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by: Tristan Viridian
March 1st, 2012
2:00 p.m.

It was nice and cold out. Considering what month it was, he was surprised how cold it was. There was a crispness to the time after a nice shower. The cold was preferred; no need to expose more than what was necessary. A coat and hat did nice, accessorized with a nice scarf to bundle up. At first, he wasn’t sure if he wanted to wear the gloves but the rain had let up some so it wasn’t that cold. One hand was tucked into his pocket and the other held tight to a bundle of flowers. It wasn’t too tight though, he didn’t want to crush the stems.

About a hundred feet from the entrance (he knew, because he counted), Tristan saw the marker he was looking for. He walked over to it and took a knee, not minding that the grass was a little damp in front of the stone. It didn’t matter to him, it was just water after all. He had meant to visit this place a few months ago but never got around to it. He was just glad to have gotten the chance to do this at all. Tristan took a deep breath.

Quinton Pryde.

It was the name of his friend and roommate from Hogwarts. Quin and Tristan had caused a lot of mischief in those halls, as most of the children had done as well. However, there was more to it even after they left the school. They never lost touch, even for that year after school prior to his death. The pair had become best friends over the years and it was devastating when Tristan heard the news.

“Sorry it’s taken me so long to come out and see you again.” Tristan spoke to the stone as if it was truly his friend sitting there. No matter how hard he wished, the reality of it was harsh. His friend was dead. “Truth is, I haven’t been back in town since my dad took office, but you can see how that’s all doing now.”

The blue-eyed man breathed the cool air in and then out through his teeth. It was a chilly night, weather similar to this, the night it happened.


The two had been talking about Tristan’s wedding. He’d been dating Freja Welling since their fourth year at Hogwarts and just before graduation Tristan had managed to pop the question. Lots of planning was done by the bride, but for the groom and his best man, there were other details to hash out. They talked about what sort of bachelor event they could throw together, and Quin mentioned how it would be a surprise. Tristan hated surprises but considering how much he trusted Quinton, he knew there could be no wrong done on this front.

Quin threw on his maroon hoodie and zipped it up.

“Where are you off to?”

“Going out for a run.”

Tristan grumbled, as he rustled the papers from his desk. “You’re leaving me with this?”

“I’ll be back, I promise. You know I go for a run every afternoon. Can’t break the habit, mate.” Quinton laughed.

“Want company?” It was a if you can’t beat them, join them mentality, and Tristan figured he could use a run as well.

“Nah, you’re busy and all. Should be quick. I’ll be back soon enough.”

He never did come back. Tristan never forgot that day, and he never forgave himself for it either. Letting Quinton go out on his own wasn’t supposed to happen.

“You left too soon, my friend.” His chilled fingers dropped the white flowers onto the headstone. Tristan looked up at the sky, trying to hold back the tears. Quinton was like a brother to him, and what he went through…the condition of his body… His friend was dead.

“I promise I'm still looking for him, Quin. I won’t stop until I find him. He’s going to pay.” His words were firm. They sounded cliché almost, foolish even. Tristan had vowed to find his best friend’s killer, and he wasn’t going to stop until he found him. There were some clues that he found along the way that lead back to London. Some of it even trailed back into the Wizarding World. Tristan never thought he would be back, yet, here he was. He wondered how travel would be between worlds, as things like citizenship and blood status were very important factors before.

He wondered how he was going to take on this burden, this task, all alone.

He was going to find Quinton's killer… he had to.


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