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by: Katarina Bauer
April 18th, 2012
9:30 pm

Katarina yawned. She squinted and blinked her eyes to reset, pinching the bridge of her nose to relieve some of the strain set to her vision since she was reading reports and watching footage on digital screens. She had been stuck at the office for some time now, typing away at her keyboard, tapping her pencil on the desk, shaking her leg anxiously just to keep herself awake. Sleep eluded her lately; she hadn't really had a good night's sleep, in days, ever since they'd uncovered a piece of the mystery surrounding the investigation with McGarret: The Rougarou, or Loup-Garou, she learned, were one in the same. It was beyond the norm of your typical wolf-man studies she'd learned in her basic briefing, but it would take some time to let some of this knowledge settle in.

"You staying over night or something?" Geoffrey called over from his perch. The Tech Pit had a direct line of sight to her workspace she shared with Matt, and that was a pity. It just meant he would call over to her more often than she'd like. He had tamed down some, which was nice. Maybe it was because she was working not only with Matt but with Klaus and Cole, which meant she had the Divison's strongest agents at her disposal, including herself. Nevermind that Klaus wasn't really speaking to her, at least, not the way he used to, for the last few days either. Nevertheless, she preferred a tamer Geoffrey who wasn't trying to get in her pants very chance he could get.

"Yeah you'd like that, wouldn't you?" She said with a bit of mischief in her voice, just giving him a hard time. She yawned again and eyed her watch. "I'm off, actually. Supposed to meet the boys at the Abby for a bite. The usual."

"Agent's Cox and Schmidt?" Geoffrey asked, with his eyebrow raised.

"Bauer and...Bauer, if you have to know you nosy lil Naff--I'm surprised Wayne didn't tell you since you boys tell each other everything, right?" She teased, as Geoff was Wayne's best friend after all. "Anything else you have for me on your Man in Black?"

Geoff nodded, "Always. I'll send over what I can when it's all rendered here from the CCTV copy. Have a drink for me, yeah?"

"Sure. Night Geoff." Katarina tucked her files into her briefcase and started towards the door. It was a quiet ride through the elevator and into the garage. She only heard her footsteps echoing through the concrete parking lot, until she reached her car. It was on a few blocks to the Abby, but parking was often a pain in the ass, even on a weekday. Traffic was decent, but as she suspected, she ended up having to park around the corner from the bar. It was in a decent neighborhood, thank goodness, but the darker alleyways provided a more low key, creepier vibe than she was comfortable with. Kat always had her backup with her, and other things if she needed it, concealed on her person at all times to make sure she wouldn't run into any trouble without proper protection. Even to places as 'harmless' as the Abby, she couldn't let her guard down.

April still meant there was a nice chill breeze in the evening, so she hugged herself in her duster and kept her case close. Wayne would probably scold her about leaving her work at the office or even in her car, but there was information on her that she wanted to keep safe, stuff she didn't want in the wrong hands. She'd been looking into Jameson Bauer again, or Jack as he so loved to go by. Wayne would have known that name right away. He would have scolded her apart from Will, since he didn't need to know all of the gritty details of their family. Something about the 'Parallel' as she'd grown to call it, brought up memories of her late father and brother--something triggered the sense that there might have been pieces of her life gone because they belonged to somewhere else. Jameson Bauer's files were not easy to come by, and she wondered if she would be able to track them down again if they were lost. But--her main goal was to make sure these were kept safe.

As she walked down the alleyway, she listened again. There were faint footsteps in her peripheral--far enough that she couldn't reach. Katarina cast a sideways glance over her shoulder, but no one was there. It grew louder as she walked, until she finally turned around. Her eyes tried to reach beyond the smoky alleyway, in all directions, but no there was no one in sight. Why you decide to take the darkest alleyway to a bar is beyond me, Kat...

But as she tugged on the strap of her shoulderbag (as she referred to it as a young person's briefcase), Katarina started to turn and continue her trek toward the bar where she would be rewarded with a nice cold drink with her family. Unfortunately for her, she was greeted by a very large man, who provided a very large barricade in her path.

"Excuse me, I'm sorry." She said, softly. It was text-book gang-up that was about to happen, but they probably didn't know she was an agent who could kick their ass six ways from Sunday. Katarina wanted to avoid having to fight, since she was without sleep for days wanted to just be on her way.

"I don't think so..." He said with a smile, glancing up at his partner who had just circled around her.

So sloppy, Kat...These guys are twice your size..."

"Whatever it is you're looking for, you need to stop." The other one said from his stance behind her, but the way she was turned, she could see him clearly.

"Not sure I know what you're meaning by that." Katarina hadn't pulled the 'play dumb' card that much lately so she was about due to use it here.

The one in front of her cracked his knuckles, and rested his hands at his side, where she could see the glint of a blade sheathed at his hip. "We were told to tell you to stop poking your nose into places where it doesn't belong..."

"Threatening a government agent will get you some time, boys. You're just lucky I'm about due for a pint right now--" As she tried to push past him, she was immediately stopped by the next words...

"You are to cease all further investigations into Jameson J. Bauer. That's not an request, Ms. Government Agent. It's an order."

Katarina stood up straight now, in a more defensive situation. She knew a threat when she heard one, but this one struck her in a different way, one that made her uncomfortable and paranoid. She gulped. The information was in her bag, but they didn't need to know that. They didn't need to know how many clearance hoops and channels she had to dive through to obtain the old MI:5 file on her own father. He was practically a ghost, and she didn't even have proper access...his own blood. She worked hard the last few days to gain this intel...there was no way she was going to let it get into the wrong hands.

Alright...I don't think I'm going to get that pint just yet... She glared at the larger man, the armed one, and looked over at the thin man with the same emotion. Aggravation. Katarina hadn't moved this fast in a while, other than maybe sparring. The opponents would be different than just playing padded-punch-me-lots in the garage with Wayne. Weapons would be involved. She reached into her the sheath under he duster and fetched her baton. She was fairly new to using it, and it had a non-lethal setting a bullet or a blade couldn't really switch to, and would make for less paperwork as opposed to her gun being discharged. It would be her last resort.

The blade-man reached for his weapon too, and made a quick swipe at her with it. It was a good size blade, maybe 18'' carbon steel Kukri by the looks of it. She had one hanging on her wall at home, so she was sure she knew how to use it, if only she had a way of getting this away from him. Katarina tried her best to dodge his swings but it was only a matter of time before thin man decided he wanted to get involved. She ducked under one of his punches, pulling the baton to extend and making a swipe at his legs. They folded under him and he fell to the ground, which gave her enough time to clear the distance between herself and the bladed man for another go. Katarina threw her baton directly at his forearm, aimed directly at the right nerve she was taught would disarm her foe in one hit. She just hoped it would connect. When the man yelled out in pain, she heard the knife and baton both hit the ground beside him and she ran for it, diving into a roll to take each weapon into her vacant hands. Blade in the left, baton in the right...Her trainer always found it strange that her off-hand did better with the blade than her leading hand, but that was a rare talent in itself.

They almost danced in a circle, a dark roundabout as she swiped at him with both weapons this time, appearing to have the upper hand. Katarina used a flurry of attacks, blade-baton to the left, then swipe in reverse to the right. He managed to move out of the way for one of them but the blade caught his shirt and tore horizontally, grazing over the thin layer of exposed hair and flesh, making him bleed. She grinned, finding a bit of pleasure in this, not in a malicious sense of causing harm but knowing that she'd made contact to do some damage would hopefully mean their retreat. Hopefully.

After returning to their original positioning, Katarina was facing the direction she wanted to head in the first place. The Abby was so close, yet so far, taunting her in the distance. The bigger man lunged at her, making a bold move to reach for his blade but when he whiffed, he extended a leg out to her and kicked her back. Unfortunately for her, the thin man had recovered, standing up to catch Katarina as she staggered backward. He curled his arms under hers and over her shoulders, restraining her from behind, not allowing her to move as this gave the big guy a chance to get couple of cheap shots to her face and another to her gut. Katarina cried out and grunted with each hit, but then she laughed.

"Something funny?" The big man picked up his blade once again and stalked towards her, bloodier than he was before.

As the bladed man drew near, she just laughed again. "Didn't they tell you never to hit a girl?" Katarina spit whatever mixture of saliva and blood and other matter was in her mouth now. She craned her neck down and quickly pulled it back up, feeling the nose of the thin man pop and crack at the back of her skull. Katarina would most likely pay for that later, but he went for a slap to the face instead, perhaps to go a little easier on her. "What the hell do you want from me?" She asked, her lip twitching in defiance as she looked up at him. Katarina feared the worst but expected it all the same. These thugs didn't look like your typical goons that took advantage of a woman, they looked well-paid, well-dressed and from the fight in them, well-trained. Then, it hit her.

In the scuffle somewhere, her briefcase had fallen off of her shoulder, with her duster too, to the side. The information she wanted to keep safe was too far from her.

"Oh, is this yours?" The bladed man laughed, a hefty chuckle as he started towards her bag at an excruciatingly slow pace.

"No! NO! DON'T! NOOO!" She wriggled, but she couldn't break free from the thin man's tangling hold. Her baton was far away, her piece out of reach, and now the information she was trying to protect was going to be in the hands of these unknowns who came through with their violent threats. She was helpless. It would only be a matter of time before Will or Wayne started calling...but she desperately hoped they wouldn't come outside now. As much as she needed backup, it would only put them in danger.
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by: Matthew Cox
How many times had he told her to not investigate by herself, to stay safe? And here he was, half a block away running like a madman to try and get to the fight that shouldn't be happening.


Her screams propelled him off the roof in a somersault where he landed neatly by her baton, whipping it up and through the air to ricochet off the alley wall and into the man walkin towards the documents littered in the ground. Matt didn't watch the baton go, trusting himself enough to instead turn to the woman being held by a thin man.

Matt flipped up and into a wall, rebounding in the tight space to cleanly tackle to goon off of Kat.

A haze of anger clouded his mind, letting him land blow after blow on the goon until said goon wasn't moving.

Matt sat back and huffed out a breath that sounded almost like a growl. The fight had gone quick, but the sprinting over here had taken a lot out of him.

"Are you hurt?"

He didn't turn to face her. Instead, he stood and kept his back to her, speaking over his shoulder with head turned.
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by: Katarina Bauer
Ahh, the relief of the thin man's grasp released her body. Unfortunately she had little strength left in her from the hits that she fell to the ground too, just as easily and clumsily as he tumbled when she tripped him with her baton. Her breathing was rather ragged, trying to catch up from the amount of fight she put up before this person came to save her. Thud. Thud. Thump-Thump. Thud. His assault on the thin man was unforgiving, each punch with a sickening crunch so loud she could hear it from where she lie. She propped herself up on her elbow, trying to push up with her left palm on the concrete to sit up, but it was a struggle in that department too. Katarina squinted her eyes, one of which was so swollen, it was strained when she did that. The man was a blur, her savior. The man...was dressed in all black.

"My God...It's..it's him..." She breathed out. Katarina's first instinct was to scoot away, maybe even try to run, if she could find her legs to work properly. For now, she dragged her beaten body a few slides back, feeling around for her baton or even the kukri from the bigger man who was taken down earlier. No such luck. Geoffrey had been doing extensive research on this man, the vigilante, and it was hard to tell if he was being noble or if he was dangerous since that word had such a back and forth stigma about it. Was he here to kill her too?

Then she remembered the bag, and she magically found that her legs worked for now. She sat up and started to scramble around for her bag, when another person walked out of the shadows. A third guy, she grumbled. Always one hiding in the shadows.

"You lost, luv?" He grinned as he stepped forward.

Katarina gasped and moved back from him, turning to the left and spotting the blade in the distance. But it was too far, and the baton was by the man in black. She was caught between a rock and a hard place, that was for sure...but one thing she knew right now was that she needed her bag more than anything.
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by: Matthew Cox
She was scared. Of him? Possibly. He was the man in black, the Devil, a vigilante. A new heartbeat was approaching. Instinctively, he dropped and grabbed the baton until he knew if the new person was friend or...


He let the baton fly, striking the heavy man between the eyes. Matt himself was immediately behind the missile, making sure that that he wouldn't be getting up any time soon.

He'd probably do better to leave now, but he couldn't draw himself away from her.
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by: Katarina Bauer
Katarina was impressed. He managed to fight off these goons without much effort, but then again she couldn't discredit herself for the amount of fighting she put in before he arrived. When she blinked a couple more times she saw that he was wearing a mask, over his eyes only. But how could he see?

She stopped crawling away because she noticed that he wasn't heading towards her, at least not in away way that told her she was in any danger. "Who are you?"

It was a foolish effort at getting his identity...it's not like he would tell her anyway. He was even keeping a good distance from her. But why?

She yanked her bag from the grip of the third man and fetched her baton. But when she opened her case, her heart sank. "no...no...no..."

Her information...
...was gone.
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by: Matthew Cox
Something about these men was familiar. Their voices kept ringing around in his head. Had he heard them before? Matt was almost positive that he had. Once Kat was gone he'd investigate...and maybe interrogate...the goons further.

"Not important, who I am. Why were they after you?"

Matt didn't bother disguising his voice. He was moving and responding to stimuli like he was sighted, not like a blind man. Matty moved slowly, deliberately. The Devil moved with confidence and suppressed rage. Body language alone would be a better mask than trying to disguise his voice and draw attention to the familiarity of it.

One of the men started to stir. Matt swooped down on him, hauled him to his feet, and let the man's fist smack him in the face, then returned the blow, stunning the man.

"Do you want to question him or do you want me to knock him out with the rest?"

He kept his tone mild, fist ready to fly at her word.
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by: Katarina Bauer
He talked to her. Oh Geoffrey was going to have a field day with this one. If she said anything to him about it. Something about his voice seemed familiar. Perhaps it was her keen sense of remembering things like that, but it could also be a situation where she associated the man with someone familiar so she wouldn't be as scared.

He remained at a safe distance so Kat remained in place, the bag in hand. It wasn't totally empty, but it might as well have been. The one thing she wanted to protect was missing.

"I dunno they came out of nowhere but--" She recalled the events before their rude interruption, "My documents. They have them. They told me to stop looking into something...or someone. Like a cease and desist but this sure as hell didn't come from my agency, I've never seen them before." and she was sure of it.

Then he asked if he should question him. Katarina gave it some thought. As much as she wanted to pummel his face in like his buddies did to her, the agent side of her wanted answers. "question him..." She replied, trying to stand up by propping herself up against the dumpster that was nearby.

If Geoffrey was watching this...she would definitely have to answer to this later.
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by: Matthew Cox
Matt nodded once and hauled up his prey against the wall. He did it one handed, showing off his inhuman strength. He got up into the man's face and placed a free hand over his forehead, thumb over the right eye. For every wrong answer, he'd apply and increase pressure on the sensitive organ.

"Let's start simple...who sent you? I will know if you are lying."


"Try again."

The guy was blubbering. Apparently he could dish out pain but he couldn't take it. Matt was certain he'd heard the guy before...but where? He switched his tactic and laid an uppercut into the man's torso when he refused to speak. He punctuated his growled instructions with two more hits.

"I said, try! Again!"

"He-he calls himself the shield! I never met him!"


Matt hissed the accusation and dropped his grip, then landed a flurry of jabs into the man. The truth came finally, painfully out of the assailant in a weak gasp. Matt had felt the left clavicle and several ribs break.

"Young. Marine...dark hair."

Matt let the man collapse all the way to the ground, broken. He half turned to Kat again.

"Anything else youcwant him to tell you about? He's got about two minutes before he's out and he's going to need medical attention."

Her heart was racing. Excitement? Fear? Both.
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by: Katarina Bauer
While he was asking questions, she was listening on, though she was walking, or limping, towards the nearby area, to figure out where the files had gone. Katarina stopped, for just a moment, when she realized what he was doing. The Man in Black, or the Devil as they called him, had his hand up, applying pressure to his eyes--then unleashing a bunch of punches--unforgiving, and unrelenting. As a government agent, she wanted to intervene, but as a person who was in tremendous pain from head to toe from being tossed around like a rag doll, she was in no position to move.

As aggressive as he was, it was getting the job done because eventually, the man cracked. She partially couldn't condone this method, but appreciated it, all the same.

The Shield? Katarina wondered. Another man in the shadows? God dammit... Her breathing had slowed some but her heart was still racing, the rush of the fight and the man in black and the loss of her records--Shit, her records were still missing. She pulled herself from the dumpster over to a barrel that was ablaze nearby, a makeshift firepit for the homeless that were conveniently out of the area for now. She didn't have to look any farther to see that the pile of paperwork, her dad's paperwork, was in that pit, burning up into a brilliant orange flame.

Her heart sank...she felt like she wanted to throw up then. Private records, confidential documents, were in there. The file on her father was her her trophy for having lost so much rest over the last few days...gone.

She barely heard what he asked, but she shook her head. They wouldn't tell her any more. She might raise more red flags trying to generate another copy of her father's files in the archives. She had some information to go off of now. The Shield, or whoever the hell he is, intervened with some heavy hitters to deliver his message. Katarina heard it loud and clear. "Just don't...kill him..." She said low, and angrily. Though, not at the vigilante--she had no idea what to make of this. He helped her, but she would have to put this encounter in her reports, especially if this footage got out. Katarina kept her eyes on the bright and blazing fire, trying to figure out her next step.
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by: Matthew Cox
"Don't kill him"? Was that the reputation he had?

"I don't kill."

Speaking of which, he reached down and began rifling through the groaning man's clothes. He withdrew the cellphone and dialed 999. Thank God it was an older model with buttons. He left the flip phone open and threw it back down onto the man and started to go, then felt the pull to help again. He sighed and dropped his head down, then turned back to Kat and approached her.

"Thugs don't get sent out over just 'some guy,' so who were you investigating, really?"

Damn him and his curiosity.
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by: Katarina Bauer
Something told Katarina she needed to move, or at least protect herself from the vigilante. He hadn't moved in a way to trigger her fight senses, and she was in no condition for flight. For now, she needed to defend herself from the masked Devil. He had already used her baton which she'd fetched and stored away in her empty bag which was sitting at her feet. No, she had to go for her backup piece. Katarina pulled her gun from her boot, a 9mm pistol. It was cocked and aimed as son as he got close. He was too close for her comfort. "MI:5, get your hands up."

Her breathing picked up again. She didn't know she'd ever come face to face with him, and right now of all times? She was already on edge, pissed off that she had lost everything she worked so hard for. Katarina had been known to be a spectacular shot, and her hands were surprisingly steady, considering what she'd gone through. Now she was aiming down the sight, confidently standing her ground at the man in black. "My investigations aren't any business of yours. Who are you?"
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by: Matthew Cox
Slowly, Matt out his hands up. She was spooked and beyond 'on edge' into the twilight area of snap judgements. Ever so carefully, he edged his weight forward, then snapped out with faster-than-human reflexes to bat the gun up and out of her grasp, into his control. Nimble fingers, familiar with his own service pistol, quickly released the magazine and unchambered the round. He slipped the magazine into his pocket and flipped the gun, grip first, back to Kat as a peace offering.

"Street gangs are calling me the Devil for the judgement I rain down on them. This isn't the first time I've heard of the Shield, hence my curiosity. I can be an ally, if you'll let me."

Dangerous. She still had her baton and her wits. That alone was dangerous, but she was a trained agent, familiar with the field. Matt respected her capabilities but wasn't going to back away from this altogether different kind of interrogation.
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by: Katarina Bauer
Katarina gasped and stepped back a couple of paces. He'd fetched her gun and rendered it useless in a matter of seconds, his dexterous movement both terrifying and awe-inspiring at the same time. When he turned it on her, she was surprised to see it as pushed toward her, handle first, even though it had no ammunition in it. Unfortunately she didn't think to have a backup mag either. Of all days...

"The Devil..." She echoed, but softer than how he'd said it. "Fitting."

Katarina heard him mention the Shield and that ill feeling poured over her again. There was something about the way he talked, and his voice but she couldn't pin it. There were other noises, loud trucks and autos going down the nearby highway, horns honking, noisy chatter from the pub-hoppers. How they'd missed catching a woman getting beat up by a few men was beyond her. "An ally? You're a vigilante. I'm supposed to turn you in for what you've done." But she stopped there. Supposed to, She thought. But would she? He assisted her, pummeled these men and got some answers out of them. Even though he disarmed her, he didn't seem like he had the intentions of hurting her. Katarina brought a hand up to her face and felt the swelling already settling in on her face, and the blood from her lip drying up on her chin. "Alright...an ally then." She figured she might need all the help she could get. With Klaus practically freezing her out, Calloway being distant and trying not to let Matt know that she'd been digging deeper than he'd advised...she needed anyone on her side.
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by: Matthew Cox
An ally indeed. He could do his part out on the streets while she did her part behind the desk. Sexist? Possibly, but she wasn't equipped to handle the gangs the way he was. He'd had more training than she had, more confidence, more real world experiences.

"Good. What I've heard so far is that the Shield has been negotiating gang meetups from Enfield to Croydon. Gangs that historically had a shoot on sight policy are now working together. Something big's moving and I want to know what it is."

He ignored the vigilante quip. He knew what he was. Inside of the law, he was the blind agent of a department that did nothing to actually protect the average person. Outside of the law, he was able to keep people from being murdered, stop the flow of drugs and human traffickers, actually make a difference in the neighborhoods where he lived and worked...his freedom and life were worth that much, he thought.
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by: Katarina Bauer
Katarina took the in the information he offered. It might have taken a few moments but she nodded, still trying to stabilize herself from the blows to her legs and stomach against the wall. It was news to her that gangs were working together, which made sense if there wasn't much activity throughout the city. But she also didn't get to see too much of that activity since she was recruited to the Hounds. She wiped her face with the back of her sleeve. "The documents they were after...were on another agent in my division. Agent Jameson Bauer." She spoke before thinking it through, as she did. But she felt stronger trust than distrust for now, so she gave the information up willingly, to her new-found ally.

She set her gun in her bag as well and put the strap over her shoulder, before walking a little bit closer towards the masked man. This conversation they were about to have meant the closer the quarters, the better. "My father." The wound over her eye was cold but burning at the same time. The adrenaline was wearing off.


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