Harper
    • Cascite Ingem
    • Issac Malcolm
    • Quintos Prynne
    • Callid Warren
    • Jason Wyndale
    KATIE - Hiatus
    member since May 2012
    UTC-05:00 EST
    • Alan Kalkuskov
    • Lina Kalkuskov
    • Ianto Sayer
    KAY *
    member since July 2007
    UTC-08:00 PST
    • Katarina Bauer
    • Diana Blaine
    • Cole Callaway
    • Asher Castello
    • Stana Chastaine
    • Fierro Darque
    • Jaleth Lenor
    • Rafael McPherson
    • Liam O'Donnell
    • Jonathan Partridge
    • Zeva Reid
    • Rupert Reynolds
    • Kara Viridian
    • Christophe Viridian
    • Tristan Viridian
    • Drusilla Windsor
    member since January 2011
    UTC+00:00 GMT
    • Gideon Conleth
    • Brigita Litvak
    • Melissa McCarthy
    • Berenice Pangbourn
    • Seren Weavers
    • Ezra Whyatt
    member since 2005
    UTC-07:00 MTS
    • Bridget Callaghan
    • Morgana Calloway
    • Madeline Jamison
    ORION - Retired
    member since September 2010
    UTC-08:00 PST, UTC-05:00 EST
    • Orion Burgess
    • Matthew Cox
    • Aishe Far Runner
    • Morgan Jones
    • Damien LeMarch
    • Cedric McGarret
    • Charon Nachtweber
    • Darius Nott
    • Hilda Prewett
    • Jacob Sullivan
    • Sam Sullivan
    • Tabora
    member since October 2007
    UTC-05:00 EST
    • Lily Blake
    • Everett Cooper
    • Coraline Larson
    • Maeve McLeod
    member since September 2007
    UTC-06:00 CST
    • Robert Lawson ("John Smith")
    member since September 2010
    UTC-08:00 PST
    • Gemma Burgess
    • Caz von Kronenburg
    • Aislin MacKennitt
    • Selene Nightshade
    • Pandora Ravensdale
    • Franco Shackleford
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By Kay
Below is a list of the recurring, Active NPCs. NPCs have either been used in threads regularly or mentioned and will be participating in the current timeline. They may be converted to full fledged cast members if their handler decides to change it, by utilizing the application method for the standard PCs. Any Magical or Supernatural Entity will need to fill out a small sheet to provide information about their capabilities and a small background.
  • Destiny (Admin NPC Account)
  • Bree Byrne (The Lucky 7 Garou Sniper)
  • Keo Lucci (Cyber Dogs Garou Alpha)
  • Mia Romano (The Lucky 7 Garou Witch)
  • Corc Shepard (The Wild Cards Garou Alpha)
  • Alice Caruthers (Death Eater)
  • Destiny (Admin NPC Account)
  • Beau Beaumont (Imperium Guard)
  • Francis Powell (MI5 Upper Division)
  • Wayne Bauer (MI5 Technician)
  • William Bauer (Brother of Kat Bauer)
  • Alia Boucher (Death Eater)
  • Ioan Carver (The Lucky 7 Garou)
  • Brenna Fox (The Order of the Phoenix Combat Advisor)
  • Henrietta Harvey (Manager at the Abbey)
  • Miranda Lucci (Cyber Dogs Garou)
  • Geoffrey Maldonado (MI5 Technician)
  • Rafael McPherson (The Lucky 7 Garou Gunslinger)
  • Seamus O'Neal (Bartender at the Abbey)
  • Loretta Patterson (MI5 - Internal Affairs)
  • Richard Reynolds (Head of Project Chimaera Research)
  • Anastacia Rossi (Cyber Dogs Garou Beta)
  • Patricia Clark (MI6 Psychoanalyst)
  • Thomas Cox (Brother of Matthew Cox)
  • Simon Dobrowski (MI5 - Mutant)
  • Raymond Gunnerson (Underground Informant/Bookie) - DECEASED
  • "James" (Criminal Informant)
  • Wilson King (Crime-lord of the Syndicate)
  • Gabriel Reed (The Order of the Phoenix Tactician)
  • Michael Welsh (MI5 Tech/Syndicate Spy)

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