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by: Tabora
March 1, 6:58 am somewhere just north of the Texas-Mexico border....

Ai where is that booger brained sister of mine...two minutes or else I'll...

A flamingo pink skyline tantalized the young woman sitting behind the wheel of her stolen car. The '67 Mustang was cherry...Tabora had picked it out of a collector's glittering line up and had tapped it into life and into new ownership. The pair of young Nagual had needed inconspicuous transportation as they journeyed north and east to find the end of their quest...they also needed food, which is what took Tabby's sister so long in appearing.

Probably in trouble...

Tabora sighed and opened the door. The cool morning air flooded over her, raising goosebumps on her arms. The tank top and jeans she wore did little to staunch the crisp morning. Her work boots, however, felt perfectly warm. She tucked an errant strand of hair behind her ear and clicked her tongue in frustration. Seven o clock and little sister was not at the car. They had a deal, they had a schedule....

Tabora slammed and locked the car with a flick of her wand, then stowed the purple wood implement into her seemingly too small crocheted purse. The parkling lot's gravel crunched underfoot as she headed into the 7-11.

"Calli, vamanos!"
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by: Calli
Calli perused the shelves of the quiet little shop, chatting idly with the gentleman behind the counter, picking a few things off the shelves that sounded good to her. She glanced up briefly and saw her sister waiting impatiently in the car. She knew that they were supposed to be on a schedule and that Tabby was rather strict about it but she also knew that her sister could loosen up on the reigns. She picked up a package, humming softly as she read the back.
She nearly dropped it when she heard her sister's voice. She set the package in the basket and hurriedly headed to the cash register. Calli took the basket from the crook of her elbow and set it on the counter for the gentleman to ring everything up. She pulled a few dollars out of her pocket and handed them to him before grabbing all the food, making her way over to her sister.
"You didn't have to yell, you probably scared the guy half to death. It's only 7 in the morning." Calli spoke quickly before heading back to the car. She shifted the bags in her hands, waiting for Tabby to open up the door. "Don't we have a schedule to keep?" She asked before raising a brow at her sister.
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by: Tabora
Sass. She tried to be responsible and punctual and all she got was sass. Well, reaping and sowing being what they were, Tabora had earned this treatment by being the example growing up. Had she not led her sister on many a merry romp and adventure, usually leading to awkward explanations to the elders about why all the goats were breathing fire or the lima beans wanted to tango?

The nagual woman said nothing as she followed Calli to their car. Much to her amusement and irritation, she received another heaping helping of sass, this time being her own terms thrown back at her.

Still, this early in the morning was too early to deal with it lovingly, gently, and responsibly. Instead, Tabora reacted like a spoiled cub and hissed at her sister while she dug out her wand, tapped the car once moe, and climbed into the driver's side.

"...you lucky to be my sister...if I didn't love you so much I'd kill ya.". Tabby flashed a wicked smile at her younge sister, started the car, and dropped it into gear. She loved the feel of the steering wheel, but she needed something....music.

A finger punched the cassette player and she was rewarded with muggle music...classic rock.
A guitar wailed and screamed, drums came in, and then the oh so nagual lyrics began to fill the stereo system. Tabby found herself singing along under breath as she peeled out of the gravel lot, headed north. Finger beat the steering wheel in time to the song and the driver was lost to the pleasures of the open road.

welcome to the jungle, it gets worse here every day. You learn to live like an animal in the jungle where we play...

Yeah...this was gonna be an amazing trip.
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by: Calli
She snorted, her eyes sparkling with challenge and humor, "As if." She leaned back in her seat, slipping her feet onto the dashboard of the car. She raked a hand through her raven hair, humming softly to the song on the radio. Unlike her sister, she was not the biggest fan of rock, she much preferred softer music.

She untied the string around her arm, weaving it through her fingers as she watched the scenery go past. "So, where exactly are we heading first?" She had to raise her voice over the music as she continued to slink her fingers through the string, her eyes watching the string pass through the spaces. Calli, was a playful young cub so anything that could keep her mind distracted was always a good idea. She was excited to start this road trip and she was thrilled to be able to figure out what she was suppose to do. "Please, let it be somewhere cool." She muttered to herself.
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by: Tabora
"Mmmmm...I was thinking we could go east, and then up the coast...there's bound to be something to point us where we need to go, right?"

Tabby cocked a grin at her sister as the music faded away into another song. With a twist of the knob, Tabby quieted the radio so they could converse if they wanted. She maybe wasn't the best sister all of the time...growing up with Calli involved a lot of teasing, a lot of name calling, and a lot of physical altercations. Fortunately, not much of it was personal. The roughhousing between cubs that they enjoyed was natural for nagual. Despite the complete normality, Tabora weighed the past calamitous recreation against her desire to protect and nurture her sister.

The fine edge of emotions was another natural thing for the predatory shifters. She could kill as easily as she could embrace. Did other species feel this way? Did they see the pulse of the jugular as it sped up in reaction to a kind word or deed? Did the Garou deal with the Hunger to kill and destroy and... The world grew brighter for a moment and Tabora blinked. The Hunger was coming on strong today, wasn't it? Probably a side effect of grand theft auto, but so it went...She smirked again, dancing back to the line that divided predators from normal people.
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by: Calli
"Maybe.." She pondered a moment about what they might encounter on their trip. "Do you think we'll meet some interesting people?"

She continued to weave the string through her fingers for a few more minutes before wrapping it around her wrist and tying it up again. She drummed her fingers against her knee, they hadn't even really started the drive and Calli was already antsy to get to where they were suppose to go...Patience, remember, patience. She had never been one to wait for the things that she wanted, she had always just gone for what she wanted..well, except when it came to people, she was patient with people.
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by: Tabora
"Guaranteed. Interesting people are everywhere. Hey look, alligator wrestling! Muggles are weird man! Why would you want to wrestle a lizard?"

Tabby shook her head and grinned at the empty road spread before her. Early morning driving was the best; the air was crisp and cool, there was no other traffic, and she had the entire day spread before her to travel. At the rate they were going, they'd hit Arkansas by noon. Then food, then more driving. Louisiana by nightfall, hopefully. Look for a job with the voodoo queens to see if they needed anything shipped north, then sleep. Then driving again. It was a nomadic journey for certain...Spirits guide us!
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by: Calli
She laughed at the sign that her sister pointed out. "Well, it's not as if they can wrestle another jaguar. They have to do something right?"

Hopefully they would find something a little more interesting to speculate about then why muggles would decide to wrestle alligators but Calli would take it, nonetheless. Calli reached for her window, intending on rolling the window when she noticed a flash on the horizon in the mirror. "Did you see that?" She asked as she looked closer into the mirror. She didn't see anything flash across the horizon again so she leaned back against the seat. "Nevermind...it was probably nothing."
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by: Tabora
Nothing was ever nothing. How had Calli lived with her for sixteen years and not learned that? Tabby immediately began scanning the horizon. There was a group of...something...behind them. The group had a metallic sheen. Was that what Calli saw? A bike gang?

They warranted watching. Not many things were out and about, especially in a group.

They moved like a pack. Was it Garou? The wolf people were like Nagual, except wolves instead of jaguars. Well, like cats and dogs, the two didn't always get along. Was this going to be the same thing? The bike gang could just be humans...but something didn't seem true about that idea. Tabby stepped on the accelerator to keep distance between them.
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by: Calli
When the car began to pick up speed, Calli new that Tabby had seen something as well...She didn't want to be the Nagual that said she saw something and then it end up being nothing. She had done that once before and gotten berated for it by one of the elders....It did eventually turn out to be something but at the time Calli had gotten in trouble. So, now she was cautious about calling things out.

Calli took the chance to look over her shoulder; to see if it was possible that maybe they had faded into the horizon again but it looked as though they were keep up easily. Calli could feel her defenses rising within her as she continued to watch the gang in the mirror. "We should have got a faster car." She muttered.
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by: Tabora
It was a matter of physics. Cars had more mass and wind resistance. They were also more secure in the event of a crash. Motorcycles were fun, but they were cold and it was difficult to ride comfortably with two people, especially across long distances. Tabby could have explained this, and maybe later she would, but right now it was time for evasive actions. Humans would not have increased speed to match their fleeing prey. These were Garou.

"Yeah, well I like being warm. And those are the wolf people. They're probably just gonna ask what we are doing in their territory...well, if they catch us they'll ask that. "

A small smile bloomed on Tabora's face. If was a big word in the hunt. Sure, they were a pack, but they weren't the canny sisters, now we're they?
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by: Calli
Calli rolled her eyes before flash of silver caught her attention. Instead of being behind them though, it was now up in front of them.

"Tabby, we've got some ahead of us too.." Her voice didn't shake, in fact, it was more on the edge of excitement now. Calli sat up in her seat now, her feet moving from the dashboard to the floorboards beneath her. Her eyes continuing to scan in front of them, as well as glancing in the mirror every few seconds. She had little experience with the Garou, other then what she read in the texts of her people, she didn't know much about them. Her curiosity was battling against the overwhelming feeling that they were going to need to protect themselves.
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by: Tabora
Humans said the best offense was a good defense. Tabora always felt that the best offense was an unpredictable offense. To that end, she slowed and pulled over. Within moments, eight men had pulled around them.

"Wands out, little one. We've got friends over."

Tabby pulled her own wand out and unbuckled. She didn't exit the car, however. Instead, she rolled her window down and waited for one of them to approach. He was an average looking man, but his scent was that of a wolf. Tabora had scented it only once before on an envoy sent to meet with the Nagual.

"so you proud of yourselves for stealing a car, cats? Get out."

Tabby grinned and shook her head, then gunned the car.


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