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by: Soren Shepard
5 April 2012
10:00 am - Leaky Cauldron

As soon as he was certain Cedric was going to be ok on his own for a few hours, Soren had managed to wrangle one of the packs ravens and sent off a message to Delilah asking her to meet him at the Leaky Cauldron. It was a risk on his part being so close to the moon but the information Ced had given him earlier was worth it. The man was the in they had been looking for. Combined with the Nos favor it almost seemed as if the spirits we're finally looking towards the Death Eaters and offering their support.

It was easy to see that the Spiral was out of place and uneasy being inside such an enclosed space. His wolf wanted to be free. It wanted to run, to play, to kill... Soren shook those thoughts from his head and tamped down on the desire to view the Cauldrons early morning inhabitants as prey. The beta made his way toward a corner booth, one that would allow him to see anyone coming well in advance and keep his back protected from any brave enough to attack form behind. A server passed by and asked if he wanted anything and the Spiral shook his head in the negative. He could get food later, same with drink. Besides he didn't drink any of that crap that dulled he senses. Once she was gone, Soren settled in to wait. Hopefully Delilah wouldn't keep him waiting too long.
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by: Delilah Chase
The fact Soren had sent her a message at all had Delilah more than eager to respond. He had promised to look into what he could get off his Syndicate contact, and that had been about two weeks ago. Needless to say, that was far longer than Delilah ever preferred to sit on anything, especially given their knowledge of Hunt's identity. She had practically had to bite her tongue off to avoid saying anything to tip him off that she knew. The looks were forgivable. She and Teague had always regarded him as suspicious and a wild card, but her mouth? Her mouth could get her in trouble, and that was the last thing they needed if they wanted any hope of retrieving Teague or Trevor. It had been almost a month since she'd seen either now.

Delilah finished forging Teague's signature on yet another paper and sealed it with his official seal and tossed it into the outgoing basket in front of her. She'd send it out later today. It was nowhere near as urgent as her business with Soren. She gave herself a quick look in the mirror like Soren would really care about or pay attention to her appearance. She took off her robes and placed them into the bottom drawer of the desk then straightened out her pants and unbuttoned the top couple buttons of her shirt. She still looked business-like, but not severely. Satisfied enough, Delilah left and apparated to the alley near the Leaky Cauldron and headed in.

Delilah spotted Soren in the corner and told the staff member who asked her how many that she was meeting the bloke over there and headed toward him. She slipped into the booth as much across from him as one could manage in these sorts. "What'd you find out?"
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by: Soren Shepard
He picked up her approached just as she entered the building. He'd spent enough time around Delilah to pick up on her scent almost as soon as she was in the area so picking her out of the morning crowd was even easier than usual. Once she settled in she wasted no time in getting down to business. Good. It was refreshing to not bother with any of the small talk garbage humans seemed fond of.

What had he found out? Lots. The hard part was trying to replay it all back. Ced was still back at the cabin and hopefully would sleep most of the day away in preparation for tonight. While the man seemed in control, his newly awoken rage was anything but predictable and until Soren was certain he wouldn't go on another bloody rampage it was best he kept a low profile until after the moon. This also meant if Del needed to talk to him it would be easy to track him down.

"MacTail is alive and so far in one piece and is being forced to talk with Trevor, who is also still alive. In what condition I don't know and won't until we can see for ourselves. Aishe was right in her theory about the Syndicate wanting to use Trevor and Teague in some way. Something about making friends but going about it all the wrong way."

"They have at least ten Nos clans and 6 goblin clans on top of the werewolves and humans and we can probably expect another event like like of the werewolf attack in London, though from either the Nos or the Goblins... maybe humans. Ced was fuzzy on those details."

"Long story short is we have our in. Ced is willing to take a few underground and I have a favor to call in that will keep the Nosferatu off our backs if we need it."

He gave her a moment to process what he'd said. It wasn't the most eloquent way he could have explained things but today he was more wolf than man and words were sometimes a struggle. He hoped she's ask the right questions so he could clarify. That would be easier than trying to lead the conversation.
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by: Delilah Chase
Delilah listened as Soren relayed what he'd learned. So, they were trying to keep Isis at bay. Interesting. But why? If Casey was to believe, Isis had asked Sullivan to kidnap the girls for them to use as leverage against Trevor. They had decided to keep the girls for whatever unknown reasons. From what Julian said, it seemed Casey believed it might have been to gain political office. It seemed about as logical as you could get when it came to the mind of an unknown man. Of course, Soren mentioned having what sounded like it could very well be a staggering amount of Nosferatu and goblins both. That was more than a little scary to think about. She had witnessed the damage a Nosferatu could deal to a Garou. What chance did a mere witch or wizard stand against them?

The relief she felt when Soren said he had a way to call at least the Nosferatu off them and that Cedric was willing to give them an in was overwhelming. Delilah could feel her eyes start to burn before the moisture of tears hit them, and without thinking, she threw herself toward Soren and gave him a kiss on the lips. It wasn't a romantic kiss and was over just seconds after it began and she sat back, feeling thoroughly embarrassed. "Sorry," she said with a sheepish look, "vamp week." Delilah brought the back of her hand to her lips for a moment, discreetly wiping them with her finger before returning her hands to her lap. Hopefully he had heard the turn of phrase so she didn't have to explain it. There were a few things that were awkward explaining to a male, even for Delilah.

"That's um, that's wonderful news, Soren."
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by: Soren Shepard
To say he had been shocked by Delilah's actions would have been the understatement of the year. With his senses in a hyperactive state he'd picked up on her emotional change ans smelled the salty tears even as she appeared to lunge toward him. His body tensed and when her arms wrapped around him and her lips pressed up against his, his eyes went wide. What the hell was going on? Did she just kiss him? Bloody feckin' hell she did!

The Spiral eventually got over the initial surprise and turned his head while making and attempt to shove her off but it didn't quite work since she was already moving away and emotionally he was a ball of confusion. The man liked what had happened while the wolf wanted to vomit. No wonder he made it a habit to make himself scare on the day leading up to a full-moon. Soren made a face and was reminiscent of eating something horrible, canines visible to anyone who would have saw the exchange. An arm reached up to wipe his face with his jacket sleeve and he attempted to glare daggers at his fellow Death Eater, though he was certain it was more of a "what the hell" look.

"Good news or not what the hell was that?! You humans are weird..."
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by: Delilah Chase
Delilah couldn't help herself. She lost her composure at Soren's reaction and laughed despite the fact a tear had just rolled down her cheek. "I told you!" she exclaimed through a laugh. "Vamp week. I'm a bit overemotional. I try to avoid people, but this was far too important. You're lucky I'm not on the rampage. Take your kiss and your tears and cherish them." Yeah, she felt batty acting this way, but it was always an emotional roller coaster of sorts for her. The majority of the time, she was not someone anyone would want to cross paths with, but there were days where her mood was a little more varied.

"Back to the topic at hand, however, how trustworthy do you feel he was? Winslow and I have gathered intel which makes that sound like complete bull."
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by: Soren Shepard
The Spiral rolled his eyes at her. It didn't matter what she said... it was just weird, but he supposed he liked this Delilah more than the one that had turned her wand on him. Besides this could be good blackmail material down the line if he ever needed a favor. That thought brought a grin to the emotionally confused Garou. Her question helped ground the moment and Soren focused hard on what she was asking.

"I trust him like I'd trust a pack mate and that's all you need to know. He's telling the truth, or at the very least telling what he thinks is the truth. He was betrayed by Sullivan and left to the muggle government for testing, so he's had a rough month. He's coming into his heritage. Guess there was an inside guy that was supposed to make him wolfsbane and they didn't last moon, so if you can imagine a fully transformed Garou, On his first shift without your poison in his system in a muggle cage... didn't go very well, and betrayal doesn't sit well with my kind."

"But I'm smarter than you give me credit for and I'm not stupid enough to let him drag us down there without confirming most of those details. For all I know what he's told me is out of date, or a cover for what was really going down. Isis could be a false trail and honestly that wouldn't surprise me. Sullivan seems to smart for that kind of a straight up ploy. Considering he was Sullivan's second I think we're in the good. But even then I told you I had a few cards up my sleeve."

"You remember Charon? The Nosferatu from the school and the son-of-a bitch,"
a snarl escaped before he could tamp it down, "that took my eye? Seems by killing him the Nos felt obligated to grant me a couple favors for my trouble. If those undead bastards are good at anything it's keeping their word... something about honor and blah, blah, blah. Think old school. That will be our guarantee the Nos will turn a blind eye to our movements for a specific amount of time."

"I've also, along with some of our Death Eater pack, been working with a couple Nos to find the bloody vampire Charon so thoughtfully left behind. I'll ask the one called Chandra for a favor of sorts and see if she'll confirm what Cedric has said. If she won't talk to me they owe Aishe one hell of a favor so we can call that in if needed... I don't think we'll need it but it's there as an option. But I Plan to have Ced send a message to her before tonight's moon... I also got Ced if you want to talk to him face to face... See if you can pick up on anything I might have, mi- missed."
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by: Delilah Chase
In any other mood, the grin would have been suspicious. Delilah took it now as simply Soren loosening up and just seeing the humor in the situation. After all, it wasn't as though it was anything serious. It was just a kiss, a kiss in the heat of the moment from a surge in emotions. The elation at the possibility of actually finding Teague was inexplicable if only for the fact that Delilah refused to analyze it closer. She was afraid of what she might find. There mustn't be any distractions. She'd been chosen for this mission because someone trusted her to stay on task for herself and Julian both.

Delilah listened as Soren explained why he trusted Cedric and how closely he regarded him. Well, then, it simply must be that the information was outdated. Perhaps that month away had left Cedric out of the loop, so to speak, and all he had was whatever information he'd been fed before or whatever conclusions he could draw from the information he'd been given. Regardless, it didn't matter. There was a way in and a way to control the Nosferatu even if only for a specific period of time. That was better than where they'd been moments before this conversation.

Delilah had no idea who Chandra was, but she assumed it was one of the Nosferatu who owed a favor or some other creature down in the Syndicate. She supposed it didn't matter so long as they had the bonus of knowing what the Syndicate had been up to. "I'll definitely want to see this Cedric," Delilah replied. "And if Chandra can confirm before we go down there, that would be wonderful. I want to blast the place if we can predict the recourse of such an action to a reasonable degree." If the risks were too high, she would leave them intact. She would find a way to implant a leader instead. "Find out who's well-favored down there aside from Sullivan and this Cedric as well. We're going to need a way to control the resistance if blasting the place isn't feasible. We'll also need a way to keep topside under control the day we vanished. Our absence will surely be felt to some degree."
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by: Soren Shepard
"Yeah..." the Spiral responded absently. His attention had fallen onto one of the Cauldron's smaller visitors. Someones kid was throwing a mini tantrum and its cries hit Soren's prey drive like no other. It was small enough he could break its neck in one delightful pounce if he wanted. But he wouldn't, not here. Soren took a few deep breaths before ripping his gaze away from the potentially tasty morsel and settled them back on Delilah. Now what had she been talking about? Right Ced. He'd offered to take her to talk to Ced and then she'd asked about how to cover for them up here...

"We can go now if you want, he's around and I'm here... It'll be good practice for him to deal with a packmate. And I need him anyway to send that letter thing to Chandra... if you don't do it today you'll have to wait a few days. Moon's tonight."

He paused there for a moment to think on what they could do to reinforce their position topside. the needed someone savvy enough to be able to handle any threats and know enough about the workings of a government to keep things running.

"You need to talk to Corc. He can keep things running up here if you come with us below ground. He's savvy enough with politics being alpha... both muggle and magical, plus he's got the pack to help out with keeping control and defending territory. They can back the rest of the Death Eaters. We're only going to have a small window to work in so if things get bad enough during that time we're screwed anyway."
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by: Delilah Chase
Delilah followed Soren's gaze, though she should have known it was the tantruming child who had drawn his attention. His eyes held a glint, however, that was almost predatory. It was a bit unnerving. Delilah chose to focus on that rather than the child. Children were, in her opinion, best ignored to avoid unwarranted wonders. The child was too old to be her own in this time. Frankly, she was glad for that. That part of her past was something she'd rather forget yet couldn't.

Soren's voice drew Delilah's focus back to him rather than the big blur his body had become. She'd been staring without actually staring. Lovely. Delilah sighed at the reminder the moon was tonight. That explained the gaze but made her hesitant to go see Cedric with him if that was the case. She didn't want to go into Garou territory or anywhere near it if that was the case. She could disapparate before evening fell, but she would still have the abrasiveness of the rage and mood that occurred with the moon's peak.

At the mention of Corc, Delilah nodded. She'd known Soren long enough to recognize the name of the alpha. "Though I doubt today is a wise time to ask him for any favors," she replied. After a moment, she added, "Let's go see your Cedric. The sooner we can get things moving, the better." There remained hours until evening fell. It wasn't even noon yet, but still. She wasn't dumb.
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by: Soren Shepard
Soren offered her a shrug. "Actually it's probably a better day than you think. He's got a pack to micro manage and will be thinking more along the lines of how to keep everyone together and from killing unintended things... but yeah seeing Ced is probably a good thing to do first. I just need to grab him some food before we go. You need anything?"

He waited for her response, before sliding out of the booth and making his way to the bar area and ordered a breakfast to go. It didn't take long to get so wait time was minimal. Once he had the to-go pack. He headed for the door, checking over his shoulder to make sure Delilah was still coming. Eventually he turned of into a side ally and fished his wand out of his jacket pocket. After making sure it was ok with his fellow Death Eater he grabbed on to her an apparated.

The small cabin was the same as he'd left it. Nothing had indicated Cedric had left or went crazy after he'd gone so that was a decided bonus. Still it was always better to be on the safe side so he kept himself poised and ready just in case Cedric was more wolf that man. Soren hammered on the door with a closed fist even though it wasn't needed. Even in a deep sleep his fellow Garou should have sensed them. Soren opened the door without much fanfare and tossed the to -go bag on the table, even as his eyes settled on the man. He couldn't help the grin and small chuckled that escaped. "Get up lazy ass, breakfast and friends are here."
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by: Cedric McGarret
Sleep taunted the wolf. He'd drift away only to jolt awake with a nightmare. Again, and again, and again. His subconscious was torturing him, he decided. After all, why else would he dream of ripping apart everyone he cared about in a violent frenzy? Some of the dreams were so real he could still hear them begging...still smell their blood...

All of that combined with the rage and the anticipation of the coming night to leave him exhausted. He slept shirtless; to do otherwise would have left him too hot to be comfortable. In the early hours of the morning, he finally found rest.

Get up, lazy ass

Ced sat up with a snarl, eyes blazing gold. He let the momentum carry him forward as he drew his knees up, burying his head in his hands. He wasn't hungry, despite the smell of French toast and ham. Quite the opposite, his stomach churned with the charnel house memories. He groaned, then looked up to see who Soren's guest was. He held back another snarl. Delilah Chase, press secretary and primary adversary of the Syndi-he didn't belong with the Syndicate anymore. Ced hummed a growl and let his forehead rest back on his forearms, hiding his insolent gaze. He didn't need to piss Soren off so early in the morning. Something told him that challenging this woman would do exactly that.
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by: Delilah Chase
Delilah needed nothing so she shook her head and waited for everything to be set for the take-away order. She followed Soren and allowed him to apparate them both to his cabin. Delilah followed behind Soren, following his lead and taking out her own wand. Hopefully it was merely a precautionary measure and not a necessity because Delilah rather liked the possibility of a break through. She liked the idea of finding out what was going on with the Syndicate and liked the idea of getting Teague back considerably more than she cared to. Since he seemed to pocket it when they arrived, she did the same, stuffing it in the wand pocket of her vest.

Delilah was quiet as Teague greeted his fellow Garou, feeling more than a little tense simply for the fact that this was the evening of the moon and Soren had referred to the fact the wolf had only just experienced his first shift without wolfsbane. He would likely not have the same control Soren was able to exercise over his wolf side. The eyes gave it away more than the snarl, truthfully. She was used to seeing Garou interactions with wolfish behaviors, so the snarl barely registered. But then he buried his head in his hands and groaned. The look he gave her when he finally looked up.... But Soren was here and he considered her pack. Surely he would not allow anything to happen to her, and if she had to, she would readily defend herself without hesitation.

"Pleasure to meet you, too, Cedric," she greeted, stepping out from behind Soren. The best way to gain respect was to not allow the fear knowledge brought to shine through and to show you had a spine. "I understand you may be able to help us with a mutual foe"
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by: Soren Shepard
He'd been watching Cedric like a hawk the moment he'd walked in, senses on high alert just in case... well, just in case instincts to kill Death Eaters overrode the knowledge that they were now his pack as well. Apparently Ced had had a rough night... not surprising all things considered. Generally a first rage induced kill tended to hit each Garou differently and Soren knew reactions ranged anywhere from crying ones eyes out to wanting to go on a murder rampage and everything in between. Maybe he should have stayed the night and waited to message everyone until he was sure his friend was ok...

It was hard to hide an amused grin when Delilah bucked up the courage to step out form behind him and introduce herself. She was definitely made of tougher stuff than most humans and she was getting better at navigating around Garou. He could still sense her nervousness but Soren supposed that was normal in a situation like this. Soren pulled out one of the two chairs from the table and sat himself in a place where he could intercede and stop Ced if he was going to do something stupid.
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by: Cedric McGarret
The growl he'd been biting back trebled in strength. God above, he wanted to rip her throat out for insinuating that his best friend was his foe! Well, hadn't he decided that himself last night? No, he decided that his best friend had to die, but that didn't make them enemies. It was her kind that first put the slave collar around his neck! Her people that drove him into the desert! He would never be her ally!

At this point, he was trembling with the suppressed urge to leap and kill her. He mustn't. She was human, Soren's ally, and Cedric had agreed to help her. Dammit, he was her ally. His rage went from red hot to ice cold in a moment. it was still there, still gripping his body in rigidity with the need to act, but he had his voice to growl out a retort.

"Jacob Sullivan is and was the closest friend I've ever had...he is no foe of mine."

Soren should understand that I'll still kill him anyway. Some people are too dangerous to live...they meddle too much with what should be instead of staying in their own damn lane.

Ced kept his head between his knees, too afraid of losing control to give himself the opportunity.


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