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by: Jordan
Greetings all! While I was waiting for the go ahead for my remaining characters, I also decided to bring back my classic statistics spreadsheets just like the days of old. On these spreadsheets I list all sorts of character demographics: Blood status, genders, birthplaces, birthdays (yours is still nicer Kay), etc. Most are just fun trivia, but some of the sheets are handy (Especially the Hogwarts Yearmates sheet which shows a timeline of where all active characters fall in line with other characters' times at Hogwarts).

This handy dandy Google Spreadsheet can be viewed: HERE

I gleaned as much information as I could from character sheets, but certain things were missing. If you see a character of yours having a statistic recorded as "Unlisted" (Birthplace and Patronus were the only sheets I did this for) please feel free tell me and I will place it in the correct spot in a jiffy. Also I think I was missing the former Hogwarts House for Christophe Viridian. Otherwise everything should be in the correct place, but please correct anything I may have screwed up.

Welp, I think that's about all the explanation I need to do. If you have any suggestions on new statistics I should record let me know. Also if I posted this in the wrong place, feel free to move it to somewhere more suitable. Can't wait to get back to writing with you guys!
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