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1 June 2012
10 a.m.

News had a way of traveling fast. It always had no matter where you were, unless one lived in a cave. Trevor, however, hadn't bothered so much with finding a cave of a home. Instead, he'd taken to a disguise as had Katya and he had found ways to differ Layla's appearance enough it took a bit more than a quick glance to recognize her. Julian's appearance hadn't mattered so much. So long as they had enough similarities, people wouldn't pay much attention, especially not muggles. The hardest part so far had to be trying to work with Layla and Julian to develop enough of a realistic accent so they didn't draw attention as foreigners. Katya had not had a chance to lose her accent, and Trevor had found it easier to fall back into than he had expected. Still, if he made reference to his "other two" in public, they were sick. They had only just arrived eleven days ago, and Julian and Layla were by no means ready to come across as natural in how they spoke. Some of their attempts were outright laughable.

Trevor had settled into his family's old countryside home after placing the occupant under the Imperius, taken up his old room with Julian, and the children had the guest room. Their "cousin" was allowed to remain in the poor excuse for a master the home had and had been sent to retrieve wizarding papers for them, and that was how yesterday he had found that things were not going so smoothly in the world he'd left behind. Diagon Alley had been attacked for the third or fourth time in recent history, allegedly by the terrorist Order, who hadn't done much to give any impression other than being terrorists. All their attacks had left just as much decimation to the popular shopping spot and then some as the original Death Eater attacks during the takeover that had been pinned on an unknown group. There'd been the one redhead's bombing of the place, the turmoil and ruckus during the feigned execution of their former leader, and now this.

Trevor had mulled over it much of yesterday, which had led to Katya approaching him to speak with him. He'd been honest with her, glad she spoke Bulgarian so the other two had been unable to listen in so easily. He knew Julian had noticed, but so far he hadn't said anything. He needed to approach the boy later. The last thing he needed was for the moody teenager to begin feeling shunned as an outcast, especially since it would be a while before he would likely be able to join either of them on an outing. Yet somehow it was lower on the priority list than he cared to admit to. He'd woken early this morning, as careful as possible to avoid waking Julian who slept in the other twin bed across the small room, to go for a jog after grabbing an apple and cheese to put in his pocket to eat afterward. He'd not been inside since but was making his way toward the home at the moment, his mind finally made up. He knew what he would do, something that would accomplish what he needed without being intrusive.
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