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by: Anton Stern
22. Halfblood Garou. Own/pack. Pack Job: Scout for Loki's Howl; "Human" job: exotic dancer.


D.O.B.: July 12th, 1989

GENDER & PRONOUNS: Male, he/him
ORIENTATION: Pansexual, polyamorous

HAIR: Dark blonde, slightly wavy. He tends to alternate between buzzing it short and letting it get rather shaggy and over-long.
EYES: Technically mostly blue, but with a hint of hazel-gold near his pupils that makes it difficult to identify exactly what color his eyes are: depending on who you ask, you will probably get different answers.

HEIGHT: 6'1”
WEIGHT: 180 lbs

MARKINGS: Scars are to be expected among Garou, and Stern is no exception: he has various scars from fights, the most notable -- though not the largest by any means -- being a small scar next to his right eyebrow. He has a tattoo of a stylized rat, the totem of the Bone Gnawers, on his right bicep.

PLAY-BY: Charlie Hunnam

MIRROR OF ERISED: For his tribe to be more recognized by the Nation; it's often hard for him, given his past and half-human blood, to accept the "place" of the Gnawers within the Nation. This is an unspoken wish, however.
BOGGART: Being separated from his tribe and pack. They are the only true home he's ever known.

TRAITS: Stern is a playful, fun-loving individual in general; it seems somewhat at odds with his past, for those who know it, but Stern's friendliness in some ways is actually a deliberate “screw you” to the many expectations forced on him over the years. He can come across as rather cocky, and in some ways he is, but most of it is either well-founded, a result of his naturally dominant nature, or a careful cover-up for actual insecurities rather than just meaningless boasting. He is VERY flirtatious and will flirt with just about anyone, even people he probably shouldn't (up to and including, on one occasion, a rival pack's Alpha). However, he isn't one to force himself on anyone, partially due to the nature of his own existence. That doesn't mean that he will stop flirting, though: he just doesn't try for anything else.

Despite his somewhat goofy, bouncy exterior, he is actually quite intelligent, particularly regarding interpersonal relations, though he would be the last person to state that he was “smart.” He is fiercely protective of those he cares about -- his mother, his pack, and any friends he makes -- and would fight to his last breath for them. He is also definitely a dominant type, and can snap from laughing and joking to deathly serious – and even deadly – in the blink of an eye. This makes him very hard to predict, because even his scent will not betray him until it's too late.

• Mother: Alis Stern, aged 43.  Pureblooded Garou, Bone Gnawer. Scout for Loki's Howl pack .
• Father: Adolf Himler , aged 40 at time of death.  Human Muggle.  Professional poacher.

• Pack: Loki Reed, aged 54.  Pureblooded Garou, Bone Gnawer. Alpha of Loki's Howl pack .
• Pack: Brendan Morrow, aged 40.  Pureblooded Garou, Bone Gnawer. Beta of Loki's Howl pack .

HISTORY: Stern, who goes exclusively by his last name at this point in his life, had it rough from the very beginning. His father, a human, headed a company in Germany that – often illegally – hunted down big game for rich clients who wanted creatures as pets or trophies. While he was visiting England, he happened across something unexpected. Alis, Anton's mother, a Garou, was tracked from a distance on a full moon because she was initially mistaken for some kind of freakish overgrown wolf by the ignorant men. When Adolf noticed that she was in fact something else entirely, he went after her himself, shooting her with a high-powered sedative and taking her captive, back to Germany. When the moon was over she transformed back into her human shape, which Adolf lusted over; keeping her drugged so she couldn't fight back, he raped her, unintentionally impregnating her. He kept her around, having his people perform tests on her to try and figure out what she was, to find her weaknesses, and also so he could use her body. Due to a hunch based on an off-hand comment by one of his men that the "creature" was reminiscent of a "werewolf," Anton tested and eventually worked out that silver was the one thing that could make any wounds on her last. From that point on he kept her chained in silver alloy cuffs, having noticed by then that she was pregnant and wanting to keep her around so he could “study” the child as well.

Alis gave birth to their child, and Adolf was prepared to keep it for more than just study since it was a boy: he was pleased, in his twisted way, to have a son, even if it was “half-monster.” He named the boy Anton, and planned to raise him as his own, to lie and say that Anton's mother had died in childbirth, since it would give him more opportunities to test the child's development and potential transformation.

What he hadn't counted on was Alis' regenerative abilities, despite the constant presence of silver, gradually working out how to counteract the numerous sedatives Adolf had been dosing her with.

Anton was around five years old when it happened. He was not a happy child, for his father was very openly abusive toward him, alternating between abusing him and completely ignoring him. He learned at a very young age to stay quiet, to stay hidden, to run and hide and shy away when struck, because to do anything else was to invite pain. His instinct, though, even then, was to fight back, and he longed to figure out a way to do so: he wasn't even six yet, and he already wished he could kill his father, with a resoluteness and determination that went far beyond his years.

In the end, though, Anton's desire found fruition in the most unexpected of places. Alis, managing to finally gain control of herself once more, waited, pretending to still be comatose, until the night of the full moon. Transforming, she managed to tear herself out of her silver shackles and laid waste to all who opposed her, searching for Adolf. Instead, she found little Anton: small for his age due to malnutrition and obviously afraid, but grimly wielding a Bowie knife he'd pulled off of one of the already-dead guards, standing ready in case she attacked him. Alis immediately recognized him as her son, by scent, and took pity on him: he was, to her, clearly capable of embracing his Garou heritage fully, despite the disadvantage of his human blood. She managed to get across to him that she was intelligent, not a ravening monster as he'd first thought, and that her goal was the same as his: she wanted to kill his father, to ensure the Veil remained in place once and for all. When Adolf finally showed up with more guards, Alis tore through them all while Anton charged his own father and hamstringed him before Adolf could take a shot at the giant wolf. The man's astonishment at his son's “betrayal” was short-lived, as the sun rose and Alis transformed back into her human shape, quickly telling Anton her side of the story. Anton, falling into Rage for the first time in his life, used his Garou strength to stab his father in the heart, his mother tearing out the man's throat with her claws at the same time.

Now free, they left together, sneaking out under the radar while backup came to find all the guards and Adolf dead, apparently at the hands of some of the dangerous animals he'd rounded up, which had all been released by Alis before leaving. Alis told Anton more of herself, and more of what they were, as they made their slow way back to her pack. Having already killed his lying, abusive father, as well as seen his transformed mother, Anton had no difficulty in believing that his mother wasn't dead after all and was in fact a powerful being called a Garou. Accepting himself as one was more difficult for the traumatized, self-deprecating child, but then the next full moon came and he had his first transformation, only a few months before his sixth birthday. Unable to deny it after the agonizing but exhilarating full moon experience, Stern fully accepted himself as being half-Garou when they finally reached Alis' pack in England: Loki's Howl, traditional territory-holders of the East End, based on the Isle of Dogs in London.

Suddenly having Alis return after nearly six years, with a half-human son no less, caused nothing less than an uproar. The Gnawers, being very pack-oriented, initially took this long absence as being a betrayal of tribe, pack, and family, though once Alis' tale came out in a testimony before the Howl as well as the other Gnawer packs in the area it was discovered that the absence had truly not been her choice. There was, then, a great deal of questioning to determine if the Veil had been lifted due to her capture and imprisonment; Alis was able to prove that all those who had ever seen her, transformed or otherwise, were now dead, killed by her own hand, which cleared up that issue and spared the tribe an investigation by the Nation. Once Alis was considered fully a part of tribe and pack again, the subject of Anton's allegiances were brought up. He, too, was questioned by the tribe and his prospective pack, to determine if he was fit to join them. Anton, wanting the strength he had always been denied by his father and wanting to learn more about himself, made it as clear as he could that he would be loyal to the tribe and to his mother's pack if they would only give him a home. He was accepted.

Anton lived as a Garou from that point on, learning more about his kind. He was, he learned, half Bone Gnawer. He was taught about the totems and instructed in the Litany and the history of his people. The boy learned everything quickly; what was more difficult for him was un-learning the fear he'd been taught from his youngest days. Pack life was rough-and-tumble, and for a while Anton struggled, not sure how to express himself through the lack of self-worth that had been bullied into him. It wasn't until he, about eight now, and some of his packmates encountered another pack of Bone Gnawers – the White Rats – that he learned. He was taunted by the other pack for so obviously being half-human, called “weak” and “worthless”… when it was stated that he was a disgrace to the tribe and should have been killed long ago, however, Anton forgot his fear: the words were too close to things his father had said to him for him to hold back. Falling into Rage, as he had when he was younger, he lashed out, remorselessly killing the two White Rats who had called him a worthless disgrace with the same knife he'd kept and already used to kill his father. Covered in their blood, he demanded that the rest of the pack fight him, if they still believed him to be weak. With the other members of Loki's Howl ready for a fight as well, the White Rats decided that retreat was a better option. Thus it was that Anton gained his deed name: Bloodied Blade.

From there he progressed much better, growing up to be a strong, powerful young man. He wasn't one to pick fights, but that was mostly because he won so often when anyone else picked one with him: he didn't see the need to assert dominance, he merely let others find out for themselves whenever it was called into question. Gradually he learned to turn his back on his fear; it still cropped up occasionally, mostly in the form of self-deprecation and some difficulty in opening up to others quickly, but he learned to hide it, consciously choosing a smile to hide behind rather than a snarl.

As he became a teenager and started experiencing sexual interest in others, he discovered that he fancied both women and men, something he attempted to hide at first but gradually opened up about with, eventually, the full support of his pack, who had come to fully consider him one of their own. What was a little more difficult for them was the next discovery – that he was polyamorous – since Garou took only one mate, but since Anton didn't attempt to actually take anyone as a mate, his fondness for more than one person at a time was taken as him merely “enjoying his youth.”

At 16, Anton faced the tradition of Garou rites of passage, in the Gnawer's case the Rite of Survival. Bound and blindfolded, with even his nose and ears blocked, he was taken away from pack territory and dumped all alone in the country. In Stern's case, since he was half-human and therefore had even more to prove, his location was some 100 miles north-north-west of London. To fulfill the rite, he had to free himself and get back to pack territory within three days time, all without the use of human money or transportation. Having had to do something similar with his mother when he was only five years old, Anton had the wherewithal to push himself, scrounging his own food and walking over 30 miles a day to make it back on time. He arrived back with a few hours to spare, and was received as a full member of the pack, choosing the role of Scout for himself.

Anton grew well into the role of Scout, the same role his mother had long held. Bone Gnawers, being city dwellers, had different concepts of the traditional pack roles: as a Scout, it was his duty to know the "heartbeat" of the city, to predict potential threats or opportunities before they ever even arose. To make this easier, he took a "human job," as many in the Gnawers do, to make more connections and get to the base of what made the city, as it were. Due to his friendly, flirtatious personality and athleticism, he found himself naturally slipping into the world of exotic dancing. He currently works at the London location of Dreamboys.

As he entered his 20s, Anton turned his back fully on the name his father had given him, preferring to go only by Stern – his and his mother's last name, which had no connection to his father – or, in official pack situations, his deed name.

A couple of years before the current time, in early 2010, one of the Betas of Loki's Howl was unexpectedly found dead under mysterious circumstances. The woman was killed in a way that was consistent with a rampaging Nosferatu or Leech, which led to the Howl demanding the Darklings -- the Nosferatu clan of London, before the advent of the Syndicate alliance -- for satisfaction. In response to the claim of a mad Leech, Chandra Moon-Seeker was dispatched by the Nosferatu Council to investigate the claim by working directly with the Garou (she was chosen for her "tolerance," the first such case of her being utilized in such a way, the second currently happening with the Nachtweber investigation). Stern met Chandra at that time. Having been raised to believe Nosferatu to be monsters, he was greatly surprised by her genteel nature, as well as her unwavering determination to help his pack solve the mystery despite the overwhelming hatred toward her kind by Garou; his eventual feelings regarding her were that she wasn't all that bad, for a Nosferatu, but her kind was definitely still way too weird for him and Chandra being no exception to that.

The investigation eventually revealed that it wasn't a Nosferatu or Leech that had killed the Howl's Beta, but was in fact the other Beta of the pack, who had been attempting to secretly kill off the competition with the ultimate goal of unseating Loki Reed as Alpha. Stern, who as a Scout had worked closely with the investigation, was one of those present --
along with Chandra -- when the facts came to light. Despite knowing that, as a half-blood, he would never be able to hold a leadership role, he gladly assisted in presenting the evidence to Reed and actually struck the first blow against the offending Beta. The one to ultimately dispatch the Beta and claim the position was Brendan Morrow -- a fellow Scout, who had likewise worked on the investigation -- who holds the position to this day.

ANYTHING ELSE? The Isle of Dogs is a real place in London, located in the East End. There are many theories as to why the area gained that name -- possibly the first use of which was in 1543 -- but my personal one is of course that it is named after the Garou that lived in the area. Even fellow Garou would probably refer to Bone Gnawers as "dogs," and any humans who potentially caught a glimpse of a transformed Garou in the area would naturally begin to associate it with dogs.

Loki's Howl is, currently, a reference to the Alpha of the pack, Loki Reed. The official name for the pack -- as it has existed in one form or another for hundreds of years and has had many Alphas over that time -- is simply "The Howl," with the current Alpha's name added before it for ease when speaking of it to other packs, tribes, and the Nation at large. As stated above, their current territory is the majority of the East End of London. At the moment they are quite a large pack, at around 30 members of various ages.

Stern still carries the infamous knife. It looks, in general and originally, like this, but he has since modified the hilt to additionally serve as a knuckle duster. Because it is so large, he carries it in a specialized holster up under the back of his shirt for full concealment with still-easy access (think Crocodile Dundee style?).

Finally, yes, Stern's father's name was a giant "fuck you" to the man. He is a jerk.

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