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by: Cascite Ingem
Tuesday March 13th, 10:08 PM.
Back Alleys of London

It was a bleak and cloudy night in the city of London, as it had been for almost a week or so in these parts. It was that awful kind of bleak where the weather couldn't quite decide whether it was going to rain or not. This obviously did nothing to stop the late night crowds from wandering the brightly lit streets and bar-hopping between pubs to try and listen in on the big football game. Even if Cascite had been here on a casual basis, it wouldn't be for football. Sports bored him to tears, whether magical or muggle. No, his business here was far more pressing.

He was cautious as he left the somewhat warm glow and descended into the dim and dank alley where he'd been instructed to go. It was a trap, that much was obvious. You didn't need to be Cascite Ingem to know that the "smugglers" he had been in contact with for the past few weeks were actually Death Eater peons attempting to set him up. Still, Cascite needed those goods and he could only play into their hand in the hopes that they would actually have them in an attempt to bait him in. After all, his gadgets did require magical parts for him to make them, and he could only do so much with his wand.

He reached a large metal door that looked strangely out of place in this shanty area and proceeded to knock four times. He heard a muffled "Who goes?" from the other side.

"Dragon Heartsting," Cascite stated blandly, revealing the password for entry.

Curiously, there was a lot of fumbling on the other side. He heard a distant second voice yell "You have to punch in the numbers like I told ya!" and the original voice mutter "Damned muggles..." Cascite's heart sank. It was an electronic lock. He hadn't planned for that. Why the hell would Death Eaters be using an electronic lock?

As soon as the door swung open, Cascite was grabbed by the scruff of his shirt and dragged inside. There was no turning back now as the door ominously clicked behind him. It was a tiny room with a table and some dilapidated chairs in the center. Curiously it appeared that this was all there was to the room. There were, however, three of them. They were the towering, goonish looking types: all muscle and no brain he presumed. The one who let him in was patting him down.

"He got 'is wand on 'im?" The head goon from behind the table asked.

"No, I do not," Cascite answered for the goon, not that they believed him. "As agreed," he reminded them.

After they were satisfied he did not have a weapon on him (ha, idiots), they shunted him over to the chair across the table from the head goon. They had a minor stare-off as they sized each other up, albeit in vastly different ways. "Now then," Cascite started, pulling a small sack of gold out from his pocket, "I have your payment here. Where are my goods?"

The head goon gave a quick nod to the third one whom tossed over a package onto the table. In the meantime, he snatched up the gold and began counting. Cascite grabbed the package and turned to leave, knowing this was all too easy.

"There's just one problem mate," the head goon said, still counting. The smirk on his face was a tell for what was about to happen. "I'm afraid you won't be needing either the gold or the goods when you're rotting in a cell in Azka..." but Cascite didn't let him finish. He ripped the false gem off of the ring on his right hand and forcefully threw it into the head goon's face. It shattered and in a flash of light the man's face slumped forward and smacked flat into the table before his body slipped off of his chair, unconscious.

Cascite took advantage of the slight confusion to rip a band-aid off of his arm and toss it on the floor in front of the third goon. It immediately sprung to life, growing and extending to start wrapping and entangling the poor sap. That just left one goon to go and then...

"Stupefy!" the first goon had managed to get a spell off while Cascite had been paying attention to the other one. Unfortunately for him, the Protego charm stored in the pendant around Cascite's neck activated and reflected it right back at him. He fell forward and crashed to the ground, snapping his wand in the process. Unfortunately for Cascite, that was exactly not supposed to happen, since he needed, or rather wanted, a wand to get past the electronic lock.

"Damnit!" he shouted, kicking the first goon on the floor, hoping he broke some ribs or something. He didn't have much time before the enchantments wore off. There was no wand visibly present on the head goon, and the third's was wrapped up with him inside his bandage prison, now on the floor. Time was of the essence and without the code to open the lock, he was basically trapped in here until somebody woke up. He had no choice then, it seemed.

He pushed a button on his watch and it ejected a small rectangular battery-like object. He would only have a few moments. Cascite sighed and snapped it in two. What happened next was pure chaos. Snapping the battery let loose what Cascite jokingly referred to as an EMP: an electro-magical pulse. Everything electrical within an approximately 25 mile radius would have it's electrical energies interfered with and essentially stop working. This would last until the magical energies dissipated: between 1 and 5 minutes depending on how close the area was to the origin of the pulse. It was definitely a last resort sort of thing and would no doubt be inconveniencing a lot of the city. At this point, Cascite didn't care though.

The wave of magic rushed over him and in an instant everything went dark. He quickly tapped the side of his glasses, which weren't his real ones and purely cosmetic, except for the fact that they now essentially granted him night vision. He scooped up his gold and the package which was noticeably lighter than it was supposed to be, gently pushed open the door and ran out into the now pitch black city. He sprinted as fast as he could away from the meeting place. After all, they could just apparate to follow him if they got out of their own predicaments. His wand was stowed in a cache in the side of a building a few blocks away.

It looked like it would be smooth sailing as he brushed past confused, frightened, or angered muggles on the main street. That is, of course, until he stepped into a pothole and tripped. He fell flat on his face, scraping himself in several places and losing his glasses in the process. "Damn it all!" he scowled, now unable to see a thing. The weather prevented any sort of moonlight and without his glasses he wasn't about to find his way without them. He was also NOT about to lose his glasses in addition to that battery. He blindly fumbled around, feeling the ground. They couldn't have fallen too far away...
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by: Lydia Thomas
With Alan so busy with work, Lydia had taken to spending her days trying to find ways to get into the wizarding world. Yes, the big guy might have loosened up, made a few exceptions to spend time with her, and she acknowledged and appreciated it, but he was busy trying to find out more about her family and such. And she'd hoped waiting would mean her father would reach out, but that Ian guy of her mother's had seen to it that that didn't happen. Her father didn't believe she was Lydia Renee, and therefore, no one was going to help her. Her mother was of no use either.

There was no option but for her to take matters into her own hands. When wandering the streets of London and making trips to the back alley behind The Leaky Cauldron had proven fruitless, she had decided to start looking in the paper. Surely some group of muggle-borns or half-bloods were smart enough to utilize it to send encouragement. Hell, if she lead a resistance group, she might use such a means to recruit members. It wasn't abnormal for wizards or witches to meddle in such things as the newspaper.

She had spotted a strange personal ad a couple days in. It had only stuck out because it was exactly verbatim of the ad she'd seen the day before. After a couple more days scanning for responses, she decided to purchased a personal ad space herself in response. She waited two days. The first showed her response, the second showed their response. A meeting was arranged through further exchanges, many without use of the paper. When they asked her to come unarmed, Lydia knew to be wary. But what other choice did she have?

She'd agreed, though she hardly intended to keep her word. She would be a lone, young girl. Yes, she could handle herself, but no, she wasn't stronger than two or three brutes who meant her harm.

Tonight had gone like most other nights, though she knew she was noticeably nervous. Something about Alan's treatment of her let her know he was concerned. But Alan never seemed one to pry. Dinner had been fairly silent. For once, she hadn't been extremely chatty even though she generally was when she was nervous (or, really, she supposed, in, well, in general). Perhaps it was because she was afraid of telling Alan what her plans were for tonight if she got to talking. Something about the man made her want to be overly honest sometimes. She hated keeping secrets anyway. Maybe that was it. She'd always felt guilty for it.

Once dinner had finished, Lydia had excused herself to the restroom to freshen up and had spent the remaining time before she had to go in her room. It was easier to sneak out from there. Her bed had been set up to look like she was in there, and her light had gone out at 9:53 before she had snuck out the window and walked a ways away so he didn't hear her apparate away.

Walking out of the alley way she'd appeared in, Lydia hugged her arms to her body and chewed at her lip. It was dark aside from the street lamps, yet she felt exposed and vulnerable.

After a few minutes, she found the store front near the alley way she had been told and walked in only to hear a man exclaim a few feet away. Lydia whipped out her wand then and lit it. Sure, it risked breaking the Statute if the voice was from a muggle or muggles were near enough by. Sure, it risked a hoard of obliviators should this be the case. But she had to see. "Who's there?"

Merlin's beard, her voice sounded small.
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by: Cascite Ingem
As Cascite fumbled around on the ground, he heard a small voice squeak above him. Instinctively he looked up only to be blinded by a beacon of light. He wasn't sure whether he should be annoyed that he was immediately blinded for a few seconds or relieved that he could now spot his glasses a few feet away. He immediately snatched them up and put them back on. "There that's better..." he thought to himself as he could see again. He turned back to the witch, who was obviously a witch since aside from fire only magic could produce light in the area presently, but before he could even assess the situation he heard a ruckus coming from behind him.

"Oh hell..." Cascite sighed. Emerging out of the alleyway were two of the goons. The sleeping spell had apparently worn off the leader, whom must proceeded to revive his stunned lackey. Cascite could only assume the third goon had been left to his own tangled up mess. Even though the leader was the only one with a wand, Cascite wasn't about to stay behind to trifle with them. He turned to the witch, a younger woman, and said, "Mind if I borrow you for a second? Great, thanks!"

Without even waiting for the poor girl to respond, he snatched the wand right out of her hand, latched his arm into hers, and proceeded to apparate. He didn't take them too far: only a few streets away to the building facade he'd hid his wand in. Besides, he didn't want to apparate far using a foreign wand and he was already being rude enough as it was. Still, though, he was doing her a favor too he felt. She didn't need to get caught up in all that nonsense.

Even though they were slightly away from the danger, Cascite wanted to be as far away from the city as he could for a while and as soon as possible. He carefully unlatched his arm from the girl's and gingerly placed her wand back into her hand. Certainly she was stunned and confused at this point, but Cascite didn't have time for that. He began feeling up the brick wall of the building, looking for the loose brick he'd hidden his wand behind.

"Now which one was it..." he muttered, completely ignoring the girl for the moment. Was it 3 up and 5 over or 5 up and 3 over? He cursed himself under his breath for forgetting. All this excitement and exercise had him frazzled. It took a few minutes but eventually he located the right brick and pulled it out from it's socket. He snatched his wand out and replaced the brick. "Ok then..." he said, trying to regain his thoughts, but was immediately distracted once more by the flicker of lights as the electricity gradually resumed working in the nearby streetlights.

"Oh come on!" he said exasperatedly. "That pulse should have knocked the power out for at least a few more minutes than that. You just can't make a quality battery in these conditions, you know?" He asked rhetorically addressing the girl as though she understood a think about what had just happened. Without waiting for a response, he unwrapped the package of goods now that there was adequate light only to find a fifth of what he'd asked for. "Great..." he muttered. Well this had turned out to be a disaster,
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by: Lydia Thomas
Lydia was too caught off guard by the seemingly erratic actions and his movements too quick for Lydia to give much protest. Without so much as a blink, she was already in some other alley, her wand was placed back in her hand, and the man was fumbling about with the wall. Lydia stared at the wand in shock, shock that she could have been dead just that quickly. She'd always thought herself capable rather than inept. Tiny, sure, but capable of taking care of herself. Certainly, nothing had proven otherwise in all her time helping Isis before coming back in time to help them further or she wouldn't have been sent. But clearly, clearly, she was either more inept than previously believed or she was losing her touch. It had to be the latter. Letting herself relax in Alan's house, get comfortable with her current situation given the hard living of the future... It had made her lose her touch, and this was a sign from Merlin himself that she needed to get her act together.

When the man spoke, it shook Lydia out of her state of shock and she looked at him, her eyes narrowing. "You! How...how dare you!" she said, wagging her wand as though an extension of her finger. She wasn't sheathing that thing--not with this unpredictable stranger. Her shoulders were narrowed and body forward as though ready to fend off any attack he might send at her. "And hat are you even looking for? Or talking about for that matter?" She shook her head at herself. "You know, scratch that. What's more important is why you were in that freaking alley to begin with. I know why I was there, and you took that away from me and basically kidnapped me, so the least you could do is explain yourself."

Never mind she had her wand and could get away if she wanted or needed to. Right now, she was scared, frustrated, and furious. She wanted answers, and she wanted them now. If this man was going to keep her from her opportunity to get into the wizarding world, no matter how dangerous said opportunity might have been? He owed her one. He owed her a big one. And he better not try to focus on the fact she spoke like an American rather than with that stupid (ok, fine, charming...mostly, but never mind that now!) accent they all had over here.
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by: Cascite Ingem
Oh boy, a less than stellar reaction. Well it was only fair seeing as he basically snatched her up for his own needs. "Whoa there! Easy, easy..." Using his own wand he gently pushed her wand to the side so as not to be pointed right at him. "If you were headed to that alley, then I did us both a favor love. Bunch of regime goons trying to snatch up unsuspecting muggle borns and sympathizers." He finally took the time to examine her. He didn't recognize her at all, not that he necessarily should, but the wizarding community did tend to be insular. Then again, her accent was a bit off... American maybe? At any rate, she had a reason for meeting with those thugs, so she must some sort of sympathizer. "Which I can only assume you are, perhaps?"

"At any rate, if you were there for the goods they didn't have what they said they would." He brandished the package held in his off hand. Realizing this was probably a less than satisfactory response, he continued, "Look. I'm sorry, ok. You were there, you were probably in as much danger of being attacked as I was. I saw a way out and I took it. If you still want to deal with those goons, the alley is only three or four streets that way." He pointed his wand down a street branching off from this one. "But I can assure you that they will be... less than happy. Not to say that they were terrifically happy to begin with, but yeah. Not happy." He briefly wondered if they were still out looking for him or if they went back to help their comrade. In either case he didn't want to be caught out here in the middle of muggle London.

"Also, they might be searching the immediate area so it might be wise to disappear. I know I certainly intend to." He supposed it would be common courtesy to at least stay and make sure she was ok, considering he had just used her. Wasn't it? Eh, he didn't know anything about the intricacies of the social song and dance. Magic, technology? That was easy. People? They made no sense to Cascite.
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by: Lydia Thomas
Lydia rolled her eyes at the stranger's words. She'd suspected that was the sort who might be waiting for her in that room. She hadn't been born yesterday. But some risks were worth taking because her parents certainly weren't any help, and Alan, bless his heart, had to be an adult even in times like these and hold down a job. She was grateful someone did because it had made things easier to happen upon the gentle giant, strange though her initial imposition might have been.

The stranger continued to ramble on about how these men didn't have what she was looking for and were now..."not happy." Because that was better phrasing than "angry," which, as it so happened, would also describe her quite well at the moment.

Lydia pocketed her wand as he finished speaking. She still wasn't happy, and she wasn't satisfied with his answer to her question, but perhaps the fact that he knew anything about what was going on was a sign she should at least spend some time finding out what he knew. "You know, they probably wouldn't recognize us even if we had an arse for a face," she said. "At least, they wouldn't if, you know, we stowed our wands away and started to try to blend in with the crowd outside this alley. You might be able to help me to make up for what you stole."

Lydia turned to walk, her body still angled in such a way she could see him just long enough to nod toward the alley exit and wait for him to start walking. Which hopefully he would. Being the hasty apparator that he was, though? Chances? Probably higher that it would actually start raining men. Hallelujah!
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by: Cascite Ingem
Ok, she was still definitely less than pleased with him. He supposed it was only fair really. He blinked at her accusation of theft and an invitation to follow along with her. "Stole? I wouldn't say I necessarily stole anything. Merely borrowed... without permission... temporarily. Yeah..." He felt himself digging deeper and deeper into a hole.

As she walked forward he had to make a decision. Of course his initial instinct was to just get the hell out of here before more trouble arose, but he might actually have more to gain by accompanying this woman, depending on who she was. Tonight was already a bust, what more did he have to lose? Right... so networking it was apparently. Having decided to join her, he hastily stowed his wand and caught up with her as they emerged from the alley.

As they walked, he glanced over at her, completely unsure as to what to say. After all what do you say to a complete stranger? They were approaching a bar which was apparently full of unhappy patrons, given the shouting. Cas could hear a few of the phrases being uttered, most of them obscene. "So uhh... big football game on tonight. Do you watch?" Merlin, small talk was an awful experience and Cascite wasn't any good at it. Who knew if she even knew what football was? Awkward as ever, Cascite had both hands in his pockets in part for comfort and in part to have his wand at the ready should those thugs return. "Sounds like they're not too happy. Maybe that blackout I caused made them miss some important play?" He curiously stared in through the pub storefront as they passed, but couldn't make much out through the throng of people inside.
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by: Lydia Thomas
Football? Was the season even still going on? She only remembered it around Thanksgiving time. Surely they played longer than the holiday season, though. Lydia gave him a quizzical look, especially when she followed his gaze to the pub and clearly saw quite the opposite of football on the TVs inside. "Oh," she said. "You mean soccer." Lydia sighed. "Don't watch, don't care to talk about a bunch of men in tights getting all up close and personal."

After a brief pause, Lydia continued. "And as a matter of fact, you did steal something from me. I haven't had an opportunity like that to get in. Yeah, I would have had to fight and hide, but I would have gotten away. That bunch didn't look too bright." Lydia shook her head. "Damn, I don't know when I'll get another chance. What, with my only contact super busy with work, and my real parents too busy with the damn resistance to help."

She didn't know why she was just blurting this out. Perhaps it was the fact this guy clearly wasn't one of the Death Eaters or a supporter from the way he spoke of them, but either way, she was fine with being straight to the point. She could get away from the scrawny, weasley looking guy if she had to.
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by: Cascite Ingem
Soccer? Cas rose a perplexed eyebrow. Oh... right. "You really are an American aren't you?" And while, no, he didn't really care about the sport either, at least he knew what it was called. Hmm.. well that topic was a bust. What does one talk about then in a situation like this then? Surely the weather was too cliche. Now she was babbling on about how she wanted to fight and the resistance and... Wait. What did she just say?

The resistance? What resistance was this? Were here parents important members? Oh whatever, it was still a connection right? "Who are you?" he suddenly blurted out, perhaps a little rudely. It was only then that he realized they had never even introduced themselves to each other. He knew she was some sort of anti-regime American with apparent connections to a resistance and... that was it. She probably knew as little about him in return. What had he said about himself? He didn't remember. Damn social conventions.

He supposed he should start with himself. That would surely warm him up to her. "My name is Cascite Ingem. Yes that Cascite Ingem." He winked, pretending as though anyone in the wizarding world knew his name. Well that would change soon enough if he had anything to do about it. "I like to consider myself an... inventor of sorts, I suppose. I make all sorts of magical contraptions using muggle items and technology, and I'm probably intent on breaking the International Statute of Secrecy five ways to Friday. Obviously that means bending a rule or two of the Misuse of Muggle Artifact's department, as well as opposing this racist stain on history of a 'government'. How do you do?" He gave a dramatic bow, but realizing how silly this must look, sheepishly regained a normal posture. He looked up and down the street to make sure nobody had noticed and that they continued to blend into the crowd.
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by: Lydia Thomas
Lydia arched a brow at the stranger as though to say, "You got a problem with that?" Because if he did, he was some strangely prejudiced guy, now, wasn't he? She knew Americans didn't have the greatest reputation world-wide, but what did it matter? It certainly didn't impact her or define her.

Then, Cascite responded to her little tirade with the question of who she was. She looked at him with eyes narrowed. The way he had asked it sounded rather rude to her. It was as though he was demanding. Well, that was enough to stop the free flow of information and put an end to her desperate rambling. Then, the stranger made himself...not so much of a stranger. He was introducing himself, though he sounded a bit full of himself. "That" Cascite Ingem. Like she'd have a damn clue who he was even if he was famous over here. Things didn't always make it across to the other side.

The sheepish look on his face after his bow, however, made Lydia decide not to make up her mind about him just yet. He was joking, and she realized that now. If someone had a sense of humor, they couldn't be all bad, right? And certainly, they'd got off to a bad start. Maybe they could start over. Lydia smirked. "Well, how do you do?" she replied. "I'm Lydia Thomas, but I'm afraid I'm not so fabulous as you. The only thing I'm intent on is stopping things from getting worse, and well, I can't well do that from this side of the barrier, now, can I?" Ok, maybe her frustration was showing through. Something about this guy chased away her more lighthearted nature, though Lydia couldn't quite place a finger on it. Maybe she was just in a mood. After all, he had foiled her plans. If you could even call her plan a plan.

"Why do you want to break the Statute?"
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by: Cascite Ingem
Thomas... Thomas? Did he know that name? He couldn't quite place it. Then again, since she was American he probably wouldn't know her family anyway. Anyway, she was a resistance fighter it seemed. Interesting... That's true I suppose, but barriers can be broken in many ways. I'm sure you'll get a chance soon enough. After all, he'd found ways over the years to acquire all the things he'd needed. It was annoyingly difficult though.

"The Statute?" he asked, refocusing his mind to the new topic. "Because it's woefully archaic, unnecessary, and racist. I'm a muggleborn myself, so I have a good taste of both worlds myself. Muggles have advanced well enough on their own without magic to the point where I feel the Statute is unnecessary. They aren't cowering neanderthals who persecute anything they don't understand anymore. I think both societies have the potential to gain and learn from each other and I'm quite the proponent for such cooperation. Don't mention that anywhere in the wizarding world these days though."

Surely as a resistance fighter, Ms. Thomas would be at least a little more open to his line of thought? It didn't really matter to him though, he wasn't seeking approval or validation. He was going to break the Statute at some point regardless of what anyone thought. After his answer, he realized he was still wearing his gadget glasses. Since light had returned to the lampposts, he didn't need to be wearing them any more so he quickly pocketed them. They did more than let him see in the dark, but he still didn't need them nonetheless.

"So then, Lydia..." He hoped that it was okay to address herself as thus. "What exactly were you trying to do in the wizarding world if you had indeed breached the barrier, if you don't mind my asking? Is there a particular resistance group you work for?"
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by: Lydia Thomas
Lydia listened as this man...Cascite--strange name--answered her question. Well, she'd not quite looked at the Statute in that light before, but she hadn't exactly had an adult life that wasn't focused around the chaos and darkness of the life she had lead in the future. The Statute had been the least of her concerns, and in fact, it had been broken. But she didn't want to think of that reality. She wanted to imagine the world as it was now in the future. Her mission might be to stop the Death Eaters, but if keeping them in power prevented the future, she would do what was necessary. That was something she had decided during one of the thousands of moments she had spent alone in Alan's home. However, she hoped it didn't come to that. She hoped she would find a group who could perpetuate her needs.

"Hmm?" she said at first when Cascite asked his questions. "I'm trying to stop what's coming," she said after a moment. "And yes, there is, but you wouldn't know it." That much was certain. Isis had remained on the down low as much as possible in the future as well. You sort of had to know someone who knew someone to find them in the future. With her mother in charge here, she doubted the secrecy would be even tighter, and the member pool much more selective. From what she'd seen of her, she was trying to run a tight ship.
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by: Cascite Ingem
Cas watched curiously as Lydia paused to answer his question, probably thinking about how to word her answers. To her latter answer he responded first. "Well I suppose that would be a good thing for any resistance group that doesn't want to end up specifically targeted. I can't say I could even name many groups, though there certainly has to be a number right?" He certainly hoped people were resisting in their own small ways at least. Purebloods and their sympathizers, despite their rise to power, were never the biggest majority in terms of actual numbers.

"But you say you want to stop 'what's coming'? What is exactly is coming and how do you..." However, Cascite's mind had already filled in an answer. "Wait... has there been a prophecy? Is there some sort of prophecy your group has access to?" That was an exciting thought, though it was dampened slightly since he doubted Lydia would go around sharing resistance information with someone she just met under the circumstances. Hopefully she could at least simply confirm his hunch though? The future always interested him, not that he himself had any particular gift for predicting him.
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by: Lydia Thomas
"Now that, Mr. Ingem, is what's known as classified information. It's on a 'need-to-know' basis, and you haven't quite met that requirement, I'm afraid," Lydia replied. She smirked, a certain twinkle to her eye. She was giving him a hard time in a way, but it was still the truth. She was not about to simply tell this perfect stranger about the fact she was from the future and had seen things he didn't want to have come true. He could think it was a prophecy and waste his time trying to find its little orb thingamajigger for all she cared. Never mind she might have kind of told Alan that without a second thought. But Alan was different. He was a kind, gentle giant who just seeped of trustworthiness. (Being so married to his job helped that, naturally.) This Cascite figure was...shady. After all, he knew how to break through barriers or something and...and he wanted to break the statute.

"So, anyway, back to earlier: how do I get in? You said all barriers can be broken."
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by: Cascite Ingem
Hmm, he figured that would be the case, but at least he tried, right? She didn't give a answer to his suspicion either way, and he wasn't about to go waltzing into the Department of Mysteries to try and find a prophecy that may or may not exist about who even knows what. Too many blanks to fill in that it wasn't even worth trying unless he got more pieces to the puzzle. He wouldn't push the subject though. She promptly changed the subject back to breaking into the wizarding world. Well now, she certainly needed something now didn't she?

"Well I suppose it would depend upon which barriers you'd like to break and why. I myself usually only need access to the magical world for supplies, which is a barrier that's not too hard to break. Though I suppose things are getting a little more desperate for me as you witnessed tonight." Yeah, he wasn't about to take advice from seedy looking ads again. "Really what it comes down to, though, is ingenuity and resourcefulness. I swear I'm not boasting when I say those are probably my best traits really."

"But I'd need slightly more information to truly answer your question. Let's pretend that I hypothetically could give you a way to access the wizarding world. What exactly is it you would do? How does one go about in the resistance really? Do you free the slaves? Gather supplies for some grand scheme? How does someone, whether an individual or as part of a group, go about taking down a tyranny? I suppose you could take out the head boss, but just like a hydra three more will pop up to fill the void. Just things I've been coming to terms with, trying to figure out over the past couple years you know?"

He did have some thoughts and ideas on the matter certain to be controversial to some. However, he'd done enough babbling for now and wanted to see what her input into the issue might be.
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