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by: DURT
18 Years old. Human(Muggle). N/A. Tattooist.

D.O.B.: September, 28th, 1994. 

ORIENTATION: Traditional.

WAND: (N/A.)

HAIR: Variable(Currently Blue-Black), Variable(Naturally straight).
EYES: (Black with Golden flecks. Often wears safety glasses with magnification lenses for her work.)

HEIGHT: 5 foot, 9 inches.
WEIGHT: 165 lbs, Athletic.

Scar(s): An old brand at the base of the back of her neck.
Tattoo(s): Full sleeves on both arms, featuring serpents prominently. Tattoos on her back, abdomen, and legs appear to be Native American and Maori in inspiration.

MIRROR OF ERISED: Respect of her father.
BOGGART: Losing her sister.

Winona and her twin brother have both been taught the ways of the sacred marks of her ancestry. But she has no magic with which to empower them. Only Michael does. But he has no natural talent in making the marks. For her, it is as natural to free-hands tattoos as it is for a child to draw in the sand. Her skill had earned her a local reputation on the Big Island, and Social Media had helped to extend that beyond the islands. But when "Magi" was accepted to go to university in London, the Chief immediately made plans to move us all across the world. "He must finish his training..." was the reasoning. But he didn't care about her future, why should she care about Magi's? Much less for the future of the family line? Maybe it should just perish. . . .
She plays like she hates the old 'family business', but she actually loves it. What she hates, is that she can't do the work herself. That she has to rely on her brother to em use the sigils that he doesn't enough know how to read. Especially since she has long-since learned how to sight-read them from a distance. Learning about how to incorporate new old ways is her secret nerd-drug. Now that she's in Europe, Viking and Old Anglican runes are her past-time.

The Chief was smart-enough to find a flat close Magi's new school that had a shop-front attached. So, Winona has set herself to the work of rebuilding her reputation as a master artist in a new environment. It's the only other thing that she cares about. Besides her younger sister, who is just starting grade 11. The two of them are close in their shared disposition by their father. He only has time for his son that can do magic. Hardly a glance for them.

• Father: "Chief", 75 Years Old. Job: Tribal Chief/Sigil Shaman, Tattoo Artist(Retired).
• Brother(Twin): Michael(Magi) Etu Enola, 18.  Job: Apprentice Shaman.
• Sister: Kateri Tanis Enola, 16.  Job: High School Junior.

FAMILY: The Enola Clan have been a nomadic people wandering over the plains of North America for generations. They are powerful magi who specialize in tribal medicine and sigil spells. Many tribes of the First Peoples have relied on her family's inherited expertise in binding magical spells to a person's skin with some permanence in ink or temporarily with paint. Whether it was for healing, attracting wealth, favorable weather, or good fortune in battle.
But magic has limitations. That power had been taken for granted for centuries, until the white man came. His technology was a formidable adversary for the old ways of the Enola's magic. Soon the people lost faith in her ancestor's ability. Their doubt manifested in the form of brutal slaughter. Only two managed to escape. Manifest Destiny left them nowhere to hide from their ever-increasing ledger of enemies, so they went into hiding among the islands of Hawaii. While there, they learned the ways of the Maori and taught them also their own ways.
Now, two generations later, only one patriarch of the family remains, and his three children. Only one of the his children was born with magic in his blood.

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